During our May 23, 2012 meeting, The Council summarized the “levels” and talked more about how to move into levels six and seven. There was also an extended discussion of how the body reacts to living in the new levels. The video clip is Eloheim talking to Randy about her interactions with her husband and explaining the idea that, “women want to feel safe and men want to feel awesome.”

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Guardians: Breathe down into your hips and, when you exhale, think of dropping unwanted energy out of your tailbone. As you ensoul, the experience of your body is going to change. The human body is capable of an incredible assortment of experiences and it will start to participate in the physical journey beyond what you’re currently experiencing. You may, for instance, become sensitive to some things. When you have ESP-type hunches, acknowledge them: “That’s new. I wonder what it is?” Listen to what the body is asking. Keep asking “What is true now? What is the body wanting? What is the body showing me? What is the body offering me?” As it shows you the things that it cares about, is interested in and fascinated by, watch the survival instinct popping up.

Where you are right now, energetically, is like a train with the engine just turned on. The engine’s started but there’s not enough friction and traction to move forward immediately, and it takes some time to get going. It’s just a transition for, once the train gets going, almost nothing stops it. And when you HOLD during a generating event, that allows you to put your intention into those wheels, so you can build up that traction.

Eloheim: Reviewed levels 1-7. Level 5 was a real ownership place and you rested in this place for some time. “This trigger is mine. I will not share my trigger with anyone!” Level 6 takes that a step further by owning the generating event, now no longer a trigger. You don’t even go to where triggers are; you just stay in the generating event. Taking ownership of the generating event is taking ownership of your transformation.

Think of level 6 as a long gradual ramp of movement towards level 7 – a very gentle, long, spiraling ramp. Take it step by step, piece by piece, moment by moment, as you move along that ramp because now the body is involved. During this long ramp, start building trust with your body. Be aware that it will react and do things that are unexpected. When that happens, don’t go back to the lower levels in your reactions. Make friends with the body; be in allowance. Build a trusting relationship with it the same way that you would build trust with a frightened once-abused dog.

There were various discussions with attendees. One of the issues was experiencing an intense flashback of victim energy. Because, as you ensoul your body, the intensity with which you re-experience things is going to go off the chart. You start tapping into how powerful your soul is. It’s going to feel more intense because more of your soul is present experiencing it with you. That’s where you as the personality self has to shepherd it. If you need to, take a time out. Add “I am tempted to…” to add some calmness and space. Adding that phrase literally changes your brain

When you change, you’re going to get normal survival instinct reactions. So when you find yourself, say, crying, you can say, “Wow, here is my body reacting to my spiritual choice.” That’s making friends with the body. That’s building trust, building a bond, with the body. It’s you saying “It’s safe to do this.”


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