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Four sessions held in May 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of May 2016.

May 4, 2016 Round Table with Eloheim

Moving Forward with the Sedona Teachings

“We took ten years of work to clear out the cobwebs of Homo sapiens so that we can shift to the Homo spiritus. This is the launchpad to the potential of being human.” ~ Eloheim

Before hearing from the participants and bringing in Eloheim, Veronica shared her truth and vulnerability about her experiences since the Sedona retreat. She acknowledged feeling split three ways within the Eloheim community, and that each requires a different level of interaction from her.

In her own life, Veronica has explored how not needing boundaries anymore (a teaching from the recent retreat in Sedona) has afforded her many new experiences and much growth. This means saying yes to everything, invitations and interviews alike, whereas before she was tempted to find excuses and reasons not to say yes, a typical Monk in the Cave or Monk in the Marketplace carrying-her-cave-with-her behavior. She says these opportunities are teaching her to how to be witnessed and vulnerable, better able to stay in her truth, and quick on her feet.

Veronica’s surprise guest showed up at this point to contribute in-person questions and comments during the roundtable.

Eloheim’s portion focused on moving the teachings forward. They said Level 7 is a whole new way of being and that means “things change.” In order to that, they said, we have to bring the current version [of ourselves] while walking in the world, and almost no one can do it yet. We have to be aware of others’ experiences without them having an influence on us or knocking us off center.

An illuminating discussion of Monk in the Marketplace as it applies to Level 8 followed. To be an energetic leader, we have to be out in the world, Eloheim says. And we cannot take our caves with us! The group offered many of their own experiences of taking their caves out with them into the world.

Eloheim says we affect the world being Monk in the Cave, but being a Monk in the Marketplace without his cave affects the world EXPONENTIALLY! This requires the willingness to trust yourself. “I trust my willingness to engage my uncertainty.”

Eloheim was very pleased to move the teachings forward in this roundtable.

May 11, 2016 White Board meeting in Sonoma

May 11, 2016
Our Emanational Force and Minding the Gap

This awesome meeting was full of plops and ahas. New ideas were explored and older ones expanded and modified as Eloheim helped us understand our emanational movement into the world, aka Levels 7-8-9.

Eloheim gave a brief synopsis of Monk in the Cave and Monk in the Marketplace before moving into the evening’s teachings. During the last conference call, Eloheim discovered that many of us are hybrids of the two. We are Monks in the Marketplace AND we take our caves with us. Monks in the Cave in the Marketplace. That is not the goal. We can only access level 7 through vulnerability, through knowing and living our truth, and through the current versions of ourselves. Since the cave is our protection, that negates being vulnerable. Our emanational force is way more powerful than we know and we no longer need the protection of our caves while out walking in the world.

Our emanational force is what Eloheim’s focus is on now, they said. When we are in clarity, our emanational force will cause the dominoes to stand up. The clarity will be so profound, there will be no choice involved, ie Choiceless Choice. When Awareness rises up in the Body and meets up with the Personality to give us the growth we’re ready to claim, the dominoes will stand up. We may feel a physical sensation when it happens, but again, everyone is different and it will feel different to each of us. This was a big plop!

Eloheim explained that the process begins with Ahas, which are instantaneous. Decisions or Choices are then made from the Ahas, and that takes a bit more time. The Body, aka our physical world, takes the longest to show up or manifest. In between the Decision and the manifestation is the gap. This gap requires us to be patient and not rethink or hamster wheel about the decision. Doing so will cause the manifestation to to be interrupted. Eloheim made it clear we are to be super conscious how we manage this gap. We are to “Mind the Gap” as well as “Mine the Gap.”

In another plop, Eloheim talked about how to do Level 7 with other people. How is this all me, we’ve wondered? Likening our emanation to clear beach balls, they said the place where we bump into another, physically or otherwise, is a part of us reflected in the other only in that moment.

“Level 8 is your emanation, your clarity moving in the world. It means you have to know your truth and access it while in front of Level 2 people. Your clarity is unassailable and you don’t get talked out of it by others.”

Another valuable evening with Eloheim. The plops keep coming!

May 15, 2016 Q&A – one question and huge meeting about “the gap”

The Gift is in the Gap
May 15, 2016

On this day, the Q&A session had one scheduled question containing several parts:

I am looking for my next job and all the below are in the mix. I want to be self-sovereign. I have been extremely exhausted for three years and can’t get enough rest. Does Monk in the Marketplace go against my desire to be independent and affluent?

7 Words Tool
During the reply to the financial aspect of the question, Eloheim gave us all some homework to do using the 7 Words Tool. This tool asks us to focus on seven words to tell our story instead of using a hundred or a thousand. It makes every single word count profoundly and causes all the other things that are less important to drop out of the way. They asked us to report in on FB about who we are in seven words.

