Four Sessions held in May 2021

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May 2, 2021

Context Matters

We’ve had this pattern over the years of doing a plop meeting, then a process meeting. However, it feels more like we’re in a time of nudge meetings. You need nudges to help you stay the course. We are continuing to unearth the places where sneaky Personality is dominating your experience, distorting your ability to abide in Awareness, coming up with all the different ways to nudge you to continue to bloom into the space of duh.

Context matters. What do we mean by this? This is another way that limitation shows up. Without context, things can mean almost anything. It’s quite subtle in some ways.

For example, if you have an elephant and position three blindfolded people in different areas next to the elephant, each of them is going to report with different experiences. They are going to each come up with limited encounters, with different descriptions of the animal. If you extrapolate the entirety based on those limited encounters, you’re going to get a very distorted perception of the animal. When you run around with Personality-filter dominant, you’re constantly touching one part of the elephant and making that into the whole story. This is a way that Personality keeps you boxed in and exacerbates the communication issues between each of you. It’s very difficult when each has a different perspective of the subject. When you’re stuck in Personality, you’re basically having the same conversation over and over, going on the defensive based on what they have decided is true. Nothing is actually true. You’re all in the matrix. It’s all distortion. It’s all a made-believe version of what reality really is.

Personality will say I know what is true, I know what’s really going on, all based on your limited perception, through the filter of you, the past, and the survival instinct. Reality is, none of you is seeing the whole elephant. Context matters.

So, you have to keep backing out and backing out of the limitations you find yourself running up against. And you have to keep being really honest with yourself about arrogance: that everything you know has been filtered through your Personality and the personality of others, and thus, it’s suspect. That’s why we say you leave the “and” part in there. Meaning, “and I am open to the Field of Infinite Possibilities”. If you don’t, you’re just continuing to be in a suspect system, full of distortions and mistruths about everything. We’re not just talking about “fake” news, conspiracy-theories, buzzy stuff. We’re talking about physicality, your gingerbread shape, how you navigate your identity. We’re standing back, back, back and having context about the entirety of your system so you get the perspective. If you push your face against a tree, all you see is bark and bugs. If you back up, you say wow, this tree is part of the forest. Back up further, you see this forest is part of a larger landscape. Back up even further than that, you can see this landscape is part of a planet. You contextualize your experience.

Veronica sees this a lot since she has been able to get out and be more social. All that is being offered to a conversation, to the argument, is Personality. What do I have to contribute to this conversation myself that won’t be coming from Personality? It makes the cave seem like a really fun place to be. So, she keeps contextualizing these conversations. It doesn’t matter the subject; it matters how you are in it. Are you in arrogance? Are you triggered? Or are you contextualizing? What’s my role in this? Not to change people’s minds. Your role is to be abiding in Awareness. No matter what the subject is. Are you abiding in Awareness as you experience it? That’s the question to ask yourself.

Remember, Awareness is not arrogant.

Contextualize. We really like this idea of the stage. The audience is in the seats, the players are up on the stage. It’s common on stage to have so much light in your eyes that it’s difficult to see the audience very clearly. So, imagine you’re on stage with a living room set around you. You’re so into it, you forget about the audience and find yourself existing in this living room space. Imagine you do that for two or three hundred lifetimes. You forget there’s anything more. You’re trapped in limitation. It starts to feel like that’s all you get. Then, all of sudden, the lights go up and you see that there’s an audience and you go wow, there’s something more? There’s more to this world. Whoa. And maybe you get a little aha. Then maybe you spend another hundred lifetimes doing that and thinking that’s all there is. And one day, someone opens a door while you’re paying attention and because you’ve been in limitation, you didn’t know there was a door or even what a door was. And you go through the door and you’re on a street with stores and people and food and smells and you realize, wow, I’ve been in limitation and think, how silly that was. On and on. Eventually, you realize there’s a whole planet, and more planets, and a universe out there. In this example, you’re pulling further and further back from the previously held limitation. You’re recognizing that previous version of you was trapped in limitation.

We’ve been working two different ways with you: step by step and surrendering the whole Personality paradigm. When Veronica is alone, surrendering the whole paradigm is easier for her; when in conversation with others, it starts to go to the other side. It becomes more difficult to back out of the entire construct as she navigates not adding more Personality to the conversation. Both halves are helpful.

If you can’t make a contribution that’s coming from Awareness, don’t make a contribution. If it’s not coming from a peaceful, present place, it’s coming from Personality. If you want to make a difference in the world, don’t add Personality. Just. shut. up. And that’s tough for overachieving lightworkers. Contribute something else. What side of the Awareness-Personality teeter totter are you adding to?

