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Audio downloads of the seven meetings held in May, 2012

2012-05-02 ~ 85 minutes

In this meeting, there was emphasis on the break-open place; being in the moment without preconceived notions, and open to your soul’s insight.

Guardians: We feel a fierce attention to the moment, a fierce desire for transformation. There’s an “I’m here” energy, which we powerfully see in your lower chakras. It makes a fertile field for growth and change, and there’s so much energetic support for that now. To keep your balance, keep your focus, put your presence in the moment. In the break-open place, you stay in the moment’s experience without duality.

Visionaries: You hold the break-open place by being aware that your survival instinct (mind) will be in conflict with you and so you know how to handle it. It is not in charge of your spiritual journey. You can tell it; “Yes, I hear you, and it’s not interesting to me. Go count the white blood cells, please.” Saying a conscious “no” to habits of thinking helps create the break-open place, and allows it to become more frequent. Don’t define it; keep it open. Just stay open to what it true now, in non-duality and non-adrenaline. Be in “now” without feeling jeopardized or confused. Now – Be – Is. Then allow life to flow into the break-open place. Allow synchronicity and the experience of “ah-ha to ah-ha.”

Eloheim: Discussed the break-open place with the attendees. Noted how it is accessed when you stay in your truth.

The experiences you find in your lap can come from four levels of your being: conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious (childhood, unhealed core emotion) and the soul level. The soul level has agreements and relationship appointments that you are often not conscious of. Your main responsibility is how you react to what has been offered to you – from whatever level your experiences comes. Be in the break-open place as you have your experiences. Be as neutral as possible.

The “following” part of ballroom dancing is a good example of dancing with insight. In following, you don’t need to know where to go next because your partner leads you. Be aware that you can have a positive experience without knowing where you are going, and just be in the moment without control or certainty. The break-open place is a place of discovery and awareness, new in every moment. This open experience can be somewhat fragile at first, so don’t attempt to stay in it. Don’t attempt to grasp it with the mind. You can say “I want to live from this place,” but then let it go. Ask for insight first, even if you think you know the answer. Ask for insight on how to allow things to move and flow. The occasional peak experiences can fuel the raising up of your whole vibration, eventually. But listen to the body while you are in it, as it takes time for the body to adjust. Acknowledge the “wows.” Build up a level of confidence in your ability to affect your world and experience.

What you let in, you will emanate out, so be conscious of what you let in. For things like news, the internet, relationships, food, etc., ask: “Is this giving me something that I want to give to the world?” You are a emanating a collection of experiences, so choose with that in mind.

Pain and illness: You can use the break-open point as a way to be in the now, even if you feel pain. You can say “yes” to the pain if that is your experience in the moment, and then pay lots of attention to it. Actively engage with it in an open way. Don’t resist it. Use short, factual statements: “I have back pain.” “I have a bill I can’t pay.” You can repeat a true statement over and over as long as that is the truth in each moment. Sit in the truth and see where you are tempted to go. Stay out of stories. See what insight comes in.

2012-05-09 ~ 89 minutes

Guardians: It’s time to take a little jump here. Transformation requires having a genuine willingness to lay down the old stories. Living in level 6 means consciously erasing the presence of a trigger by your reaction to it in the moment. You catch yourself at the generating event and OWN it. “I’m in a generating event. This is happening FOR me.” You monitor your reaction so quickly and so thoroughly that you erase the actual trigger. See how quickly you can make that choice and not accumulate baggage and static. You may still experience body reactions and anxiety, but you can hold that consciously as well.

Visionaries: As a human, you will always encounter generating events. Will you choose to go into trigger, or will you choose conscious awareness and acceptance? The latter is living in level 6. Level 5 (“This trigger is mine”) is a resting place, but level 6 is a transit level, a bridge to level 7 – Oneness and non-duality. In level 6, you leave behind all your learned reactions to the world. You go INTO your experiences more deeply.

Eloheim: Irrational fears are coming up for some. There is intensity in the energy, but you can use it as fuel, rather than fear. “I am willing” is about opening up and being willing to experience something new. It’s letting go of control. But when you go into something new, fear will be there. Fear is an indicator that you are challenging the survival instinct; it’s not a gauge of whether or not you should do something. Since change and fear go together, listen to the part that says. “This is good!” Listen to that. Let the “sparkle” be the louder voice. Then be in step-by-step. It’s not “Will I ever…?” but “What is NOW?”

You are uncertain by nature and making friends with uncertainty is a big part of the spiritual journey; your relationship to uncertainty a hallmark of where you are in the Ascension journey. Own the fact that the only control you have is in your reaction in the now moment. Be calm moment by moment and milk the nuances that are there. Sink deep into your truth. And when you know your truth, you don’t need to sell anyone on it, you can just sit in it and let it emanate out of you. Be still and sink. If things come up, if you find something big in your lap, sink deeper. Go deeper into the fractal layers, where there is more space and more potentials.

If you deal with your survival instinct, if stay attentive in level 6, then level 7 – oneness, and the glories that exist therein – unfolds naturally. You don’t get there by wishing it or by hoping. You get there step-by-step and being with what is in your lap. And then, in level 7, your natural being starts to emerge and your awareness expands. You find you can expand to anywhere on the planet and experience the earth as if it’s your physical playground.

Your correction to reactions to generating events clears a space. Don’t refill the space with more stuff. Keep it open and then fill it with high vibrational responses and insight from your soul. This is the break-open place that was talked about last week. Abide in it, go deep, and fall through into the deeper layers of experience.

