Four sessions held in November 2013

This package includes recordings of all four sessions held in November 2013.

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Mini sessions in Sebastopol


Visionaries: As you move into the end-of-the-calendar season, be on guard about the habits of the holidays. Be aware when you’re choosing habit. Ask: “what really enriches me? What truly fuels me?” The new year also brings in a wave of transformational energy. The sense of another year being gone can push on you in new ways. Let the wave buoy you up into Awareness, not knock you down into habit and patterns. You want all the fuel you can get right now, to ride the wave that pulls you upwards.

Eloheim: We observe you trying to be certain about your uncertainty – by making a list of all that you are uncertain about, etc. The tendency to look for certainty about your uncertainty is a coping mechanism. But what genuinely helps is to just own the moment. “I am not trying to avoid now, and I’m monitoring the choices that I’m making about the fact of it.” Nothing is happening in error. It’s all experience that is enriching you. So let whatever is happening now BE what you want, instead of approaching it in distrust, instead of being in outcome. Uncertainty is your natural state. “I’m confused. YES.”

When you find yourself tempted to get into habits, try a new “instead.” What do you do instead? What fascinates you? Notice your patterns and don’t choose old patterns to go with the new energy. Commit and recommit every moment; catch yourself looking for certainty. Rest in “I don’t know, and that doesn’t scare me. I am uncertain about everything, and that’s just fine”. Uncertainty means “I don’t know yet.” It doesn’t mean danger. Being uncertain all the time is actually a beautiful thing. Uncertainty is where true creativity and connection are possible.

You can’t get manifestation by being in certainty. It is uncertainty that allows all possibilities and opportunities. Emanate out – stay in your clarity and keep open. “I have these needs, wants, desires, etc.” Then wait. Abide in the uncertainty – and not in an imagined outcome. You decrease the time lag in manifesting by decreasing static.

Homo sapiens (unstated fears) and Homo spiritus (consciousness) are two entirely different things. A Homo spiritus stance feels different, so you have to abide in the discomfort of that. Keep choosing this uncertain moment, instead of the fake certainty of habits and fears.

This is big. The sooner you evolve your relationship with uncertainty, the faster things will transform. Embracing the now, embracing the uncertainty, opens up the blinders that you have on your head. It opens doors and decreases static. It leads to being in the state of: “It’s all me. It’s always been me.”


Our November Q&A with Eloheim began with me feeling VERY emotional. The exploration of uncertainty I had been doing came to an overwhelming head and left me in tears of confusion. It was extremely powerful to speak to the group about my feelings and then to further examine what was going on by writing and talking about it. It was only 11 days ago, yet feels more like several years.

The Q&A included questions from all over the world asking a very similar thing: “What do you see going on with me?” The variety of answers and support offered by Eloheim was incredible as usual.

Questions Answered:

Please could you look to see where I need your support? Where am I weakest, in other words where do i need to focus as a Homo spiritus “right now” to keep moving forward without causing static? Major changes are happening based around me moving to a rural location with my 15 year old son very soon…

Could you look at my energy and give me any guidance that you think appropriate.

How am I doing with moving forward? I’m honoring myself by speaking up and being honest with my boyfriend and job. I changed agencies for real estate, that offer support, training, tools and great leadership. I question myself about is it my plan all along, am I emanating my true energies and desires and not just what someone has suggested to me who can read my aura? Thank you and I appreciate what you teach me.

Now that I have moved from the place where my parents had lived and where I resided after their departure. I have been unraveling everything so I may be in harmony and balance for myself Will you please check in to see how I am from your vantage & provide perhaps new perspective. Any recommendations you may have for me at this time are most welcome.

I have been using the notebook tool a lot lately and I would love hear an in depth refresh on the process from you. This will also help me with the notebook tool project I am working with Veronica on. Thank you

I hate to be redundant, but I too want to ask Eloheim to please connect with me and tell me what they feel I most need to be aware of as I move forward in this challenging and amazing time of continuing transition and transformation.


