The year of change and new beginnings

Incredible transformation across the spectrum.

Stay emotionally and intellectually nimble.

Connect deeply to your personal truth and what you choose to focus upon.

There will be many pulls on your attention.

What parts are truly your passion, where you feel drawn to put your energy into it?

Trust others to pick up the pieces you can’t pick up.

Milestone year in the history of your history.

Get prepared to be the person who is the calm at the center of the storm – energetic leader.

“Everyone chipping in gets the barn built.”

The evolution to Homo spiritus will be tangible and requiring your focus so things don’t distract you from it.

Commit to evolution on a new level – it’s never been this accessible.

Society – 2019 is the year of change. You must be nimble.

Where do you feel rigid? Where are you saying “This is the way it’s supposed to be”? Do these stances actually reflect the truth of you as an evolving human?

Change is how things change.

Examine how you personally relate to things changing, when things are unexpected, and when things are new.

2019 is a year of new beginnings. Be nimble.

Trust and rely on the navigational beacon of your character.

Put all the work you have done on yourself into play – tangible, actionable, movable reality.

Strong chance that there will be at least one if not two large discoveries – scientific type discoveries – probably later into 2019 that will revolutionize your world.

It’s a serious year, be nimble! When pushed into a new situation, some people retreat into a rigid, defensive reaction and seek a return to “how it was.”

Be nimble in change, look at it with brand new eyes. Ask, “What can I bring to this now, to this change? How can I treat this change as a doorway?”

2019 is going to ask something of you, that doesn’t mean you won’t also feel like you are getting a lot.

Each “ask” is a doorway for you to walk into your evolved state.

The challenge of 2019 – When change presents itself will you be nimble enough to see it for the doorway it is the doorway into evolution, the doorway into progress, or will you retreat into a rigid reaction that will require you to spend energy, time, resources before you can go back to looking for the same doorway?

The doorway and the pit of rigidity are both there. Which will you choose? Be nimble!

It’s an incredibly shifting time!

Change is something you have to become accustomed to.

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