Four Sessions held in January 2019

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January 6, 2019


We’re going to start with a small review. The topics we’re going to cover feel very vulnerable to Veronica, and we want to set the foundation for the next part. Pay attention to how it feels in your body, and see if you hear from a place that is actually happening in your life.

We’ve been discussing the movement from the unhealed Personality to the healed Personality, from being dominated by your Survival Instinct to experience and explore. We’ve talked a lot how the movement from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus requires the setting down the way it has been and allowing the revelation of you. The way that discovery occurs is by you saying, I have to find a way to distort what I have settled for in the past so that the opportunity for other ways to see things as is able to be seized–without using the vending machine.

So here we are. Powerful stuff is already happening for people. You’re being given the opportunity to choose to engage with this from Homo spiritus or from Homo sapiens.

Here’s where it showed up for Veronica. This is hard for her to let us talk about. The fact that she’s needed to use her credit card to stay afloat for awhile now has felt embarrassing, like failure, like a reflection on the work that we do. The reality is, that is how it had to be. The second reality is that she has been single for quite awhile now.

All of these things are Big-B body, navigating-the-world things. The more we emphasize the movement into Awareness and expansion into the Big-B Body, the more that becomes a connection to the sensory system, and the more the world begins to look different.

It’s easy to see that if the idea of not having enough money or enough companionship are navigated by the unhealed Personality template, they look like fear, like you’re not safe. The temptation was to say, I’m going to navigate these things intellectually, i.e., through the tools, What is True Now or This is My First Choice. We’ve come to a time when that is insufficient. How does the Big-B Body deal with it?


We decided to come at it from a different angle. That angle is surrender. But first, you have to know what you’re surrendering. You’re not going to hide from it. You’re not going to pretend it’s not there. So, we reminded Veronica often they were there and asked her, do you feel safe? Finally, after beating around the bush and ignoring her truth for a time, the answer to the question was finally, “No, I do not feel safe.” Okay, that’s your truth, and we’re not trying to make that go away.

In the unhealed Personality template, you’re never going to feel safe.

So, now that you know you’re not safe, and you admit it, what happens in your body? What does your body feel? We spent time letting her feel those feelings. To her, it felt like drowning, not shame and disappointment. We explained the search for safety is a fallacy, it’s not something you can achieve. If safety is not possible to find, why am I seeking it, she asked? That’s just how it’s set up here with your Survival Instinct.

What you do instead is, you position yourself for revelation of clarity. To do that, you need to be in Awareness, you need to have the healed Personality engaged. As you do that, there is a surrender that occurs. You surrender the quest for comfort and safety. It has to be surrendered. Veronica then stated she felt she wasn’t good at surrendering. Well, we know that’s not true because she surrenders every time she channels. She surrenders every time she touches and holds people as she channels, a thing she doesn’t do when she’s not channeling. She’s actually very good at surrendering.

We’ve arrived at a time when we have to surrender Homo sapiens. Veronica asked, “Who am I surrendering to?” It’s an internal surrender, not an external surrender. It’s a surrender to the idea of Homo sapiens, a surrender of the mental negotiations. Surrender is not going to come because of an external circumstance.

The switch has to flip inside you. And not because the outside world tells you something else is better. You are set up to suffer unless you surrender the Homo sapiens’ paradigm. You surrender into the fact that that doesn’t work. Some may say, prove to me this doesn’t work. Does the crowd say this is worth me doing? That’s not an unusual response. At some point you say this is not good enough for me anymore, I’m going to change. This system is set up to drive you for safety, and you’re set up to fail. There’s a yearning in the Homo sapiens that can never be met, a seeking for something you can never catch. It’s the Survival Instinct and the feeling of safety, that’s how we see it, for the most part. Be flexible in how you realize this. It’s like the greyhounds who chase a fake rabbit around the racetrack. They never catch it! What if the dogs said, this is stupid, we’ve never caught that rabbit. You can chase the fake rabbit of safety around the Homo sapiens track or you can surrender that game and pick up something else. Homo spiritus land. You don’t know what the next game will be, but because you’ve dipped your toe into Homo spiritus, you know it’s better.

Vulnerability. Surrender. Clarity.

Clarity is not designed to make you feel safe, clarity is designed to make you feel expanded into the potential this place has always had. It’s your guide to the revelatory state. You don’t know where it’s going to take you, what’s going to pop up.

