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Four sessions held in August 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of August 2016.


August 3rd – Round Table

65 minutes
Finding Common Ground

In this roundtable with special guest John, Eloheim began by discussing the need to upgrade our tools for Levels 7-9. With the advanced teachings, it is necessary to use more advanced tools. The ones we used in Levels 1-6 are not helpful or enough, and our processes need to change. Eloheim talks about using boundaries and energetic leadership, and how no one can be an “other.” Seeking common ground is what will lead the way, and setting boundaries means we are not in Level 7. We are to use discernment and appropriate tools for the situation.

Eloheim then offered an upgrade of an older tool, “I take 100% responsibility for my reactions to my experiences.” In Level 7, this tool becomes “I have 100% responsibility for my temptation to react with boundary and to cast you as an other.”

John and Eloheim then fielded a great discussion with lots of questions from John and feedback from Eloheim. Topics ranged from politics to terrorism, immigration, boundaries, “wiggling your nose to nose to get cheese,” fixing fears, being on the front lines as energetic leaders, finding common ground, and being in a fear factory.

Eloheim also upgraded the “They’re just fixing their fears” tool to “I see your fear, I’m not feeding it or amplifying it.” They asked us to be present to the person and to recognize the fear. This allows the fear to become a 3rd party to the conversation instead of driving it.

The last part was about taking practical, actionable steps rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to do what we feel passionate about. These are steps, small steps even, that we can take, right in our own community or family. Eloheim offered these words by an unknown author for us to consider.”If you don’t see a leader, then you’re the leader.”


August 10th – Eloheim

82 minutes
The Increased Sensitivity of Levels 7-9

Twelve years of meetings and this was the first time ever a meeting was held in Veronica’s home. And it was Veronica’s birthday!

Introductory remarks by Eloheim concerned the run up to the retreat in October. Saying the retreat always feels like the start of a new year, Eloheim is beginning to layer the energetics for it. This meeting was also referred to as a “clean-up” meeting.

As we studied Levels 1-6, we learned a lot, and now in the study of Levels 7-8-9, it’s radically different. We have the opportunity to live the potential of human form for the first time. And what is happening as we move into Level 7 is that our sensitivity is greatly increased. The world is overwhelming right now, and our sensitivity to it is overwhelming. Our nervous system (the blue system) is processing more stimulus so we need to upgrade our systems and our tools.

Upon Eloheim’s request, the group gave examples of their recent sensitivities, and Eloheim discussed what was going on with each. One person gave an example of increased anger, one talked about depression, one mentioned body issues, another sadness, and another one shared her frustration in a difficult situation.

During this sharing, Eloheim talked about the Hamster Ball tool. Like water breaking around a rock in a river, we are to imagine other people’s energies splatting on our own personal hamster ball. We are in the middle of this clear ball, and the energies land on the ball and slide around instead of getting into our own nervous system. We get to look at the incoming energy and decide how to interact with it. Our nervous system, aka our blue system, is solely for us and not for anyone else’s energy.

So, that’s what we’re doing, said Eloheim. We’re helping you to upgrade your nervous system so that you can handle the additional stimulus, not only of technology and information, but of the fact that “It’s all me,” and that your soul is showing up everywhere for you to explore. We want the additional stimulus to add to your life, not overload you, and we want you to be energetic leaders in this.


August 21st – Q&A with Eloheim

64 minutes

Today’s questions concerned body issues and the messages the body is giving, about Personality’s relationship to Awareness and Body, and wondering how relationship will this change in Level 7.

After answering the questions, Eloheim moved into a review of our new energetic systems, systems they say we already have. Eloheim is helping us to become aware of them so we can use them consciously. They said our nervous system is overstimulated by facts of life, and we need to upgrade our systems so we can engage with life in a healthy way.

The Blue system
– the nervous system that is strictly for you.
The Red system – the emanational channels or your energetic billboard.
The Hamster Ball/Sphere – the clear windshield that lets everyone else’s energy hit it like raindrops, allowing the energy to be observed and choices made.
The Perceptive system – an orange mist that just IS, fills the room and brings back messages to you.

Group feedback and discussion was next with the intent to clarify our understandings of these energetic systems. Eloheim says we are building and strengthening these muscles and need to practice with them often.

Eloheim then introduced a brand new system, the Sexual Energy system. After explaining it, Eloheim asked for feedback from those who are sexually active after they have practiced with it. They also said this system may also be used for all sensual stimulus, not just sexual. A group discussion on this topic followed.

Eloheim says these energetic systems are a way to divide up the all the stimulus we are experiencing as we move into Level 7. Using them will keep our Blue system from getting overwhelmed. They reminded us about one of our original tools called Candle Wax, and said when we are using our blue system for every job, we are giving away our wax. The more stimulus we take onboard in Level 7 using the Blue, the more wax we are giving away. When our Blue is strictly for us, we are showing our flame.


August 24th – Q&A with Council

95 minutes

Special Q&A Day with the Council

The Eloheimers were again invited to ask questions of specific Council members. Below are some of the questions and answers.