Warrior: When you have generating events, you need to stand courageously and not make them into triggers. You have movie versions of this, when armies are lined up just before the fighting begins, and there is one leader gesturing “hold.” The action is held is a state of quiet readiness. You go deep – so that you’re clear on what’s going on – and then move purposefully. Hold, then move purposely. Don’t let habit slap you around. Killing your habitual ways of responding is abiding in level 6. If you attentively move through it, if you purposely abide there, then level 7 will be yours.

Matriarch: Nothing stands in your way but you. Generating events WILL happen and when they do, hold. You don’t have to react and you don’t have to search for an answer immediately. “What is true now? It’s happening for me.” Abide in the discomfort. Hold and then choose for the “aha.”

2012-05-12 ~ 102 minutes

We returned to Sebastopol for another Q&A on May 12, 2012.

2012-05-16 ~ 87 minutes

The discussion began with Guardians guiding the group to accommodate the soul’s presence in the body, especially in the hip area. They guided us through a breathing exercise and reminded us that ensouling the body will create profound changes in the physical body.

The Visionaries pointed out that by not resisting “WHAT IS” we are open to oneness. This is the time to introduce oneness to the body. They further elaborated on abiding in the “Generating event.” They see this as the clear path to living from ascended state and they hold the vision of that for us.

Eloheim asked us to let go of three things which most of the over-achieving light workers often tempted to feel.
“Oh God! I’m missing the ascension bus.”
“I’m not doing enough.”

To do so, we have to face the challenge of “getting big.” Both the triggers and generating events feel uncomfortable. Generating events make way for transformation where as triggers keep us in the loop of suffering.

Fred spoke about ensouling the body.

The Girls spoke of building the root chakra foundation. They described their supportive presence as we face our generating events, they reminded us that we are not alone in this.

The Warrior explained that we have everything that we need within us to live from our soul’s presence in the body, now we are just getting rid of the baggage that is in the way of us knowing that truth. He described how we can stop generating more baggage which clears the way to oneness and ensoulment.

The Matriarch pointed out that our ascended self is coming forward as we take off the layers of the costume we wear.

2012-05-20 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 88 minutes

2012-05-23 ~ 80 min

Guardians: Breathe down into your hips and, when you exhale, think of dropping unwanted energy out of your tailbone. As you ensoul, the experience of your body is going to change. The human body is capable of an incredible assortment of experiences and it will start to participate in the physical journey beyond what you’re currently experiencing. You may, for instance, become sensitive to some things. When you have ESP-type hunches, acknowledge them: “That’s new. I wonder what it is?” Listen to what the body is asking. Keep asking “What is true now? What is the body wanting? What is the body showing me? What is the body offering me?” As it shows you the things that it cares about, is interested in and fascinated by, watch the survival instinct popping up.

Where you are right now, energetically, is like a train with the engine just turned on. The engine’s started but there’s not enough friction and traction to move forward immediately, and it takes some time to get going. It’s just a transition for, once the train gets going, almost nothing stops it. And when you HOLD during a generating event, that allows you to put your intention into those wheels, so you can build up that traction.

Eloheim: Reviewed levels 1-7. Level 5 was a real ownership place and you rested in this place for some time. “This trigger is mine. I will not share my trigger with anyone!” Level 6 takes that a step further by owning the generating event, now no longer a trigger. You don’t even go to where triggers are; you just stay in the generating event. Taking ownership of the generating event is taking ownership of your transformation.

Think of level 6 as a long gradual ramp of movement towards level 7 – a very gentle, long, spiraling ramp. Take it step by step, piece by piece, moment by moment, as you move along that ramp because now the body is involved. During this long ramp, start building trust with your body. Be aware that it will react and do things that are unexpected. When that happens, don’t go back to the lower levels in your reactions. Make friends with the body; be in allowance. Build a trusting relationship with it the same way that you would build trust with a frightened once-abused dog.

There were various discussions with attendees. One of the issues was experiencing an intense flashback of victim energy. Because, as you ensoul your body, the intensity with which you re-experience things is going to go off the chart. You start tapping into how powerful your soul is. It’s going to feel more intense because more of your soul is present experiencing it with you. That’s where you as the personality self has to shepherd it. If you need to, take a time out. Add “I am tempted to…” to add some calmness and space. Adding that phrase literally changes your brain

When you change, you’re going to get normal survival instinct reactions. So when you find yourself, say, crying, you can say, “Wow, here is my body reacting to my spiritual choice.” That’s making friends with the body. That’s building trust, building a bond, with the body. It’s you saying “It’s safe to do this.”

2012-05-30 ~ 91 minutes

Guardians began the session by encouraging us to feel into the KNOWING of oneness as we are all doing the same thing at the same time in our unique way. Whenever we notice that as a group of humans we are sharing the similar experiences we can remind ourselves that, “I am part of oneness having that experience.” To have eyes that look for oneness is an efficient way to tap into our interconnectedness.

The Visionaries reminded us to check inside of ourselves to determine our “lingering” emotional state. Whatever comes up, it is important to honestly inquire into its truth so that more can be revealed regarding our knowing of OurSelf. If the lingering state is “craving transformation,” then it’s important to determine if we are constantly in a “doing transformation” mode or are we allowing the discovery to happen in beingness?

Eloheim elaborated on the subject of “the generating event” by discussing examples from the group. They gave a new tool for accepting the situation of NOW by acknowledging “This is my first choice.”

Fred pointed out that having full knowing of our focused intention is very important to accessing advanced ways of creating, including instantaneous manifestation, teleportation, etc. Getting out of hamster wheel mind is foundational to this idea (video clip below).

The Girls spoke about being aware of our truth and moving in our truth.

The Warrior spoke further about feeling into the oneness and wholeness.

The Matriarch ended the session by reminding that ONENESS means that your awareness of YOU connects with the awareness of another in a way you both still know your individuation and also merge with the connectedness that you both have.