As we talk more and more about Homo spiritus, we’re looking at the discovery of what you’re actually able to sense, of experiencing your physical form in new ways. Are you sensing what is actually occurring? Be in Awareness. Surrender to the uncertainty of clarity. The whole Homo spiritus thing has kind of a foundation of uncertainty to it. Feel into the truth of that. The Field of Infinity Possibilities is a field of uncertainty. You exist in a FIP, in uncertainty, and clarity arises. It’s something to celebrate. Homo sapiens will have you show up in a Costco-like warehouse of infinite possibilities, and it says to you, yeah, yeah, this is too much so go over in the corner and be in this little section.

The old position has been driven by the gingerbread shape. The new one comes from a different place–which is felt by Veronica in her torso. It’s a relocation of her perception of self. The surrender happens internally. My acknowledgment of the position of my presence is moving.

Safety is acknowledged in the gingerbread shape. Yes, there are things that might help you feel safe, like money or a partner, but how many people actually feel safe inside? I am cleverly ignoring or being distracted from my feeling of safety, but I have never felt safe. That’s the Survival Instinct chasing something it can never have. That cannot be the goal. The goal is clarity. At least for now. You live from aha to aha, bliss to bliss, clarity to clarity. Imagine that. If every step you took was into clarity. Until the next clarity. Like stepping stones. That’s the path of Homo spiritus.

If you look at a desk and it’s only a desk, that cannot offer you any clarity because that’s been rigidly defined by the Homo sapiens. Labels and limitations cannot offer you clarity. If instead, it is showing up as a desk right now, there’s room for clarity to be included. Everything becomes fodder for an expression of clarity. You have the opportunity to move from clarity to clarity. So the urge to assign something going on in your life, to offer you a sense of safety, rather than seeking clarity on any subject, that’s the contrast we’re exploring with Veronica.

Back in the day we would talk about dominoes standing up or about winks. This was all us trying to distort the rigid perspective on your life, on your habits. We were always trying to break up those habits. Now that we’ve broken that up, instead of it being a river that always flows, you’re jumping from rock to rock. And we’re like, get out of the river! There are other places to explore! You have to surrender that river of Homo sapiens. It’s not good enough to not be washed away by the river. And you don’t get to run along the river bank, saying woohoo, I’m not getting wet! It’s surrender of the structure that’s holding you in a very narrow vista.

If you get off the “am I safe” roller coaster and get on “am I in clarity” instead, we suspect you will start to have such a rich experience of your complete physicality that it will be quite revolutionary for you. You’re being given a big doorway that’s saying surrender. Are you seeking safety? Check, is it something external? If it’s not, then that’s not your question.

For Veronica, her clarity on her Everyday Expertise project is that the truth of it is indisputable. All I have to do is hold in that truth and take the actions that arise.

~~At that point, the weather took out the internet, and the meeting came to an abrupt end! As long as this write up might be, it could be much longer as there was a lot more said not noted here. Please check out the entire meeting for the rest of the juicy examples and group input.

January 9, 2019

Digging Deeper Into Surrender

As we go deeper and deeper into this journey of connecting the Big-B body with Awareness, and we say things like “free the ottoman,” it’s such an unfolding, a revelation. The blooming is happening. As it blooms, and you feel the world shifting around you, it makes it seem like these experiences are preprogrammed, like getting the next episode you are watching. We’re working in so many ways to dislodge you from the preconceived path, to dislodge you from the notion this is how it will unfold. We’re trying to break you out of the mold of Homo sapiens into Homo spiritus without bringing the baggage of that structure along with you.

How can we talk about physicality in ways that don’t enforce the limitation of description, in ways that liberate you from Homo sapiens, but then doesn’t simply change the description that you’ve been harboring? If we talk about it, you’re still going to be visualizing how that will happen. Habits might change that box shape and turn it into triangles instead. We’re unwrapping that tendency to box shape physicality and instead, experience physicality the way Homo spiritus experiences physicality. For Veronica, it’s a very fit and start sort of thing. It’s dipping the toe in. How do we not go from one shape to another, from a square to a triangle? How do we crack that open but don’t crack it into a different shape. We’ve tried so many different things but they haven’t worked like we thought they would work, even though you’re not writing off the unusual experiences or the ways you react that you have been.

