Wow! I’m 50!!!!!
I don’t actually feel any older than I have for years now and with my hip/back doing so much better, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. So, this birthday isn’t really about that…

What I find it’s about is reflecting on the people in my life. Feeling such a sense of gratitude for the amazing companionship I have.

I also find myself reviewing all that we have done with Eloheim. In our most recent meeting, Eloheim told us all about the different phases we have gone through in our Earth incarnations and talked more about why we are here. They explained how what we do here on Earth is a not just evolving our human form, but actually generating evolution for our souls as well!

Our journey with the Body/Personality/Awareness teachings is now focused on the Body/Awareness connection. It’s truly amazing to SEE Levels 7-9 play out in my life. I remember very clearly when the Levels teaching was first introduced and how Level 9 seemed like something from another galaxy!! Yet here we are. WOW!!!

All in all, a profoundly powerful time both in the teachings and in my personal journey!

OK ENOUGH REFLECTION!!! Let’s get on to the fun!!
Much love to you,

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Many Blessings to you,
Veronica & Eloheim