Weekends with Eloheim



this moment needs you more cropped We held our first weekend with Eloheim of 2016 on January 29-31. There were three channeling sessions.

The material presented offered brand new insights on our relationship to ourselves, to the moment, and to the rest of the physical world.

It came right right after the session on January 27th which introduced a new energy to the Council which Eloheim named The Facilitator.

I’ve added the session of January 27th to the three sessions from the weekend. You receive all four (approximately seven hours of channeling) for one package price.

Price: $24.00




Nearly FIVE hours of channeling on the most expansive and mind-blowing topics I can recall Eloheim talking about. What an amazing new beginning we have come to!! Not to be missed!!


Price: $24.00

Our second Weekend with Eloheim was amazing! Eloheim decided that everyone needed nurturing so each person got a mini-session to determine what sort of nurturing that person specifically needed. It was beautiful as everyone was able to take something for themselves from each session. Nearly five hours of channeling.


Price: $24.00
IMG_1715 WEEKEND WITH ELOHEIM ~ #3 ~ April 2015
Our third Weekend Eloheim reached a crescendo of EPIC! Incredible insights about “what is holding you back” and deep explanation of living in Level 7! Over five hours of channeling.


Price: $24.00
IMG_2274 Camp Out Weekend
Eloheim had us use a brand new format which led to amazing breakthroughs. Be sure to watch the video of the first day as Eloheim worked one on one with each person. On the second day, the camera panned around the room as each person contributed to the conversation. The third day was a Round Table type conversation with the camera on Eloheim. Over SEVEN hours of channeling.


Price: $24.00
Glendale, CA Weekend
Do you have a family? Are you in a relationship? Are you looking at a major life change? THIS IS THE SESSION FOR YOU!!!
FIVE members of the same family sat with Eloheim on Day one. On Day two, a couple worked with Eloheim individually and together. Four other people who were facing change in their lives got insight from Eloheim. AMAZING!!!


Price: $24.00