Four Sessions held in March 2019

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March 3, 2019

Awareness Levels Review

There are so many avenues that we could discuss with you, and they feel juicy and interesting. However, we can’t put the cart before the horse. We have to make sure we are honoring where you are in the process, but you all are all over the map. It’s like a flock of chickens all doing your own thing. You’re a flock, but all doing different things. So it’s not the easiest thing right now to figure out what to offer you guys.

So let’s review the Awareness levels, using the graphics Veronica made up. We’ll begin with how the Body piece shows up in each level.

A3-The sensory system is active but not yet the default. It’s giving you the opportunity to interact with the Body beyond the gingerbread shape to expand your experience, without using your nervous system and the Homo sapiens perspective. It’s clear that navigating the world in the unhealed personality template is no longer desirable. You say, it’s a vague notion and I don’t know how to do it so I feel stuck. Feeling stuck is a sign of the unhealed personality.

A4-The sensory system starts to be experienced viscerally. You have moments when you recognize that the object doesn’t feel like it has always felt. You say, I can’t explain it, but I had a flash when I recognized that that physical object and I are not as disparate as I used to believe. Setting down thinking is the reason why you’ve gotten the glimpses you’ve gotten.

A sense of gratitude floods the system. It stems from the idea that as you are navigating the world from a Homo spiritus perspective. You start feeling gratitude for the opportunity, for letting go of the restraints, and for the shift from the way things have been into an unlimited, expansive experience.

A5-When you walk through the house, things don’t feel like or are known to be only what they have been known to be. There’s a potential for more that you are now recognizing. My experience is something more than it used to be. No thinking. Let it be different. Allow for the new.

A6-There’s a deep knowing that abiding in the Field of Infinite Possibilities is your birthright. Your truth is unshakeable. Instead of figuring that out, you allow it to rise up and be experienced. It frees you to have an experience that you’ve never had before. Experiences are unusual, and yet unsurprising, followed by integration. Allow the body to adjust.

A3-Catching unhealed Personality is common but you’re not sure what to do about it. Talking yourself out of things is an absolute indicator of A3. You use things to justify not stretching into Awareness.

A4-The Personality’s influence is obvious and you’re not allowing it to dominate. You use your tools to stay out of unhealed Personality, i.e. don’t think, surrender, etc. Traditional I-statements are seen as the perspective of Personality. “I am sitting” is unhealed Personality. Instead you can say, Awareness is experiencing “it’s all me,” a portion of which is my gingerbread shape sitting. Or you can say, Personality is sitting or Personality says…. If this breaks your brain, set it down. But we have to break this apart. The Awareness viewpoint encompasses so much more. It’s as if the Personality’s perspective of the Earth is the Moon, and the Awareness’ perspective is from the Sun, which also encompasses the Moon’s perspective.

A5-Some action-activity-is impulsed or spurred through the experience of choiceless choice. You start to feel that clarity arises and gives you an opportunity along with a deep releasing to know how it’s going to work out.

A6-Your sense of self feels unusual. You feel different. Personality may sneak in, pretending to be Awareness. It’s sneaky and looking for ways to stay there. If it feels limiting or negative, it’s Personality.

A3-Awareness is experienced periodically. Personality keeps trying to prevent you from changing and growing. Thus, the “bad boyfriend” analogy.

A4-It’s not yet a fully default experience but you want it and are looking for it. Clarity is now the urge to act.

A5-Action is spurred by choiceless choice. New perspectives on old experiences blossom. You get to see the Sun’s perspective instead of just the Moon’s.

A6-Exploring “it’s all me” and “watch it move” as experience, rather than as a notion. It can be non-activity as well as activity.

Eloheim completed the meeting with an exploration of how to get out of each of these Awareness levels.

March 13, 2019

Glitches and a Long Chat About Humanity’s Ongoing Evolution

It’s a juicy time, and it’s loud because you’ve gone over the top and you don’t exactly know it yet. The ride has begun, and the preparation time is no longer the focus. It’s how you’re going to behave on the unexpected and unusual, on the ride that is the focus. The invitation is to embrace the unexpected and unusual. You don’t know what’s coming. It’s like riding a roller coaster in the dark, and you put yourself in that position.

