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March, 2019

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Your Energetic Billboard

“The real power here is that you have an energetic influence on your surroundings.” Eloheim

“It’s you, walking down the street, affecting your world in non-physical ways,” says Veronica. What are you advertising to the world with your energetic billboard?

In this call, Veronica and Eloheim discuss the ways we broadcast to the world who we are. Giving us great tips in order to facilitate the awareness of what’s written on our energetic billboard, they note we can then change the message.

Eloheim also introduced a new tool

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, “The Aha Journal” to help our inner information gatherer to integrate ideas and teachings before moving on to new ones. “Let the cake bake,” says Eloheim.

During the Q&A session that followed, four participants asked questions about integration and information gathering, the possibility of buildings having energetic imprints, how a personal energetic is affecting others, and finally, a question reflecting the newer teachings, what happens to an energetic billboard when the no-story state is achieved?

Eloheim ended the session, answering their own question, “Why does this matter?”

Understanding our energetic billboard is imperative for those who have chosen to progress in their spiritual journey. This call is one not to be missed especially for those new to the work.

53 minute audio recording, listen on demand or download to your device

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You are EPIC!!

In this one hour audio recording, the full Council, as channeled by Veronica Torres, shares their infinitely loving and uplifting message about our role as Souls experiencing Earth

Veronica channels seven different energies that make up what is called The Council. Each Council member provides a different perspective on humanity’s exploration of Earth and how to access the full potential of being human. You will come away with no doubts about how much you are loved and how important you are to life itself.

In this order

, please enjoy the Council and their messages:

The Guardians: Their job is to set the energy of the group. The Guardians tell us it is an “utter joy” and “a privilege” for them to help us.

The Visionaries: They hold the entire scale of possibilities, the blueprint for humanity. The Visionaries ask us to “ride the wave of change.”

Eloheim: The original energy channeled by Veronica shares the story of how life on Earth first began with the desire for expansion, a desire to know itself, and a charge from “All-That-Is.” They said, “No matter how challenging or frustrating this is, there’s a part of you always seeking to grow more.”

Fred: A galactic presence, Fred’s job is to make us think of things differently, more fractally. And they remind us, we are “perfect” in every way.

The Girls: The feminine aspect whose role it is to remind us we are “super-duper lovable.”

The Warrior: “We are here to help you face your fears with courage.”

The Matriarch: A loving, maternal energy, the Matriarch cradles the truth of us in her arms. She holds the exquisite, full version of us as we explore ourselves on Earth.

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Price: $14.99

Go on and LOVE yourself!

This card says it all!!!! Just go on and LOVE yourself!!!
This image is from our Wisdom of Eloheim card deck with artwork by the amazing Kate Miller Iredale!!!! 36 cards, $12.99
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Energetic Vampires????

Highly sensitive people tend to attract energy vampires! You don’t have to let other people’s feelings and emotions run through your nervous system. I can show you how to break that cycle!

Don’t wait until you are sick and tired or super angry to empower yourself. You can start changing these patterns today.

It took decades of study for me to finally learn how to THRIVE as a highly sensitive person. Watch on demand and in your own time as I share all the best tips and tools I’ve gathered along the way including:

How to clear your field.
How to stop picking up on the energy of others.
How to use your sensitivities ONLY when you want to.
How to stop letting other people use your nervous system.
How to cultivate a connection to your centered-self.
How to be the calm at the center of the storm.
How to trust your insights and ahas.
How to use your empathic skills in healthy ways at work

, home, and in social settings.
How to deal with “energy vampires.”
How to know what you are broadcasting to the world and how to change it.
How to say “No” and mean it so that when you say “Yes” people can trust it.
How to use the fact that empaths see and sense the world differently to improve your relationships rather than create blocks in your connections.
How to develop your unique energy sensing language (I will use essential oils to demonstrate this)
How to use essential oils for a fast and easy way to clear your energy field.


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You can count on YOU!

One of Eloheim’s core teachings is to connect to THIS moment and THIS version of you. It’s so habitual to use a previous version of ourselves to navigate the now. You wouldn’t want the 14 year old version of you to do your job or raise your kids! Yet sometimes the patterns and anxieties of our past are what we use to address the concerns of today.

Connect with who you are in this very moment. Use the current version of you!!!

This image is from our Wisdom of Eloheim card deck with artwork by the amazing Kate Miller Iredale!!!! 36 cards


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Three Powerful Words!

Want to make HUGE changes in your life using just three words??? No, not “I Love You” (although that can really change things!!) How about “I’m Tempted to”?

This tool has helped me so much and so many times…..It’s an absolute game changer!!!!

Use it often!!!

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The Truth Of You

It’s so common to run around wearing a mask. Trying to keep other people happy, make them like you, or be what you think they want you to be. However, that leaves you relating to others as the mask rather than as the REAL you. Access your truth and live from there!

Ask yourself

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, “What is true now?” Note, this isn’t “What should be true?” or “What do I wish was true?” simply check in with what is actually happening. This allows you to connect to the moment and your body in powerful ways. Then you can connect to others from that centered space!

This image is from our Wisdom of Eloheim card deck with artwork by the amazing Kate Miller Iredale!!!! 36 cards, $12.99
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Wisdom of Eloheim Cards

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February, 2019

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January 2019 Sessions

The four channeling sessions of January 2019 were life changing for me! I hardly recognize the “me” that started this year!!! Learn more HERE

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January, 2019

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Everyday Expertise

I want you to feel FREE! Free to discover your gifts. Free to share those gifts with confidence. Free to earn passive income from your gifts so you can feel FREE to live life the way you have dreamed of living.

In my years of work with private clients I’ve heard things like this over and over again:

“I know I have something to offer the world, but I have no idea how to get it out there”

“I always get stuck and feel so discouraged whenever I try to make my website”

“It’s all so confusing. I just can’t bring myself to try and I feel so horrible that my gifts just sit inside me unexpressed.”

“I wish I had more money. I feel so trapped in my job”

“I would love to be self-employed

, but I don’t know where to start”

“I just wish I felt more free”

You are unique!

You have gifts to offer this world!

NOW IS THE TIME!! Here’s how!!!

I’ve spent the last 6 months crafting the Everyday Expertise course.

I will provide you with comprehensive, streamlined, step-by-step instruction. When I say step by step, I mean it. You don’t need to be a techy person to do this. I have done all the research so all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions. You just have to keep stepping and at the end you will have a web presence, e-commerce, a course landing page, and class hosting all in one.


Together, we will discover your Everyday Expertise – the thing that you already know – and shape that expertise into a one-hour, online course that will generate passive income for you. What’s passive income? Passive income comes from work you do once that you get paid for over and over and over again for years to come.


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