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May, 2017

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Sensitive – Navigating Life Challenges

In nearly 15 years of working with folks, hearing their challenges, and seeing how they habitually interact with their triggers, I’ve noticed that there are common paths that keep coming up. On each path, people tend to face similar struggles and are supported in similar ways. I’ve decided to gather the advice Eloheim has consistently offered about each path and offer them here.

You may have traits from multiple paths; that’s ok! This is a new exploration for me. We will learn together how the paths intersect!

We will start with my own dominate personal path – The Sensitive

We will address the challenges The Sensitive faces in the following areas:


We will also address the Eloheim tools that are most supportive to The Sensitive.

The Sensitive

Often referred to as psychic, Sensitives navigate the world able to pick up on the feelings, emotions, thoughts, worries, troubles, and moods of the people surrounding them. It is extremely common for Sensitives to have no idea that they are doing this. Sensitives are often overwhelmed and anxious without the ability to explain why. Their moods swing wildly based on their surroundings. This lack of grounding in the truth of one’s own feelings is typically extremely confusing and frightening.

It’s not all hard news. Sensitives are so aware of others they can often offer beautiful, targeted support to those they encounter. Their ability to read situations and meet unspoken needs make them very powerful connectors. Sensitives also delight in things in unusual ways which often brings joy to those around them.


Sensitives imagine they are safe if they know what’s going on around them. Ok, that’s a reasonable idea. However, Sensitives don’t limit it to “Did I lock the door?” or “Is it safe to walk to my car?” As an example, when a Sensitive is in a store, they likely don’t limit their check-in to just the person right in front of them (Are you a threat to me?), they are probably energetically checking-in with the entire store – products included – which is utterly overwhelming.

As you can probably imagine, crowds are a nightmare. Even small gatherings can be too much. And, to add to it, Sensitives often don’t set down those “energetic check-ins” when out of that person’s space. The check-ins continue to run – often for YEARS afterward. This is a huge drain on the body’s systems and totally unnecessary. The seeking of safety in this unhealthy way actually generates more challenge.


Vast and quick mood swings can leave Sensitives feeling unbalanced and off center. They can enter a room feeling happy and be reduced to near tears without anything actually happening to them (other than picking up on the energy of the room). Locations and objects can also generate mood changes as Sensitives replay the experiences that others have had in those places and with those items. Sensitives perceive the feelings of other people so profoundly that they get confused as to what their own feelings are. I spent decades having feelings (anger/frustration/fear) that had no basis in my actual life yet were impossible to dismiss. I felt lost and alone.


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April, 2017

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I love my daughter but don’t really trust her – CASE STUDY

My 38 year old daughter is a long-time drug addict, a manipulator, and notably the mom of my 3 year old grandson. My grandson lives with my ex-husband but comes to me regularly for long weekends. My daughter comes here to be with her son under my watchful eye. She is still using and lying about it, and my grandson loves her dearly and needs to see her and be with her. I supervise the visits, though I am certain she would never do harm. Recently we believe she stole from us. My dilemma is not bringing more negative emotions into our environment. I am a kind person and don’t want to be otherwise. Yet her disease is impacting us.

It’s complex. She’s sick. It’s sad. I love my daughter but don’t really trust her. What is the most conscious way I can be around her and communicate with her?




Thank you so much for sharing such a big challenge.

Whenever children are involved it feels so much bigger and important. It’s tricky because your daughter is also your child. However


, she is an adult and the focus really becomes your grandson. Is he at risk physically, mentally, or emotionally? If so, that must be the immediate priority. What I share below are options about how you can interact with your daughter differently once you know your grandson isn’t in any risk.

These thoughts come to me immediately:

  • Being a kind person doesn’t equate to letting your daughter act in ways that are unhealthy for you or your grandson
  • Consistent boundary setting and reinforcing
  • It’s ok not to trust someone who has proven them self untrustworthy
  • Actions are more meaningful than words
  • You said, “I am a kind person and don’t want to be otherwise.” I feel that the definition of “kind” is very important.

    Thanks to dictionary.com for the definition

    You are helping to raise your grandson, that is kindness.
    You are making it possible for your daughter to spend time with your grandson, that is kindness.
    You are reaching out to Eloheim and me to find ways to improve your relationship with your daughter, that’s is kindness.


    That doesn’t mean “anything goes” or “take what you want” or “treat me disrespectfully.”

    They are not the same things.
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    Eloheim has spent the last 14 years unfolding a grand teaching. Each channeling session has offered additional insights and clarity as we access a COMPLETELY new way of living on planet Earth.

    We are opening the door way to life as Homo spiritus. This isn’t just a “woo woo” notion.

