Five Sessions held in March 2017


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March 1, 2017

71 minutes – audio only

Arguing for Limitation: Bridging the Final Gap into Homo Spiritus

There’s always an argument for limitation. You get into the habit that limitation is your reality. In this meeting, Eloheim leads us through the idea of seeing ourselves as limited and shares what we can do to let those limitations go.

Leaving duality behind means leaving limitations behind. It means not pretending or hiding behind limitations. It means jumping into experiencing and exploring the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Experience and explore is the way to live as Homo spiritus.

When you argue for limitation, you have to catch yourself. Ask yourself, am I arguing for my own limitation? Am I stalling? Am I using this limitation to navigate this now? Does this idea I have reinforce duality?

Eloheim tells us that these limitations have to be forcefully ejected out of our way. These final bits are FFS (favorite familiar suffering) ways of justifying limitation. The thing is, we have never needed to jump, Homo spiritus has always been there and we are just now uncovering it. We are uncovering who we are and interacting with it. We are blowing out the wisps left in our way that keep us from seeing who we are.

What is keeping me from being the big version of me?

Old way: Do to get. New way: Be to receive. Now: Experience and explore. Clarity inspires action. Action is the outbreath, and action always follows clarity.

E offered a couple of Veronica’s limitations and asked the group to share their own experiences of limitation.

This was an important meeting meant to help us take our final steps into Homo spiritus. Be aware that the SI is pulling out all the stops to keep us from changing-change which feels dangerous to the SI. Catch yourself in your limitations.


March 8, 2017

90 minutes – audio only

We’ve reached a very powerful transition point! Super powerful session about making the shift to Homo spiritus!


March 15, 2017

61 minutes – audio only

Continuing the Conversation About Limitations

Shedding Homo sapiens to reveal Homo spiritus, that is what we are doing now, Eloheim reminded the group. Homo spiritus has always been here and we are now uncovering it. To do this means casting off limitations and embracing the changes that come when life changes. This is where the “uncertain, unusual, and unknown” come into play. Make note of the unusual because unusual just IS, and when it occurs, the reaction now is, hooray!

The survival instinct insists on limitation, and in order to uncover Level 7, there is a zero tolerance policy for limitation. Use your free will to say, “I will not choose limitation.” Engage with the now, it contains everything you need. The idea is to experience and explore without preference or wanting a specific outcome.

“Am I experiencing and exploring or am I letting the survival instinct drive me toward a specific result, thus skipping the now completely?”

After Eloheim’s opening remarks, group sharings included examples of being in the now, the limitations around support, financing decisions that support your stance, looking for limitations in the form of reassurance, recognizing when we are in limitation, and the process of unveiling Level 7-8-9.

Go deeper, says Eloheim, check in with yourself. Ask what do I want my path to give me? How do I want my life to be? What am I willing to do to get that? Am I actually experiencing what is here?


March 19, 2017

57 minutes – audio only

You Can’t Have Change Without Change.

Eloheim continued on from where they left off with an in-depth teaching, “an uninterrupted riffing”, as they called it, about interacting with the now, limitation, and the current version of you.

Eloheim: As we investigate the pathways to Level 7, you are learning how to make the jump to Homo spiritus and to live on this planet the way you were intended from the beginning.

Current Version of You (CVY): It’s so easy to lose track of the CVY, to drift out of the now. We want to wake up in you the awareness of when you have drifted off your center. The visual is that of a bull’s-eye on a dartboard, you drift out of the center of the board and become less solid, have less access to everything and less able to be effective. You drift into the past or the future and into habits and favorite familiar suffering. That bull’s-eye is much bigger than you are aware of now. “The past can no longer be more compelling than this now. This exact now must be more compelling than revisiting the previous now.” That other now has not led you where you wanted to be or you would already be there.

Don’t define the field of infinite possibilities based on a previous version of you. It’s a revealing. Experience and explore. This now has to be the now you wish to experience and explore. Is it uncomfortable, is it uncertain, is it unknown? Uncomfortable means something is different and is not to be processed as wrong. Something has to be new, has to move for things to change, to be different. Level 8 is watch it move, there has to be movement. Watch baggage, static, habit, past, and future fall away and leave you revealed as Homo spiritus.

Logically, the notion that the now has everything you ever needed causes consternation and brain pushback. The way you’ve interacted with this physical reality has been extremely limited. And it’s now available to you to experience in brand new ways, in the “I am learning way.” You’ve got to engage, explore, and experience. This is available to you and your willingness is needed, willingness that has been overridden by limitations you have been unaware of. That’s what March has been about, learning to let go of limitations. You’ve got to let go of the comfort and be willing to explore the new.

