One session held in October 2017


Price: $9.99

October 2017 was a very full month

We held the meeting below, had a huge fire, then went on the first Eloheim cruise…. Wow. You can order the cruise recordings on the archive page here.

October 4, 2017

78 minutes

A New Template: Self-Led Graduate Study

Last week we made it clear things have changed a lot. You’ve graduated. We understand if you don’t feel like you did, you did. If we waited around for you to acknowledge that you’ve graduated, you’d never get there. It’s important to roll around in this, to not doubt it, to explore it.

What is keeping me from experiencing this now as Homo spiritus? What is in my way? This might be something for you to explore.

Now we want you tell us what’s up, and we’ll tell you what’s going on. It’s not the old stuff or the old way, it’s about you discovering what your next layer, level, or block is to you being in Homo spiritus. It’s not about being in the coping mode anymore. We’re setting a template to engage with it from a different place. You may feel like we’re pushing you. Unless we push, it’s unlikely you will do it on your own. You’re in a place where things have to be dealt with differently. You’re ready. We know it, and it’s time for you to know it.

Energetic Leadership Mode
As you know, there are two groups on FB. The first group is small and new members are rarely added. The second group is quite large and continues to grow. Now is a good time for those of you who have been in the community for awhile to engage with the people who are newer to the work. This is energetic leadership in a safe environment and a way to support Veronica. Ask questions, offer support, post videos, share experiences with the material. Are you gonna be bold and take this opportunity to step up and offer your support in that group? With the caveat to do it from a humble place, without shaking shoulders or being egotistical. You’re like the grad students teaching some classes for the professor. Veronica can’t do it all anymore or go over the past over and over and she needs support in this.

Group Discussion
Here Eloheim invited the group to jump in with their own experiences and questions about what the shift has become for them.

Individual topics included: changing my life and charting a course, finding balance in uncertainty, how graduation means authentically experiencing the moment in clarity, practicing energetic and physical leadership in any situation, planning and outcome, and prioritizing what is important to you.

One session held in October 2017


Price: $9.99