The Gap

Taking the opportunity to move the teachings forward, Eloheim began the next part by refreshing our memory about the Gap:

⦁ Ahas are instantaneous (via the Awareness).
⦁ Decisions and choices take a bit longer (via the Personality).
⦁ Manifestation takes even longer (via the Body/Physical World’s response to the ahas and decisions).

The Gap is what occurs between the Decision and the Physical manifestation. The Gap is often filled with static and baggage: hamster wheeling, being re-triggered, being mean to yourself, stories, revisiting the decision, and telling your physical world things you don’t want it to act upon.

The temptation is to want to skip the Gap.
Catching ourselves in all the ways we fill it or skip it is 90% of the healing.
The static dissipates when we catch it.
Static is like a fog machine that fills the area so we can’t see anything.
Filling the gap keeps instantaneous manifestation at bay.
The gap wants to close but the Survival Instinct kept it open.

Eloheim talked at length about the Gap, explaining what it is, how it stays open, how to use it to our benefit, and how to close it. They said everything is happening in the gap between the decision and the manifestation. And we are to mind/mine this gap for even the smallest of things, not just for the big stuff.

“The dominoes stand up when no static is in the gap.” Notice when they stand up, and report them in the group on FB.

Eloheim said, “The exquisite craftsmanship, love, and care and importance that are used to craft each moment is like the finest sculpture, the most beautiful woodwork, the most gorgeous landscaping you can imagine, all collaborating simultaneously to offer you, as the Personality, the precise thing for you to lean into – ‘what I need in this exact moment for my evolution’ – and for most of you, and for almost everybody else, you skip it.”

“The gift is in the gap.”

Every single moment offers every single thing, including access to every other lifetime (alternate expression) as well as to the entirety of this one. They all become available to explore. Clarity in this lifetime creates movement in all your lifetimes.

The online group then joined in, asking questions and sharing thoughts about their experiences which ranged from replacing a rental’s broken equipment to housing to politics to emails.

The Gap has been a safety net, Eloheim says, for undisciplined thoughts not manifesting in the world. It’s time to mind and mine that gap.

Again, Eloheim asked us to be vulnerable enough to share our examples with the FB group, saying this will speed up the entire process for us.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 – Full Council Meeting

“We cannot convey to you how close you are to reaching a new potential for humanity. You’re closer than you know.” Eloheim

After being notified that the current meeting space would be unavailable for an undefinable length of time, the meeting was moved to its original location where Veronica channeled Eloheim for the very first time.

The entire Council shared great messages with the group.

Guardians: Remarking on the new space, the Guardians noted the loud drumbeats of the ancient Native Americans that they were hearing coming from the land. They worked on the energetics of the space and the area with the group.

Visionaries: Saying that this was a return to the beginning, the Visionaries talked more about the Gap and how this lifetime is the first time that the survival instinct is not driving the show. They asked us to seize this opportunity.

Eloheim: Eloheim also remarked on the NA drums, the history of the land, and the early days of channeling. The Gap was their main topic, and they asked us to notice when we are filling up our gaps with static via our unhealed Core Emotions. In the Gap we are seeking clarity, and we can’t do that with it filled with static. Eloheim stressed that this part is self-directed and that they cannot do it for us. They talked some more about Body-Personality-Awareness and the difference between needs and wants.

Consistency is the solution, they said. Don’t be in outcome and don’t make static!

At this point, Eloheim asked for questions and comments from the group.

Warrior: Saying that the drums were now silent, the Warrior felt the energy of the creek instead. Comparing us to the creek, they proceeded to spin us a tale that ended with, “Your truth never holds still.”

The Girls: The Girls told us that these are the final exams on the loving yourself thing. And the answers to it are always 1. You don’t get to be mean to yourself and 2. Don’t fall for the notion that you know yourself too well to be lovable. Say, I know myself and I’m going to act on it now. And I’m going to be loving as I act on it.

Fred: Fred was in one of his fun humors and began by imitating Eloheim’s beginning attempts at channeling with Veronica. They also gave a silly recital of Eloheim’s long, long journey to create a living space for humans on Earth. (Note: Fred used lots of made up F-words! LOL). One of their funniest statements during the meeting was, “You’re at the stage of explaining to the subatomic particles that you’re not a dickhead.”

Matriarch: The Matriarch expressed great appreciation for Eloheim after, with a smile, wondering how they could follow Fred. They told us, don’t miss the good part!



Price: $24.99

Four sessions held in May 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of May 2016.