Emanation. Energetic leadership doesn’t require speaking or acting. It requires being present and letting your energetic system be part of the alchemy. When you’re in Awareness, you make a gift just by Presence. You don’t have to talk, and when you do talk, you often don’t say what you were going to say in the first place. Don’t force, don’t shake shoulders. Emanate the “duh”. See what that’s like. Offer the gift to others.

Be present in the moment, and the moment bubbles up to tell you what you are offering. Personality wants you to plan ahead. Staying in the revelation of Awareness is a new muscle to build.

It’s all Personality until it’s not. It’s all the matrix until it’s not. I recognize [subject] is all filtered through Personality until it’s not. You say, I choose to surrender the filter I have in relationship with you so the pure expression is what I interact with. Something like that. We’re not sure of the words yet.

Eventually your experience of Awareness will feel like steady presence. We don’t know what that will feel like. Recognizing the construct is shaking yourself out of the dream. Wait, everything I know about this has been filtered through Personality and I choose to surrender the filter. Then don’t try to imagine what you’re going to get. Reminding yourself you’re in a filtered experience can be helpful. Then have the discipline and maturity not to imagine what that means, looks like, or feels like.

I know this is a construct and I earnestly desire to set that down.


Show me.

It’s a little tricky but you guys have done harder things.

Catching Personality is success even if it kind of makes you feel disoriented. Don’t go there. Explore what you caught: what did I feel like, where was I? Break it down. Turn it into a case study and see what you can glean from it toward the future when Personality is active. Mine it for what juicy contributions it has to make toward future experiences of surrendering Personality. This is an opportunity to grow and know more about myself.

May 12, 2021

Veronica finds herself experiencing a completely different reality from others! This meeting explores her navigation of that vastly changed state and how the Personality filter attempts to distort it.

May 16, 2021

Part two of the meeting about the unusual experiences Veronica is navigating!

Here’s the link to the Facebook live event of May 22, 2021 that is referenced in upcoming meetings

May 26, 2021

OUTSTANDING breakthrough session! The last 5 years of teachings has built to this! This is a full Council meeting. NOTE: there were a lot of technological issues during this call so the audio is from the back up recorder.
Full Council: What’s the Middle?

Guardians: The current energy is kind of a swirl of opportunity. The entire Council has a lot to say tonight and the swirl of energy is incredibly supportive for that. The swirl of energy is a swirl of potential, of opportunity, of ideas. The reality that you’re in at this point is that it’s all Personality until it’s not, and there’s been some growing on that idea. You have to get that into your system. The energies are supportive of that idea. Which is to reunite with the completeness of you as a soul while still in a physical form.

You have this idea that only special people can do the things or have the experiences that icons like Jesus and Buddha or channelers and psychics do and have. The reality is that anyone can. The “formula” for it is this: Catch Personality + Surrender Personality = Awareness. It’s not complicated. It’s not like a huge calculus formula. It’s never been that. That’s the part of this that you have to shake loose: that it’s out there and only for special people. Every single person on the planet could pursue this opportunity, but only a few are. That’s fine. You made a choice. Catch Personality>Surrender Personality>Awareness. This is the formula.

It has taken five calendar years to get here. The whole time we’re trying to catch Personality in the act of leaving you false trails to follow. Catch Personality. It’s all Personality until it’s not. Surrender Personality and how does that work? Abide in Awareness is what you get. What does that mean? You can’t know until you’re there. The ultimate leap and trusting that the road rises to meet your foot. You set down all you’ve ever known. All that I’ve used to shape my reality, I refuse to be distorted by this anymore, with no promises or guarantees or understandings what is there when that is gone. It’s an incredible leap. Not of faith, trust, hope, dreams. None of those Personality terms can be used to describe or define this. It has to all just fall away. And then when new experiences occur, you have to resist the temptation to use P to evaluate them. That’s tricky. It’s a simple formula. And executing it is tricky, we admit. Not because it’s complicated. It’s just that it’s been ingrained in you for so many lifetimes that it’s closer to you than your very breath and the blood flowing through your body. Yet none of that is true. You are unable to see otherwise unless you push yourself with earnestness and humility and willingness and consistency. Only you get to decide whether you experience Personality or you don’t.

