Five sessions held in September, 2012

This package includes audio of all five and video of four (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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2012 09 10 Meeting ~ Sebastopol Q&A ~ Audio

2012-09-12 ~ 85 minutes

Our first channeling session after the retreat had The Council feeling a sense of “beginning a new chapter.”

The Guardians: No matter what you are doing, you are emanating. Accept the uncertainly of where your emanation goes and continue to keep the focus on you. The effect you have on others is not your truth. The experience you have of yourself is your truth, and reinvest in that with every breath. This is the authentic way of making a difference in the world.

Visionaries: You are in powerful times and have powerful opportunities, but you have to seize them powerfully. And the most power you will ever have is when you own your truth. You are powerful when you look a trigger in the eye – when you look at habit, fear, discomfort, pain, frustration – and say “I know what’s true about you.” You don’t flinch and you don’t go into “I suck.” You know that everything that’s happening for you is authentically how you meant it to be from a soul level. You face your first choice, even if it makes you weep, because you know you will find something there. And feel the joy of the truth that emerges; don’t skip over it. Revel in it a little bit so that you can reinforce the neural pathways of learning to always look for the gift.

Eloheim: (Spent a few minutes talking about the retreat and how it affected the Council). Transformation needs consistency, and that is hard because life throws lots of different things at you. You need to learn to be consistent with your tools in ever-changing circumstances. You would all make great monks in the cave, but that won’t get you what you want. You need to be monks in the marketplace, walking consciously in various circumstances and choosing for consciousness in every moment. When something arises, don’t let fear get too much of you before consciousness comes in. Catch yourself early and often, esp. when big triggers occur. It’s like the jacket on the coat rack. Fear is there, but are you going to pick it up? Are you going to pick up anxiety and wear it? Or are you going to just observe it hanging on the wall?

Some of you felt love during the retreat. Your defenses came off and you experienced, and witnessed, true vulnerability. That’s actually what we’re working towards – to live in a place that allows you to love yourself and to fall in love with the people you meet. But when you see yourself honestly and don’t appreciate what you see, that’s your static generator. Saying “I suck” – no matter what it is – is your true weakness. That is why “this is my first choice” is so powerful because it cuts away some of that. Vulnerability is seeing yourself honestly and still appreciating it. It’s saying “I love myself anyway.” You love the truth of you, whatever it is and however raw it makes you feel.

How do you stay in vulnerability while feeling discomfort? The answer is to say, “I’m not trying to avoid this place; I’m not trying to get away from it. I’m going to see what’s here.” It is not suffering because suffering is stuck, repeating pain. But vulnerability is abiding in discomfort, experiencing what comes up, and then progressing through it. “You’re here; I see you. I feel raw but I want my heart to open. I want to experience something else.”

(Eloheim also talked about the switch in chakras that happened about a year ago, when each Council member went down to the next lowest chakra).

At the retreat, we said that “you are loved.” The entire fabric of creation is expressing love towards you – and, as you experience yourself experiencing the entire fabric of creation, you can’t avoid but be loved. The only thing between that and what you experience is your static – the “I’m not OK, I can’t receive, I don’t deserve.” But the oneness is true. You can’t avoid it – all you can do is hide from it. And the more you accept things as your “first choice,” the less static you generate, the more truth you see, and the more you realize the gift that is actually being offered to you.

The next moment you feel vulnerable, don’t hide from it, don’t run away from it. Don’t diminish it; don’t discount it. It is never weakness unless you go into “I suck.” Weakness has been a refuge for you, but it’s a false one. So when you encounter an enemy in battle, when you encounter a trigger, be in vulnerability. Be in the place where you can at least swing your sword. A horse – a trigger – is running towards you and you swing at it by throwing your truth at it. And you just hold in that space of truth.

Matriarch: You have come to a moment where you are saying, “yes, maybe I can let this thing go. Maybe I can catch myself a little bit earlier in triggers. Maybe, just maybe, I can let ‘I suck’ go.” The door is open. Push it open more. Walk through.

2012-09-16 ~ Q&A with Eloheim

Eloheim included a long discussion of Oneness during this powerful Q&A session.

