Eloheim answers the question, “What’s my purpose?” and explains how to share more of ourselves with others. From our monthly Q&A with Eloheim.

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Questions answered during the February 17th Q&A with Eloheim

After working like a mad dog with the tools and the levels, I experience multiplying moments of bliss and extraordinary shiftings in my life. To work with my healed core emotion is a blessing all along. I love being me, a galactic presence in a human form, and I remind myself of that multiple times a day, which is a lot of fun! I´d like you to check with my energy and tell me what´s going on and where I could put my focus for further growth. Thank you so much!

Whenever I turn my head, I hear a gritty sound as if there is some sand that needs to be swept out. What’s that about? Can you sweep it out or give me the broom and I’ll do it?

I have been going through a lot of letting go and my life seems to be moving, slowly, but moving and I have gotten much more ok with my life as it is and being here. My interest level and what I want hasn’t changed so I am not sure what that is all about but since I don’t have a specific question I would like to know if you have anything to share with me that might help move things along with any resistive spots.

I want to attract a partner. I have never been in a long-term relationship, and I am tempted to feel like a freak. It is triggering when someone presumes I have been in one, and asks me about it. Why have I not been able to find someone? Do I really find myself that unlovable? I have attracted lots of interest in life, but mostly from guys who I have absolutely no interest in. I think a huge area of static for me is my weight, which I am working towards losing. I lost 70 pounds 10 years ago, and gained most of it back. I saw a huge change in my options then, but still, it was sex, and nothing serious. What about the static that I may not be aware of? I want to know more.

I would like peace of mind and body, and yet, they’re both on overdrive. I’m in my early forties trying to create a career of sorts, my own business, for the first time in my life that I’d like to be sustainable. I’m pushing super hard right now to get it going, which means taking any small job I can for money or no money, constantly networking so I’m always responding to e-mails or phone calls, and meeting with new people to promote what I do, and when I’m not doing any of that, I’m worrying about it. I’m not happy being on overdrive, but I’m extremely scared to slow down. I’ve been conditioned to believe that my business won’t happen unless I give it 110 %. Can you look at my energy, and help me discover what I’m so fearful of, and why I can’t seem to take the leap towards a peaceful existence and a more relaxed way to get what I want from life?

I want at soul-connection barometer, because in any moment, I don’t always know what level I’m at. It would be nice to get a pinch in the butt when I fall below a certain soul-connection level. For example, today I want to work above level-5, and any time I fall below level-5, I would hear a bell ring or something. Would it be possible for me to develop such a soul-connection barometer for myself?

I want to learn more about this experience I am having with pain. From this experience I am learning more about my self and pain. I know I have experienced a lot of emotional pain and I feel like there is a connection of that with my physical pain. I am wanting more clarity and transformation on this subject.

I have this smallish lump that appeared several months ago between my spine and my left shoulder blade. This weekend a similar lump appeared on my inner left wrist. Can you tune in and let me know what the energetics are behind these.

I appreciate any insight regarding how to get through the issues (or issues) with my back…& hips-butt & thighs…and even down the Legs… It is difficult to walk completely erect because I protect myself from discomfort. When I walk distances, I use crutches – as a crutch. This is affecting my life in a huge way…a bit of progress would be thrilling. I know there is a component about moving forward…step by step…and none of that is clear for me yet. I am grateful for any resolving so I may be more comfortable and re-experience strength physically and in all ways.

Many thanks for the helpful Private session yesterday. I was reminded how important it was to continue to trust my intuition; acting sooner with the tools that I have. I was blown away from the clarity of your words; the precise way in which you could pin the energetics of my situation. AMAZING!!!! You really saved my ASS! I have taken the step to end a relationship that would not have been the best direction to take in my current situation. Could you please look at my energy; giving me any helpful insights or tips for my next steps. My legs feel better, however they still seem to not be getting blood to the toes. I am staying a lot in “what is true now?” There is a sadness within me.


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