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Two sessions held in October 2016

This package includes audio and video from the two sessions of October 2016.

October 16, 2016

92 minutes

The Q&As have been a place where the online community gathers to move the teachings forward. There were no questions on this day so Eloheim opened with a talk on the theme of 2017, Energetic Leadership and Common Ground. Eloheim asked us to pay more attention, consistently and regularly, to what we are saying, especially on social media. They reminded us of the template they suggested when someone shares something vulnerable with us, and that is:
1. Thank you for sharing.
2. That sounds hard/confusing/frustrating.
3. How can I help?
It’s about not being reactive. Instead, it’s about being an energetic leader.

Speaking on the topic that is at the forefront of everyone’s attention at the moment, the U.S. the election, Eloheim said, “Our job is to illuminate, not tell you how to vote.” They described how people are sharing some very personal and vulnerable experiences on Facebook and that the responses to those sharings have been saddening and a bit discouraging. They said that this a call for the 3-sentence template previously described. They asked us to acknowledge the person’s sharing and to stay on topic. Don’t veer off into describing how much worse is something or someone else. Be the person who says, “I hear you.” Be an energetic leader.

Find common ground, they advised, find a third way, and stop casting someone as an “other.” You have to escape duality in order to be in Level 7. You are here to do the nearly impossible, to find the third way, and it’s not going to be comfortable, obvious, or easy. Be a witness, be a leader, or find somewhere else to focus to focus your energy.

Eloheim then opened up the call to the chat room participants and asked for comments, thoughts, confessions, or questions. The group chat inspired Eloheim to expand on Level 7 and how different is with no adrenaline, the quietness of the current moment, the calm before the storm of “watch it move,” and connecting to the Now instead of the past or the future.

Half the people will be disappointed in the results of the election (duality), cautioned Eloheim, and they are concerned at the rhetoric of the people deeply invested in duality. Be aware if you are using the same part of you to react to their reactions.

The Retreat was the next topic of the evening when Eloheim asked the group for feedback and questions. In answer to the group’s feedback, they talked more about how things will change in Level 7 and about Personality’s job as the witness and the chronicler. A question was asked about how to treat memories in the Now, and preference or desire was clarified via the example of Disneyland.

Eloheim chatted about creating the solar system with the resources available to them. We humans might be impressed with that feat, but E said they don’t feel that is the impressive part. Eloheim likened it to us creating a website. For them, the impressive part is what you do with the creation, and that is what is happening now with the option to shift from Homo sapien to Homo spiritus.

This first meeting after the Retreat was a long and intimate session full of golden nuggets of information and reminders of our evolution.

“The most important thing is that we want to give you this option. We realize that duality has a hold on you. It was required. You can escape duality now. Living on planet Earth without duality being the driving factor would be an extraordinary thing. Please don’t feel discouraged. Please don’t feel you can’t do it. You’re doing an extraordinary job.” Eloheim


October 26, 2016

89 minutes
Plop Meeting

Hydrogen Protons and the Field of Infinite Possibilities, Plus the Second Change to the Free Will Zone

With the help of a prop and the whiteboard, in this meeting Eloheim first discussed the field of infinite possibilities and how it is connected to hydrogen protons.

According to Eloheim, when the current version of you is in the Now, you’re a puzzle piece pinging the field of infinite possibilities (FIP), and it is returning the matching puzzle piece. Every time you ping the FIP, you have parts of your puzzle piece that stick out. This is harder for the FIP to work with, so if you want instant return from the FIP, don’t make it work so hard.

The idea is to be neutrally observant. In the past, that meant “shut up.” Now we want to ping the FIP as a smooth puzzle piece. Ping it not having worries, static, and baggage, all of which increases the pieces of your puzzle that stick out. Walk into the FIP smooth, neutrally observant, presenting more surface area for the FIP to work with.

Need/Need-Met explained.
Using the ever helpful whiteboard, Eloheim further explored the BPA and the needs/needs-met concept. When the BPA is suspended above the Now, you have a whole bunch of static and nonsense between need and need-met. When the current version of you is present in the Now, you have access to subatomic particles, and there is no time gap between need and need-met. It happens instantaneously.

Need and need-met is actually the exploration of the Now. Not having a need that is not met. If you have needs that are ongoing, if you have a need that hasn’t been met, let it go. There’s something else that you can be in the Now with that will have movement for you.

Watch it move. Invest in what is now. “What is Now” is an upgrade of “What is True Now” ( a tool meant to shut your Personality up, basically, your Missy Crazy voice). Now is something valuable, something juicy. It’s Level 8.

How does the FIP work?
You need to know how hydrogen protons work. These are the most common things in your entire universe. The FIP is actually hydrogen protons. The FIP is infinite. The structure of the FIP is built by, carried by, held by the infinite number of hydrogen protons. When you ping FIP you’re communicating with hydrogen protons.

How do you interact with the field of hydrogen protons?
You offer a puzzle piece and the field of hydrogen protons sees what it can match. It is not driven by Personality. It is driven by Awareness, informed by the Body, and witnessed by you.

Look for the need/need-met thing to be happening. Be in the now so much that you’re surprised, delighted, fascinated by the occurrence. Level 8 FIP responds to your larger request, a request you don’t even know you’re making. It is a natural, normal thing that has always been going on.

Here the Q&A part of the meeting happened, allowing the group to clarify their understandings. They talked about doubt, resistance, dropping like a rock, surrendering, and Level 8 having a sense of rightness, i.e. dominoes standing up.

The second thing we had to change in the free will zone.
This part was very emotional for Eloheim to talk about. They said when they were given the opportunity to create a free will zone so we could experience density and duality, they had to change two things before it actually worked.

Having already discussed the first thing they had to change in a previous meeting, Eloheim shared with us that the second thing they had to do was turn up the duality in order to keep us here. Eloheim said that after that, every single time they heard us say how much we hated and regretted our expression on this planet, it was a result of them having to turn up the duality. And it hurt.

An emotional Eloheim said we heard your cries and it has been difficult hearing your pain. So we want to teach you to escape duality yet live in the fullness of this beautiful planet.

“We’ve never been closer to the vision we had when we created this solar system.”

Teaching us how to access the infinite field of hydrogen protons is truly a profound moment and the next step. Drop like a rock into the Now, it is access to everything. It’s a great sign for Level 8 when you can’t tolerate Personality dragging you around. Personality is the witness, the one between two infinite fields, the one who says whoa, look at that!

Homo spiritus has no interest in duality. It seeks the third way. It doesn’t cast people as others. It doesn’t tell stories. 2017 is about Energetic Leadership and escaping duality.

This amazing plop session ended with more great input and questions from the community. Eloheim suggested we come up with our own unique visualizations of the protons and then fill the area around us with them. They are happy to do our work, says Eloheim. You don’t have to ask for it to happen. Expect and then notice.

Here are the mechanics:

Balance the Body-Personality-Awareness.
Drop like a rock into the Now with the CVY (current version of you).
STAY there so that you’re pinging the field, stay in that meeting place between the field of Protons and the field of Awareness.



Price: $14.99

Two sessions held in October 2016

This package includes audio and video from the two sessions of October 2016.