Three Sessions held in December 2019

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December 1, 2019

Profound conversation about how uncertainty fits into the Awareness teachings.

December 11, 2019

The Rind

Eloheim shared a story from a program that Veronica had watched on Netflix. The takeaway from it is that Personality really, really tries to take credit for things it didn’t do. Sometimes you don’t know the difference you’re making and sometimes you may never find out. If you only count on Personality, there’s no room for things like that to occur. Personality can’t make it happen. Personality imagines it’s in charge of how things turn out, but all Personality is, is a hanger on-er. You don’t know how you’re affecting other people.

What you’re doing is important and not small.

As you start to experience yourself in profoundly different ways, don’t think it’s wrong or that you should go looking for something you think you lost because we’re doing a very different thing.

What Veronica thought was a recent dream was not a dream. It was a collaborative interaction between us, the Council, and more. It was sort of like attending a summit. The more she can do things in Awareness steadily, the less she needs to do things in a Homo sapien’s way. Her work in that is to also work with us in new ways, which includes the queue of visitors that may come through in 2020. That work typically happens while she is in what you call the sleep state. She was checked out physically, but was actually checked in elsewhere. We want to talk about one of things that trickled through to her brain enough to speak about after she woke.

It started with a lemon. We were discussing ways to talk about how Personality shows up, and how Awareness contrasts with that. Personality tells you that all you get is the outside. Look, the rind, it’s all for you! Awareness recognizes that you could cut it up, you could eat it. The rind is attractive, but compared to the inside, the fruit, the juice, the pulp…do you want to live where all you get is the rind? And the whole time, inside is where all the juice and the nourishment is? What else is in there? Seeds. What do seeds do? They make more lemons. You got it. It’s fractal! When you open it up and get inside, there’s a seed, and that seed makes more and more lemons and more and more seeds. It’s fractal all the way down forever when you’re accessing the whole picture. It’s the difference between the rind and fractal forever.

If it’s true about a lemon, your experience of life is so more complex and fascinating than a lemon. there’s a lot more going on than a lemon. You’re fractal forever as a human. Every single now is fractal and you have a choice. We studied that a few years ago. You have built muscles for where we are now.

If every now is fractal, there’s not just options about my emotional state, there’s options about experience and explore. You have an opportunity for each now to expressed fractally in you so that you continuously feel the infinite possibilities that are viable in every now because of the fractal nature of reality. Life is not over there, life is down and in. Every step you take has an infinite potential attached to that. What we’re inviting you into is letting Awareness be your guide to what that experience and explore unveils itself to be when you recognize that every now is actually fractal. That’s how you have the Field of Infinite Possibilities (FIP). It’s a fractal unfolding. That is not something you can capture with your minds no matter how smart you are. it is what you can do with the opening of yourself to I refuse to allow Personality, the survival instinct, duality, and limitation to be in involved here. When I set all that stuff down, all that remains is the reality that every now is fractal, and I refuse to process that fact with any part of me other than my experience and explore self.

If any of that is going to make sense, start with every now is fractal.

What happens physically with you when you say every now is fractal? We invite you, additionally, to allow yourself to open the door to that. Just open the door to allow yourself, to the notion that this footstep into this next now, under the foot is not the carpet, it’s a fractal unfolding. Every step you take is actually active in the FIP, and it’s something you experience and do not control or attempt to understand. You simply experience it. You experience the act of allowing. Like when you use a cell phone, a car, or a microwave, you don’t try to figure out how it works in the moment, you simply experience it. And you don’t take credit for it. Your Personality grudgingly goes along with it yet it tries to assert itself and attempt to dominate in other things. We’re looking for the same casual acceptance that you use with your phone to access the FIP. No assumptions. You already know how to do this, just use the muscles you already have. Just like you don’t bring the grumpiest person you know to Disneyland with you, don’t bring Personality along on this journey of exploring and experiencing the FIP. Bring the kid on Christmas morning (KOCM)! Use that part of you that delights and doesn’t care about how things work.

Things are going to get a little wild. January is likely to get a little wild, politically and energetically. You’re starting to experience Awareness a little more consistently, and that feels different. The more you do it, the less different it will feel. That will heavily contrast against those who are not in Awareness. As you move into this other direction, that contrast will pull on you and feel weird. Let’s counterbalance that with using the KOCM muscle that you have and haven’t quite applied to this. Each now has the potential to be experienced as KOCM.

Eloheim spent a long time talking with John about his path of evolution while living in a family who is not on the same path.

The FIP, accessed through Awareness, is going to be the profound path that you’ve always sought and will have the experiences that make any kind of thing you have sorted out up to now look like the rind of the lemon rather than the fractal all the way down. You want the fractal all the way down, you want to cast the wide net. The problem is, if you cast your net from Personality, you will only get the Personality version of the fractal all the way down. It’s all you’re going to get, a temptation to allow Personality to dictate how it’s going to be, rather than being in Awareness right now and dropping into the present. Dropping into the present rather than projecting out to what could happen. What is happening out there cannot be more important than what is happening now, here inside me.

The only place you’re going to break the addiction to Personality is in the present. That’s the only place. That surrender of Personality is different for each of you but is hard for all of you. But you’re giving up the rind, the crappy substitution for reality. Each of you has to figure out what is keeping you hanging on the side of the pool rather than actually swimming in the pool.

I embrace the idea of the experience of my unlimited self that is only accessible through the now.

What can I surrender now? What can be surrendered now? Maybe it’s the idea that this chair is solid, the idea that I can’t see through the ceiling. I have to please my family. I’m not always right. Figuring it out. There’s only one way to get home. My expectations around Christmas. I can’t walk on water.

When you’re evaluating from Personality, Personality has a very clear set of circumstances that feels like success, that feels like is important-the rind. And when you’re experiencing and exploring from Awareness, it’s infinite, fractal all the way down. Being so incredibly present allows you to surrender the ways you’ve imagined things should be through Personality and you finally get to experience how they actually are in the FIP. And we can’t promise you anything about that other than it’s real, and you can do it, and you won’t regret it. We can promise you that it will not be like it is now. It will feel different.

December 15, 2019

Eloheim did a deep-dive review of 2019. WOW have we come a looooooong way!! I got a lot out of this meeting!

Three Sessions held in December 2019

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $19.99