Guardians: We love the feeling here; there is readiness for communing. So, also in your life, be ready, be available – but not in outcome, not in controlling or projecting into the future. You don’t know how anything is going to play out, but you are still present. That’s why we need to deal with the survival instinct, because it thinks you need to deal with something else. But it’s truly about being present, alert and open now. And when you focus on the “now,” the body gets such a relief to just be where it is.

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Visionaries: A lot was going on last week energetically. And there is a lot going on in transfers of power and change. HOLD the vibration of “I’m available as someone who is choosing change.” Change is about being in an “uncertain” energy, but it’s not dangerous, which is what many humans think. Change can also mean transformation. As you go into levels 8, 9, 10 – these require a strict monitoring and a deep awareness of what you are truly emanating.

Fred: Change is here. Anything you need to feel safe about, any institution especially, stop thinking that because that’s the energy that’s up right now. Your real safety is your relationship to you. And be aware that convenience is not safety, it’s just convenience. Catch yourself when you depend on institutions of safety-making (IOSM) Don’t look for safety outside of yourself.

Girls: This is Valentine’s week, so love yourself. Pay attention to what’s going on with you. Listen inside as you go through your life. Listen to your body as you shop or pursue a menu, for example, or when it is tired. You need to feel heard, seen, and known, so do that for yourself. If you feel unlovable, break down the “whys” of it: “I am not unlovable because…” and then talk yourself out of it, or find something that IS lovable. You are a grand soul, so take the Homo spiritus perspective. You’ve all been imperfect. – which just gives you more experiences and makes you more real. So allow yourself to be loved in however way it shows up. Don’t turn down gestures of love because you’re not used to receiving it. Self love gives your soul permission to connect with more of you.

Warrior: So I we found love with Mariana and the family, but it wasn’t great all the time. Choosing to spend time with people, in our case also for survival, meant that the others would experience the parts of you that you don’t like, that are confused. And yet, these others accept them. You have company in acceptance, company on the journey of transforming. You experience parts of you coming up that you have a very hard time loving, and yet you see that the other person doesn’t run away. And vice-versa; you do this for them. That is love. Love is somebody you GROW with.

Eloheim: Took questions that brought up issues of loving oneself. Things that got in the way of people were obsessive thinking, giving yourself away in service mentality, anger, identification with your old identity. Forget who you were in the past; who are you NOW? It is always about taking care of yourself first. In fact, you should evaluate your day by how well you’ve taken care of yourself. And, instead of getting your energy from adrenaline, get your energy from fascination and ah-has! Get your energy from the juiciness of life. What is the life you are looking for? Keep your eyes on the prize.

The film, “The Matrix” is a good study of the levels; it’s about the crooked road and abiding in discomfort.

Matriarch: It felt cozy at the beginning of the meeting, and still feels cozy here at the end. In spite of all the triggers and drama in the exchanges with Eloheim, you are still here in that same feeling of calm.


Six sessions held in February, 2013

This package includes audio of all six and video of five sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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