Notice “unusual things is.” Unusual visually, in your responses, in your relationships. It can be anything. You need to be paying attention to these unusual things, we cannot be the one to do that for you. Notice unusual things. That will start generating that energetic shift in you to let it become a default experience. When you notice, that magnifies it. Notice it, accept it. We’re looking for that to be the muscle of default. You give yourself the potential for that being your new normal. Unusual things being your playground. You’re present, unusual things is, you acknowledge, you default, you expect unusual things to continue to reveal. That’s what we’re in right now. You’re surrendering the way you are in the world, what you choose to emphasize.

You look and say, what am I going to surrender? Veronica is walking around looking at everything with the lens of surrender. Pay attention to the idea of surrender. Where am I surrendering, and how does it make me feel when I am surrendering? How is that larger version of me affected when the surrender occurs? Each time you surrender, you’re giving yourself that moment where you are saying I am not limiting this with my Survival Instinct, my unhealed Personality. If you don’t like the word surrender, maybe use the word trust, but we like surrender better. I’m no longer going to allow this thing to tell me how I should feel. I’m going to set it down, surrender the paradigm that dictates the safety value. And then, what is left?

The Konmari method everyone is talking about is a type of surrender. You’re surrendering your attachment to your stuff. How is this action of letting go in some way a surrender? Driving down the road and surrendering control of others driving near you is a surrender. Pay attention as you navigate your day and notice, what does my perception system indicate to me when I surrender? What more do I learn about myself in the act of surrender?

The act of surrender makes the fact of loss fall into a different category. There’s loss, disconnection, a transition from one now to another, a transition in friendships, even your body transitions to different states. You’re constantly in a state of transition. How do we deal with transition? One of the ways is the act of surrender becoming a muscle that helps with transition. We’re trying to get you in the feeling of movement.

A movement in Homo spiritus isn’t shape. Box is a shape. Movement between nows can feel completely different in Homo spiritus. We think you can feel those two things are not the same. Transition box into movement. We have to get rid of the boxes. Surrender. Strengthen your familiarity and comfort with transition. Surrender, surrender the shape. Acknowledge when you’re surrendering control so that transition becomes something with a lot of muscles for navigation.

There’s so much surrendering you’re already doing. You’re constantly surrendering each now. Every bit of money you spend is a surrender, posting on Facebook is a surrender.

Transition, transition, transition added together is movement. Feel into how often you’re surrendering. And when you’re surrendering, let yourself acknowledge the surrender. Say, “This is a surrender.”

The act of surrender becomes transition, transition becomes movement. Movement becomes choiceless choice.

Make smaller surrenders to build up that muscle. Surrender, but don’t imagine what you’re going to get. It’s–I’m surrendering because my life has always been this way and I want it to be different. I want to be in Level 9/10. You don’t go into this seeking the vending machine, to be tempted to get some reward. You surrender because you know Homo sapiens is a dead end street.

The group spent the last part of the meeting further discussing the topics of surrender as well as checking in on their children’s lives. They talked with Eloheim about how they can encourage and expand their children’s perspectives and how much their own has changed.

Look at these two! Randy and John with their new t-shirts.

January 20, 2019

The Caterpillar or The Butterfly

Veronica spoke at length about her recent experience on the phone with a long-time subscriber. One of his ideas was to combine her Everyday Expertise project with the PhD program in order to share the Eloheim foundational teachings on the Everyday Expertise platform. This may be a way for the material to reach others in a way they haven’t been able to reach before. There’s a nice container for that to happen and to share the income generated. Eloheimers can create a piece in a chosen form sharing what they have learned on the Eloheim journey without necessarily becoming a public figure. So, Veronica extended the invitation and the opportunity to the group to easily share their gifts with the world and to have passive income at the same time. It has become clear to Veronica that she will not be teaching the early and powerful Eloheim material again. It is no longer her work to do. For her, it’s a choiceless choice. Veronica added, she will be there to help with the project, but will not run it for the creator.

Eloheim: The surrender continues. The surrender of identification, of what you are experiencing yourself as. Surrendering the notion you end at your skin, surrendering the limitations, and allowing of the underlying soundtrack of you that has always been there to rise up to be seen and experienced.

Eloheim described the journey from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus as the caterpillar-self morphing into the butterfly-self. The metamorphosis, caterpillar to butterfly, the journey from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus has just begun. You’ve been in the cocoon for a very long time, and you don’t know how it’s going to be or feel, just like the caterpillar has no idea what it’s like being a butterfly. Would you let your caterpillar self tell you how it’s going to be as a butterfly or that you can’t or you don’t want it?

