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Four sessions held in June 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of June 2016.

Wednesday – June 1, 2016

“Walk into the world undefended.” ~ Eloheim

Intent and very focused in this meeting, Eloheim discussed the requirement to upgrade and transform the tools, particularly concerning the notions of vulnerability and boundaries in Level 8. Levels 7-8-9 necessitate a different conversation than the previous levels, they said.

What we have and what is needed in current moment is already within us, they instructed, and we need only to bring our current selves with us out into the world. What’s it like when we don’t lead with boundaries? We bring things to the current experience that are already in us, and they are based on consciousness not SI stories. Eloheim highly recommended we watch the show, “Hundred Eyes,” about a Chinese monk in Kublai Khan’s time that illustrates their point to only bring to the moment what we need, when we need it, and trust that it’s there inside to access. Vulnerability is our power.

Eloheim strongly stated that Levels 7-8-9 are self-driven and CHOSEN into. They cannot do this for us.

Accessing the current version of us leads to knowing our truth and then emanating and acting as necessary, Eloheim said. This is the new way you walk out of the house. This gives you all that you need at this moment.

The group then joined the discussion with Eloheim, talking about vulnerability, clarity, stories, societal cues, outdated notions, outcome, success, security, certainty, comfort, and witnessing.

Eloheim tells us, you’re all very different than you were yesterday, but you don’t let yourself embody how different you are because “you’re looking for the stories and preconceived notions and societal cues and social cues and all that stuff to give you a sense of comfort about your navigation of this moment, rather than drawing on your ability to access your current truth to give you that comfort.”

Level 8 doesn’t ask you to choose and choose, it’s a single moment of clarity that you access.

This meeting had a great deal of depth in it as Eloheim and the group explored Level 8. There are many plops and energetics to integrate so don’t be surprised if it takes more than one listen!

Wednesday – June 8, 2016

The “catch up” meeting. We did the aspects of Level 7 group call (access that call here) and Eloheim realized we needed to focus this session on getting everyone on the same page so to speak. POWERFUL!

Wednesday – June 22, 2016

Sonoma Channeling
Moving into Homo spiritus

Veronica: There are so many things I can say about this meeting. I will do it in short factual statements: E had a plan for this meeting, E addresses the question that EVERYone has asked them, the landlady disrupts the meeting, E gets so incredibly passionate about us that they cry, they tell us what’s actually happening in the gap, then declare that from now on they are done with teaching us to be good Homo sapiens and now are only teaching Homo spiritus.

Eloheim dove right into this meeting with a reminder that the straw has a new story – or a “no” story. The object of carrying the straw – not a rock or a coin which has too much tenacity – is to have no story, except as “you.” It’s important to remember, they said, that the journey and exploration will be unique to everyone. And to “remember to remember.”

Tenacity became the focus for quite awhile as the group interacted with Eloheim, striving to better understand the teaching.

At this point, Eloheim became extremely emotional, the tears leaking out of V’s eyes, and with great passion and intensity, shared how they have listened to our pain and screams for help for millennia. And with all that they are, Eloheim really wants to help us connect to our eternal, greater self (our deepest desire). It’s much closer than we think, they said.

Using the whiteboard, Eloheim then “plopped” in more information about the gap. This newest graphic resembles a big V with wings. On one side of the V is “I want it,” and on the other side is the physical outcome. The bottom point is when you are utterly present without story. In brief, they discussed what is in the center of the V, the gap and how to get to the point. This is our work.

“Can you be in this moment without a why or how?” Eloheim. This is Homo spiritus and this is what Eloheim’s focus is from now on.

Sunday – June 26, 2016


Tenacity (includes additional information E gave me after today’s meeting)
Today’s session included an extended discussion about the notion of tenacity as it applies to the study of Level 7.

The group’s continued confusion was confusing to E; I think we got there in the end 🙂

The entire point of the tenacity discussion is to help us discover which items lend themselves to more easily being experienced with NO STORY attached. This is the desired state; interaction with physical objects absent the stories we associate with those objects right now.

Three types of tenacity affect this:
1. Physical tenacity – the actual molecular structure of an item. A highly physically tenacious item is less likely to be changed over time. As an example: a rock is highly physically tenacious; paper is far less so; cheesecake barely has any!

2. Culturally or Societal tenacious – items that may have little physical tenacity yet are protected and preserved by the decision of society. Example: the Mona Lisa might not last very long if it wasn’t cared for in the way that it is. Its physical tenacity is fairly low yet its culturally tenacity is extremely high. It has a correspondingly HUGE amount of story associated with it.

3. Energetic tenacity – YOUR personal relationship to any item. Your stories and your beliefs about the item add a unique amount of tenacity to that item in your own experience. This tenacity is unlikely to be the same amount for other people as it’s connected to your history with the item. This was evidenced in the many people who had strong reactions to the plastic straw. The plastic straw had energetic tenacity for them in ways that E didn’t predict which complicated the example. It also clarified the notion of energetic tenacity so YEAH!

When you are seeking to experience something without story, E advises that you pick something that is low in all three types of tenacity. This should make the process easier.



Price: $24.99

Four sessions held in June 2016

This package includes audio and video from the four sessions of June 2016.