Four Sessions held in December 2017


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Dec 6, 2017

55 minutes

It’s Not a Small Thing

Your push into the PhD program is not a small thing. We spent a lot of time talking to you about the fact that Homo Spiritus is going to be totally different from Homo sapiens. But we were talking to your Personality. Now we are talking more to your Awareness.

We are empowering you to embrace and engage, to be intrigued by that difference (of living Homo spiritus and Awareness-forward), without the Personality and survival instinct trying to control it. We are looking for that place within you that engages with the revelations of your PhD study from your Awareness. Your Personality gets to experience, explore and witness. It does not get to dictate terms, decide what is possible, and does not get to control what occurs. That’s the delicate walk that needs to be done.

Your Personality and your Survival Instinct may flare up and say, hey, we aren’t going to give up control! At that point, stand your ground, lean into your PhD study, pivot into your program. It is helping you to cement your connection to your Awareness-louder life. Awareness is louder when you are doing your program. It allows you to bask in the energy of your Awareness. Why are we doing this? It is living Awareness-forward instead of Personality-driven.

Eloheim then asked the group to share their experiences with the PhD program.

The first caller was feeling sick and in the middle of detoxing.

Eloheim next shared the impact of Veronica’s study of observing when the BPA interact via Need/Need Mets plopping all over her life, and how, in the process, her Survival Instinct freaks out.

Two other callers asked the same type of question, both seeking clarity regarding their PhD project, finding a topic, narrowing it down, and looking for a great question to ask.

When looking for clarity about the PhD study, Eloheim asks you to ask yourself, what part of your spiritual evolution within your life is intriguing to you at this time? It is something present in all parts of your life that is valuable to YOUR personal evolution, not to someone outside of you. Find a way that’s appropriate for you to have this exploration ongoing that gives you the opportunity to see beyond what the Personality will offer you. What is juicy to you? And when you find your question to ask in your study, make sure you ask your question about this NOW moment.

We trying to to connect to that Awareness truth, over and over, until that becomes your default place of existence. Your soul is Awareness, and Awareness is the Field of Infinite Possibilities. When you’re in Awareness-loud life and you’re in the Now, you do have access to the FIP. Your anchor point to your Awareness is getting established, you will go there first (rather than Homo sapiens) with your program of self-directed study. That muscle connection to your Awareness is weak, and your anchor to it is getting strengthened with your PhD program.

You’re also finding a way, as leaders, to discover doorways to Awareness which will potentially help others someday.

We’ve given you a pile of reasons why we are doing this and someone might want to start a list.

We are helping you by talking to your Awareness now instead of Personality. We are helping you get access to your Awareness. We can start moving forward if we can get everyone clear on their study.

Dec 13, 2017

87 minutes

Why Are We Doing This?

Veronica has been doing a lot of volunteering these last two weeks. It’s been a fascinating opportunity for “watch it move” and “monk in the marketplace.”

One example we wanted to share is about the male energy that Veronica experienced several times during her volunteering experience. As you start to have some expertise in your PhD, you might feel you can do some of the same things these men did. It doesn’t mean this energy only comes from men, it’s the masculine energy that we are referring to here, not the gender. The cue to know when you are doing this thing is when the words “you should” come out of your mouth, with no access to shared information. Veronica did not find the “you should” energy to ever be constructive, in any situation. It comes off as if from an authority figure, as a bossy, know-it-all thing. So, the words “you should” should be looked at. Ask questions before you assume you know better. And listen to what is being said.

Ask questions like: What do you need? What would make it better? How can I help? These are questions that help more than “you should.” It’s the magic wand tool. We feel “you should” should go in the category of red flags like “but and because.” We (Eloheim) also feel that we get to be the ones who say “you should.” (This was said with a smile.)

This is a transitional time for Veronica as she discovered she didn’t know how to define herself to people now. And she doesn’t want to lead people through the introductory phases of the Eloheim studies, the levels, and the tools. She wants to talk PhD stuff, not the older stuff. This leads into the new way we (Eloheim) will be working with Veronica.

Next, individual PhD updates were shared and Eloheim gave feedback. Mentoring surprises, clarifying a study, and working on and illuminating blocks were among the PhD topics.

You are charting your own course. In your PhD study, you are cataloging, documenting, and finding your own tools that you are getting out of your individual study. This process is going to look different for each of you but the purpose is the same for all. It’s to give you an opportunity to be Awareness forward in an exploratory way.

So you, as a soul, decided to come to Earth. Thank you, by the way. Why? To experience and explore. To evolve. Now we say, you have graduated out of the model of the Homo sapiens’ experience. You may dip back into it now and then, and that’s understandable, but now you know you have an alternative to it.