2012-09-19 ~ 80 minutes

This session focused on creating trust between you and your body. The Council was very excited that we are ready to attend to this relationship as “the physical is the last to shift.”

Guardians: Come prepared, but not in outcome or even expectation. If you come poised and ready, then all the potentials just furl in front of us. All the doors of the house fly open.

Visionaries: We are building up to the point where what is true now is simply “I am.” What is true now is the energetic connection to your soul. As you walk in the world experiencing things, you own them as your creation, and you move with them – knowing they are allowing opportunities. When you have discomfort, you recognize that you have a habitual way of attending to the discomfort, and then you just let that go and open up space. You stare at your creations from a place of awe. This is how the soul sees life.

Eloheim: This is about catching yourself earlier in the reactions to your triggers, and owning your triggers in a new way. Make your choices clear, and from the inside out. Don’t make your choices from reactive habits or fear, but from what is true for you now. Don’t broad-brush the tendencies you see in yourself, but make them specific. Don’t label yourself with common labels; just be in your truth.

Your spirit is saying that change is safe and welcome, but your body doesn’t listen to you and it may have reactions. Give your body messages of acceptance so it can learn to trust you.

Fred: You and your body don’t trust each other. There is a disconnect, a miscommunication. So start with what is. What if the incarnation started this minute? “Wow! I have a body! How cool is that?” You can start with simple things, like how you can reach out with your arm. You can be aware of how much the body does automatically, like breathing and blood circulation. Express appreciation. If the body has aches or pains, see them with fascination. In your partnership with your soul, the body is your area of expertise. So be in alliance with it.

Girls: The body doesn’t trust you because you don’t love yourself very well most of the time. So many light workers do not love their body in general, and you certainly don’t love the aches and pains. But you can look at the hurts as an opportunity to know yourself more. Maybe you’re afraid to reach out into the world and that’s why your right arm isn’t working properly. Maybe you’re afraid to receive love from others, and that’s why your left elbow doesn’t bend anymore. Ailments have everything to do with the energetics you’re constantly playing ping pong with. Figure out what ping pong ball you’re throwing at the body. And be very patient in this process.

Matriarch: The body is the last to get it. So, if we’re talking about it, that means we’re moving right along in our journey together. So figure out where you’re lobbing those ping pong balls off to you body that says you’re no good. It is time to build this trust.

2012-09-26 – 88 minutes

Was this this funniest session ever? Folks seem to think so! Plus, there’s enough information in this meeting to fill four meetings!

The Guardians asked us to go even deeper into our center, closer to the truth of the moment, deeper into the layers of “I am willing.” Being in this deeper level allows expansion. You experience you experiencing the moment.

The Visionaries emphasized the reality of chaos from here on out, of change, of the possibility of experiencing the “new” in every moment. The one thing you can do, the real doorway to your freedom, is to choose your reactions. Choose and choose again. We are in the rapids now; this is chaotic, rapid time. The tools of “eyes open” and of “fact, fact, fact” leave room for empty space and insight. Includes a very funny analogy of riding in a boat on a river!

Eloheim opened their session by elaborating on the open space. When we quiet the survival instinct and habits, the open space can automatically appear, and the discipline of staying in the open space is what is required now. When we are in our space, the “chaos” can stay outside of it and we can walk in the marketplace of life and know ourselves as “new.” The open space IS you; you are walking AS an open space. Opposites and past and future don’t exist there. “ What is true now?” “This is the most precious space I can be in.” It is also the portal to Oneness. Abide and live from the open space, the level 8, and “watch your world move around you.” We are moving into Homo spiritus.

Body: the open space allows a clean space for the body and gives it an opportunity for correction and recalibration. In the open space, your relation to time is radically changed, and this can create miracles. In the open space, a different part of the brain is used, and the same body can have a very different experience.

When you have problems and triggers, say “I am willing to have a different relationship to this.”

Eloheim then did a not-to-be-missed physical reenactment of a triggered body response and explained how best to shift it: get rid of the “I suck” statements first, and then get into the facts. Turn the cards up on your table – fact, fact, fact – and lay them out. Eyes open.