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Three sessions held in February 2016

This package includes audio and video from the three sessions of February 2016.

February 10, 2016

Follow up to the Facilitator’s appearance and the Weekend with Eloheim. Very mellow meeting as Eloheim checks in on folks and describes what is going on with Veronica’s integration of all of this new energy. Some “plop” insights about the magic wand idea at the end.

February 21, 2016

Q&A: February 21, 2016

Drop Deeply Into the Moment

Eloheim recapped what has happened in the last couple of months with the Facilitator, the Weekend with Eloheim, the meetings, and the interviews. It’s been a busy time, full of information, they said, for us to try and integrate in the last two months. E said it feels like a long time has gone by since we talked, but really it’s been a long transformation time. Part of the reason the events have been so under attended is that people are needing more time for integration before new information is taken in.

They suggested that we keep in mind that we might need community or connection while we unpack the thick and dense material given since the Facilitator’s visit. And also, take note that we may spend the rest of the year unpacking all the material brought through! Eloheim’s job is to help with the unpacking, clarifying and making it actionable for us.

Veronica asked the only question: How do boundaries and non-resistance to the moment integrate?

At this point, the Q&A became more of a Roundtable format, with those attending the webcast offering input and feedback.

Eloheim began the answer to Veronica’s question with, they are not mutually exclusive and requires an update of “boundaries.” Since we now know that some of our soul is in our body and the rest is physicalizing our world, thus giving us the opportunity to know ourselves more, everything we interact with is essentially a meeting with ourselves. Eloheim got emotional at this point and asked us to feel into this sacred act, this sacred act of reuniting with ourselves. They said, “If ever there’s an antidote to being mean to yourself, it’s that.”

Eloheim was eloquent as they discussed the Levels, Boundaries, triggers, and using the right tools for the job. We can check in and ask, is this a Level 4 relationship or a Level 7 relationship? Boundaries used to be a way to know and own our truth and often resulted in a turning away from a person, a situation, in a drastic way. Now, as we reside in Level 7, we don’t turn away, we lean in. If the SI isn’t in charge, we can then see what else is there. If the body isn’t leading the way, closeness is the response, not boundaries.

Eloheim gave us a fascinating, real life example of Veronica’s use of a Level 7 response in a situation.

The “Explore the moment” tool was introduced as a way for us to explore our physical world. We are being asked to stop limiting our exploration and find out what happens when we sink into the moment.

Eloheim again strongly reinforced the idea we NOT tell our physical world things we don’t want it to act on immediately.

Being in the moment was expanded upon after audience input. Eloheim defines being in the moment as not thinking about the past or the future. We’re either here or we’re not. “This moment needs you more.” Do we want clarity or fascination in this moment or a trip down memory lane?

A question was asked about staying in the moment yet still making plans, and more teachings arose from that.

Eloheim ended the meeting saying “This work we have done together over the last thirteen years with you, it shows. It doesn’t show that much [ when walking down the street]. It [just] shows up.”

February 24, 2016

Full Council session. The Guardians started us off with a guided meditation. The Visionaries told us the two things we must stay focused on at this time. E spoke about hidden ways the survival instinct is affecting us. The Girls offered an amazing visual. Fred took the Visionaries message even deeper. The Warrior wasn’t cold LOL and the Matriarch closed the night. As Mary said, “A very practical night.”


Three sessions held in February 2016

This package includes audio and video from the three sessions of February 2016.


Price: $19.99