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Four sessions held in March 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of March 2016.

March 2, 2016

Eloheim Roundtable
PLOP Meeting – A Deeper Look at Levels 7 and 8

Eloheim remarked as they settled into Veronica’s body more fully that they are still adapting to the post-Facilitator body, and it requires both Eloheim and Veronica to be mindful.

Eloheim asked the group to hold the energetic for them so they could give us new information. They asked the group to withhold questions and comments and even turned off the monitor so they were not distracted.

The levels teachings are unfolding, began Eloheim, so we can learn to live fractally, meaning there is a potential for many different experiences in each moment. So, not only do we have a choice of reactions, we have a choice of attention. We get to choose where we put our attention. This is the reprieve out of “It’s all me.” The space where we put our attention is Level 8, the “Watch it move” space.

Eloheim once again defined each word in “Watch it move,” as well expanded on the Awareness and Personality aspects of it.

Eloheim delved into free will, breaking it down into the old, unconscious free will, which is the basic template for survival, and the intentionally conscious free will, that being the new template we are implementing and calling Level 7.

There was a discussion on the lag time in implementing the new template. How long this takes all depends on how fast the body gets it and how soon the body trusts what we tell it. It also depends on our thoughts and resistance to the moment.

Eloheim reminds us to stay on the step we’re on:

continue knowing that Level 7 is a brand new template
do NOT tell our physical world anything we don’t want it to act on immediately (we may be on that step for awhile!)
allowing ourselves to feel into the idea that the movement of the hand is nothing more than a familiar version of Level 8 where everything is within our purview to move.

How do we get there? we ask. As Eloheim says, this is an inside job. It starts from the inside out. It is owning that every thought has power, even those that don’t show up in our world. We always affect our reality. Eloheim wants us to remember that we have the power to create or disabuse trust with our body through the power of our thoughts. It starts there, on the inside.

Eloheim ended the meeting saying we have only just scratched the surface of our fractal study. This is big. This is a plop meeting.

March 9, 2016

“Bring your presence to the present. The power is in your presence.” Eloheim

“Here’s my lighthouse. Who’s drawn to my lighthouse?” Eloheim

The meeting started off with Eloheim, the wisest three-year old you’ll ever meet according to Veronica, noticing and being fascinated by the wall construction in the meeting hall, comparing it to the Eloheim community. When the boards are covered up with sheetrock and paint, they said, a piece of history is covered up. But after observing the on-going construction, we know what is behind the walls. Similarly, we, and they, know the work it took for the community to get to here. Eloheim says they were the hammers and nails to help us shape and change. The walls under construction in the meeting room are an example of our reality. The framework, the structure, the complexity will be underneath to make the walls sturdy. And we Eloheimers decided what makes us sturdy.

And now, what’s next?

Level 8 is next, it’s time to talk about that, they said. Eloheim strongly reiterated how utterly essential it is to be diligent about not telling our physical world anything we don’t want it to act on immediately. They said, “It’s as important as breathing.” This is how we build trust with our body, and when we slip and cause our body to use the “kill” switch, the trust meter is diminished, and we have to refill it again. Have compassion for the process. Eloheim also reminded us that the body is not just our gingerbread shape, it’s our entire physical world.

Several folks went to the microphone and shared their thoughts and questions with Eloheim and the group:

An experience of being an energetic leader while on jury duty was shared.
A further discussion was requested about not telling our body anything we don’t want it to act on immediately and the power of our thoughts.
There was a deeper exploration of the previously described jury duty experience and how the person at the microphone noticed their own habits and that the story was filtered through their personal experience while listening to it. Eloheim “pinged” on the word filter and took it to another level.
There was a deeper exploration of the idea of “where I put my attention.”
A rephrasing was offered for the saying “same sh@#, different day” to “same manna, different heaven,” and a question was asked about actualizing ideas.

Eloheim says that since the Facilitator came, it feels so much different in Veronica and with the group, and their fascination is because it feels so different!

March 20, 2016

Q&A – I forgot to change a setting on the camera so I have video, but it has NO sound! So here’s the audio. Eloheim didn’t use finger puppets or draw or anything like that so the audio captured the event nicely. 😉

“We are coming up on a very important milestone.” Eloheim

“You’re not just meat puppets for your soul!” Eloheim

Eloheim opened the Q&A with a short talk about an upcoming, very important milestone, that of birthing the reality of living Level 7 & 8. They spoke of “plop” and “process” meetings and how this work begins with an intellectual awareness and exploration and then moves on to waking up in “it’s all me,” a body-based experience. They acknowledged that it has been confusing for all of us, and sometimes they (Eloheim) are unaware of the time it takes the personality and the body to go from plop to process to waking up in the feeling of Level 7 & 8, without having to remind yourself about it.

After the question and answer session, they wanted to talk more about their recent work with Veronica on this topic.


