Four Sessions held in July 2018


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July 1, 2018

Eloheim offers a POWERFUL introduction and then reads the message from the Scout while offering commentary.
The Scout (from June 27, 2018)

A new visitor had a problem coming in so Eloheim had to facilitate this expansive energy so it could step down and communicate.

Scout: Yes. We are here now. Yes. It is an unusual way to experience. Yes. Yes.

Your world is odd. It is fascinating in its complexity and a bit stupefying in its simplicity. We mean by this that as you navigate you seem to have many choices and you seem to have many options, but the whole thing is what you might regard as a mirage. It is said many times that your world is only present as you engage with it, meaning in your scientific terms, as you observe or measure, and that in most cases, there is actually an infinite potential occuring at all times and you’re only solidifying into an experience in the now that you’re making the choice to explore. This is a physics idea that is reasonably true. True enough for now, not true enough forever, but true enough for today.

It is very interesting that in your world you are given the opportunity to be extraordinarily free with this power and you do not see it as power. You do not recognize it as a power, you see it as a problem most of the time, meaning the way you engage with each now you often find problematic rather than powerful. You’re going to need to adapt your cognition around this notion in order to liberate yourselves into a more empowered way to navigate your experience. You’re becoming aware working with Eloheim of the opportunity to navigate your physical world with new prowess. And you have lost or never gained the ability to navigate that as a power. Instead you navigate it from problem to problem. Even when things are actually going well, your underlying navigational energetic is actually problem to problem, most likely because of the dominance of the SI in your systems. You must start navigating from power to power so that you have the providence, you have the ability to experience the illusion, the mirage for its true nature. You will not be able to embrace this with its full nature unless you are able to recognize that you move from power to power.

Now, what does that specifically look like for each of you? What mostly it looks like is remembering that even when you know that something troubling is occurring, there is power to be found, even in the act of being able to be present. This now that you are sharing is only existing because you are present in it. It actually does not exist otherwise. Now this is something that perhaps your brain can say, yeah okay, but we must not only use your brains to navigate this idea.

This idea is destined to wake something in you. This idea is destined to awaken in you this true stewardship of this planet and the true evolutionary fuel. You cannot let yourself slide this one through. You must let this be the power place, no, wrong wrong, this must be the ignition place. The ignition of your evolution occurs when you acknowledge this now does not exist without your presence.

If you could see this now the way we see this now, you would recognize that it actually is a very fluid and nebulous sort of a thing. The edges are very, very, very fuzzy. And the experience of this now is very directed in what you witness. Now, by witness, any sense that you have that engages with the physicality of the subatomic particles brings the now into a tangibility, and that tangibility then is fleeting. You know that when you watch one of your movies, each piece of film is actually a still, and they go through some kind of a contraption that is put together to become movement. It’s fake movement. Because each one is actually a still. This is actually the best way of looking at your experience in this extraordinarily strange place that you call home.

We say it’s extraordinarily strange because the power you have to experience this fleeting manifestation of now is not something that’s very common in your neighborhood of this universe. Eloheim says this is why they call this the Free Will Zone. Okay. This is an uncommon opportunity for you to have the experience of ratifying a now in the physical through your perceptions. As you perceive, you are doing what scientists regard as measuring. As you witness, you are actually manifesting. As you manifest, you get to experience, but it’s fleeting, and you have fallen for the idea that it’s continuous like a movie, when in reality, it’s singular manifestations in the physical,experienced sequentially. We emphasize this point because if you slow down your movie, your manifestations, if you recognize the fleeting nature of these experiences, you will start to see the influence you are actually having.

When you run them together the way you are accustomed to doing, you only get the end result. When you lose sight of the components that collaborate to create that end result. and when you don’t know the components, it’s very easy for you to dismiss the truth that you are actually manifesting the moments. Your opportunity here to become a master moment manifestor is to make this evolutionary jump, which Eloheim tells us you call Homo spiritus, this mastery of the physical world that has been given to the beings that inhabit this planet as an experiment to see if this is something that should be offered in other places. You have the early admission to the ride and this early admission opportunity is kind of fascinating in that no one knows how it’s going to turn out. However, the opportunity that’s being presented to you is something extraordinarily rare and you should see it that way.

You might just think it’s a regular experience but that’s simply because you are not capable of recognizing the opportunity that has been presented to you and you are coming to a time now when you are going to. You have this moment, and this moment can be experienced as it has been, the way the movie passes through the camera, or this moment can be experienced as the snapshot of manifestation that it actually is. When you see it as the snapshot of manifestation and you allow yourself to drop into it, you will start to recognize the component parts that are within the purview of your expression. When you have the components parts within the purview of your expression, you are then able to manipulate them with your will to express in new ways.