We come here to help you live the life you desire, to learn to default to new patterns of behavior, to learn to move through the things that present themselves to you, to help you be who you wish to be. This unique lifetime is an opening. There is something here for you that has never been here before. Rise to the occasion and allow things to unfold again and again. Seize the opportunity with both hands. Don’t let old patterns dictate who you are.

Visionaries: 2014 is the year of incline, as in turning on the incline setting on a treadmill. The incline is not about difficulty but about the opportunity of making steady progress toward your goal. You will be different and your progress and its rewards will be more obvious. You will feel transformation occurring; you will FEEL change moving into uncertainty. As you evolve into a more uncertain state, watch out for victim hood, clear static, and look for tangible evidence of growth. Use the tools to help you stay comfortable in the uncertainty. Stay in the moment. “I’m supporting myself in transformation.”

Eloheim: Stimulus still feels like ‘danger’ to you and you are not really aware of this. When you have a triggered reaction to stimulus, it means that the survival instinct is still in charge – and you cannot let it be in charge if you want transformation. You cannot move to Level 7 (it’s all me) if you see danger outside of you, because then you’ll keep things at arms length. “Friend or foe?” is a danger/survival instinct question. Afraid of being dead is an SI fear.

If you want to live in Level 7, YOU have to take back your power and be in charge. Consciously use the tools. “I am tempted to connect this moment to (whatever fear)…” HOLD yourself in what is true now. Fractal living means looking within, not outside, and truly exploring the moment. “What is here for me? What is really going on in this moment?” Default to neutral observation. Default to: This moment is the only thing I’m interested in.

Instead of saying “this goal is impossible” you can default to: “I know it’s on the circle of possibilities.” The HOW is not your job or responsibility. Your job is to look at the static between you and your goals, which are usually the fears that you throw up. Don’t fixate on things that you can’t affect. Don’t set up goals that will create static. Instead, you can set super-low goals which are very easy to do. But let your desires come from your Soul and not your fears. Ask yourself: If this stimulus isn’t saying ‘danger’, than what is it saying? If you don’t skip over the moment, you will move into Level 7 – and you live in Clarity. “I’m static-free and ALL of me.” You are a movement of creation.

Fred: One of the fun things to do is ride a light beam across the universe. Everybody does this; it’s Incarnation 101! And it’s a wonderful experience of not being attached to outcome because the ride goes too fast to get attached – so you just allow the scenery to unfold. And, in a very core part of you, you actually don’t have an attachment to outcome and you know how to be deeply in the moment. You don’t need to be anyplace but where you are now. The moment is not your enemy. If it feels like it, try fascination. Your authentic truth – who you really are – is experienced in the now. Identify and deal with static the moment it comes up. Don’t fall for the familiar suffering of fake certainty.

Warrior: On the battlefield, time truly slows down because there is such an incredible focus on the moment. You go so deeply in the moment that it heightens everything and becomes fractal. You, in 2014, don’t have battlefields, but you can get there by choice. Choose to be in the now moment, in an altered reality. Choose to set static aside. Choose to set habits and patterns aside. Choose a new way to deal with the mundane, or stressful, or unexpected situations as they arise. Choose and choose again.

Girls: (Had lighthearted moments – talking about fun shopping – to contrast with the prior masculine seriousness). Loosen up and laugh at yourselves more! “Ha, ha, I got triggered, found some static and thought I was going to die! Ha, ha!” It is funny.

Matriarch: We watched as the Girls distracted you with silliness- while making room in your lower body (out of the mind) for the integration of what had been said earlier. 2014 will be an incline year. If it starts to feel hard, double check that you’re on the step you’re on. Explore uncertainty in order to facilitate evolution.

Four sessions held in November 2013

This package includes recordings of all four sessions held in November 2013.

No need to download! Watch or listen ON DEMAND right on our website!


Price: $19.99