I chose the Visionaries for this week’s video clip. So powerful, so supportive. See video below.

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Guardians: You are all very ready, willing and present. Even when we hint what’s ahead, you stay present. For if you rush off into the future, that brings up pre-conceived notions, which brings up static, which you then have to clear. Attentiveness to this moment allows us to help you more. For it is you who open the doors, and then we just walk through first.

Visionaries: Walking the path burns the ego off you. And we feel a weary confidence in you. You are confident that these things have been working, but you are weary that you have to keep working it. Focus on the feeling of confidence, the opportunities for ah-has. And let go of what makes you weary, which is the feeling that it should be changing faster, or look different than it is. The best example is weight-lifting: you keep adding challenges because you are not satisfied with anything less than your final goal, which is full en-soulment of the body. Leave “weary” behind by comparing you to you, and not to what you thought it would be like now, not to a made-up standard. Accept what IS in the moment because change starts with acceptance. It’s all about how you handle things inside. The external world can try to change you, but only you decide whether you go along with it or not. Build on what works.

Fred: Take a deep breath and say “I am a Galactic being.” We couldn’t come and talk to you, as peers, if you weren’t. We come from a large, inter-galactic presence but that is the truth for you as well. You can’t experience this yet as a human so you have to choose to agree. The levels we’ve been taking about – the higher levels are galactic perspectives. Discover the big lie that covers up the truth of you for, on the mountain, your emanation goes out to the universe. Don’t emanate anything that you wouldn’t want everybody to know, and especially don’t emanate repetitive thoughts. Be done with that! For your homework: Be aware of the thoughts you are firing.

Girls: Look at the root chakra — the foundation chakra of survival, safety, certainty – but from a higher level, from the “watch it move” level. You released so much pressure that you’ve been putting on yourself, that there can be a demand that things happen in a certain way. But now, and this includes society at large, seeking foundational safety is no longer done in a clear, linear progression. The old ways of navigating the first chakra are now part of the crooked road, which is actually more efficient. Each step is the thing you most need in that moment, what you wanted all along, which is growth and en-soulment. So don’t try to force things into a linear path. If you know that every step is exactly what you need, you can “watch it move” in fascination.

Warrior: Sometimes the easy path doesn’t lead you to your true destination. Ask, “What is true now?” and take your own path, not the path of others. When you are confronted by fifteen feet of vertical rock, the more efficient path may be to climb upwards. Not easy, but smarter. In your life, look for where “climbing” is the right path. Take courageous steps in your life. Speak your truth. Climb. Confront the situation.

Eloheim: Continued discussing our lies and our individual sense of what “big” means. Fred talked about the true bigness of you, but what does “big” mean in your actual world? For us, it means, knowing your truth, emanating your truth (monitor it, let it out), and then living your truth. For us, being big is acting in the world on the unadulterated truth of you, with no masks, aware that your emanation is affecting the universe and monitoring it. But have your own self-definitions for the words “big” and “small” for they are very personal, and your personalities will show up here. Play with it and find what these mean to you.

When you are in level 8, you really broadcast your lie; it becomes a powerful creative force. Simply noticing the lies tends to dissolve them. Tell your lie, acknowledge what it brings up, and then tell yourself all the reasons why it is a lie. Energetically, it’s a bubble/balloon that you blow up, and then pop. Then there may be another balloon; then pop that. Step-by-step.

But notice also how your lies are a mechanism to keep you small. After you state your lie, try adding this phrase: “…so now I can stay small” (or “safe”, not noticed, etc). When you feel jammed up, when something stops you, ask “What’s the boogieman here?”

We see you up on the top of that fifteen foot rock formation, maybe watching the deer walking below. Let yourself have a moment of enjoying the progress you’ve made. Say: “I compare me to me, not me to made-up. I magnetize things into my life; I don’t drag outcome into my world. I allow my truth to move, and I watch it do so. That’s what it means to be me. I allow. I move. I allow. I move.”


Six sessions held in February, 2013

This package includes audio of all six and video of five sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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