Four Sessions held in February 2020

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February 2, 2020

Every now is new! This meeting was incredible! I loved all of it. The last section (about the boat) blew my mind!

February 12, 2020

I really enjoyed this session. Eloheim supported John (and used his examples) to show how sneaky-p hides and clarified how to move beyond it.

February 16, 2020

POWERFUL meeting answering questions submitted by the online folks. An in-depth revisit of the “tenacity” teachings with an update on the “moving the Kleenex box” notion is a highlight of this outstanding session!

February 26, 2020

Full Council: Tree Smushing, The Virus, and Costumes
Guardians: First we’ll check in with the energy. Oasis. That’s what we want to say. The calm at the center of the storm. The choosing for a peaceful presence encounter. It’s super easy to get caught up. As Eloheim told you, 2020 isn’t a joke. January felt like it was 15 months long, at least to Veronica. February is a little different, and now you’re going to be in March. The energies of March may get even more tumultuous. Tumultuous energies do not mean you have to feel “tumult-y,” it just means that you are experiencing your opportunity to be an energetic leader, be that calm at the center of the storm and offer that clarity. Energetic clarity. Even if you do not share that clarity through your words or actions, though it’s almost impossible not to, you still do as you make that commitment to choose and choose and choose, over and over again.

In essence you stare down Personality’s b.s. and allow yourself to experience Awareness. You are offering what this planet needs the most. Here’s the thing, you can imagine very easily how it would be to experience this time straight from Personality. It’s not hard to do, just go on social media for a minute and see what Personality has to say about anything. It’s going to feel all kinds of fear, division, and duality, very easy to be mixed up in all that. As you pull back even the smallest amount–which we would say pulling away from Levels 1-3 into Level 4–pulling back even the smallest amount, you can start to see how ridiculously unhelpful and ludicrous it is to engage with this whole set of circumstances from Personality. Right away, you can say, whoa, I don’t want to be involved. And the more and more you pull away from that Personality stance, the more you surrender.

If you’re standing in that place very close to a tree, all you see is bark. So you back up and start to see more and more, branches, the whole tree, more trees, a bird, the sky. The more you back up, the more you back out of the limitation Personality is dishing out to you. Eloheim says surrender, to us it feels more like backing out of limitations.

You’re not throwing out the information, you’re just putting it into a different context, seeing that it’s not the only thing going on. If you can step back, you end up looking at a different perspective on the same thing. That’s what happens with Awareness. The perspective is wider. You can see more than just the bark without your nose squished up to the bark. Let’s say you step back 25 steps and you have quite the view of the forest now. And say you rush forward and smush your face against the tree. That is hard on your body. Same with switching back and forth between Personality and Awareness. It’s hard on the body.

You can still be aware of that specific piece of news, but now you have a wider picture that includes that bit of news when you step back. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the news that’s coming or is already here, fair warning it’s pretty likely to continue to happen in March, you don’t have to react with you smushing your face against the tree. React with okay, I have a little heads up. You don’t have to go habitually back to tree smushing. What do you call that? Favorite Familiar Suffering (FFS). And suffering it will be if you do. If you find yourself feeling obsessive, you’re tree smushing. If you back up and put it in context, there’s more going on here than just that. Put it in its appropriate context. You’ll be a gift to those who feel your energy.

Energetic leadership is needed.

Visionaries: That was kind of a tough act to follow! They don’t normally do that. The movement from Personality to Awareness continues. It is a little bit at times like two steps forward, two steps back because different parts of your life are easier or more difficult to drop Personality around. That is something we want to dig into with you tonight.You all have a tendency to focus on places where it’s hard and have that hard be tree smushy. It can become obsessive–I’ve lost the context for this. You don’t notice or value the different parts of your life where it’s actually quite easy to surrender Personality. It’s like if your hip hurts, it’s really hard not to think about your hip hurting. What do they say? The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You forget the non-squeaky parts and you smush your face against the squeaky parts and bemoan your fate because the squeaky part is hard.

What we want you to do, like the Guardians said, is to step back and give yourself acknowledgment for the places in your life where surrendering Personality dominance has actually happened and you don’t have to worry or fret about them. And you’re able to not have those things piling on to the places that are squeaky. The squeaky thoughts, as everything else falls away, seem to gets louder and louder, and seem to have to make you pay attention to them in a way that is not all that enjoyable. That squeaky wheel seems to get louder and louder when there is nothing else to hear. It’s helpful to say, I have 99 quiet spots and 1 loud spot. That is what is going on. It’s just one piece of the whole contextual example. Let’s say that one piece feels like a ten on the scale of 1-10. It’s so hard for me to catch P when it’s blah… Okay, what if you put it in the context of all the others that are not that difficult, doesn’t that diminish its loudness? Just recognize It’s one drop, not the whole ocean. You’re not getting knocked over by the whole ocean, you’re just getting a little splash. It’s only a splash. It’s a re-calibration of what you’re doing.

