Watch the ON DEMAND audio and/or video replay of these three sessions!

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The three sessions in August were tremendous. We were back on our normal schedule after our European sessions and Eloheim WAS READY to take things in new directions.

We started with the amazing August 13th session where the Visionaries gave us new insights on managing problems. It also included a Q&A with Eloheim for the local folks.

This was followed up by our regular online Q&A on the 17th. Eloheim asked me to change the format of the Q&A and I’m so happy with the new format! It made it all feel so much more intimate. Eloheim answered each question and then we had a Round Table conversation with the online participants to further explore each answer. LOVED IT!!

The final meeting of the month was the crown jewel!
Eloheim introduced a NEW TEACHING!!!!!

EPIC meeting last night! THE most life changing information to date. This changes everything for me. Thank you E and V!

WOW…Just watched last nights session, it was huge!! it was exactly what I needed…some juicy new info!!!

amazingly potent thank you…

OMG i’m blown away. I never felt like that while listening to E and the council….!!!! all new

Dorothy shared her thoughts on the 8-27-14 session

“You’re the one who knows. You have the Great Google (ie Akashic records) inside you. You’re the first person you ask because you actually know.”

I heard Oz in those ^ quotes. “I am the Great and Powerful Oz!” said the Wizard. And “You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power…” said Glinda. As an Oz fan, this went deep and stuck. I am the one who knows and I’ve always had the power.

We’re in an inquiry place and the important thing to know is, “What is the question??” I have the answer within me, now what is my question?

It always starts with, I know the answer. Now, what is my question? Am I asking the question the right way? Well, that was an eye opener. It’s likely the question wasn’t even close to what I believed it to be because it was based on the answer I expected. I need to find new neural pathways to access the answers I seek inside me. That will take a new question asked in a new way, just as changing the wording when you Google something changes the answers that come back using that search engine.

My search engine needs my questions asked in a new way.

Changing the wording and the ways I ask will lead to the answers I already have access to in my Inner Google. I have rarely thought I knew the answers and have struggled so hard to find them, seldom trusting how and if I did know. This channel felt like a big door opening wide for me. I changed the wording and asked an important question right after it and the answer blew me away. Totally not what I expected.

And now, I just remembered a long time ago I was journaling, talking to my higher self about the things I wanted to do and gifts and talents I wanted to access. I wrote, “I feel like a kid standing outside a candy store, nose pressed against the glass, looking in. I am watching everyone else have what I want.” The answer to that was, “The door’s open. Come on in.”

I’m going in.

Mary Y shared her thoughts

What sticks from the last channel…well, one thing….”You may not be able to choose away from what you discover.’ I felt that in fear first—what if it gets me dead?—-and then fascination.

Also…”We’re not assigning you a task. We’re liberating you from shit.”

Watch the ON DEMAND audio and/or video replay of these three sessions!

Price: $24.99



Questions answered in the online Q&A included:

Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed. The physical pain thing has been big in my life recently and I am feeling like I am getting in a good place with that and at the same time I am feeling an urging to make my life as simple as I can. I feel an urging to withdraw from family for a bit, to halt creative projects, to minimize responsibilities I have with anyone other than myself and spend time with just me for a bit. Can you find that place within in me that this is coming from and speak to me about how you see it. I want to understand it better because I feel a call to action in regards to it.

I feel like I am on the verge of letting some great new things into my life and letting a lot of what doesn’t work go, but I also feel like my mind is really blocking me right now. How can I get my brain on board?

I am becoming aware of my inner child. My inner child seems to be an aspect of me in this lifetime. I would like suggestions & insight how to mature this aspect of myself. How I entered this lifestream is not the me of today. Thank you.

Infinite probabilities – instant manifestation of some of these. There seems to be a responsibility I am feeling is choosing after these probabilities appear. I am feeling the need to be very clear and focused and not in lack. This is very intense especially with a demanding family life. Can you talk more about it.

I would like you to assist me by reading my energetics. I feel directionless, my body feels sluggish and old, my skin feels dry with some itching around my genital area and a skin eruption on my left breast which has been there for almost 3 years not healing. I feel detached and rootless somehow and my usual sense of joy and anticipation has left me. Can you let me know what I need to clear to move forward in life please?