Some things have been coming up for Veronica, and others as well, that she has nicknamed “the glitch.” It’s a glitch in the matrix. You go along being Homo sapiens and suddenly, you can’t remember your name, where you are, the time frame, or what is happening. It’s not scary. It’s not a sense of absent mindedness, it’s “I have forgotten who I am. I have forgotten my Homo sapiens self.” There’s a glitch, and you jolt back, re-calibrate. That is you accessing the place where Awareness is dominating the physicality. It requires extra care when driving to help you stay more connected to the task. We are so jacked up that you guys are glitching that we are asking for your glitching stories. It’s a reward for all those years of work.

Sometimes Veronica can’t tell when she’s awake or asleep. It’s another type of glitch. When the mind is quiet, you can’t tell the difference between awake and asleep, the transition is much more vague. Don’t let Personality try to take over an Awareness experience. It’s the idea that the matrix is not what you thought. It’s not a steady state.

There’s no tangibility, no “Harry Potter” stuff to show people. We are excited because WE see the evidence. We are excited! You’re glitching!

We’re celebrating the Homo spiritus being activated, and it’s activating your physical world. You don’t need a magic wand. There’s nothing between you and Homo spiritus. We would really advise you between now and the next time to deepen your attention and affection to unusual things. Push into it. You waited in line to ride the ride and here you are. You are at this place to deepen the experience, to deepen the unusual, so let yourself drop into it. It’s vital to break ties, to completely snap the hold the Personality has had. Experience and explore the unusual, abide in that place and don’t let the Personality talk you out of it. It might feel quiet, seem like nothing is happening. That’s preferable to noting the Personality is in charge.

I’m not seeking, instead I’m noticing when Personality is very quiet.

Glitches tell us that Awareness is getting into the physical system with you. If you find yourself falling into limitation in any way, like in body issues, it’s a sign you’re moving into Homo spiritus. If your body felt normal right now, you’d probably only be in Homo sapiens. You’re using your bodies in different ways. Maybe it goes, whoa, I’m not sure how to deal with what’s going on! Let it be a transitional stage rather than a signal of wrongness.

Is there anything you all want to talk about?

The following talk included long discussions about glitches, daylight savings time, dreams, giving Awareness credit for experiences, and the profound differences in generations influencing how society is changing. The last topic led to an in-depth exploration of the ways our society is changing, the “blending” in all ways, and how much the availability of social media and instant information sharing-via the internet-has affected, and will continue to affect and change how we live going forward. They even discussed the flat-Earther perspectives! This is a long, “don’t-miss,” fun and chatty discussion with the group.

March 17, 2019

You Don’t Notice Your Own Progress

The work we’re doing together to extricate yourselves from the Personality’s clutches can be processed like a death. You’ve had a template of presentation in the world that has been driven by the Personality template, and you are saying no to that. Or you’re breaking up with it. Let’s just look at it from the death lens. The way you define “I” is being completely transformed. It feels like a dying process. As it’s being transformed/released/dying, that feeling of sunder can really bring up a lot of stuff. You’ve hoarded what has made you feel safe, and as you define “I” in new ways, that which you have hoarded to feel safe is also being surrendered. That’s a lot to deal with. Especially if that’s relationships, memories, or identity.

The difference between Homo sapiens and Homo spiritus is vast, and the movement between them is an evolutionary jump. It’s an immense thing you’re doing. That is why we are so excited for you.

At this time, you need permission from yourself to say, this transformation is big, powerful, important. All those old ways have to be neglected so they don’t have the opportunity to grow. Let Awareness evaluate your now and prime the future nows.

In Level 4, we would say you’re a chooser. You built a muscle. All that discipline paid off. Your opportunity now is to let that muscle hold off or shut up the Personality.