Dwelling in the past is like refolding your laundry that you’ve already folded. It’s an overprocessing of old triggers, it’s a stalling tactic, a diversion, instead of wading into the unknown and unusual and seeing what happens. We would like you guys to spend some time engaging with physical objects. How frequently are you saying, I am this physical object, that is my soul presenting for me to interact with?

Limitations, like not ever trying or trying and feeling like a failure because you didn’t get it the first time, keep you out of the now.

You have an opportunity here.

Opportunity. Each now is an opportunity. Sitting on the couch is an opportunity to be in the now, in the CVY, to catch yourself drifting. I greet my soul while pulling weeds, driving my car, going to a new place. It’s a reunion with your soul. Each thing you see, touch, and experience is you reuniting with your soul, and you’re not noticing. Every experience is an opportunity for reunion. A previous version of you argues with the reality of what we’re expressing. The kid on Christmas morning part of you says, cool, I want to experience that!

I want to witness my body and my awareness revealing their reunion. It’s an opportunity for me, as my personality self, to witness my body and my awareness reuniting. “With every step I take, with every breath I breathe, I am reuniting with my soul.” The entirety of this earth is your soul and as you move about, you have the opportunity to explore what it is like, not as an intellectual notion, as an experience.

You move from clarity to clarity when you are infused with the larger perspective of your soul. You are outside of duality. Choice becomes something that feels foreign because you are infused with clarity. Everything feels different.

Catch yourself when you are in limitation. What are you using to justify limitation?

You can’t have change without change. The work you have done has revealed the opportunity for reunion. Turn on your inner two-year-old if you can’t be fascinated. That helps you stay in the now. You need to build the muscle. Don’t be mean to yourself if you can’t do it. Try again. Every IS is an opportunity. Exercise that muscle – Body + Awareness with Personality witnessing.


March 22, 2017

74 minutes – audio only

Full Council Meeting
A Milestone Month

Guardians: We feel a lot of energetic differences from last time we were together. The room is ripe for us to enter. What’s fake, real, true, false, and the confidence that anyone can find outside of self is diminished. Your character, who you are, your own personal truth is going to come into play much more. That MUST come first. This is where energetic leadership comes into play. We want to focus on this notion of character. It’s an inside job. It’s where all the answers are.

Visionaries: We agree with everything the Guardians said. This month is a milestone month. We have made some huge progress to abide in Level 7 during March. We see you as though you are standing on the edge of a diving board, wiggling your toes and calling it progress, but not diving in. This is a stall tactic and you are using limitations to justify waiting. We’ve worked on it enough, drilled enough holes in the door to Homo spiritus, using all your tools, and now the door is full of holes and light enough to put away. It’s time to let go of limitations, you have chewed on them enough and they are just habits. It’s not a solid door anymore. Consider the analogy of a giant elephant tethered to one spot with a little chain. There’s really no way it could hold it back if the elephant didn’t allow it. Let go of the limitations. Put them away.

Eloheim: Don’t make assumptions as to what Level 7/8/9 is really like. Be really, really, really careful that there are no assumptions about what it will feel like, be like, or how you will be living. Don’t imagine you know, based on the previous version of you and filtered through the survival instinct. Homo spiritus has always been here, now it’s being revealed, it’s opening up. It feels different though your life hasn’t outwardly changed, it’s that the experience of your life has changed inside. You can’t have change without change and will never have certainty. And just like you don’t want Missy Crazy to talk, text or type, you don’t want your survival instinct to respond rather than the current version of you. You are ready for this now.

Fred: We are not like the Guardians, Visionaries or Eloheim. They navigate cautiously and carefully. We don’t do it that way. If you could jolt your system for a nanosecond, the shackles would fall off. Just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stay there. Don’t value any other now. Be in the one you’re in.

Girls: The Girls asked us to listen to the others because they finally have it dialed in. You’re doing it more than you realize, the Girls said, and it’s way less hard than the things you’ve already done.

Warrior: The Warrior talked about experience and explore and how that worked in their lifetime. The realities of our now, they said, had echoes of what is currently called PTSD. It lingers in the mind, all the battles, all the killing. Where do you find that in your now? In your regrets, guilts, memories, and poor decisions, and they haunt you as much as you allow them to. How do you move past them? Through acceptance and allowing yourself to evolve from the experience instead of beating yourself down as a justification for limitation.

Ask yourself why am I not in the now? Imagine that we, the Warrior, are that annoying voice in your head that keeps asking you, why are you not in the now? Are you refolding your clothes? Are you in the now? How about now? Now why aren’t you in the now?

Matriarch: Chuckling at “the way the Warrior loves,” the Matriarch suggested imagining you have to answer to them, if that works for you. The Matriarch reminded us that they have always seen us as our ascended self. It’s always been there, just sort of coated over. They ended by saying, “We hope you have more pathways to show it to yourself.”

Five Sessions held in March 2017


Price: $29.99