Four Sessions held in February 2018


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Feb 4, 2018

98 minutes

Are You Willing to Stretch?

The first 28 minutes of the video was Veronica talking to someone about their journey then being openly vulnerable and emotional with the group while she shared her own journey, her PhD, and how she is doing her best as a human being trying to evolve. She also extended an invitation to everyone to her 50th birthday party in August.

Eloheim: You’re in a time of huge transformation, and the temptation and opportunity and the compellingness of focusing on so many other things is loud. The reality is that it can be a type of favorite familiar suffering. It’s the same energetic, that of “a lot of things have to matter right now.” What if each of you decided to prioritize being present, what if you were attending to what is in your lap, with your ability to interact with the now? Prioritize your willingness to engage with the opportunity that is appearing.

We’re upgrading the “I am willing” tool. The willingness is- Here is an experience. Are you willing to go into the experience with willingness and how much are you willing to go into it with little barrier? How much resistance can you drop? Finding and using a pathway out of it has been an active place so far, a way to move around or through it. Now it’s a receptive place, not an active place. For Veronica, it’s “set everything down and see what arises.” It’s stripping away the places that feel strong and comfortable, dropping away more and more the having-to-push-and-figure-it-out way of being. That’s where we start from. Allowing clarity to arise when we set everything down.

There’s another layer to not being mean to yourself in this, an upgrade here, too. Don’t be mean to yourself by letting the Survival Instinct flare up again. Don’t let the voice of the Personality grab the Survival Instinct and shove you back into your shell. That’s the new “Don’t be mean to yourself” tool. I am tempted to shove myself back into my shell to protect myself from my disappointment in myself or from perceived disappointments from others. You’re coming out of the egg, the shell. It’s a reboot. Don’t allow the Personality to lure you back into your shell.

Let’s have a sanity check. The average number of Earth incarnations of the people on this call is 300-400 each. Let’s just say, every day for a year you have navigated your life in the exact same way. You have been in fear, struggled with the SI, your Core Emotion has been in charge, fear has been your constant companion every day for a year, and you wake up on January 1st and say, wow I might be able to be different. That’s a system to buck. And this is every lifetime for millennia. That’s a lot to change! No one else is changing but you want to be different, you just know it could be different than it is. You’re saying I want to navigate the world as if everything I encounter is the grander version of me. And now, right now, you are all trying to buck that system surrounded by people who are just doing the “every day for a year” thing. You don’t know the exact steps, you just keep trying because you know something more is possible.

So you lean on this community of people. And you work the PhD into your everyday life, that’s how you change. The more you incorporate the PhD into every moment, the more it evolves your system.

“The Awareness-led Body goes on an extraordinary journey that’s chronicled and witnessed by the Personality.” That’s Homo spiritus. The best way we’ve come to to support you in figuring out how to have that happen is the PhD process. Watch it move. That leads to choiceless choices. The Personality doesn’t have to be the chooser, the Personality is the witness as the Awareness takes the Body on a journey, and choice becomes something that is not even part of the equation because you go from clarity to clarity to clarity.

Awareness, Infinite Possibilities, and Soul are all the same thing. What if Awareness led? And Personality witnesses and chronicles?

Leadership. You’re in a very important time and you have a lot to offer. We’ve talked about energetic leadership. As you do your PhD, you’re going to have a lot more opportunities for leadership in your own unique style. As you watch others doing this, it’s easy to imagine they’re not doing it right. You don’t know enough of the story behind it to say it’s wrong or right. You do know enough to say when it’s not working for you. Acting on assumptions that you know what’s going on jams you up.

As you find yourself in a variety of leadership roles, you can share it on Facebook and say how it went or how it affected you. Be attentive to the times you have been asked to be a leader. How did it go for you or for those on your team? Did it feel like a stretch or a burden? Don’t say no just because it feels like a stretch, sometimes stretching is the point.

We told you that this year will be a year of evolution, if you’re willing to stretch.

Feb 13, 2018

95 minutes

First channeling NOT in English!

Eloheim began the meeting telling the group we might have a visitor tonight and that the room felt different.

Veronica and a friend had had a long conversation earlier that week, and the takeaway from the experience was that everything was being filtered through Personality. When you are dealing with the Personality, it is going to do anything to stay dominant. All the steps we took until now were to shut up the Personality. Now we’re just trying to get it to do it’s proper job instead of ALL the jobs. Its job is to chronicle and witness, not run the show.

