Audio recordings of the four meetings held in June 2009


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If you would rather read the transcripts of these sessions, Volume ONE of the Birth of The Council series includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between June 10, 2009 and July 29, 2009.
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2009 06 03 Meeting

The connection between us all and the repercussions of every action on the ALL. Gaining awareness of these effects from a soul’s perspective.
All things seem brand new and fresh and alive!! Commit to the truth of YOU.
The only thing that’s common between all people is the need to breath. No amount of proof can change this. If their perception of reality doesn’t embrace an idea, it cannot be true for them, it will be false and they will block out any proof offered.
When you are asking for insight-you are not asking to think-you are asking for something new. A new way to BE, not what can I DO, but a new way to BE.
Connecting to your guides BEFORE you NEED them is advised.

2009 06 10 Meeting

In this powerful session, the Visionaries made their appearance for the first time.


You’re right in the middle of a very powerful time.

You can’t just always be fourth gear, pedal to the medal, 175 miles an hour screaming down the autobahn.

When you think about living in a transformational way a lot of times you have a preconceived notion of what that actually means.

Acknowledge when you experience things as different.

We want to talk about the idea of allowing yourself.

The energetic that’s here now is like the sitting around the campfire energetic – that’s how we see you all right now –

So it’s not a night for tools.

We’re going to bring in a different energetic tonight.

(The yet-to-be-named Visionaries): For many, many, many years you’ve come together with the idea of the opportunity, the opportunity, to be in the body.

It’s not about you needing to be on earth.
You are beyond service.
The place of vision is where you are now.

What is meant by integrity?

If you see duality and time as your buddies, you’re missing the point.

The word integrity is now redefined.

Everything is.

You do not know what anything is.

I am ready to live expanded.

It’s a fresh start.

Ah, we hope you’re ready to hear this tonight because it’s not a small thing.

If all I can do is think about it, then I am in limitation.
You are in a state of be-ing.

You are in this world but you do not have to be programmed by it any longer.

You’re not at the end of a road, you’re at a beginning,

Habit cannot tell you who you are.

The certain truth is that it’s never going to be the same again.

This being that you were just in the presence of, we’ll say it that way because for us that’s how we experienced it, is the holder of the vision.

You got to experience what we’ll just label as the visionary for now.

(Eloheim cries.) They’re the ones that are singing.

2009 06 17 Meeting

Last week was a branching point. There are so many things and tools and opportunities and ways and ways to play that are here now that the choices feel infinite in nature. Why don’t we take just care of one bit of “old business”. The idea of en-souling. Basically, the bottom line is you are co-creating this reality with your soul now. Remember you came in with amnesia for a variety of reasons. The temptation to solve your problems by going where you’ve been before may be strong at times. You’ve never had a lifetime that’s higher vibrational than the one you’re in now. You had the opportunity to be in the energetic of brand new for the first time in your life.

Stuff can move when it’s ready to be moved. Everybody’s been talking about it for as long as you’ve been on the planet. What we’d like to do is to talk with you, answer your questions about that, about what happened last week and then we’ll see where we go from there.

Questions answered in this meeting include:

I watched the Mama Mia movie. Ego type things came up for me that I don’t even think about. Oh, I didn’t hold my daughter enough – stuff I haven’t thought of before. It was coming up and it felt like it was a result of last week. Any other tools we need to know about to help us with that?

Ran into a boy who looked like my son. Beautiful/elf like/staring at pure love, emotional breakdown out of nowhere, kid hugs me and then I’m okay. I was told it was angel. I believe it. I remembered to wiggle toes. Can I be that nice to everybody?

Instant manifestation. June energy. I feel like I’m ending something/a cycle.

What happened last week when we couldn’t remember stuff/went blank?

I hear the visionaries say I’m hearing you yell HOW? Affirmations are old stuff now. So, do we just hold the energetic that we’re building bone mass?

Emotion of yearning or desire? Or do you just allow the process to happen?

Prioritizing of all my life going on around me – how much time do I pursue neutral observation?

Thinking about libido. Is this an avenue or a barrier?

Talking about blood pressure being reduced following the last meeting.

2009 06 24 Meeting

You have to allow yourself to have permission to not be in spiritual lack.

The main thing that’s going on is you monitoring the biological response

This is where your ability to consciously monitor the experiences the body is offering to you is essential.

So, this is the key thing we see across the board for everyone is the idea that the body is here to give you the opportunity to have the Earth experience.

As you shift out of Homo sapiens into Homo spiritus this is one of the major differences between the two states.

Part of coming with tools is coming with preparedness to our groups.

Waiting is over.

It’s where we are because you as a collective energetic said you wanted to be here.

Questions answered in this meeting include:

Are there biological responses not directly due to something we need to learn?

The body changes, the physical form changes that are happening in order to keep up with the energetics, those affecting the body, those are still in response to triggers. Like fear and lack. Looking at my body’s reaction this reaction as fear and guilt and lack. What would have been a more conscious way to handle the pain?

How do you know if you’re doing it right? How do you know if you’re bringing you’re A-game?

I was triggered for no reason and rude to a receptionist at the doctor’s office. But nothing happened to make that happen. For some reason I thought it was an old-age thing. Is there something going on? Is it that as I’m moving toward betterness, the old energy is…?

My (elderly) aunt is very frustrated and trying to have tea parties like a 6-year-old in order to bring herself into a more happy state. I don’t want to feel like I pushed her. I did not choose to play with her. I don’t understand any of it.

I do a lot of service but I don’t care about getting credit. (Much of this is involved with group phone sessions that are used as healing.) What’s the pit in that?

I’m happy because when I heard the visionaries say I’m through with service, probably all of us have service that we do. What will we do with that? If I serve myself, then that should take care of things.

How do we bring this to a professional setting?

I struggled with organizations going into third-world countries and helping children. How do you know if doing what you think is right or helpful is actually the complete opposite?
Any there other tools that we can bring to remind us to be conscious and aware?

You said something about an experiment. What do you mean by that?

When you’re in the now, you have a feeling, you go to consciousness, at that point are you deciding—is there a different way of experiencing this? Is it a decision?

How do we fine-tune our experience of responding to what’s coming in?