Like a skier going down a slalom course, whether you dodge the gates, go through them, roll down the hill, fall down, walk or ski gracefully, you’re always going downhill. It’s a fact that gravity will pull you downhill. Same with this path, no matter how you do it, whether you speed through it like an Olympic skier or trip down the path, stopping and restarting, you’re always heading into Homo spiritus. There are those doing it intentionally and some are not. Still, Homo spiritus is a fact, and it is happening. You guys are like the Olympic skiers. They’re looking to get downhill through all those gates as efficiently and speedily as possible. You’re looking for the most efficient way to evolve, to get through triggers, to find the path through challenges, to get through to Homo spiritus in the quickest way possible. And 2019 will present opportunities to do that.

Surrender, release, set down, whatever words you have settled on. Homo sapiens is the caterpillar. Homo spiritus is the butterfly. You can’t have a butterfly life if you’re trying to stay a caterpillar.

Here’s where you have to be cautious about surrender. Is it a Homo sapiens’ surrender or the Homo spiritus version? Personality will use ideas to tell you surrender is ludicrous. What you’re surrendering is the construct of HOW it is, not the reality of it. For example, paying bills. Homo sapiens will tell you surrendering the bill is ludicrous. Homo spiritus says, this IS. The bill is a fact. Not that you surrender the bill. You’re setting up a conflict in yourself. The conflict becomes the focus. You surrender the hamster wheel thoughts about the bill, not the bill itself. Personality covers up Awareness. Imagine that you’re nailing boards up, covering up Awareness, as your Personality dreams up excuses not to move forward. Are you surrendering or nailing up boards? Take off the boards! Stop adding more boards. Surrender the notions you have about the bill. The reality right now is that bills are a part of life. It’s a fact. Your relationship with them is on you. This muscle that you build around the bills works on everything else that involves surrender as well. One surrender muscle works on every. single. thing.

Are you talking yourself out of things like participating in the Everyday Expertise project? You guys are creative in your reasons not to do something! I can’t have it, no one will buy it, I can’t do it, etc. Nailing up boards.

Here’s an upgrade to the tool “I’m tempted to” that you can use when you find yourself nailing up boards, “I’m talking myself out of this by xyz. I can tell I’m talking myself out of it by assuming xyz.” Own it. See how it makes you feel. If you’re talking yourself out of anything, admit it! See what it does as an experiment. Unhealed Personality is not going to want to admit it. What does that mean if you can? Homo spiritus.

Your contributions have helped shape the teachings. It will be interesting to see how you guys do it when you’re in the front, as in the PhD/Everyday Expertise thing.

Are you allowing the caterpillar to decide what it’s like to be a butterfly? I don’t know what will happen is a good thing! Are you surrendering or nailing up boards?

January 23, 2019

Council Meeting: The Bad Boyfriend

Guardians: You gather here at the beginning of 2019 with the intention to facilitate transformation, the new acquiring of the next step, and finding your truth more deeply. You’ve been looking at surrender and acknowledging that a surrender occurs as you reach for the next step. Allowing yourself to feel into the release of the old and the reach for the new. And that can feel very disorienting. The unhealed Personality can use that to convince you you are misguided and confused. That’s where the rubber meets the road. You are facing down the unhealed Personality. You, Personality, did not get me where I know I’m capable of going. You can live from that new place but to do that, you have to let go of the limitations that Homo sapiens is presenting to you in order to live as Homo spiritus. The unhealed Personality doesn’t pitch you any of the great things about Homo sapiens so you’ll stay, it tells you bad things about Homo spiritus and that things won’t work out for you. It tells you Homo spiritus is going to be scary and weird and is going to suck and you should probably just stay here. It’s like the bad boyfriend or girlfriend telling you you’re going to have a horrible life if you leave me and you’ll never do any better than this. When you get the pitch that you shouldn’t change, notice if it’s saying it’s going to be fantastic or does it say it’s going to be too weird or costly?

