Audio recordings of the five meetings held in January 2009


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2009 01 07

The energetic of 2009 is new. What it is and how to work with it.
Certainty and the mind.
Inspiration, soul’s insight and change.
I am willing.
Judging and judgements.

What is the next step for me to look at?

Will we be able to be around our blood families and still keep our high vibrational state of being or will we have to leave them behind?

What am I learning in this moment?

What’s going on in my body?

I have a lot of pain in my body.

I am questioning if I want to stay in my body.

I’ve had a pain in my arm for eight years…

2009 01 11 Meeting

Eloheim talks about their work with Veronica, which was decided long before she was born. They talk about their purpose as it benefits Veronica and us and how to sort out what our minds limit us to do and what our soul wants for us.

Questions answered in this meeting include:

Can you talk about us and our relationship to our soul a little more?

Why are we on this spiritual journey?

How do you know when the mind is coming in with an answer and not the soul?

Why do we choose to come down to this level of vibration and difficulty? Why would we choose this?

Why do some lifetimes have a lot of physical pain or body distortions?

Amma’s ability to maintain bliss.

Why does the mind have trouble understanding infinity?

Why is this Earth experience considered getting the “golden ticket”?

Freewill zone?

Do I have spiritual guides and how do I participate with them?

Is Meditation one way to clear out all the extraneous stuff so that spirit can talk to me?

Why did I get Bell’s palsy? What’s the purpose of it?

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

My mom has Alzheimer’s and I’m wondering what she needs.

I’m about to graduate from college, what is next for me?

Friendships & jealousy.

2009 01 14 Meeting

Everything you have always wanted to know about being a high vibrational being.

What it means and how being a high vibrational being fits into your everyday life.

Tools for bringing about increased awareness towards increasing your vibratory rate and maintaining that rate.

Learn how to discern which vibrational state you are in.

Definition of judgement and boundary explained.

Are there any examples of hidden judgements we take for granted?

Do you love yourself enough to let go of the responsibility for other people’s journey?

I want to be high vibrational but my ____ isn’t?

Is there a requirement to stay with someone?

What about the value of life experiences.

Raising vibration using appreciation as well as consciousness.

Nature and high vibration.

Using tools as a way to align with a particular vibration.

5D reality and Homo Spiritus.

Baggage vs. life experience.

Body responses and nature as a vibrational shifting tool.

Limiting your world based on relationships.

Choosing relationships based on where you want to be vibrationally.

Soul contracts.

Ego vs. mind.

Neutrality and quiet (sometimes feels like lonely),

Feeling good isn’t necessarily high vibrational.

Looking outside of yourself for signs of congratulations on your inner growth.

Humorous discussion on money.

Trust and faith.

Summary of steps for Conscious Living.

2009 01 21 Meeting

Obama’s campaign on CHANGE. The concept of service. The role of lightworkers in service.
The service of consciousness and conscious acts.
What to ask yourself before you take action for being in service.

Questions answered in this meeting include:
Does my consciousness belong to me or to everybody as I generate it and it moves out in to the world?
When consciousness involves observation of self, doesn’t that take you out of the moment?
Big Toe Tool.
An example of a transformed experience at work.
Is there any past life that is acting in my lifetime now? What past life is causing this block? What is it I am wanting to learn?
Script holders.
Releasing the need to be in duality.
How can I clear up the dregs of clutter that are hanging about in my life experience?
Eloheim does energy work on a participant and talks about how our bodies respond to past lives.

2009 01 28 Meeting

FEAR. What it is and what the body does with it.
Fear of getting dead or the body ceasing to function.
Where are your fears of getting dead running up against your body’s survival instinct?
Eloheim asks each member of the group to speak about their current fears.

Questions answered in this meeting include:

I want to transform my relationship and I am afraid of my husband.

I’m afraid I will be beset by robbers and being injured.

I have hurt myself very badly and I need to not go to the doctors because I know they wouldn’t allow me to heal.

Fear of not getting well even when experiencing wellness.

My body is afraid.

Fear and DNA, healing your lineage.

My fear is that I won’t walk normally again and I will be experiencing longterm bone and nerve pain.

I have been trying to get clear about what my fears are.

Fear of not being able to handle whatever comes up in the moment.

Being comfortable in the journey of transformation.

Excitement fear, am I ready for what’s coming?

Fear of not doing enough.

Tarot cards and meditation.

My ‘check engine’ light came on.

Asking for help.