Q: I am feeling my human body an extension of my personality more and more. Any insights?
A: We are seeing the the Body-Personality-Awareness relationship like a triangle that twists and flexes in the 7-9 levels. The relationship is different in each of the other levels. You’re picking up on something for sure.
Q: Can you illuminate more on the “It’s all me” concept?
A: It’s all me is not, it’s all IN me. It’s your perception extended into things of your choosing. Down the road when it’s not an overwhelming idea, you will know that all of it is you.

Q: What part of “it’s all me” decided my Personality’s core emotion, and how does my relationship to my core emotion get upgraded in the Level 7 experience?
A: There is an assumption that it’s your Personality’s core emotion. We would say it’s your lifetime’s core emotion. In Level 7-8-9, you start to live from your healed Core Emotion. The balancing of the BPA brings your healed CE online. *Note: At 18:00 in the first video, the Visionaries upgrades the tool about preconceived notions and outcome thinking. The past version of you dreamed up an outcome. In the current version of you, you sink into the NOW and explore what infinite possibilities has to offer.

*Infinite possibilities are explored, not ordered up.

Q: I feel the same level of me-ness for my legs as I do to my cello. This feels awesome in terms of my cello and like I have work to do in my lower half. What would you suggest?
A: Sounds like you don’t have a problem! The upper half of your body feels way more feminine and the lower half of the body half feels more masculine, it feels like a split. Ask yourself, does that feel true, and if so, enjoy the difference. Usually we see this as a left-right split. You are all very unique!
Q: Do you have specific tips for males for living in the Now?
A: The Warrior spoke of old gender roles and how it affects being in the Now. Being out of the Now is simply a habit. Catch yourself. And pivot.

Q: I am used to walking my life in a more warrior style. How can I integrate my more feminine side?
A: It feels like you feel the masculine energy more, but your feminine energy is so default, you don’t feel how much of it is there. You’re not seeing what everybody else sees.

When Fred was called next to the table, he was VERY far away. It was a very funny segment because Fred forgot it was meeting night and he was late for the party! So, they moved on to Eloheim instead to give Fred “time” to get there. The Girls and Eloheim both harassed Fred about being so far away and needing a note when they show up.

Q: Is romantic love a choice?
A: It doesn’t happen with everyone. This is not how it works. You can feel love for everyone but still not be attracted. It is no longer based on dependence. It gets driven by resonance instead.

In answer to a question about the gap between family and the current version of self, Eloheim reframed the question from a Level 7 standpoint. They said, when outcome is driving the question, you’re in levels 1-6. When the Now is the expression, you’re looking for common ground. Find common ground with what IS.

Eloheim went on to talk more in depth about BPA as it relates to the levels, revealing that Awareness is beginning to take its place in the trinity, while the Personality is getting quieter and the Body is offering what it has not been able to give before. They shared an analogy about the Levels 1-3 being like gang wars with chaos and explosions, Levels 4-5 are the aftermath of the wars with the clean up happening, and Level 6 is when you plant the gardens and revel in the peace. Levels 7-9 infuse the bigger picture and you take a balanced BPA into the marketplace. In Level 9 you become aware of your Awareness, it rises up in you. In this Level, your experience of a wall is- you’re not just a wall. Objects have meaning beyond their obvious function.

Q: Each morning when I check my email/Facebook I feel like I’m going into an energetic battle. Any message has so much energy included, I feel like I have to monitor myself. Any tips?
A: Eloheim laughed and once again, blamed it on sneaky outcome. They said they are going to blame everything on outcome from now on. It’s sneaky outcome on the questioner’s part and also on the writer’s part. They said to engage with it from the Now, and then went on to explore how to do that, ending with this – ask yourself, is this a distraction or a support? Do you skip it or engage with it? Is it outcome? Then pivot.

Eloheim ended their section with the coming teachings in the run up to the Retreat and the “new year.” They said every single job you have given your Blue system will be given to another system to be processed in a new way. The Blue system is only for blood and to move the body. Blue is only for you, to take care of you. These new energy systems are important.

Fred: Laughing as they joined the session, Fred said, “It’s not that we forgot it was meeting night. We forgot to set the connect-with-Earth-version-of-time alarm.”
Q: As you witness us in this moment of Now, what would help move the BPA teachings along?
A: When your small Body, big Personality has its way with you in that combination, minimize that. That pattern is very, very deep and any reinforcement to that is a missed opportunity to reinforce the new pattern.

A question was asked in the group about infinite possibilities. Ask yourself, Fred said, what in the infinite possibilities matches this Now? What puzzle piece matches this Now? Don’t go looking for it. It will meet the need you have. Infinite possibilities comes out of the asking as a response to the call you’re making. Infinite possibilities is your Awareness rising out of All to match what you’re offering with Body and Personality. The collaboration of Body and Personality is matched by Awareness. Your free will is used to go into the Now rather than to be in outcome. It stops being the driving force. Balanced BPA is the driving force.

Q: Is there a specific image or word that would help me open in Level 7 each day?
A: Get something beautiful that would you help you start your day in “it’s all me,” to create a sense of aaahh in you. It might be better to have an object that doesn’t change and set it by your bedside. Take a second to pivot into yess, ahhh, that’s all me, I want to start my day this way.




Price: $24.99

Four sessions held in August 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of August 2016.