Visionaries: As you continue to dive into the fractal over and over, the beautiful thing is as you make the surrender, you’re allowing for the truth. There is a truth to the way this reality is unfolding. And as you surrender, you’re falling into that truth. You’re allowing that truth to be what you’re actually living. The Homo sapiens paradigm is rigid and clingy. In the Homo spiritus paradigm, you’re allowing the unfolding movement to be the reality of what is actually going on. Every experience is being surrendered to the next experience. You’re surrendering to more of your soul. Surrender allows you to be part of the movement.

That surrender allows you to be part of the movement that your recent visitor, Esmeralda, talked about. You surrender into the revelation of you, the reunion with your soul, the surrender of identity of what you think is possible because of habit. Not to be part of the movement but to BE the movement. Your expression is actually a movement. Surrender is an aspect of the movement. As Esmeralda said, you’re not shapes, you’re a constant movement. The Homo sapiens model wants you to find shapes. It’s not necessarily the easiest thing you have ever done because it’s very different from how you have lived up until now. You’re building a muscle. Every moment is an opportunity to surrender, to experience the unlimited potential of the human form. Surrender is a path to that. You’re breaking out of how you have perceived yourself, what you have imagined, your limits you have had as a Homo sapiens. You must surrender the idea of the gingerbread man shape and then allow the movement, revelation, discovery, experience of the Awareness connection of the Big-B body to be actually lived.

We know it’s kind of weird, but we believe you’ve done the harder part. Now you’re refining something. It’s more of a release into. Like gravity pulling on you, there’s always a pull to be living as Homo spiritus. You’re surrendering your definitions, the rigidity around what’s possible, not losing something precious to you. It’s as if there’s a rubber band around a beautiful rosebud. We’re telling you just cut the rubber band. You’re not losing the beauty of the rose. The fullness of the rose blooming is what you’re wanting. You’re allowing the opportunity for the bud to bloom without the restriction of the rubber band. Your unhealed Personality template wants to con you into the idea that the rubber band is the most important part of the whole thing. We’re not here for the rubber band, and you’ve been living with the rubber band strangling your life.

Eloheim: The rubber band, that’s good! What a great analogy the Visionaries came up with! Part of what’s been hard is people have been reporting a sense of jeopardy in the surrender. As if surrender means losing. The unhealed Personality is very clever. Questions about surrender?

Question: How do I cut the rubber band? I don’t know how. How do I surrender?
There are two sides to the surrender. Surrender includes how you see it now and the temptation for the Survival Instinct to come up with more things that should be limiting you. The truth is in the middle and you’re building a house around it and you keep nailing up more boards. So it’s, don’t nail up more boards, and take down the boards already there. When we say, you don’t end at your skin, we’re trying to get you to take down the boards already there. Denying unusual things and putting it into something familiar is putting up a board.

How do you surrender? If you guys could just stop talking yourself out of things, that would be amazing. Admit you’re doing it. Say, I’m tempted to talk myself out of it. Use the “I’m tempted to” tool.

Surrender the idea that you know what something means in your life, like imagining what a certain amount of money means to your ability to pay a bill. Surrender those ideas, not the fact of the bill or the amount of the money coming in. Surrender the idea to worry about the situation. Set it down. Surrender the ideas about the place it comes from or when or how it shows up.

If it gets weird, surrender the weird. If you start thinking about it, surrender thinking. When you surrender, there’s more room for clarity to pop up. Surrender isn’t a loss. Homo sapiens will tell you it’s a loss. When you let go of things that no longer resonate, you’re gaining. An empty space can be beautiful. It can be perceived as opportunity, as possibility. That’s the kind of surrender we’re talking about. Surrender so there’s space for clarity, for something new to arise. You’re surrendering to release that rubber band, to free that rose to have its full expression. Surrender gives clarity room to arise.

Surrender to reveal. To dive deeper into the fractal is the goal. At some point, the surrender equals it’s all me and choiceless choice and Level 10 and more. It’s surrender of limitations, of restriction, of ideas of how it should be. And clarity arises like a fountain.

Question: So, how do you surrender to the surrender?
When you notice yourself finding something feeling limiting, you say, I’ve made an assumption here. What if you say, I don’t know, let me be present to what is actually happening. Watch what comes up when you sit on it. Continue to set it down. And see where the clarity arises to take or not take action or to change how you view it. You just keep seeing what happens. It really helps to know what clarity feels like. Figure out what your clarity message feels like.