Visionaries: It’s all Personality until it’s not. That statement may not mean much so we’re going to try to clarify. Every thought, action, memory, hope, understanding, assumption, arrogant belief, everything is filtered by Personality. Until it’s not. How you remember something, what you dream of is filtered by Personality until it’s not. There’s no exception to that rule. Your opportunity that is being thrown at your feet is to escape that template, is to remove yourself from that dynamic. The invitation has been thrown at you, given to you, all these years later, we have an opportunity tonight to make a huge breakthrough if your commitment to it is strong. We cannot force you, control into acknowledging that every single now you’re in is filtered through P until it’s not. We can’t force you to look for how P is distorting so you can cut it off at its knees. Until you desire that fully, are consistent in the application of that, it’s all Personality, until it’s not. You are kidding yourself, until you’re not. You’re hiding until you’re not hiding.

The invitation you have, the energetics support this in full force, is for you, once and for all, to say I refuse to navigate this life with the Personality filter affecting me anymore. You have to set the boundary within yourself. It’s purposely exposing yourself to the opportunity to experiencing this life in a way you have never experienced it previously. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. You put P in, you get P back. You empower Personality when you dance with it. It just keeps going and going and never changes. Only you individually, committed, can change that cycle.

Fred: The Guardians and Visionaries definitely feel there’s an energetic window to drive through. It’s a window because you have been working on this for five years. And also, because Veronica was working on a call in the Connect with Eloheim group, and it all coalesced. We say GO LISTEN TO IT. When Veronica says this is the sum of five years of work with Eloheim and the Council, we strongly suggest you make time for that. The truth of the matter is that you are at a time when, energetically, there is a doorway to surrendering Personality that is wider open than in the past. This is primarily due to being pushed over the edge, and also, Veronica came to that clarity.

In every moment you have stimulus that you either see, feel, touch, remember, or think about. You are bombarded by stimulus, and your response is controlled, dictated by Personality. You have stimulus and without–mostly not–noticing, you go to response as though they were the same thing. You have a stimulus, Personality catalogues it, and dishes out the response. Stimulus, catalogued by Personality, dishes you out a response, and then you act from the response that P has assigned you. This is really, really loud in your racial and religious and political relations. Really, really loud. You land in a response that Personality has assigned you. If you slow that whole process down, you catch Personality and you can see its machinations. And you can decide what you want to do with what it’s about. You see a person less familiar to you, you feel uncertainty. You process it as danger, and the danger makes you cross the street. Or you see a person who reminds you of the past. It is processed as danger, you avoid the person, you yell at them to go back to where they belong. So, you catch yourself in a similar situation, and you use the tool “I am tempted” to process it using uncertainty as danger filter. What if you use “neutral observation” instead? What if it’s not actually real? What if I don’t know because I am not actually interacting with it?

Slow it down. Slowing down the perception-response dynamic. You have to separate them. And vitally important, you don’t dally with what you find. What if what I am actually feeling is uncertainty? Eloheim has taught me how to navigate uncertainty. And now it becomes an internal journey rather than letting Personality drag you into a confrontation with a complete stranger because you’re uncertain. This is all me just feeling uncertain. You become sensitive to how uncertainty as wielded by P feels. And the next time you go oh yeah, I know that’s uncertainty, and it never gets as far as crossing the street or yelling at someone. You can then allow for clarity and choicelessness to bubble up to help you with the fact that you are in a situation you have never been in before. You want to abide in Awareness as you navigate that.

Separate the stimulus and the response. You don’t have to respond from Personality. It’s not required. Think about that. It’s not required. We’re trying to break down that facade you run around with that says this is just the way it is. It’s not a requirement of incarnation on this planet that you allow P to continue to dictate the position you take in response to stimulus. To catch it, to find your way through it, slow the stimulus-response pattern down. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. What matters is what’s between the stimulus and the response and how you navigate that in a different way. In the middle you will see the weakness of Personality.

Girls: It’s a wild night tonight (referring to computer issues) but it’s a great indicator for transformation and change. It’s an upheaval energy. An opportunistic energy. It doesn’t have to be frightening unless you let P tell you it is. When you notice Personality in action, do not argue with it or have separation anxiety with it. Just say I notice it and I discard it, I set it down. Something that brings you down all the time is to be let go of, not danced with. You set down the tricycle to ride the bicycle. You set down the bicycle to drive the car. You don’t need the tricycle anymore. Let it go.

Warrior: The opportunity here is to recognize that many battles are won by not fighting. And we don’t mean diplomacy. We mean the foe is not worth engaging. There’s nothing to be gained. Dodging a punch is quite an admirable thing. There’s no reason to take the punch on the chin if you can get out of the way. Fighting Personality just emboldens it. You don’t get points for that. You get points for surrendering it. You have the opportunity to leave, so leave. Slow down the stimulus-response. Fight? Get out of the way. It doesn’t have to be this predicative pattern you all have been in. Recognize it for what it is. Bluster. Schoolyard bully. It has no power over you. When you take the fuel away, it drops away. It has to drop away.