Q: Another spiritual teacher was privately asked about someone’s personal passion and work for a certain political candidate. The teacher’s answer was disconcerting to me since I feel the teacher basically told the other person that it has zero effect on the outcome and to do what they enjoy. I was very triggered by his response as it feels like he believes everything is predetermined. Can you speak more about this?

The very interesting discussion that followed began with Eloheim repeating Veronica’s reply to that other spiritual teacher’s reference to not making difference in the outcome, “We are not meat puppets!”

Q: I recently went to a physical therapist for a back issue who also turned out to be a spiritual healer. He offered to help me connect my soul to my personality, to open up some channels. Can you give me some ideas of the blocks so I can work on this independently as well?


After the questions, Eloheim went deeper into “It’s all me.” They said you can’t expect your experience of physical objects to feel like it does when you touch them with your physical hand. There are other ways to use your sensory perception besides the physical. We’re trying to build a muscle so don’t expect it to feel the same, they told us. It’s the act of attempting that is important, so the idea is to practice.

Eloheim described the invitation of Level 7 as you leaving behind the notion of operating from fear. You may have fear, you don’t stay in it. In Level 7 you’re not choosing your reactions to your experiences, you’re choosing your experiences.

During the last portion of the meeting, the people in the chat room had a lively conversation with Eloheim, offering comments and sharing their own experiences with the different Levels.

March 23, 2016

The full council was present to discuss Level 7, “It’s all me.”

Guardians: According to the Guardians, Level 7 will stop being an intellectual practice and start being a liveable reality. They remind us that our experience is not the same as everyone else’s and also that Level 7 is real and our intellect must not be allowed to try and take over because it can’t take us any further. The Body becomes the leader now, it viscerally experiences Level 7.

Visionaries: Level 7 is totally different from any of the other levels, the Visionaries began. They told us that we’re on the brink of something big and our past is coming up to say, “Are you sure?! You used to think this was normal! Are you sure?!” And the Visionaries adamantly said, we must double down when we see the crazy in this world because so many others won’t and will give into the fear-based operating system instead of choosing consciousness. This is energetic leadership and is what is needed, we are needed.

Eloheim: Eloheim reminded us about the groundwork for the teachings of Level 7, saying that the milestone teaching was the Awareness/Body piece. They said that everything in the room has a story, and we drop out of the current moment to get to the story and the label to access and evaluate the things we encounter. When we are in the moment, the everything in this moment is our experience of now and there is nothing from the past defining it. With no labels, no stories, and no definition, it would be our first encounter, making it easier to own that “it is me.” If we are in this moment with it, it is brand new.

Eloheim then gave us homework to practice. They asked us to get a gizmo and see if we can experience it in an undefined way, without triggers, labels, without categorizing or telling stories about it. They suggested we start with something small, something we can carry around in a pocket and then explore what happens when we don’t tell a story about the physical thing we encounter. We are to work with what’s in our lap and do it in an environment where we feel safe and calm and can be completely in the moment. They reminded us that everyone will do it and experience it differently and not to be mean to ourselves about it. It will be a visceral feeling. They say we have not touched the potentials that are available to us.

There was more discussion about the various levels, categorized into three groups: 1-2-3, 4-5-6, and 7-8-9. For example, Level 5 is an active, fierce level, and Level 7 is a big, fat choice level without triggers or stories.

It was microphone time at this point with several attendees having conversations with Eloheim.

Fred: “There are infinite ways to react to a moment.” You are an actor rather than a reactor. You’ve always been more. Experience the more that has always been waiting, it has always been here but you haven’t noticed it due to the dance with the survival instinct. The door is already open – walk through it.

Fred said there’s a buffet here for you to eat from and you’ve been eating top ramen 24/7!

We are exploring the “IS” of it all now.

Fred was super excited for us, said they felt like having a party, that we did it! They told us this is independent study and they expect us to report on the homework on FB.

Girls: If you can’t figure out how to be in the moment and feel like you’re screwing up and give in to being mean to yourself, DON’T DO THAT, okay? This is supposed to be fun!

Warrior: The Warrior explained that their world is hierarchal and we’ve been like the farmers. We’ve labored in the hot sun, and now we’ve become Dukes. Now we have shifted roles and we are Princesses or Earls. We don’t know it yet, but Level 7 is a shifted role, and we have shifted drastically. Our focus is different and bigger. There’s more responsibility, Duke problems, like fixing a drawbridge. After more analogies and throwing up their hands in surrender when the group didn’t laugh at their jokes, they left, chuckling.

Matriarch: For the first time ever, the Matriarch came in giggling about the Warrior being “in a mood” and couldn’t stop laughing. She gave some never-seen-before hand gestures while her laughter was contagious and nonstop, and then she claimed she needed the hook! She giggled all the way out. What a fun way to end the meeting!



Price: $24.99

Four sessions held in March 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of March 2016.