We’re doing this so you have something steady that connects you to the Homo spiritus way of navigating Earth, the way your soul always wanted to, the way we always wanted you to, the way we always planned: Awareness forward, Personality as the witness, and getting to find out what’s really going on with the Body (the big body, not just your gingerbread shape).

We’re building more muscle, more neural pathways to anchor you in Homo spiritus via the PhD process. We’re doing this to anchor you in the Homo spiritus of experience and explore for the evolutionary path. So you can do something new as the current version of you, Awareness-forward. So you can experience this world in the way you have always been meant to but haven’t been able to because it’s a free will zone! We finally get to do what we planned after a really, really long time of not! That’s where we’re at if you’ll just go along with us!

It’s not just all that, that’s just one of the reasons. It’s also so that this world has a chance at being a place where souls can incarnate for only that reason. We had to turn up the duality because you guys would just pop out. We had to make it different from your experience as a soul. As a soul, you are the Field of Infinite Possibilities, they’re the same thing for all intents and purposes. You come into Earth form and it’s harder than anyone imagined. You pop into density and duality with so much stimulation and disorientation and you say, no. So we turned up duality and gave you limited choices. Now we are trying to say you have an infinite amount of choices and you don’t know they’re there.

What we have now is opportunity for evolution through experience and explore. Everything becomes fodder for exploration rather than sucking up and enduring.

Infinite possibilities is our playground now. Our new job is make sure you don’t forget that the Field of Infinite Possibilities is there and to empower you to explore it. Like a librarian, we are here for you if you need Volume 2. We can show you where it is. You have to ask for it. We are not going to read the book to you, you’re beyond that, but we are here for support and empowerment, and to show you where Volume 2 is located. But you need to document your study or you may not know when you need Volume 2.

Continue to tweak your PhD, continue to figure out how you want to document, and continue to share so that we can move to the next phase of this.

Dec 17, 2017

83 minutes

Something Big is Going to Change

Veronica opened the meeting with an emotional discourse about the community, her and Eloheim’s relationship, and the fact that the way we and they are doing things is changing. She also talked about learning a lot about herself during her week of volunteering.

She talked about her PhD and the potentials it has shown her. And how her PhD study has morphed and grown into something else.

Eloheim: The PhD study is the doorway to the next step, the doorway to Awareness forward, and the way out of the paradigm you have been living lifetime after lifetime. And you learn how to walk Awareness forward in the world.

If you don’t show up in your truth, it’s like the bouquete of wildflowers is missing one of the flowers. You’re missing. It’s even more important in Homo spiritus. If you don’t show up, that contribution you make to the evolution of the free will journey that we’re all on is missing.

As Homo spiritus, you have the ability, your emanation has the ability, to affect your environment. You’re going to help the dominoes stand up without extra effort. You’re important to this evolutionary journey.

It matters. Somebody has got to be first to hold the energetic. Imagine it as a tug of war, how many Homo spiritus’ are on one side? We can increase it. There is evidence it hasn’t been done. The reason to do this is, it hasn’t been done. it’s an opportunity that’s extraordinarily rare and you’ve wanted it for a very long time and now you can seize it. You can talk yourself out of it if you want, but we’re glad to see how many of you are not.

Callers then talked about their PhD studies with Eloheim, about where they are, and what’s next for them. Some of the topics included: plateauing on my study of love, getting clarity on my study of habits and moving forward with my PhD study about high character and evaluating vs. judging.

More About Documenting

The discussion about the PhDs led into how these studies will turn into something physical. How will or can these studies can be documented?

Documenting could look like books that you write or Veronica co-authors or writes the introduction for you. It could be about “this is what happened to me after studying with Eloheim for fifteen years.” This PhD process is going to generate things in the physical. A card deck, an audio book, a website, an ebook, a video, it could be anything. Find your comfort in the stretch of it. We expect people in the community to soon do incredibly public things, and this could be part of it. We, as a community, have a “deep bench” to help you with any of this. Eloheim, the Council, and you guys, we have a “deep bench.” Despite the small size of this community that has concerned Veronica and the community off and on over the years, it’s a full team. It’s a strong team. Ask for support if you need it.

You guys are coming into your own. You were stars on your own, and now you have a full team of stars who reinforce each other.

“You are surrounded by like minds, empowered by our assistance, and fueled by your own fascination to experience and explore and evolve.”

Dec 27, 2017

82 minutes

What is Your Plan??
Full Council Meeting

GUARDIANS: So good to be with you again. It’s been awhile as Eloheim was focused on offering help with PhDs insights.

Feeling into the energetics and the ramifications of having the fires, the shift in the community, and the shift in the amount of safe you feel. Veronica got to see how the adrenaline and the survival instinct wanted to carry her off into another now. The opportunity was to stay very connected to what was actually occurring and not to project into what might occur, to stay tight into presence of the now. We want to go on record saying that our main focus is to support you to be in Presence, support you in lots of different ways to connect to who you are now, being in the current version of you, to what is actually true for you in this now. The Truth of You, NOT what you are afraid of, uncertain of. There’s going to be a strong temptation to make what ever else is going on to be louder than what is possible than when you engage Awareness.