You’re being nice to yourself. It gives you the opportunity to cut down the power of Personality without having to do anything other than to be more honest in your evaluation of what you’re experiencing. Instead of smashing yourself up against the tree, you’re putting that tree into the forest and then interacting with the forest. That squeaky part gets to be just one tree. Instead of letting Personality be mean to you about it, you can say it’s just one drop in the ocean, it’s not the whole ocean, and immediately you get a change on the impact it’s having on your life.

Eloheim: They’re kicking ass tonight, huh? They tied together their two examples and made and an important point. FFS. You have a muscle for that. This is just me leaning into FFS instead of saying there’s another way to interact with this. So good job, both of them. We’re trying to figure out how to talk about things without freaking you out.

We want to talk about the virus thing energetically. It’s an incredible opportunity to have an energetic conversation about the collective Personality of your planet, and that is far more valuable than where it came from, how fast it’s spreading, and who knows what’s going on. Empowering all of you to see the energetics of what’s going on is our business. We need to do our part. We know that people are dying and we’re not trying to be insensitive to all that. We’re focusing on our part to focus on.

Energetically, the experience of this virus is a world-wide experience. You very rarely get to have a world-wide energetic experience. Examples of that could be the Olympics, sporting events, nature stuff. As far as something that’s obsessing people, firing up their survival instinct (SI), people acting crazy, you’re having a collective experience. A little like if the little green men came. Now you are having the experience of, I am in America but China feels very close by right now. The world got much smaller. That idea of people traveling and coming back, it’s-are you sneezing, are you coughing?-this communication with different parts of the world, people are sick, people are dying, and the uncertainty of how to treat this. Because it can lead to death, this is SI 101. It’s like when you have a big earthquake or big fire. “I don’t know who’s okay, I don’t know if I’m safe.” But it was localized. That feeling didn’t make China feel close by. This virus does.

That means you’re having a collective opportunity where billions of people are having the opportunity to rub up against the same sandpaper. Collectively, your humanity is going to be in a shared experience of Personality pressure. People are dealing with that in really traditional ways. Some say, “it’s all lies and made up and therefore, I am safe.” Some say, “I keep myself healthy, so I am safe.”

Personality is assigning certainty that all you have do is wash your hands. Another P thing says, it only kills people who would die from the flu anyways. Then there’s the supply chain issues. It’s going to cause some supply chain issues. Maybe they’ll have to close the schools and teach remotely. That affects the “free” daycare for parents who work outside the home if kids stay home. Actions based on fear, mob mentality could happen. “You look Asian so I’m going to be mad at you because I might get sick.”

Personality is going to get an opportunity for every single person on your planet to have the same sandpaper. And because it has a death toll associated with it, that will allow P to justify all kinds of shit. What do you do? You do what we’ve been doing anyway. You do what you’ve been taught to do. Energetic leadership. Always. Be the calm at the center of the storm. Even if you’re afraid, you don’t get to go to Levels 1-2-3 with your fears. Don’t let P drive your experience. You’ve got this collective thing that is borderless and everybody gets to interact with the same thing. You don’t know how you get it. It’s the flu. You get sick. It’s life.

Energetically, during the fires, people were helping each other, being nice to each other. That kind of stuff happens when a calamity happens, it gives you the opportunity to set down the turf-y stuff and start caring for each other. It’s likely that it’s going to be front page news for all of March in a way that will drive conversations, and the gift can be that you recognize when Personality wants you to push yourself against the tree. Just like we told you about the fires, make sure you have some shelf-stable foods on hand. Good idea. Next time you go to the store, get a few more of those things. If PG&E told you the power was going out in three days, what would you do? Do those things. You know what it’s like to have supply chain disruptions. Quarantine. Frontier days. Let yourself say without fear, I normally get 2 cans of soup, this time I’ll get 5. Prepare without fear for supply chain disruption. Just have some extra stuff around.

If I can’t go to the store and the Amazon guy doesn’t come, what would I do? Step by step. If my face is smushed against the tree, back up! We suspect supply chain interruption will be quite weird. People may not go to work. What we love is, we talked about fire, earthquakes, a worldwide pandemic, supply chain disruptions and eating Rice-A-Roni for a month and you guys didn’t get triggered.

