Four Sessions held in July 2017


Price: $24.99

July 5, 2017

60 minutes

This session focuses on Eloheim’s response to a lengthy conversation that took place in our Eloheim Retreat Facebook group over the last week.

It was an opportunity to be Monk in the Marketplace, to use tools, to find the 3rd way, and to find clarity. We all found it challenging in different ways and all did our best. Now, we reflect on the experience to become more skilled at using our tools in the marketplace.

Eloheim also went deeper on the topic of the 3rd way and also illuminated more from their campout teachings.

I upgraded our account with the video recording system. The live video was much improved. The recording seems pretty good too!

July 12, 2017

75 minutes

This session introduced a new idea. The “standing in line” concept. I found it super powerful and really brought home just what we are up to as a community!!!

July 16, 2017

60 minutes

A Corridor of Doorways to Experience and Explore

Eloheim began the meeting with a recap of the previous Wednesday meeting, the “gotta love the line” meeting. The line analogy explores the idea of being at Disneyland, waiting in line 80% of the time so you can spend 2 minutes on a ride. This relates to your whole life. Most of it is spent waiting in the quiet moments, waiting in “the line” for the fun to start, waiting for the adrenaline to kick in.

You have to find our own unique way to value the line so you don’t skip your life. The adrenaline part is not the only valuable part. Paying attention to being in the line might be a more workable idea for you than being in the now.

Resisting the line is teeter-tottering on victimhood. Give up your stubborn demand that your world be shaped by you. Play the cards you’re dealt. This liberates the subatomic particles and allows access to the field of infinite possibilities. This is entrepreneurial spirituality.

Assumptions are limitations. Catch yourself needing to know how it’s going to go.

Love the line. Treat each now as sacred. The doorway to the now and to the FIP becomes right there for you to engage with. Picture this, a long corridor with doorways lining the hall, one right next to the other. Each doorway is a new possibility. At the end of the hall is an elevator. If the elevator is all you notice, you’re missing all the other doorways. You slow down, look around, engage and explore, and those doorways start to become more a part of your everyday life. That elevator at the end is not the only doorway to the now and to need met. Slow down, don’t rush toward a preconceived notion, i.e. the elevator. Allow yourself to open in a new way. The doorways have always been there but haven’t existed in your reality until you slow down and notice them.

Plop time: Now for a new idea, a brain-breaking idea. Imagine, at least once a day, that the only thing that exists is what you see in a pie-shaped wedge in front of your shoulders. Nothing exists outside of that, not behind you, not next to you. Your kitchen doesn’t exist because your kitchen doesn’t exist until you walk into it. Assumptions will recreate your kitchen like you’ve always known it as you walk into it. It’s an aspect of control of the subatomic particles.

You actually create your life in front of you.

What if you had no assumptions? What if you could change your kitchen, turn the page to a new scene, a new page where one thing is different, turn the page to where your floor or countertops are different?

The key here is not going into “how?” Let it be out of focus. This is need met on another level. This is being entrepreneurially spiritual, engaging with your spiritual development with a willingness to dwell constantly in the unknown, it’s seeking it out. The whole expression of physicality is an expression of your soul and you can trust your thoughts now to not use victimhood to express.

When you walk into another space, hold it lightly. Physicalization only exists in what you’re actually experiencing.

Unusual things is. Slow down. Notice. Move with the thought that this doorway just opened. Take this opportunity, this doorway, that has been presented. Life is here to experience and explore.

July 26, 2017

86 minutes

The tangibility of the field of infinite possibilities. The Girls spoke to something that I had been feeling, yet not actually knowing how to put into words. A wonderful Full Council session!

Four Sessions held in July 2017


Price: $24.99