Imagine all the thoughts go into a box. What is left over is the Awareness. Doing this is not so you can imagine what Awareness is, but so you can experience it. The access to the Awareness is not through Personality. If you’re triggered and experiencing the trigger, it’s Personality. If you’re watching and observing, it’s Awareness. So, have something, a tool, a question, a statement that consistently asks you, am I driving Personality or am I asking Awareness to show me something? Feel into how you know you’re actually experiencing Awareness. Find a place within that seeks to catch what is going on.

Personality is limiting and repetitive. Awareness is succinct, straightforward, and clarity-driven. Awareness doesn’t negate uniqueness.

Find ways to keep your PhD forefront.

The PhD thing is so YOU can be your own leader, not to be led by some religion or some authority figure. We help, but we are not your authority figure. We are a resource for you. When you’re not drowning out your Awareness, you have to be your own leader. You don’t have the structure that comes with Personality so you have to find that structure from within and walk it in the world. It’s also teaching you to be your own cheerleader. You are the one saying, “I’m going to prioritize this.”

At this point, a new energetic, “The Healer,” visited the group. Through Veronica, the Healer performed hands-on energy alignments on each of the group members and did it while speaking a language we’d never heard before from Veronica.

Afterwards, Eloheim asked for reactions to the Healer’s visit. Eloheim suggested the image of an African Shaman, if we wanted to have a visual of the Healer.

Finally, Eloheim reminded us to catch ourselves when we are out of Awareness-forward. Now the tools, through muscle memory, will automatically activate and throw us out of Personality. Chronicling, Personality’s new job, is being super present in it.

Feb 18, 2018

60 minutes

A Foot in the Door

Still recovering from the Healer, as well as for other reasons, Eloheim worked on Veronica’s system before their opening remarks or taking calls from the online people.

Part of what’s going on here in the PhD program is catching the ways your Awareness is being drowned out and then choosing for your Awareness NOT be drowned out. Do this in all the ways you can think of, your tools, your PhD programs, whatever works for you.

Deciding to address the recent school shooting in Florida, Eloheim mentioned the kids who are involved in this. They are not letting this die down, they are keeping it in the forefront. This is amazing leadership. There are lots of ways to be a leader. And they are now fresh, new voices in the conversation. This amazing array of young people are giving examples of leadership using their pain and trauma. Leadership begets leadership. It’s empowering others to act, to join in. Here’s an opportunity to see “Watch it move” in action and leadership happening. This is what leadership can look like. It can also look like support, it’s not always being at the forefront making speeches and waving flags. It’s providing support behind the scenes, that’s emanational leadership and practical leadership.

You all have opportunities to offer leadership. We told you this year would be a year for opportunities for leadership to arise. We also told you that political leaders would start to be evaluated for their character.

The online people then shared their recent experiences and thoughts about their PhD programs.

Being secure in your self and knowing your truth was the first caller’s topic.
E: Confidence is quiet, insecurity is loud said a politician recently, and Eloheim agreed with that. “I don’t know” is a great place to start. Remember, you may need time for your opinion to solidify.

The next person’s sharing was about being really sick for awhile and that the PhD study was in the background while the Personality was really loud during that time. However, now it’s very quiet in her head.
E: You are holding space for people and being valued for your emanation without having to do anything except be present.

Agreeing that everything feels quieter and steadier, saying that all the tools activate instantly without effort, the next person talked about the nature of time (her PhD study) and how instant manifestations are happening without effort.
E: One the biggest doorways to the Field of Infinite Possibilities is being present to your truth in this Now. Any time you have a limiting thought of any kind, you recognize it’s Personality, therefore, you have a lot fewer options available with this limiting thought. Catch yourself when you’re thinking about limitation in any way. “Oh, that’s a limiting thought.” Saying “I don’t know” or “What is true now” instead works to switch out of it and bring it back to the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

The next person talked about the tools as well as her PhD study of seeing Love everywhere as being her life rafts for life.
E: The opportunity is to see how often you can quiet the Personality when it is dominant by using the tools you have learned and integrated over these last ten years or so. For those who practice it, meditation at this junction is a good tool to use to quiet the Personality, to let the Awareness rise. Let that quieted state you attain in meditation walk in the world.

“It’s all me.” The carpet and everything physical around you is YOU. My soul has come to keep my feet warm, how amazing is that? How amazing is it that my soul has come to support me in every way? Everything around you has surrounded and cocooned you so how can you possibly think your soul/your God has forsaken or is ignoring you? The PhD step helps you to open the door to Homo spiritus and stick your foot in the crack so the door doesn’t shut. This is just the beginning of the journey.