Now when we say look, referencing a Magic Eye puzzle for example, there’s nothing holding you back from seeing the dolphin in the puzzle BUT the Personality. There’s a part of you that is going on autopilot and is quiet-the Personality-while the rest of you is abiding in Awareness.

For example, say you want to go to the moon. It’s a big deal and it’s hard, but it’s been done. Now you want to go to Saturn. You know how to do it and unmanned things have already been sent out there. It’s a really big deal to go to Saturn. No human body has ever done it. The evolution of Homo sapiens is bigger than that. It’s going to change the way humanity looks at itself, and once somebody does it, somebody else will do it again. That’s what humanity does. You did something nobody else has ever done but you actually believed you could do it. Once someone does it, it expands the field, it breaks out of the net of Homo sapiens.

You guys are doing something never been done before and you can’t even see the next handhold, less so than a rock climber does searching for the next nub, crack or crevice to place their hand. You have no idea what it’s like to navigate the world from Awareness, and everything you do know has been given to you by Personality. It lies because it has no idea how to do it. And still, you reach out.

We had this dream. And you’re doing it, you’re reaching for it. You feel like you haven’t done enough and that nothing is tangible. You’re looking for any doorway you can find. You’re figuring it out. You’re doing something that’s never been done before. You’re evolving your species.

There’s a fable that describes how you cook a frog. You don’t throw it in boiling water or it will jump out. You put it in cold water and gradually turn up the heat so it doesn’t notice. Like the frog doesn’t notice the rising temperature of the water, you don’t notice your own progress because you’re smack dab in it.

Personality is your bad cheerleader who tells you can’t do this thing. We’re telling you you can do this, you are, and there’s a path for you to follow. Sure, maybe you fall a thousand times. Step by step, you can do every step because no step is too hard, and we break each step down to the smallest part. You just have to find a way to tie them together like rock climbers tie separate paths together to get to the top.. And don’t let Personality tell you anything about it. It doesn’t know enough to have an opinion, yet it won’t shut up. You are capable.

Let this bake in. Not soak, bake into your systems. If you find yourself feeling doubt, put it in its place. At a minimum, be neutral.

March 27, 2019

Critical Mass

Guardians: When you enter into the agreement to engage in this course of study and decide that you value the evolution that it offers, you agree to commit to the exploration, you sign up for this journey together. What happens is you make this agreement as your soul self, from beyond your Personality. This decision is powerfully engaging your soul/Awareness from the beginning. It lights up and activates a potential within you. You open within this empty space that says I am willing, I am interested, this is important to me. You create for yourself an opening. What hasn’t been obvious is that this is a real thing. The I am willing space is something you can be aware of. That space is solely reserved for exploring Awareness. That space is what we want to help you notice. Now is time to notice how you consciously engage with it.

Visionaries: The power of having that space within you is that it can be expanded and explored. It doesn’t have to be a physical space, it can be a stance, a template, a state of being. It’s an energetic representation to this idea. What does that look like? You can tell us.

As you go into this time of Awareness in a more profound way, the ways it shows up can be entertaining and disorienting and powerful. There’s a part of you as Personality that can be very habitual. Your body can be habitually navigated. Yet those times can be the times when Awareness can bleed through and be more loud. Now it’s happening because you’re not triggered by the survival instinct. The Personality starts to coast because it’s not being bothered by what is going on, an then Awareness starts to come up and it starts to feel different. It can be a big indication that we are doing what we set out to do. You’re starting to have those experiences and it’s very cool.

Eloheim: If you’re not confident that you’re experiencing Awareness, that you’re with the plan-and we are sure you ARE doing it-look for the place where you know you are in Personality. The act of talking yourself out of it, typically is Personality being pretty dominant. Use that muscle you built when recognizing when someone, or you, is in victimhood. Catch yourself.

If you notice when you’re NOT in Personality, you’re in Awareness. See if you’re in Personality. If you’re not, you’re in Awareness. This is a good way to use duality. If you find yourself in Personality, use your tools to shake yourself out it, and you’ll find yourself in Awareness.

