Four Sessions held in June 2017


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June 7, 2017

77 minutes
Where’s Your Fall-Back Position?

Veronica shares her experiences:

Before the meeting officially started, Veronica shared what was going on with her. She described her past conversations with Eloheim as seeking reassurance, and ever since her discovery that seeking reassurance keeps her out of Levels 7 and 8, her new stance has mandated no reassurance being offered to her in any way. When Eloheim told her they weren’t going to talk anymore, that they going to have experiences together, things changed again. This was to be her blending Awareness with Body and Personality.

Experiences have become more rich and profound, Veronica says. Another change in her life has been her talks with the Council. Since Eloheim no longer speaks with her, she asks the Council and lets whoever is most appropriate answer her questions. Channeling sessions are also very different out here on the edge, she said, letting what happens just show itself instead of coming in to a meeting with an agenda like in the past. And now she is doing the oil readings which are also very fun and different experiences.

Veronica talked about being an energetic leader in the marketplace of the oils. Knowing what she knows, and discovering the appropriateness of how, if, and when to share her (channeling/Eloheim) knowledge and tools is another experience currently up for exploration.


Veronica sharing her growth is an important part of her journey. Exploring what’s happening for yourself is important.

Where do you fall back to?

Where do you fall back to? It used to be Level 2. Or Level 4, back from Level 6. This is not a going backwards type of falling back, this is a retreat to a rally point, a point where you have some supplies with which to refuel, a regrouping before moving forward again. It’s a very good healing way to go about this growth. Push forward, back up, push forward. Then you have a new comfortable place to stand.

Now your rally point has to be in Level 7/8/9. How do you do that? Go back to balancing the Body/Personality/Awareness. Rally there. Notice, ask yourself, is the mind trying to be in charge? Am I accessing my Awareness? What am I doing, where am I at in this? If you start to get a bit whacky out on the edge, go back to BPA. Are you balanced? That’s going to be our question.

If you start to get off center, you balance BPA and get in the gap so you can return to Level 9 in a state of steadiness. Level 7 is your fall-back position and we love that, it’s so amazing. You get to experience your emanation that way.

Eloheim opened the phone lines to do a check-in with the group. They asked, can you feel your fall-back position? Talk to us about Level 9, the protons, are you able to come back into balance easily? Let’s talk about where you are.

Need/Need Met

First caller shared how a need became a need met and the ease of that experience. Eloheim described the process as holding the larger need lightly, and then seeing how the need moves in this world, how it evolves and matures. If you fixate on the need, you trap it in the past and try to drag it along with you. Hold it gently in front of you, and it evolves as you evolve.

Escaping Time and Memories

The second caller talked about an encounter which then led to a discussion about escaping the confines of clock time, or the time stream. When you escape from the time stream, said Eloheim, you are able to see the world with fresh eyes. What that will look like for you, we don’t know yet. Just don’t evaluate this with your brain first. See if you can treat every now as a unique opportunity. That will help release the bonds of time. Take it on board without picking it apart.

The other thing that will happen as this skill (escaping the time stream) starts to become part of your reality, you literally are vibrating at a different rate than others around you. Others may not notice you. And when the survival instinct stops controlling what you see, you become very present in the now.

Memory is evolving as well. Time relates as a grid, not as linear, they twist along each other. Memories and moments, nows, connect as they magnetize to each other, rather than appearing like a linear calendar. Each now is separate, like a separate planet or electron, freely moving. When you call up that memory, you are calling up that separate world where that now lives.

Each now is its own universe or world or experience (E is still trying to put words to this exploration); it stands alone. Each of your nows need to be considered sacred. Imagine each second you experience is spun off into a planet or a painting or a quilt or whatever. Energetically, it captures the sacred essence of that now. They exist. I don’t see them with my eyes you say, but what if it’s actually true? You don’t have to hold them in your own personal hard drive any longer. All that energy and effort that used to be designed to catalogue and notice threats via the survival instinct has now been transferred over into dropping deeply into the now and noticing what’s present in the now. Memories of those nows are forever available to you and don’t require you to catalogue them.

This was Eloheim’s first in-depth discussion about time since we stepped into Levels 7/8/9. They said they will have more to share as we evolve but that this was enough to chew on for now.

June 14, 2017

69 minutes

Eloheim makes it really super duper, extra, OMG really they mean it, clear that assumptions MUST go!
Also discussion of Level 10!

June 18, 2017

65 minutes

A profound discussion of Homo spiritus including how step by step and need / need met differ. A very important session.

June 28, 2017

82 minutes

Follow up to the camp out featuring the entire Council (other than Fred). Powerful continued exploration of Level 10.

Four Sessions held in June 2017


Price: $24.99