Highly sensitive people tend to attract energy vampires! You don’t have to let other people’s feelings and emotions run through your nervous system. I can show you how to break that cycle!

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Don’t wait until you are sick and tired or super angry to empower yourself. You can start changing these patterns today.

It took decades of study for me to finally learn how to THRIVE as a highly sensitive person. Watch on demand and in your own time as I share all the best tips and tools I’ve gathered along the way including:

How to clear your field.
How to stop picking up on the energy of others.
How to use your sensitivities ONLY when you want to.
How to stop letting other people use your nervous system.
How to cultivate a connection to your centered-self.
How to be the calm at the center of the storm.
How to trust your insights and ahas.
How to use your empathic skills in healthy ways at work, home, and in social settings.
How to deal with “energy vampires.”
How to know what you are broadcasting to the world and how to change it.
How to say “No” and mean it so that when you say “Yes” people can trust it.
How to use the fact that empaths see and sense the world differently to improve your relationships rather than create blocks in your connections.
How to develop your unique energy sensing language (I will use essential oils to demonstrate this)
How to use essential oils for a fast and easy way to clear your energy field.


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