Many times you have talked with Eloheim about the various ways that physicality presents in the world and the various barriers that confuse you about your power. The truth of all of this is that you’re only limited through any sort of habit of perception that you are using. If you will surrender your habit of perception, you will be able to access the component parts, and the component parts will become part of your expression and your will.

As you express your will and give to the world that gift, you will have a chance to do something that is not done very frequently in your universe, which is to build a world of your own choosing, to build from your raw materials, to express, using your truth, an environment for exploration, much like Eloheim did in expressing this planet for you. You’re given an incredible gift at this time. It is important for you to know the magnitude of this which is why we have chosen to visit you in this fashion. It is not the easiest thing for us to do, however, it was important for us to acknowledge the place you are in in your evolutionary journey that has given this doorway a chance to be opened.

You must take this time to let yourself see that in each and every now is an expression of your evolutionary process and a manifestation of your will. It is not an expression of you controlling. In fact, that will make a barrier to you doing it. It must, as Eloheim says, come from Awareness, Personality is incapable of this experience. As you offer this to the world, coming from your Awareness and acknowledging that each now is a manifestation of your will, you will be giving a gift that has never been seen. This is an opportunity we hope you will embrace. And now it is time for us to let this mode of communication conclude.

(Thank you.)

You are welcome. We acknowledge that this is how you appreciate and we want to say that we appreciate your presence in the now with us as well. For you did not have to join us here, you used your will to cocreate this experience.

July 11, 2018

Four Steps to Opening the Door

The Scout’s visit was a demarcation point, and even though you may not always feel as though anything has happened, it has. The opportunity now is to connect deeply to the doorway that having the Scout show up indicated.

It comes down to not letting Personality take over. This has to be a zero tolerance policy for allowing the Personality to lead. The fact is, the door is open. You know where the door is, go to the door, don’t pat the wall looking for the door.

When weird and unusual things happen that don’t feel familiar, the opportunity is to embrace the transformation of your experience. The feedback we get sounds like many of you are in a sword fight with your Personality! It’s understandable. However, if you dally with it, it’s like you’re fueling it. We need to look at this. If anything like that happens, if Personality wants you to be in jeopardy or wants to dominate, find distance from it, set it down, don’t duel with it. No dancing with it. Be present. Say, I’m going to be present right now. Check in with your gingerbread shape to see what it’s doing, check if it’s comfortable. You guys have done harder things. Have no exceptions for Personality.

So, finding your doorway is necessary. What is your doorway? You have to have an answer to that. Are you experiencing Awareness and how often? What is your block?

Eloheim did some work with the group members to help them find their doorways

To catch Personality, you have to be in Awareness. Personality will probably argue with your acknowledgement that you’re in Awareness, but the fact that you catch Personality in action means you’re in Awareness. Who catches Personality? Awareness. You have to keep an eye on Personality because it’s in a bit of a throwing-a-fit stage. It will bring up anything and everything to keep you limited.

Eloheim and the group came up with a cohesive sequence that seems to be a doorway for many:
1. Stop thinking
2. Connect to your physical body
3. Acknowledge that you are experiencing Awareness
4. Stayout of the temptation to shape experiences with preconceived notions or using the vending machine cacophany of thought rather than letting the experience be revealed. In other words, don’t return to thinking again!

The way the mind used to work will not be the same. We are not “throwing out the baby with the bathwater.” You will experience the mind in a new way. There comes a time when you will think that last thought. This is where chronicling and witnessing comes in. As clarity and Choiceless Choice arises, you don’t have to craft your path. For example, when you’re traveling on a plane or a train, you are in charge of the experience, not in charge of the journey. Your choice then is in how you experience the journey. There’s no choice once you’re in the movement. You’ve already made that choice. Your responsibility is for your experience, not the movement. The focus is on the experience. Abide in the experience. Don’t go back to thinking or allowing Personality to throw up things to distract you.

The door is open. Don’t let Personality tell you it’s a mirage.

July 15, 2018

Unfolding Like a Flower

How are you accessing Awareness? We identified the four steps that seem to be commonly shared in some capacity with just about everybody.