The final topic shared by a group member was the feeling of abandonment that came up with “It’s all me” in regards to replacing old items with new ones.
E: Instead say thank you, now our paths have diverged. There is a way to look at it as turning free will control of the thing over to another person. This thing is no longer under your free will control, it is passed onto someone else. There’s more to this conversation but we are still working it out with Veronica, so don’t be surprised if we come up with a new way to say it.

The caller also discussed an exchange she had with an old friend who had a surprisingly different political opinion than she did. She shared how she handled it with “I don’t know,” without feeling the need to convince the other person of her differing opinion.

There’s lots more juicy, yummy stuff to come says Eloheim. The first and third Sundays of the month are your times to talk to Eloheim about your concerns and questions, so come to the meetings and get in the conversation!

The audio only is from a different source than the audio on the video. I’m not sure how well the video’s audio will turn out so be sure to check both if one isn’t doing the job for you!

Feb 28, 2018

93 minutes

Full Council Meeting

Guardians: While checking in with the energies, the Guardians mentioned that the weather might be a little weird and unsettled in the next bit of time and not to be surprised. There’s a lot of unsettled energy, people are feeling the world doesn’t fit, so to speak.

The Guardians asked the group to come to the meetings with the sense of openness, a willingness to engage, and the idea of the template and your stance being activated. “I’m activating the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and my Personality is not in the way. I’m being in my Homo spiritus self as best I can as I enter this meeting.” It’s vital. This is an important stance to bring here and to the Facebook group, and even into your own environment. Here is the place you want to practice being in your Awareness, accessing the Field of Infinite Possibilities, being present. It’s constructive. It’s important. The Council needs all hands on deck.

Visionaries: Regarding your PhD study, it’s up to you to ask for help when you feel stuck or ready to move forward. We need you to evaluate what it is you need from us, as well as evaluate your stance, as you come in the door. Speak up when you need something. Seize the opportunity. It’s up to you to self-motivate, to be your own leader. You’re on notice. Eloheim is not going to poke at you to speak up anymore. We want to start venturing into new ideas but the PhD is not done by any stretch of the imagination. The new ideas will be concurrent, not replacing it.

Eloheim: We’re at a fork in the road. The work we’re doing with Veronica advances and we’re pleased with her progress. We have you guys that we want to support individually, and we don’t have a lot of people reaching out for our help. Either you’ve got it or you’re not on it or you don’t need us. We want to carry on with a new thing but we don’t want you guys to blow off your PhD’s while we do the new thing. Your participation is valued and needed. You can be your own leader but you also have an opportunity with us. Seize it.

A group member spoke up about feeling that he might not know what he’s doing or even what to do with his PhD. He has realized in his study how often he has wished for shared language with his family. Eloheim said his PhD needs to evolve to the next level and offered suggestions and action steps to try. Eloheim also suggested he find his shared language with Eloheim group at this time.

As his PhD study involves observing Homo sapiens from a Homo spiritus point of view, not joining in the Homo sapiens’ drama can look aloof, like you don’t care, and very arrogant to those stuck in their drama. Saying, “I really care that you care about this, and I cannot join you in this drama while bringing my best to this conversation,” or whatever wording fits the situation, is an option to offer to the ones in drama. I’m staying calm on purpose is a great way to come at it, after first acknowledging the other’s thoughts and feelings. And it starts with, “I hear you.”

The next person talked about her PhD study of observing the heart energy. She said she sometimes feels hurt from something close at home and then tosses the hurt to her head to get it out of her heart. Eloheim suggested she use the energy systems they have previously taught to the group. When something stings in her heart, she can toss it into a container of her chosen color and then relate to it from the heart energy without having it overwhelm her heart. On a very broad spectrum way, you can relate to it with love. You can say,” I cannot hold you in my heart at this time, but I’m not going to reject you. I will process intense things not from my heart, as that’s Homo sapiens, instead I’m going to set it outside my heart and process them gradually. First, I’m just going to look at you.”

Acknowledging Eloheim’s words, the group member said she goes out of body while a hurtful situation is going on. Eloheim said, if you are able, push that pain out of your body instead of you leaving your body. Push it out to where it can be evaluated from a calmer place. Change your side of the dynamic. Imagine that whatever is said is caught as if in a net or on a punching bag before it lands in the bucket. Then decide where to go from there.

The PhD is a deep cleaning, a deep dive into layers that haven’t been noticed or cleaned out yet. Where’s the Awareness in this? This is the big part of the PhD study. Your PhD program is the doorway to your Awareness.

Warrior: Back in the day we would say, hold your triggers close so you can keep a close eye on them, so you can transform them and move through them. Same thing with your Personality. You need to have a No-Personality Policy. Am I in Personality? Am I in a limited perspective? What is the Awareness perspective in this?