Noticing Personality spins in others is a good way to notice where you are. If you’re not lit up by their spin, you’re in Awareness. Have you seen those Personality spinouts in others and not jumped in? Yes? Welcome to Awareness. You just haven’t counted it as Awareness.

If you end up in limitation or you talk yourself out of growing, Personality is driving. You’re in Awareness more than you know. If Personality is not loud, then Awareness IS loud.

Noticing when you’re not in Personality, that can be a tool. Noticing when others are in Personality and you say, I used to do that, that’s a tool.

Be ready for April, by the way. See if Personality jumps on that statement.

Warrior: The other day, Veronica went on a walk down her long driveway to get the mail. Then she decided she felt good so she walked even further, and even further. On this walk we decided to have a visit with Veronica, telling her things about Marianna. We met Marianna-who we were led to believe was a king-because she asked us for help for her people. When we showed up to meet her, Marianna was quite terrified, that terrified thing that every woman experiences being, am I going to get raped? Imagine reaching out for help and subjecting yourself to potential rape. When we didn’t attack her, she was relieved and actually thought we smelled good-even after we had been traipsing around in the woods. So we were telling Veronica these little vignettes in our initial interactions with Marianna. We realized we had experienced a very limited life, until we added a woman and a community. It was very shocking to realize how small life was until we met her. We feel such appreciation and love for our long life full of experiences.

Here’s a way to think about Awareness, and that’s connection, the “it’s all me part.” You’re connecting in a new way, an acknowledgment of connection. It’s all me because I am connected to this other thing. I am connected and I value it. Connection might allow you to see the subtleties to relationships, to nature, to your cells, to the subatomic particles that make up everything. You’re in the web of all that is. Ask yourself, where do I feel connection? Where do I feel love in it’s all me?

Girls: Isn’t it nice to bask in the Warrior’s story tonight? Bask in his love and appreciation for that connection with his family and piglets?

We’re really glad he brought that word up, connection. Connection helps you feel a sense of expansion, gives you more than you ever had. Now, we’re going to give you guys a little sneaky thing…shhhh, quiet, they’re (the Council) busy, off doing something….Eloheim says to you as they’re leaving, “oh by the way, April…” Part of what that’s all about is that you’re reaching a sense of critical mass with soul awareness.

How you can tell when we’re doing that time-stop thing is that the conversation from before and after is different. If that shift settled in, that thing Fred did last meeting, it’s going to make that time period between now and the next meeting more cemented. You’ve been in second gear, you’re shifting and in the space between the second and third gear. Next time we meet, you could be in third. There’s more of a confidence that it’s more of an Awareness experience.

Fred wants to up the game. We’re convinced Fred knows things we don’t and we, the Council, are going to have to up our game as well as you, and we’ll all have to be in Awareness to handle it.

Fred: We were conferring, committed to facilitating you being in the Awareness space. Picture us standing around in a loose circle with the Visionaries dressed up in formal, long suit coats, the Guardians appearing in monks’ robes type-of-thing with accompanying dirty feet, the Warrior in whatever his mood dictates, and us as a blinding glow like an electron.

There’s a potential in this next phase for a significant expansion in unusual experiences. Trippy experiences. Experiences you would look at, and a year ago couldn’t imagine occurring. The potential is there for you to experience truly new, profound and breathtaking things. We’re going to continue to stop time and work with you energetically to facilitate your ability to experience these things more readily.

When you say “I am,” the word that has come after it has changed over the years. Now, the word that is changing is “I” and that’s what we’re working on going forward. We taking that word “I” and expanding it. We’re getting you out of second gear into third. It’s an evolution of “I.” It’s all me recognizes the truth in that statement. There’s a lot of things that are going to be changing. We’d rather you not think about that, just let it be true.

Matriarch: Find in yourself where the now is can be special simply because it’s unique and something in it to be honored and enjoyed. Each now is different, and there’s a place in each now for that childlike delight. Look for it. Goodnight.

Four Sessions held in March 2019

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