Surrender has many meanings to people, and if that word doesn’t work for you, pick another one. Maybe release would work for you. We didn’t mean surrender as in giving up. It’s not a negative meaning here. It’s a letting go of what I have held onto that has not served me. I’m surrendering this to allow clarity to arise. See how frequently you can surrender. We want to make sure you know this is NOT going with the flow. This takes work and concentration.

Let’s try using the hamster wheel mind muscle, for example. That is often about thinking and projecting disasters. The HW mind doesn’t actually get me anywhere. The HW mind is busy. When you stopped using the HW mind, what did we do? We use the What is true now tool. Now we are taking that dynamic into the next level. Now, instead of a bunch of thoughts, it’s a bunch of constructs, like the ottoman. All the shapes are already defined. All these things have a story. I know everything about it that can possibly be known. And you’re actually keeping track of all those stories and made decisions about most of it. If it’s in the safe category, you mostly ignore it. All of that busy-ness, all of those definitions and preconceived notions are weighing on you and holding you in a Homo sapiens perspective. We are attempting to get you to discontinue that assumption, that limitation that you end at your skin. When we say surrender, that’s our key word for what we’re trying to do, to let you see what’s possible for you. What part of that is in charge of controlling your environment? The Survival Instinct. You are letting the SI tell you who it is possible for you to be.

Question: What’s the distinction between go with the flow and surrender?
Go with the flow says whatever happens, happens. There’s no choice involved. It’s a victim stance. I deserve it. It’s a very Level 2/3 life. You tend to experience the world as kind of a doormat.

Surrender is observing what-is and surrendering what it means and how it “should” be. You’re surrendering your preconceived notions, your definitions, your constructs of how things should be.

Right now the ottoman, for example, is on a stop image. This is how it is, this is how it does. We’re on the path to figuring out how to change that, a path to figuring out the surrender to how you are keeping the ottoman in this shape. The only way we can think to do is to practice on all kinds of things that are not physical first. To build a muscle. We say to you, the ottoman is a rose with a rubber band around it, and we’re trying to figure out how to cut the rubber band around the ottoman.

How you do it is going to be different for each person. Choose and choose again. You’re choosing to surrender. Setting it down. You have to build this muscle.

Question: Can surrender be an action?
Yes. Surrender doesn’t mean waiting around for ten days. Each now is getting surrendered into the next now. Whether it takes a minute or an hour, clarity can be subtle (waiting) or actionable. We’re building muscles. What’s the clarity here?

You’re not surrendering to “all hell breaks loose and we’ll do whatever we want all the time.” That’s unhealed Personality driving you with a limited idea. Surrender drives you into Homo spiritus and is a state of where you are in a delicate relationship with the now. Everything becomes more precious and interesting. It becomes special, full of potential, cherished, creates new relationships. Allow that to be evidence of moving into Homo spiritus.

You’re allowing for new experiences to be evidence. I am different in this situation that I was. You actually wake up in the morning with the visceral experience of I don’t end at my skin and it’s all me. All of these physical objects are actually my soul sharing this physical journey with me. It’s a reunion of my soul, and my knowledge of my soul is actually happening in each physical encounter that I have. When I liberate out of that and I then liberate my soul out of the other physical shapes, and then that reunion occurs, well that’s what we’re working on. You’re not actually supposed to know what that last part meant, we’re just putting it out there.

When you’re living Level 9 and moving into Level 10, there’s a reunion occurring. First, we have to get you out of the idea you’re a gingerbread shape. Then into it’s all me (cutting all the rubber bands off) and watch it move, then you start walking the world in a choiceless choice state. You won’t differentiate each moment, it’s a steady state of clarity arises, action. Won’t that be a relief to you guys after millennia of life being “herky-jerky.” It’s a steady state.

Level 10 might be called something like Unification, but we’re not sure yet. It’s the sense of reunion between the real version of you, Homo spiritus, and the Homo spiritus version of physicality that you interact with as you live this human life. The idea that you have wandered this planet alone minus a whole bunch of your soul has hurt us. The idea that you are getting closer to the reunification of your soul, but with the added element of physicality, is just incredible. You’re an energetic leader to the reunification of your soul for all its Earth expressions, not only for this incarnation, but for all of your lifetimes that you have spent on Earth.

So, build those muscles. Surrender is working, so keep surrendering. Use another word if that doesn’t one work for you. Say, I refuse for the rubber bands to rule me! Let’s make room for reunification.

Four Sessions held in January 2019

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