The four steps are:
1. Not to think. In a Personality-dominated life, thinking is about the Survival Instinct, that’s caring for youself, that’s everything. When engaging with Awareness, you bring in the Field of Infinite Possibilities. When you only have Personality, you only get thinking, limitation, a narrow slice of what is actually occuring to rely on. When you engage Awareness and discard Personality as your guide, you trade in that limited way of being and have access to the Field of Infinite Possibility to help you navigate your incarnation. When you say, I’m not going to think, you are discarding all that in favor of something that’s going to have a very different way of feeling to it.

2. There is some acknowledgment of how the Body is being perceived or experienced in that shift from the Personality-dominated to the Awareness-dominated experience. It indicates you are experiencing things in a new way. You have some way to check in with the Body, some way of perceiving the Body that acknowledges this is not how it’s always been.

3. There is some kind of language-based acknowledgment that a change in state has happened, that Awareness is being experienced. Declarative statements like “This is Awareness” or “This is Personality” or “I am.” Some folks are using the breath. Just so there is some acknowledgment that I am experiencing Awareness, not Personality.

4. Then do not go back to thinking about it once you start having an Awareness experience! Experience and explore. Chronicle and witness. Exploring here is about allowing the sensory experience to unfold like the flower blooming. What is present here in the Presence I am being?

Regarding clarity, say you’ve done the steps. Clarity in Awareness is extremely different from clarity in Personality. Clarity in Personality feels like an aha, an inspiration, a solution, a lifeline. Clarity in Awareness has been experienced in Veronica as a nudge and is always about a step on the journey, rather than a conclusion on the journey. It’s quieter. It doesn’t lead to what clarity will get you, it offers you the place you get to experience and explore.

Watch when Personality wants to talk. See when the urge for communication is coming from Personality, when the response wants to come from Personality. It feels uncomfortable to Veronica when Personality speaks.
The online group was invited to share their experiences and where they are in their journeys.

Does the experience feel expansive? Is it a doorway or a closet? Is it expansive or limiting? There’s the difference between an Awareness experience or a Personality experience.

What is affected by the Survival Instinct, the Personality? Answer: the adrenal system. Personality, adrenals, and Survival Instinct on one side, and Awareness with Presence and experience and explore on the other–they’re going to feel very different. When Awareness is present, the adrenals are not affected, and it’s going to feel very different. When you stay in that Awareness state and see what arises out of it, that’s when you get to have the real experience of Awareness.

As soon as you acknowledge the changed state, Personality jumps up and want to dance and wants to talk about it. Don’t allow that temptation to take over. Stay in Awareness and discharge those thoughts; swipe, swipe, swipe them away.

As far as the body pains you feel arising, say you only have three facial expressions available in your arsenal: neutral face, insincere smile, and concerned look. Then someone tells you about laughing. The first 500 times you laugh, your muscles and everything in your body affected by that laugh will probably be sore and feel different. The same thing is going on in your Awareness journey. Your body is going to express itself in some different and unusual ways. And Personality says, well that’s different and not allowed! You’re going to experience new and unusual things, and your body is going to experience and feel in new or weird ways.

From the group chat, a clarity discussion evolved. In Personality, clarity was the state when the hamster wheel is dominating and suddenly an aha occurs for a new path. Once we start to bring in the Body/Personality/Awareness dynamic, it opens the door to a new way for clarity to occur. Clarity is quiet, about experiencing and exploring. It is not a path to an end result. Personality has an ambition, a desire for an outcome. Awareness is not concerned about finishing something but about experiencing fractally, about deepening the experience of now, the only now that has every been.

There’s a real temptation to dance with Personality instead of distancing yourself from it. You can’t have anything new when you do that dance. That’s the time to do the steps listed above, and when it feels unusual, different or weird, say, “and that’s good! I’m looking for a revolutionarily different way of being on this planet.” When it does feel different, that’s that’s not the time to go running back to Personality.

Homo spiritus is going to feel very different from Homo sapiens. Remember the tool You Can’t Have Change Without Change? You can’t have Homo spiritus without it being Homo spiritus. That’s the reality.

July 25, 2018

Full Council Night
The Attempt to Uncage You

Guardians: We get to have an opportunity to check in energetically in the post-Scout moment, the result of consistent access to Awareness, and what that looks like energetically. The big story is now the Body piece, not just the gingerbread shape, but all the ways the Body piece starts to show up. Things like the Harry Potter notions of magic wands do not serve you. You must draw a line in the sand with preconceived notions. You have to drop those preconceived notions about what it means to incorporate the Body piece into this experience. We promise it will be more useful, fascinating, and more exhilarating than anything you’ve ever dreamed up. Drop, drop, drop those preconceived notions about the reality of incorporating the Body piece into Awareness so it can be revealed to experience and explore.