    Eloheim is guiding us, step by actionable step. This is Empowered Evolution.

    This package is designed to offer key components from Eloheim’s teachings. The ebooks and recordings will jump start your journey. The private one-on-one with Eloheim and Veronica will facilitate a deep dive into your personal evolution.

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    Item 2: The Choice for Consciousness, Tools for Conscious Living: Volumes 1-3

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    This meeting began with Eloheim focusing on how to integrate the thinking part of ourselves with the feeling part in order to be a whole, balanced person. They described how the Industrial and Technological Revolutions had suppressed our connections to nature, plants, animals, and the seasons and replaced that with scientific methods, which required the need to prove and reproduce results. We elevated thinking over wisdom and insight. Thanks to those revolutions of technology and industry, we have now gone beyond the survival mode and freed up our time, and so we are feeling the desire to get out of hamster wheel thinking and feel more. Thinking so much has not served us. At this point in our evolution

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    , we are able and desiring to reconnect to the heart. We are asking the heart to join the conversation and to be a part of making decisions.

    Get this amazing 97 minute recording for just $5 this week!

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    March, 2017

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    I don’t understand my feelings – Case Study

    It may be silly question, but how do I know what I feel? I sort of assume that what I feel is my feeling; why else I would feel it? I guess that most of the time I am lost in understanding what exactly I feel, have no idea how deep or shallow I should engage in it and what is important about it. My emphatic skills don’t make it any more simple.






    This question really hits close to home. I spent decades completely overwhelmed by the feelings/emotions/energy of others. Some people call it empathic, psychic, or sensitive. Whatever you call it, I can experience the feelings of others and those feelings can mix with and override my awareness of my own truth. I never knew what to do about this, until Eloheim taught me.

    I remember:

    As a pre-teen, writing in my journal, “When the lead person I’m around is confident, I feel confident.”

    As a teen, going to the shopping mall (that was a cool thing to do back then!) and being totally overwhelmed and not knowing why.

    As a teen, paying hide-and-go-seek in the dark in the auditorium at church and being so utterly terrified that I couldn’t bear it any longer. Long-standing thanks to the unknown parishioner who seeing my distress, gave us a $20 bill so we could go get ice cream instead of playing hide-and-go-seek. That felt like a TON of money to me at the time and it was a shock that she would just give it to us. I remember looking into her concerned and kind eyes as she said, “Hey kids, how about ice cream!?” Of course this worked perfectly. Once I was away from a room filled with scared kids, I began to feel more normal.

    As a young adult, going to a concert. We were having a great time sitting in the front row of the balcony. However, I felt an overwhelming urge to throw myself over the railing. So much so that I had to wind my feet and hands around the seat legs to stop myself.

    As an adult, setting boundaries with someone, feeling their upset about my boundary setting so strongly that I backed down to get their upset to go away so I wouldn’t have to feel it anymore.

    I could go on and on and on…

    Now for the constructive aspects:

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    Case Study – Procrastination

    Eloheim and I respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!


    Good morning!

    You asked me 8 days ago to provide a brief blurb for a case study. Honored, in fact thrilled to have that invitation for greater connection, I agreed, and said I would send that to you by about a week ago.

    I have been meaning to get to it every day. Of course I’m busy…in fact, in a way, that’s part of the issue I want to address, right? I know I could have chosen time to complete it regardless, but instead I just toyed mentally with different approaches to the paragraph, and procrastinated. Then got into one of those little vortices of resistance, feeling badly that I was not following through as promised, thinking about e-mailing to let you know, then: “Well if I’m going to do that, I might as well just hammer out that little paragraph first,” yet feeling like I wanted a relaxed, focused space to do that, which didn’t seem to be showing up.

    Sorry not to have kept my word– not that you’re likely to mind terribly, but I do! And I will get to that few sentences, um… any day now!

    Thanks so much for so generously sharing so much stellar material.



    I replied

    🙂 I think I should use just what you wrote here! It’s perfect.

    It reminds me of way back when I had a business helping small business owners organize their offices. One of the most common comments was, “I will call you as soon as I clean up!” I said, “It’s better if I see it just as it is now so I can really see what’s going on!”

    Susan replied:

    Really? Wow, then I feel let off the hook! Almost too easy.


    I share the entire email exchange because it really shows the challenge

  • Needing to have it be “just right” (that perfectionism thing!)
  • Being mean to self
  • and perhaps the biggest challenge:

  • Not really knowing what the actual problem is
  • Continue Reading…

    How do I Act on my Clarity – Case Study

    Eloheim and I respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

    One of my superhero powers is the ability to know things or to have clarity. My challenge has been with acting on my clarity. I have been looking at what focus and priority mean to me to strengthen my relationship to acting on my clarity that has helped a little. Acting on my clarity has been scary.

