Four Sessions held in June 2018


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June 3, 2018

53 minutes

Phase 2 Begins: The Big Body

Opportunity, you’re in this opportune moment to progress into the Awareness state. One of the lovely parts for us is watching it happen with Veronica, to watch the propagation and potentials without specifics being attached to things. There’s an incredible feedback from the body that allows it to have its own experience of Homo spiritus.

“It’s all you,” and everything about it, is all you. You let go of the preconceived notions in order to pursue something new. You start to feel the reality that the rest of the world is your body. This is the Body part of the BPA teachings. And don’t assume you know what it’s like. That’s Personality. This is Awareness front and center. You will begin to have the idea that the sofa as your body is the default. We wish to speak to your Awareness about this, not your Personality.

It’s coming up on a time when we talk about the Body’s experience. It’s a time of encountering and experiencing your “big body,” not just the gingerbread shape. That experience is as infinite and unique as the grains of sand on the beach. There’s not one way which you will interact and know that truth. Don’t let Personality sneak in and tell you there’s only one or two ways. Your only task is to be present to the relationship that has always been present, but has always been overlooked, between your big body and your nervous system. We are exploring a new aspect of the BPA trinity. This is the beginning statement, not the end statement. These are the introductory remarks. There is more to come.

Be vigilant about letting limitations creep in here at the beginning as you explore this new aspect of the Body part in the BPA trinity. Recognize that “I have an infinite relationship between my nervous system and this physical object.” And as this relationship shifts, to start showing you its true form/relationship/expression on this plane, be cautious that the Personality doesn’t assert itself and try to control the relationship. “I have an infinite relationship.” The step we are on is to take that Awareness-forward living and try to apply it to the physical objects that are your souls expressing. You may as well just say, “I believe Eloheim” or we will have to take longer to get there. The sooner you start believing that, the better.

The example of the Kleenex box moving across the floor becomes a parlor trick, it’ll be the biggest “duh” ever. The fact that your Awareness is experiencing the Kleenex box is just normal and the fact that you haven’t had those experiences is actually the weird part. We going into something normal. How wonderful is that?

Be very careful you’re not let your Personality dictate the experience.

This is the first meeting and right at the beginning of this exploration. There will be a lot more to come. It’s your soul expressing in physical form. Just like you cut your hair and trim your nails to shape your physical form, you’ll shape the physical world around you. It’s your soul expressing, it’s clay being shaped by your soul constantly. That means it can be changed, but not by Personality. The idea is that you set out to be present with something, not connect to it. Until we had the Awareness talk, we couldn’t talk about the Body part so Personality didn’t get in the way. And now we can talk about the big body part.

We’re entering into Phase 2 of our teachings. We’re talking to and with your Awareness, in Level 7/8/9, exploring the FIP, and specifically, exploring how the body and the gingerbread man nervous system relate in Awareness. It’s a big deal. It’s a moment of celebration.

Again, we say catching yourself when you’re in Personality is 99% of the healing. There is a no-excuses policy for being in Personality. It takes practice and being present. Be here to be here. This is the place I am, you say. I am here to be here.

Your homework: As you go through your day, notice and say, “I have an infinite relationship with you [physical object].” If Personality gets in the way, be present as you can possibly be without distraction.

June 13, 2018

86 minutes

Swipe Personality Away Tool

The distinction between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Awareness evolution is in the relationship to the physical. Phase 2 shorthand would be the Gingerbread Shape plus the “Kleenex box” analogy that we’ve used in the past.

The Body has been the purview of the Personality. This is why you don’t have as much spontaneous healing, why you have aches and pains and physical challenges you can’t always correct, why you go to get your hair dyed instead of changing it yourself. It’s because you have the relationship with your body through your Personality, instead of your Awareness.

You have brought more peace and less trigger into your life as you have learned more and become more evolved, but you haven’t had any increased dominion over the Body because Personality has been dominant. The physical world, the Body, does not do what you ask it to do. For this to happen, you must abide in Awareness. Once you start abiding in Awareness by not allowing Personality to dominate, the next piece is dominion over the Body. If you process Body through thinking–Personality–everything will happen as it always has because Personality cannot give you anything new.

To make this jump we’re at right now, you must start interacting with your Body from Awareness, and everything you’ve ever thought or been taught in every lifetime is contrary to that. Awareness has to be the place you start with, and that begins with being present.

A clarity that Veronica recently had is that when she is in the moment, if she has to choose, she is in Personality. When you’re in Personality, choice is an option. When you’re in Awareness, Phase 2, there is no choosing a path. It’s choiceless choice. Clarity arises and action is obvious, there is no thinking involved. You move with the clarity. This is where you hold the line. It’s going to be your job to catch yourself, to use the muscles you built with your tools to get yourself out of Personality and return to Awareness.

