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2012 01 04 ~ 88 minutes

In the January 4, 2012 session, The Council spoke about experiencing triggers from the 5th level of awareness. The group provided great examples which allowed Eloheim to discuss the topic in-depth.

The Guardians began the session by reminding us that the “exploration of oneness” is the theme of 2012; we will emanate our truth into the experience of the interwovenness of all.

The Visionaries highlighted that one of the major aspects of 2012 is releasing our baggage as ascension cannot be accompanied by baggage. One of the main things that is required of us is willingness to change our relationship to triggers. We need to catch the patterns which do not serve us.

Eloheim invited the group to share their experiences and addressed a few crucial points about “This trigger is mine.” When triggers happen and discomfort is felt, the temptation is to look for comfort in the feeling such as, “It will be ok.”

This act can help us break out of obsessive worrying however, it tends to put us in victim hood.
Eloheim advised us to let the discomfort and the entire story around it come alive in us to discover what it has to reveal. This will help us avoid further unconscious creations based on this trigger and allow us to catch the patterns when they are small and not yet manifested in our external worlds.

The Girls stressed the importance self-love and being kind to ourselves as we work on our triggers. Level 5 doesn’t have to be a place of mental clarity, it is a place of discovery, curiosity, and uncertainty.

Fred spoke about his further exploration of fractal levels. He has been laying down the energetic pathways and probability matrixes, which we can navigate quantumly .

The Warrior asked us to focus on staying in level 5 as long we can and reminded us that when we leave it to leave it as a conscious act.

The Matriarch was amazing as she beautifully reminded us that we are loving ourselves so deeply that we are in a willing dance with those last unconscious aspects within so that we can move fully into bliss as our transformed state. She asked us to be in the place of appreciation and gratitude as we encounter our triggers, for they are gifting us a deeper knowing of ourselves. It is important to not to avoid triggers or move away from them, but to face them with the intention of discovery.

By constantly facing our triggers from level 5, we get to experience Level 6, in which we won’t feel the effect of the trigger as it appears in our experience, but will appreciate it as part of what IS from a place of clarity and soul’s perspective.

2012 01 11 ~ 91 minutes

The intense energies of this time are stirring up deep rooted triggers. The energies are poking at the sore wounds within, those parts which are stubborn and often bring out feelings of, “How can I ever integrate this?” The triggers are here because we love ourselves SO profoundly that, even in discomfort, we are willing to choose self-discovery.

The session was mainly about the effective use of level five, “This trigger is MINE!” as we face our last bits of unconsciousness.

The Guardians reminded us of the value of the opportunity we have when we gather with like-minded community to transform our lives. They brought our attention to the present moment. They spoke about the release of those last unconscious aspects, the places where we are hiding the last holdouts, the places where the baggage is invisible to us, and is deeply rooted in our cellular structures. They asked us to be brutally honest with ourselves about where we are still hiding from facing our truth. (see video clip)

They reminded us the need to BELIEVE that WE HAVE THE ABILITY to transform the triggers on a cellular level; a transformation which is totally supported by the energies of 2012.

The Visionaries appreciated the depth that we each have with in us. They reminded us that we have the full power to transform those last unconscious bits. Additionally, they pointed out that we are evolving our physical forms and that’s why we are constantly required to face our triggers and transform them.

Eloheim revealed out that when we claim, “This trigger is mine” we are also saying, “This moment is mine” because we are in the moment by choice, from self-inquiry, and self-love. This is the fractal way of experiencing life and being deeply in the moment. The discomfort we feel when we claim the trigger is the potential for discovery

Fred reminded us that we are the galactic beings, we are the expression of God’s curiosity, we are infinite and immortal, and we have been built to have the most wondrous experiences. Fred stressed the importance of emanating our TRUTH as it is, freely and without filters. As we emanate our truth this way, we dissolve our “limited beliefs” and allow ourselves to expand infinitely. Mastering level 5 is essential in order for us to fully move on to level 6 and the countless deeper levels.

2012-01-15 ~ Q&A with Eloheim

How can I tell when domesticated dogs are using their free will vs. script holding? Do dogs have core emotions and Alternate Expressions? What is the number one thing domesticated dogs want us humans to know?

He really wants to sing without holding back, yet feels self-conscious and limited around his roommates. How can he sing fully and be the truth of him?