Personality will dig in its heels to say,” I still count, I still have to be heard,” until it can be let off the hook and finally relax. It just hasn’t let go in most of you yet. It comes and goes. Constantly stay on top of it. Ask yourself, is that Personality speaking? Find a way to keep this at the forefront of your awareness like Veronica uses the rubber band that’s always in her hand or on her wrist. It’s a reminder to check and she’s constantly checking. Is that Personality speaking? When you think about something coming up, are you coming at it from a limited perspective? Don’t lie to yourself.

Don’t try imagine what the Field of Infinite Possibilities looks like. Who imagines? Personality. Who looks for clarity to arise? Awareness. When it hasn’t arisen, Awareness continues to observe, absorb, experience, and explore until clarity arises. None of that is imagining or speculating. Don’t visualize what you imagine. That’s a narrow field of possibilities. Look for a clarity to arise that indicates action. Be a bit strict with yourself. This Personality must be quieted. That’s going to require attention, consistency, willingness, and a strong desire for a change. Go do it. You’re going to like what happens when you do.

The Girls: It’s kind of fun to go after the Warrior, Veronica’s body feels all big and boyish, like a big hug.

Remember when we said don’t be mean to yourself? Well, it’s easy to fall for the nonsense that you’re not doing your PhD right or at all or are not where you are supposed to be. Of course you are, you’re here. You know why Eloheim repeats and repeats? You’re building new neural pathways, new patterns, and it needs repetition. Don’t imagine you have lost your place or feel like you are not doing your PhD. When you have one of those Personality thoughts, then add the next link, “and I’m going to do it right now.” Or go back to the beginning and find the questions Eloheim asked you when looking for a topic: what did I wish E had talked about more, what do I want to explore more, what fascinates me?

Every time you feel that doubt, say thank you for reminding me to work on my PhD today. All these fears and doubts are all raw materials for Awareness. They fuel the fires of Awareness’ growth.

Fred: We don’t need to talk about Personality and Awareness anymore, do we? We can talk about something else, you know this stuff. We’re gonna talk about whatever the heck we want to talk about! Let’s talk about Light.
Everything has light in it and it’s always in motion. You’ve got light like lightbulbs and the sun, and you have the other kind, the light that everything is made of. Light. Lightworker. Who came up with that name? Why is it called “Lightworker?” Because you’re made of light! Everything is made of light. Protons and photons and electrons and quarks. All those small subatomic particles that scientists study to figure out what’s going on. They say things like, things change when you observe them. Of course it does! Why? Free will zone.

Personality interprets free will as, “get the [bleep] out of my way, I can do whatever the [bleep] I want!”

Awareness has the Field of Infinite Possibilities in a free will zone. At the smallest building block you have a unit of free will. That unit of free will is making a choice and that choice is being experienced by you. The smallest unit of matter is making a choice to use their free will to be seen and experienced by you. Subatomic particles agree to be in a certain shape by surrendering their free will and having the Personality have dominion over them. Personality goes around demanding that subatomic particles act like Personality wants. They give over dominion to the Personality. This is trippy and this is where we are starting. We’re talking very broad strokes here.

What happens to that relationship when you stop navigating the world as Personality and start navigating it as Awareness?

“It’s All Me” is one of the most important pieces of information Eloheim has ever given you and has much more to be unpacked, and it cannot be unpacked when the Personality is still in charge. When you’re in your Awareness, you can liberate the subatomic particles from the slaving of their free will to the free will of the Personality. The Survival Instinct doesn’t want things to change that make you feel safe. Si wants things to stay the same. You can just imagine, when the Awareness is in charge, the subatomic particles are then liberated. It means things don’t have to stay the same.

If you use your brain to process this information, you’re in Personality. Can you just let this information sit in you without trying to figure it out or visualizing it? If you think about it, you’re in the way of it. Let it sit and see what the FIP returns. When you stop imagining, you free yourself from the trap of limitation of what the imagination is.

Martriarch: We are delighting in the energy that you are bringing. We always hang out with your ascended selves and you’ve always glowed with a very white light in a vaguely human shape. What has happened over the years as your Awareness has woken up is you have gotten brighter and brighter and brighter. So now you’re quite brilliant. It’s gorgeous. It gets brighter and brighter the more of this you do. The humanness of you is combining with your ascended self and it gets brighter and brighter. Your ascended self gets to illuminate your human self more. It’s who you are.

Four Sessions held in February 2018


Price: $24.99