Four Sessions held in September 2018


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September 2, 2018

Appreciation and Gratitude

A special, in-person visitor joined the on-line meeting with Veronica and Eloheim, adding her perspective, insights, and humor to the occasion, along with helping to move the teachings forward.

Eloheim: We have been discovering new ways the Body and the Awareness interact and looking at the potential that represents. For Veronica, it looks like the physical world shaping itself around her presence. The piece that’s been missing or was ready to be enjoyed or explored pops up and fills in the picture. That void is not being filled by Personality’s bs, it’s being filled by an expression of Body and Awareness combined. That’s very different than abracadabra or vending machine. If you try to decide how it needs to look for you, you’re going to activate Personality. Be aware that you don’t unconsciously activate Personality.

So, you acknowledge the void, notice it, and step back from it. Be present in the acknowledgment, be willing to be in “I don’t know.” That’s Awareness. Here I am. And I don’t know. You say, I am present, and then see what clarity arises. I am not going to chase an answer.

What happens when Veronica is in Awareness is that she just feels happy. Others may feel appreciation, gratitude. The physical objects in your life don’t change, but your relationship to them does. “It’s all me” becomes an intense feeling of gratitude and appreciation because you’re seeing with new eyes or hearing with new ears.

The question arises, if “it’s all me,” why is it that we communicate solely with your gingerbread shape and not with your desk, for example?

Because the other things in your world, like your desk, don’t speak English. Maybe the universal translator is gratitude. It’s important not to expect the communication to be in English. It sounds like access to the “it’s all me” feelings could be gratitude, and appreciation is the translator. If you appreciate something so deeply that your experience of it changes, that’s a doorway to Awareness.

We wonder if appreciation and presence, how they [have a] very symbiotic relationship. In the sense of when I’m more present, I notice more. When I notice more and I’m more present, I’m in Awareness. When I’m in Awareness and noticing, I’m in gratitude. When I’m in Awareness and more present and noticing and in gratitude, “it’s all me.” Then the “watch it move” is experiencing the reconnection of the soul.

Things have been kept separate by Personality. We know “it’s all me,” but Personality keeps it separate, what “me” is. We’ve always had the feeling that the Field of Infinite Possibilities was your playground, and we could never understand why you guys don’t know that or experience it that way. We don’t know how to make you do this because you guys have the body. Now we see that Personality has been the decider.

Personality has been the judge, the jury, the defense, the prosecution, and the gallery in the courtroom. Personality intervenes and dictates in many ways. If Awareness has a say, things start to change. Personality can’t be the arbitrator of what counts.

We have been asked over the years how to get in touch with your guides and higher self. Well, maybe it’s not like Veronica’s experience, maybe it’s through the objects in your world. Just don’t expect the communication to be in English. Appreciation and gratitude seems to be the doorway.

So, Body and Awareness interact. Then, it’s a noticing of the void and what’s missing, and what goes in concert with it. See what’s around the edges of that void and see if you can have a different energetic around them. Use the Mad Scientist tool around those edges. What can you have a different relationship with around that void?

If you put heat under water, it’s going to boil. Because we’re connecting into Awareness, it becomes a “must occur” time, action must occur like boiling must happen to water over constant heat. Personality can’t be the power in that. You guys are going to be in a position where you are going to feel like we have felt, of holding that clarity. You’re going to be standing in the position to feel like we have felt all these years. You guys are going to be the professor, holding the place of this IS. It’s interesting to us to feel into that milestone. And, it frees us up to do something else.

The spiritual progress you make is the spiritual progress YOU make. There’s no teacher in between you and that progress. No one did it for you. You don’t feel the need to owe someone something or have to pay them back at the end. We’ll be on the sidelines clapping, as if at a sporting event, but YOU did it. No question in your mind that you did it. There’s no deity, no authority figure, no sensei, no one between you and your progress and no indebtedness for it. When you get there, you will realize why we have made this such an important idea, that of no indebtedness to anyone for your progress. You’ll feel the burden of the debt you had of other lifetimes of incurring that debt, of indebtedness to family to produce heirs or take over the family business, to patriotism obligation, to racism, to the roles you have had to play in society. All these roles have been breaking down, and you’re able to concentrate on something else.