What we would say to you in the new calendar year, don’t just hear this and go yeah yeah yeah. Make a plan for how you can work this into your daily life. Don’t waste 8 months trying to get this under your belt. You want this under your belt immediately. This is one of the key components. You can’t go further until you get this muscle stronger in you. Now you want to have your default be Homo spiritus, for Homo spiritus to be stronger and more deeply settled in you. You’re there now but you are allowing yourself to be pulled out of it. Make a plan for how you are going to contend with the fact that Homo sapiens is pulling you out of Homo spiritus whether it be the PhD study, the levels, a tool or something else. This is on YOU, not us.

Our hope for you at the beginning of 2018 is that you make a plan for how you are going to contend with the fact that Homo sapiens is trying to pull you out of Homo spiritus by habit and pattern.

VISIONARIES: 2018. It’s gonna be a messy year. If you let that trigger you, then listen to the Guardians more. That’s on you. You know better. You’ve been empowered. It’s stuff you already know but have not yet decided is a priority. We’re saying you graduated, you’re grownups and you can’t expect us to tend to you as if you were children. You have resources. Make a plan for when you lose sight of your center or your tools, when the old version of you takes over and drags you out of Homo spiritus, when you end up in Homo sapiens, to make sure you boost yourself back into Homo spiritus. Find in you the capacity to navigate these things from a stance of “this is happening, period.” Bring Homo spiritus to it. You have to decide what is acceptable to you.

How are you catching yourself? What tool are you using? What’s your plan to boost yourself back in Homo spiritus? If you find yourself going lower than Level 5, just STOP! What’s your plan?? We’re not giving you the plan anymore! You have fifteen years of material to work with. You are in charge. When you catch yourself in Homo sapiens, in habit and trigger, what are you going to do?

We have to secure your connection to Homo spiritus, which means pivoting away from and having a plan when Homo sapiens rears its head. It’s a time of fierceness because it’s required moving forward.

ELOHEIM: Here’s the thing, you can’t use your brain to make a plan. It comes from collaborating with your Awareness, that’s where your plan starts. What clarity rises in me when Homo sapiens tries to get involved? If you don’t have clarity ahead of time about what to do, it’s likely Homo sapiens will grab you and jerk you around and do what you’ve always done. If you have a plan, you give yourself the opportunity to move in a faster way. We don’t want to wait until you get this, so make a plan.

At this point in the meeting, there was group input and question time where Eloheim explained the importance of consistently using your plan to pivot back to Homo spiritus.

2018 – have a plan for when Homo sapiens pulls you off Homo spiritus. It could be something you think, an action, a song, do a jig, anything!

WARRIOR: When you are faced with an overwhelmingly large opposing force, what do you do? You maximize your use of the terrain. Pick your terrain, pick your weapon (plan), and commit one hundred percent. Your world is in a time of turmoil, a time of change, a time of transformation. It’s birth time, folks. It’s hard. And overwhelming. Unexpected pressure can distort people and cause them to lash out. 2018 will give you plenty of opportunity to navigate people having hard times about different things.

You’re going to have to commit.

FRED: We zipped in from afar (over by Neptune). What we we were doing is examining the outer rotations of the planets to make sure they are continuing to emanate the energetics you need to continue your evolution into Homo spiritus. Your scientists haven’t noticed yet, but what is going on is that your Sun, there is an energetic pull between the Sun and all of the planets that are involved with the Sun. We’re talking about a force that hasn’t been charted yet, a force that allows the planets to be in energetic communication with each other, an opportunity to hold a balance of energy. Your Sun is maximizing the energetics when the Earth is bathing in the alignment with that conversion/communication. Energetically, it’s a gift. We were doing a tune-up of that energetic.

GIRLS: You might just feel a little like a rejector of what’s you’ve always been. Homo sapiens might get its hooks in you saying, why are you forsaking me, abandoning me? If youre not careful, you might let that hook you have some play in you. You’re not abandoning it, you’re evolving with it into something new. Instead, say, I choose evolution, and all that I am goes with me. You didn’t abandon high school to go to college, it’s just appropriate to move on.
It’s not a battle, Homo sapiens is not your enemy. It just doesn’t serve you anymore, just like we don’t go back to elementary school.

MATRIARCH: It’s been a joy, a privilege, an opportunity to be with you all tonight again. Yes, the calendar is changing and it matters, but not as much as it maybe once did. What really matters is, can you be present? Are you Homo sapiens or Homo spiritus in this now? Which is dealing with this?

(Whispers) “That might be a plan.”

Four Sessions held in December 2017


Price: $24.99