    The concept that some folks don’t know how to be rich feels similar to how I feel, they win the lottery and then they are right back where they started a year later.

    I have an abundance of clarity and Acting on my clarity requires energy, focus, commitment and responsibility. I have a few favorite familiar sufferings that I use to avoid moving forward with my clarity. One being using overwhelm to avoid focus and to avoid stretching myself.

    Thank you for sharing!

    I love your clarity about your clarity and about your stuck spot.

    Let’s start right off with an Eloheim’s Tool
    Clarity vs. Certainty

    Continue Reading…

    Case Study: I Want to Change Jobs (and More!)

    Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

    I work full time in a day job that I now hate. It is draining and they want more and more from me.

    I recently certified as a coach as I love helping people towards their dreams. I have my own dreams as a singer but none of us are ready to tour and I don’t know how we would bring in money without live shows. So while I’m pursuing it as a dream, it wouldn’t be my livelihood.

    I also have aging parents across the country and want to see them much more often.

    My intention is to set up a coaching business from home which will give me the opportunity to travel (and still work with clients) and move from from my full time job to this.

    The problem: We have a large amount of debt that we are faithfully paying down but it’s still big enough that I don’t know how to leave the day job soon enough. Any advice would be so wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I know this confusing pile of thoughts feeling so well! I even have an image I use to represent it!

    All my noodles (thoughts) are mixed together and so confusing.

    My first step is to lay out each thought individually. This helps calm me and also helps me catch Equal Signs. Equal Signs is Eloheim’s tool for noticing when we are connecting one thought (or outcome) to another habitually.
    Continue Reading…

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    The Uncertainty Series

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    Eloheim has stated: “This is the most important information we have ever given you.”

    Here is what I wrote after one of the sessions:

    Personally, this information is blowing my mind. It has shifted so many things. I’m almost speechless about it. It’s that good. ~ Veronica

    A comment on this series:

    This is the most powerful information I have ever listened to. These last 4 sessions, I’ve now played 3 times each and still unraveling it. WOW all round … I can barely focus on anything else. This is deeper than DEEP!

    I’m so appreciative that I’ve found Eloheim and the Council, this work is the best because it’s pure transformation.

    I also want to thank every one who’s taken part in the live sessions because the sharing has been incredible. I listened to these audios as Eloheim recommended, looking for what was also true for me in each persons uncertainties and the clarity that came forth. It often felt like I was also the other .. I’m really starting to experience for myself the Oneness of it all.

    Uncertainty is my new best friend.

    Some uncertainties we can more easily ignore:

    How does my computer actually work? How many blades of grass are there in my garden? Is it going to rain today?

    Some uncertainties consume us:

    When will I find love? How will I pay these bills? Will I ever reach my fullest potential?

    How you navigate uncertainty is a choice.

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    30 Day Email Series with Eloheim

    This retreat will offer fun ways to learn more about Eloheim and to study the tools for conscious living.

    It’s perfect for those that are new to Eloheim’s offerings AND for those that would like to review the foundational teachings.

    There are no set times for attendance. Everything is at your own pace.

    A great way to get to know Veronica & Eloheim and to connect with their amazing community.



    Really awesome course. This was really wonderful and I learned so many new tools to help me. Thank you so much! I look forward to the next one!

    This has been amazing! I experienced such a strong commitment to immersing in this online retreat. I’ll be taking it all in for quite some time. Loved the enthusiasm and open sharing. And Veronica, your gifts of creating this – wow – thank you so much!

    Thank you Veronica, I’ve been slowly working on the tools you’ve posted. I’ve found the tools easy to understand, I love your matter of fact way of presenting, making it all feel very ‘normal.’

    I have really enjoyed this opportunity to become familiar with the teachings/tools of Eloheim and the others. I will continue to learn more and practice in my life. This has been a great opportunity.

    What I liked most about the teachings is that each steps are described in details with good examples and they are accessible to anyone whatever is your level of consciousness or your education.

    The greatest compliment I can give this work is that I am more now who I wanted to be and only a margin of who I was. Each step provided growth

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    , expression, self awareness, integrity. My path is unique, and yet the tools / information supported me finding me the entire way. It has truly been a blessing.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the cost?

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    When does the retreat start?

    It starts when you register! You will receive an email every other day for 30 days. Each email will feature Eloheim teachings. Each teaching will build upon the ones that came before!

    I can’t be online everyday, can I still participate?

    Absolutely! It’s all at your own pace.

    I’m brand new to Eloheim’s teachings, is that ok?

    Perfectly ok! This retreat is a wonderful introduction to Eloheim.

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