You value the fact that you are Homo sapiens and are at the top of the food chain, but that object you are experiencing or interacting with has an equal a role as you do in the evolutionary journey of this planet, and of mankind, as does your gingerbread shape. It is YOU. It is you, experiencing. It is saying, “Be present with me so I can be liberated from the role I have been given up to now.” You are breaking down the barrier between what you acknowledge to be your body and what we’re calling Body. That will only happen if you stay on top of being present without thinking. Be present with the knowing.

Let this aspect of your soul inform you of something.

Personality will throw up old stuff, old thoughts, anything to get your attention away from doing this new thing, from evolving. Try this new tool: Swipe Personality Away. Just like you can swipe away posts or messages on your phone from FB or emails, swipe away those thoughts. Instead of choosing to give them attention, swipe them away. Swipe Personality out of the way until you’re left with what is already and always there, Awareness. Personality is spam, adware. Select All, delete, and swipe it all away.

As you move into Level 9, all the dregs of Personality has to go away. You say, I will try this Awareness thing and I don’t know how it will work. You have no idea what that looks like. Be curious, be willing to explore it. Don’t let Personality tell you you can’t experience Awareness in a certain part of your life, like at your job. It may not know how to do it yet because it’s an exploration to be found of what it’s like. I’m being in Awareness and having an experience of clarity. It can be tricky. You’re exploring what’s it like to walk around the world like this.

Catching Personality is 99% of the healing. Go back to presence, to Awareness. The ability to turn away the distractions of the Personality on every subject is what we are doing so that we can start having these profound experiences with the physical forms that surround you.

Eloheim did an exercise with balls with the group members, and each had an opportunity to share what they experienced with the balls.

Remember, it’s your language, your system and is based on your life and your experiences that you’re developing as you expand your relationship with these objects. You’re interpreting, as best you can without Personality inserting itself, an experience you’ve never had before.

The journey is to be present, then engage as whatever occurs. What is true now? Uncertainty is not dangerous. If it’s mean to you in anyway, if it’s critical, a replay, limiting, dismissive, negative, angry or a butthead in any way, swipe, swipe, swipe away! Look for what else is there. Don’t connect with the mean ones! You don’t need a kick in the ass, maybe just a kick in the Personality.

Phase 2 is all about the Body and gives us the opportunity to be present. The doorway is to be present. Step one is to be present, swipe, swipe, swipe away all that Personality offers, and experience and explore. Being present reveals clarity that leads to action. Who knows what that leads to? Infinite possibilities. Go into the idea with as few ideas as possible.

It’s time for Awareness and Body to start having their interaction you’ve always had the right to and never gotten to experience.

June 17, 2018

55 minutes

Personality is a Cage

The main course of study now is how the Body and the Awareness are interacting with each other. Abiding in Awareness allows the Body to start experience what it’s like to have Awareness in charge. The opportunity that this extends is for you to actually live on planet Earth as the birthright that you’ve always had, but not experienced for any length of time. Your physical surroundings are experienced as your soul being incarnate in nonhuman form, yet navigatible by the human form that you are also occupying.

This idea that you are part of the physical world requires a lot of catching yourself and reorienting. It’s helpful to have and recognize a visceral “catch” when Personality comes up.

Every single thing you know about an object has been assigned, has been shown or allowed you to know about that thing by Personality. It’s all your definition, possibilities, opportunities, and uses. It is all Personality inserting itself. What I know about this is exclusively what Personality has disclosed to me about it. I do not know what Awareness knows about this.

It’s similar to the lion in a cage. You don’t know what that lion is like in it’s wild state. It doesn’t know how life will be when it is freed in the wilds of Africa. The same goes for yourself. You don’t know how this works. And it may be confusing at first but underneath it all is a sense of freedom. It’s an opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to be in that freedom, not knowing what that is like. There is no way to know. This is going to take adjustment. That innate recognition that there are no more bars. You’re accustomed to having the bars and navigating the world without bars is not normal for you.

The messages from the Personality have to be set down. How do you do that? That’s the step we’re on. We’re breaking it down into smaller steps until it works. Don’t look for bars, or by saying this is too hard, too weird, there’s no doorway, or I can’t do it. Personality is a cage. You don’t have to be locked in.

Here’s the kicker, pay attention to this: you cannot imagine what is possible and you should not try nor fall for Personality asking you to do so. It’s literally just being present with an object and seeing what comes up.

So we encourage you to get an object and spend a little time letting yourself see what arises and swiping away what isn’t needed to access Awareness. You are not doing this to get info about the object, you’re doing it with no agenda or assumptions. Here are the steps:

No assumptions. Swipe if necessary.
Be extremely present to the body, to the now, and this works best when it’s quiet.
Check in to see if there’s any discomfort in your body and adjust.
Acknowledge your object from your Presence. Bring it into a shared presence.
Swipe anything that interferes.
And then witness whatever happens next.
You’re purposely experiencing your body abide in that Awareness state. You’re letting yourself experience the object in Awareness for the first time. It’s time for Awareness and Body to cohabitate.