No longer is it “I am this rigid-definition-of-self,” it has become simply “I am.” And now that has become Awareness and it’s all me. It’s a cool phase to be in.

September 12, 2018

September 12, 2018

Of late we have been focused on the shift from Personality to Awareness-forward life, Levels 7/8/9, and it is happening. It has resulted in many extraordinary experiences for Veronica, this walking through life with a different perspective not based on any outside source. We’re getting similar feedback from others.

Your gingerbread shape is what you have always called “you,” and the Kleenex box analogy of yore is what we called everything else else, when, in truth, everything around you is YOU incarnating. The opportunity now is to reconnect and evolve your relationship to your soul when it’s not showing up just as you expected. The physical world is your soul incarnated. The legitimacy is the same. Those are not just notions now.

The tricky bit is the potential for preconceived notions to dictate your experience. You’re constantly being filtered down by the Personality, fueled by the Survival Instinct. Your Personality has said, “that’s all you get.” If it were someone else, you would push back on that! It’s time to push back on Personality, and that’s been our work. The aperture that you have let yourself to see through (as if through a camera lens), however much your Personality has allowed you to see or experience, that’s been your whole life. Open up the aperture. There’s more to see and experience. Every single thing you encounter allows you to open that aperture.

Your external circumstances don’t determine your internal experience.

How does this relate to escaping the time stream? Time stops being linear and starts being experiential. You go deeper rather noticing a milestone of time passing.

For example, the ottoman is a much a part of your soul as your gingerbread self. You’re embracing the truth of that. Don’t think about that. Just say, wow, cool! Let it sink in. It’s a reunion with yourself. It’s all the same subatomic particles. Your gingerbread shape is not any more special than the subatomic particles in the shape of the ottoman. It’s all subatomic particles making up everything you encounter and are as much you as your gingerbread shape. None are more important than others. We see you as a collection, a sea of subatomic particles that just happens to coalesce into your gingerbread man shape, and as a habit, that’s all you ask for and your society reinforces because that’s all it knows. And who’s in charge of that habit? Personality.

Be open, be ready for more, and things, physically, start changing. You, as a Personality, are preferring one form of the subatomic particles over another-food or money as opposed to an ottoman-and that limits the aperture. Be careful that you don’t translate or equate the things you perceive with your wider aperture into what you already “know,” into the one way you have previously experienced. Your internal change opens doorways, you don’t open doorways so you can change.

You can’t buy evolution, and you don’t have to spend for it, either. Money has been inserted into the dynamic by the Personality and the Survival Instinct, and then those subatomic particles have been prioritized way past where it actually is valid. We don’t want money to be in between you and evolution. It still is a factor, but it needs to be in the right spot.

The thing we want for you more than anything else, the whole entire time, is freedom. Freedom from the oppression of the Personality, freedom from the limitation of believing that you end at your skin. Freedom to say, here are some subatomic particles, and now they’re grapes. And when that ability is present, will you actually need the grapes? Will you need to synthesize tangibility from the intangible or will you just say, the correct amount of nutrition is in my body?

The collective consciousness is a factor as well, but at some point you rise above it and are not as affected by it as you were. You set down the Personality and the collective consciousness and experience Awareness as a default pattern.

A question came from someone online about the doubt they had about being in Awareness. It was answered with an encouragement to count every little thing you wonder about as Awareness and to use the four steps. Underneath the surface, Personality is saying, “stop before you don’t need me anymore.” It will use whatever it can to pull you back when you get a taste of Awareness. You all are doing it this time without a sensei, a guru, or authority figure. It’s all you this time. Keep on going, keep doing what you’re doing. Notice Awareness, acknowledge Awareness.

In the beginning, we imagined you would incarnate into density and duality, in a free will zone, and once you had, you would seek a return to your whole state. With your culture with your body, with love or not, in poverty, illness, joys, and sorrows , lifetime after lifetime, you would return to this siren song that you hear deeply within you that says, there’s a way to be that I have not been. You would make time to prioritize that others think is odd, be the fringe over and over again. That you would choose and choose again to be here and do this, to continue to return back to this gossamer thread of maybe is extraordinary. And now here we are, talking about the notion that the ottoman and the grapes are the same as your physical body.