He has vertigo since childhood. Doctors say his body is normal. He has tried both allopathic and homeopathic medications with no success. Is there any energetic that needs releasing?
(Eloheim tells of golden mist emanating from his hand. “We’ve never said that to anyone before.”)

She is a death transition worker. What can help the transformation to Homo Spiritus during the death process? Are our CEs and triggers taken to the next body?

She feels blocked in her solar plexus. Is there something unconscious holding her back from doing more? (Hearty laugh from Eloheim) If so, what is it and what tools can help her to do more?
(Eloheim discusses not being in outcome and the Matriarch’s stepping stone analogy)

If life is like a holodeck, what is our real relationship to people and things? Are they “real” people? If so, how are they real?

She was in a car accident and experienced a “life review” yet decided to return. Feels some aspect of her stayed over “yonder”. How can she re-collect and reclaim these parts? Will these parts bring memories of where they have been?

She had a month long cold, and is now getting another. Is this all “clearing” or is she just sick?
(Eloheim mentions that just like they hear a gate latch when someone gets it, they hear an oven timer “ding” when someone is “cooked”.)

She recently saw the movie Sherlock Holmes. She felt the “call” of the other timeline. How can she better moderate the pull of her AEs?

Can you help her release her long-term pain of TMJ?

She has migraines. How can she un-create this?

Her boyfriend is not loving and affectionate, but she does not want to lose him. What should she do?
(Eloheim proclaims to all that it is NOT OK to be treated like shit and put up with it because it is “for my spiritual growth”.)

She thinks she has started channeling, but is unsure. Can you confirm this? Did Veronica doubt at first? How did she handle that?

2012-01-18 ~ 79 minutes

The Council’s main focus was to remind us about catching those last bits of unconscious triggers within, mainly by discussing the effective use of “This Trigger is Mine” level 5 awareness.

The Guardians were pretty intense as they asked us to watch our emanation in each moment, especially as we encounter our triggers. They advised that checking our energetic emanation is a great way to bring our attention to this moment, to our creations, and to taking responsibility for our reactions to our creations. They asked us to consider, “How can i take further responsibility for this emanation that is occurring?”

Visionaries reminded us, as our internal world is reflected in our external reality, it is important to look for our unconscious triggers. These can often be found by looking in the places were we make assumptions. Only by going through level 5 awareness will we get to level 6 which is, “The complete and utter willingness to stare at our triggers” and when they try to put their hooks in us, know that they are here for growth.

Eloheim spoke in detail about the difference between planning and focusing on outcome. The group offered powerful and humorous examples for Eloheim to work with.

Girls spoke about the discovery of additional layers we will encounter as we process a trigger. Triggers can be revelatory moments that continue to unfold.

Fred spoke about the flexibility of our consciousness as we navigate between fractal levels and he is facilitating the process of moving in a non-linear way to facilitate us experiencing ourselves in a new way.

The Warrior was straight forward about owning our truth and speaking our truth, even if it is at times, “I don’t know.”

The Matriarch brought our attention to the need for balance as we let the world in, the balance of setting boundaries and being open to new experiences. This balance will give us a foundation of wholeness as we interact with the external world.

2012 01 25 ~ 90 minutes

Received by email:

Hi Veronica, I just wanted to tell you that this meeting was amazing and especially insightful to me…a lot of pieces of the puzzle slipped into place. When Eloheim was talking with Devon about how the new version of her felt so uncomfortable trying to fit back into her old life, I realized I’ve been feeling the same way. So much internal change has happened for me in the past year…really, the last 6 months. I’ve been wondering why I’m not drawn to be with old friends and nothing feels quite right any more. I’ve been trying to fit the new me into the old package!!

Eloheim’s words helped me realize that I need to do some adjusting to my world (I’ve already put up all new artwork!) and I think it’s more about letting the world see who I am now and to stop trying to make myself fit the way it was. I guess I was really ready to hear that because last night I heard a huge “gate latch” click.

Thank you so much, and please pass on my deepest thanks and gratitude to Devon and Randy Sue. I hope Randy Sue is coming to the retreat because I really want to meet her…the topics that she speaks about with Eloheim always resonate quite profoundly with me and I have such gratitude to her (and everyone) for her willingness to be so open.

much love,