Visionaries: Good advice, as always. We will add to this by saying the Body piece–the Big B-body as it becomes finally time for its time in the light–is where we’re at. We’re into the connecting-your-physical-experience-with-your-Awareness experience and out of the Survival-Instinct experience. Awareness not an intellectual or emotional experience, solely. All of your physicality is having a sensory journey in Awareness. Up until this point, the body piece has been all about the Personality, about being SI, Core Emotion driven, and now that we are abiding in Awareness, it’s possible to start experiencing the Big B-body in new ways without baggage and static. That’s the vision.

Eloheim: Last time we were together we figured out the four things: 1. No thinking. 2. Connect with your body, i.e. be present. 3. Have a language-based acknowledgment of the changed state. 4. Don’t go back to thinking, instead experience and explore, and watch it unfold. Have you been using the four things?

How do the aches and pains of life fit in? The main connection in Personality is a lot of fear about the future. Being in discomfort in Awareness is a skill that probably no one has yet. Use it to deepen your presence, use it as an opportunity to know your body more. Personality has coated over desires, delights, pains, and other expressions of the sensory system. The body starts to express a desire and the Personality immediately shuts it down in fear. Oh, but no, says the Personality, I can’t afford it, I don’t have the time, whatever. The body shies back, is held in contraction, thus, in physical pain and limitation.

We’re trying to turn the body loose, to expand your sensory apparatus, but the limitations you have been operating under creates some aches and pains as you stretch into newness.

In general, the result of using that sensory apparatus in Awareness creates some soreness as you stretch into the world in a new way because you are using parts of you you haven’t used before. The physical body responds to that. You’re exercising without realizing it. Experience and explore has a sensory component to it that may cause you to get a little out of whack for awhile. As you spend more time in Awareness, your sensory system starts giving you urges to have experiences you have not had before. It’s a type of unleashing, an uncaging of your physical self. Unusual things will happen. Let it be. Be present with pain when it shows up. See what you get, what new information arises.

The Girls: As you move into Awareness, you’re practicing the greatest act of self-love there is. You’re setting down the shackles and instead saying, “I want the full me, I want the whole me, I want the full light to shine on me and I know how to navigate the shadow places without going into ‘I suck’ when the light is shining on me. I am going to walk this planet knowing that all I see is all me, that everything around is all me, the truth of me is broadcast in this world, and that everything I rub up against is all me exploring me. No need to hide because all there is, is All Me.” What could be a better definition of self-love? I’m not going to hide all of me behind that overlay of Personality. I set down limitation, I don’t argue with it anymore. I love myself enough to want more of me. It’s beautiful. All these years of us telling you to just go on and love yourself–Awareness is an incredible act of self-love.

Warrior: It’s been awhile. You changed, that’s how we know. We can tell you’re different so we know time has passed for you. We can now talk to your Awareness. We used to rattle your cage, your Personality. We wanted you to have some confidence, to step up to the things that were trying to limit you and to give you the opportunity to say, maybe I deserve more. So now here you are, attempting to remember your four steps. It’s not that hard and we suggest you “do a solid” for Eloheim and do that!

The deeper you can go into your Awareness, the deeper your visceral experience is of your surroundings as an extension of your current nervous system beyond your skin. You don’t end at your skin. It will become more and more real to you as you go deeper into Presence. This is a natural expression of the human form. We tell you this so that if you’re in Awareness, this might uncage you a bit. Let the impulses come into your sensory system without translating them. Just let it be true without chewing on them, categorizing them. Don’t try to make them go into English. Experience them.

Fred: The point of “you don’t end at your skin” is the attempt to uncage you. We were early on that. Our main skill set is speaking to your Awareness and here we are. You haven’t seen anything yet. We have only taught your Personality how to live fractally. We need to remind your Awareness what it’s like to live fractally in the human form as we connect your physical body to fractal living. That’s our promise to you now. There are many, many, many layers to every now. And when you connect your physical form to that truth, well, that is not Homo sapiens. That is phase two. This is just us putting new ideas into your field and pinging your nervous system in new ways so you can be prepping for the Body abiding in the Awareness state. We wanted to lay in that energetic.

If you want more, be in Awareness more often.

Matriarch: It feels like you’re really ready to take what’s been said tonight into the marketplace. We’ll just say thank you, well done, and you have really reached a milestone. Good work. Good night.

Four Sessions held in July 2018


Price: $24.99