The group then chatted more with Eloheim about this subject.

Eloheim discussed “Watch it move” and the fact that it’s not describable or quantifiable. It’s not your business. It’s an opportunity.

All of our work with you guys has been about freedom, about freeing you from the limitations of Homo sapiens, habitual response, unhealed core emotion, favorite familiar suffering, from hamsterwheel thinking, from the cage.

It’s “Watch it move” and “It’s all me.”

June 27, 2018

64 minutes

First channeling of The Scout

Eloheim: A visitor is almost always an acknowledgement of “leveling up,” like you do in a video game. This visitor, who we’re calling the Scout, was a surprise, a being very vast in scope. It was kind of speaking to where you fit in as a galactic citizen and where your contributions lie.

We’ve talked about this a bit over the years- the free will zone. The reality of this planet has always been extremely special. You’re a bit in the backwoods here by purpose. This Earth experiment was kind stuck in the corner because you don’t know how it’s going to go. It’s going faster and more evolutionary than anticipated- which has it’s own drawbacks. You guys have that feeling of going kind of fast, and maybe a little faster than you might be able to keep all your ducks in a row. However, you are overachieving lightworkers, it’s an innate part of you, and it doesn’t surprise us one bit though a bit messier or less methodical than we imagined. However, it’s in your messiness and chaotic uncertainty that some of the beauty comes out. This planet is out of the glare of the spotlight, so to speak. and the nice thing is because of where you were, you were able to do some things without attracting the attention of the galactics. Now, as you are working on Awareness, you are getting visitors. You’re getting noticed. Thus, the Scout checking you out. It’s an honor.

The free will zone that the visitor brought up hasn’t been discussed in a while. You have an opportunity to exert your free will. The component pieces to this now are yours to explore and use. It’s like having an engine. It breaks down into pieces that can be used for an engine or the components can be used to make something else. Now you are seeing all the components and how they each work and can be used.

If I’m utterly present to what is, all that actually is, that is what is I’m experiencing now. It’s a quantum reality, this actual energetic reality. Personality will try to limit this idea with “what abouts” concerning family, pets, etc.–that’s coming from Personality. If we allow the Personality to dictate how this goes, it’s very narrow. If we allow Awareness to reveal, then this now can be experienced in a brand new way. It is the only now actually occurring from your perspective. Personality tries to make it all about Personality. What if, instead, you own the fact that this now is so sacredly precious and real to you that you’re not trying to lean out of it in any way. If you let Personality dictate, you lose the depth, the fractal nature of it.

This is the ultimate freedom and we know it’s working, even if you don’t, because the Scout showed up.

We suggested last time to bring an object to your presence, to your Awareness. This is the kind of thing you’ve never done before so expect some physical disorientation, some unusual feelings happen because you’re asking the physical body to do something it’s never done before. Recognise the components of this now are in your purview to explore.

So, what’s the step by step on this thing: to recognise this now is, in essence, a snapshot instead of a continuous flow. Try to focus on a single snapshot. When you’re in Awareness, say oh, these are just snapshots of binding the electrons into this perspective. And see, if when you’re in an experience, see if you can pull your attention in, pull your Awareness in closer and closer so there’s less of you focused on other spaces. See how much smaller and smaller your attention can become rather than letting it do the SI thing trying to understand what’s going on around you. Pull it in. It makes the snapshot smaller and smaller, it’s dropping in, not narrowing in or limiting. It’s becoming fractal.

A question was asked of Eloheim in reference to the Scout’s statement of “power to power instead of problem to problem.” How do we do that? The answer was to use the snapshot idea, to recognise that right now there is no problem. Recognise we can take that snapshot of “no problems,” which are often overlooked because problems are so much louder. There are long stretches of no problems that we overlook, but as we practice the snapshot idea, it will become that problems are the blips rather than the foundation. We don’t expect you to get this right away but there comes a time when it has to be introduced, and this it. Try to take a little time at least once a day where you pull in, stay attached Awareness, and feel the effect you have as you come from Awareness. Seek out unusual experiences.

Personality is going to want to be in charge because “I can get shit done.” Awareness says, “Let me express in a new way.” Be present with the very simplest of things.

It’s rare when we know we’re going to have a visitor, and that one was a surprise, a very expansive one that pushed to the head of the line. You guys didn’t give up, and plenty of people did, and look who showed up to check us out! You guys really are at a fascinating time in the evolution of not only the community, but the species. Every single person who gets to Level 4 is a gift to the species and if you get to Level 7 and beyond, it’s exponentially more on that evolutionary impulse. It’s inspirational, it really is a big deal. This is a nice milestone for us, to get this acknowledgment that progress is being made.

Four Sessions held in June 2018


Price: $24.99