Eloheim: This is the way it is (referring to the ongoing computer issues tonight). This IS. The way it should be is an assumption by Personality, so how about we be in what is and that’s the legitimate, awesome experience.

Doesn’t matter what the topic is, folks. Has that sunk in at all? Or do you need us to help you more? Because this is the cornerstone. It does not matter what the subject is. It only matters what the middle part is. That’s where we’re working. So, whatever the stimulus is, and whatever the tempted result is, it does not matter, because it’s the middle where Personality is messing with you. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

The opportunity here is that every single moment, every now is now. Every now is now. Every now is the opportunity to experience unfiltered reality. And unfiltered reality is the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and everyone is present in the FIP. Every now is now. Don’t let Personality tell you what that means or interfere with this opportunity to experience a nonfiltered life.

The opportunity for you all, you have this thing where you look for the middle. So, when you have stimulus and you look, and you see fear and uncertainty, then response. When you’re doing that middle thing and you let of fear and uncertainty, you make room. You recognize, I’m not going there. The meat of it becomes choiceless choice because you’re no longer using Personality, and instead, are in Awareness. You have to get rid of the middle stuff. The bubbling up thing–how it feels for Veronica–is, when you don’t have P showing up to mess with you, what remains is Awareness to bubble up with clarity for the next physical action to take.

*Here Eloheim spent a lot of time showing various, random images and asking the group to do an exercise to see what Personality comes up with about the “middle”. If you want the full experience, go to the video to follow along.

You can do this with anything: take something that feels sort of random and purposely engage with it and see what you discover about the middle. If you let go of the end and say, what got me to that end, that’s the middle. What pushes you into a desire for understanding or being disinterested or feeling dismissive (the end)? What’s the middle? What’s the middle? Maybe it’s: this is bad good, cute, ugly? Don’t look stupid, figure it out? An assumption about what is happening? That’s all Personality. Evaluate and surrender what is in the middle. What is between the stimulus and the reaction Personality wants you take?

Being present is the middle because it’s not at the end. All that information is pushing you to the end but we need to know what is pushing. Because we don’t want to be pushed to reaction. We want to abide in Awareness, centered, and allow for clarity to bubble up and offer a response. If you don’t know what happened in the middle, you’re definitely going to end up in reaction and you’re going to imagine you ended up with something clever because you used your big brain.

What’s in the middle? What is in the middle of you, of your experience? The middle is you recognizing how Personality is pushing you to a specific response, a reaction. You notice how Personality is bossing you around and filtering your experience. What is bubbling up in the moment?

You have a stimulus, you notice how Personality is trying to shape the experience–the middle–and instead of going along with it, you sink into the present moment and you see what bubbles up. Watch the middle try to push toward the end. You bounce off the fact that Personality is trying to push you into a reaction, and get present instead.

Notice your end, notice your middle, and come into your center.

We are purposely pushing you guys. We know it. Don’t feel like a failure, we’re learning something new here. Allow for the process to unfold. We’re just practicing. What’s your end, what’s your middle? What happens when you stand back and watch the temptation rather than doing the middle?

Most of this is going to come down to saying I don’t know anything, being present in the moment, and seeing what bubbles up.

Sometimes it’s a little easier to be present with art and nature because your big brains don’t have to figure it out as much. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

What if I am just present? What if I stop thinking? What if I don’t make sense of it? The middle is safety, control, so I am going to push into some kind of resolution of the discomfort I feel. All that is Personality and presence is the answer to all of it. The thing is, when you get present, what might bubble up might not have anything to do with the stimulus. You bounce off of it and who knows what you experience You are in the FIP and don’t need to know a single thing.

Do this at least once a day. Choose a random picture and catch the end. That’s where P wants to be. How did P get me there? By saying whatever, whatever. What if I just set it down and don’t engage with that? Look for the pattern of I don’t know processed as danger, discharging the discomfort I feel, and recognize I don’t have to feel the discomfort. It’s optional.

You can do this with every single nanosecond of your day. Personality is everywhere. It’s all Personality until it’s not.

The whole middle thing is the various ways the Personality shows up and there are lots of common ways P shows up in the middle. Racism, sexism, homophobia, those big generalized categories. And when you notice, you see it’s trying to get me to do something specific and doesn’t really have anything to do with anything that you’re really experiencing. And don’t let Personality tell you you’re failing this exercise. It’s a practice. What we’re saying is for you to illuminate how Personality is controlling you.

Four Sessions held in May 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99