You put those things into context, just like they were talking about earlier. We will say this in case it comes close to where you all are, it’s super important to recognize the energetic that’s currently being associated with it is victimhood, victimhood of that creepy, you-are-not-part-of-my-tribe otherhood. That “otherism” is likely to get loud. Otherism is b.s. The victimhood of otherism, a very specific kind of victimhood. Those people “over there” travel and bring it back with them. The energetic probably will mutate. But be mindful of your temptation to “otherism.” Especially in the political arena, there’s a real polarization. That’s also the energetic of this virus. Those Chinese people are being blamed. Otherism. Just like when the Japanese were interned after Pearl Harbor.

It’s a world wide energetic we’re trying to cram into a half-hour talk. If this virus is going to be front page news during March, we want to empower you with an energetic response. If you can say, yeah, and it’s Tuesday, then Personality isn’t going to find any cracks to get in. Thank you for being present when it’s potentially scary.

Fred: It’s funny to us that no, duh, you’re part of a world wide thing. “It’s all me” doesn’t mean one person here in Sonoma. It means everyone. The word ‘you’ in it’s all me doesn’t mean what it used to be. It was your gingerbread plus your past, cares and concerns, and your future and what you imagine that to be. Can you feel how limited that is? That’s so linear. You always want to be fractal.

Fred’s tip: don’t ever go into the linear view. Always seek the fractal experience.

Of course, Personality says I don’t know how to do this. Don’t let it. Every now contains everything. What? Yes! We promise you it’s true. Don’t try to understand it: capture it, experience it. You can’t understand this, you have to let yourself drop into it, it’s not a thinking process. You can’t churn. Down and in. Down and in. It’s a fractal unfolding of experience. Anytime it feels linear, you’re engaging with Personality. How you engage with your fractal experience-it comes naturally when you stop making Personality be the way you want it to be. You’re going to experience it or not. We can’t talk you into it.

It’s so tempting to allow Personality to continue to dictate your experience of you. You are a gingerbread shape, you’re an artist, a good mother, a, friend, a proud dad. Little definitions. They become like a costume or a mask you have layered over the expression of yourself as Awareness. Halloween comes and you often wear a costume, maybe a witch. You pretend to be a witch and then you take it off and say, I am done being a witch.

You, as a being as Awareness, surrounded itself with costumes and masks as identifiers and you’ve forgotten to take them off. The way we see those identifiers is as patchwork squares. Those squares surround you and move around, they show up as Personality saying, this is who this person is, a patchwork of definition. Each of you relates to each other’s definitions. Halloween is really obvious. The rest of the time, Awareness is under Personality’s patchwork definitions of who you are.

Those patchworks of definition have been given more value than your true value of abiding in Awareness.When you say “it’s all me,” you are saying those limited definitions no longer suffice to indicate my beingness.

Eloheim teaches you surrender those definitions. How do I do that? Well, what if you say, I AM a mom. I don’t know what that means to surrender being a mom, I like being a mom! All that Personality kicks up and you can justify that definition. If you set that down, you don’t stop being a mom. What it means is that the way mom has been allowed to express in Personality is what you’re setting down.

You’re setting down the witch costume. You’re still a mom, you’re not defining yourself as a mom. You can feel that’s a limited way of interacting with another being. It’s not coming from the fractal, infinite nature of you. It’s limited.

When you find yourself defining yourself, it’s good to be like, “and that’s Personality.” That’s the way Personality is showing up. If you try to think about it, it won’t work. You’re past the point of thinking about anything, it won’t help. It’s an experiential time now folks, so being in it and letting yourself experience it is the key.

So these self definitions–watch how much emphasis, pride, and inflexibility you have around these self definitions. You know what’s gonna happen right now, right? (laughs) Eloheim’s going to have to explain this shit to you. We put it out there and Eloheim’s going to have to come along and unpack it for you for the next three months.

These self definitions are holding you in a P-shape. As they are surrendered and released, you get to actually discover the realness of it’s all me, watch it move. Of not being shaped by Personality. Like when making cookies, it’s all just dough until you use the cookie cutters to divide it up. We want to get back to the dough. What we’re talking about here is energetic. It’s an energetic surrender. This identity stuff, you’re surrendering an energetic template.You’re doing great, by the way, so don’t fall for any Personality b.s.

That contextual thing is more important than you already realize. Now we have to go, Veronica’s system can’t handle much more of us.

Girls: We’ll do our best to soothe Veronica, don’t worry about it. Fred was doing a lot of energetic work while attempting to put language on something that is difficult to language. Let’s just sit here together without words. Let’s just do that. (Silence) As we sit in this energy together, let yourself sink into a place where you feel present, where your undefined self is. (Here the Girls led a meditation, exploring our sense of Presence and dropping the definitions of self experientially.) The Girls ended the meeting on this energy as they felt it was important we take this energy with us.

Four Sessions held in February 2020

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99