September 16, 2018

September 16, 2018
A Steady State

Currently we’re feeling into the doorway of the Body-Awareness piece. This is a priority we have to solidify by using examples and reminders. We’re solidifying that base camp as we connect into the big B-Body. As we push into that, the opportunity is for you to encounter new and old things with Awareness as your prevalent stance. This is the highest priority until that gets to be the steady state.

Asking for feedback from the group, Eloheim want to know where we are in the process. What is your assessment of the percentage of Awareness present or not fully engulfed by Personality? Seventy percent seemed to be the answer for most, or more often than not. This percentage will only get higher as you continue to focus on Awareness.

For Veronica, it is no longer a mechanical process. She experiences her day, and if Personality flares up, it’s so loud and obvious, it’s uncomfortable. Though not always a graceful navigation, she catches it and moves back into the Awareness state.

Be present and make sure not to chase down the realities that pass through your life, in a sense that life could have followed a potential path (a near accident, for example) but didn’t, Eloheim cautioned. For example, Veronica nearly hit a deer with her car. She could have followed that adrenaline rush by imagining what could have been the outcome if she had hit the deer. She didn’t choose to wander there.

While in Awareness, an optimistic wonder and feeling her body more in space-or proprioception*-is what Veronica is feeling a lot of the time these days.

(*Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.)

The longer you stay connected to Awareness, the more often you are in Awareness, the more often all potentials exist simultaneously. We’re talking potentials here, not solutions. Being in Awareness holds the Field of Infinite Possibilities to you, and your resonance as you’re in Awareness matches energy with the potential you end up experiencing. We’re looking for a permanent state of Awareness, regardless of what occurs, not looking to match up with the best potential. Awareness begets Awareness is what Veronica is experiencing.

Eloheim and the group then spent the remainder of the meeting asking and answering questions and talking about their experiences with Awareness. Topics included marking time with consciousness Awareness experiences, being immersed in the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and setting boundaries with the Personality.

September 26, 2018

Underneath It All

Guardians: How is the energy tonight? It’s… tumultuous. There’s a big energy of transformation, a rumbling underneath and not just here, it’s worldwide as well. It creates a feeling of not quite settled so don’t go back looking for a previous settled time. Instead embrace and engage with the present tumultuous feeling rather than avoid it. You can’t have change without change. You can’t have Awareness if you want to run back to Personality as you engage with this now.

Be careful you don’t use Personality to navigate an Awareness experience. Ride the wave of transformation that you’re in. Be really careful about that. Awareness can feel nebulous, you may not be able to viscerally feel when you’re in Awareness, but you can feel when it is Personality. Recognize when you are in Personality. Anything out of Personality is a win at this point.

Visionaries: What is the vision we have for you? It is not going to benefit you to speculate or imagine or project what we’re talking about. These words are designed to wake up your connection to your Awareness. The vision is for you to encounter each now with the clarity, with ascertaining the flavor of that now. With your Awareness, allow the now to inform you of what it has to offer.

Personality has a very narrow scope, but when you come from Awareness into the now, it’s more of a 360 degree experience. Affirm, I will have this now from what it IS rather than telling this now what it is. This now shows you what it has to offer. It’s very powerful and a different way to go into the world. Who are you actually engaging when you do this? You are engaging your soul and exploring your infinite nature.

Eloheim: Happy Anniversary! We’re celebrating 16 years of Veronica’s channeling of us. Sweet sixteen! It’s been quite a journey. For us, it’s very powerful and we feel like we’re over the tipping point. You know what Awareness is and you’re committed to staying in it.

What’s a highlight for you guys? We’d like to hear your memories. Some suggested memories were: the emergence of the Council, the missing time meeting, the earthquake meeting, the different (nonphysical) visitors, the Warrior stories, the retreats, the paper bag meeting, the straw experiment, the Core Emotion sessions, the evolution of the content of the meetings from problem solving to potentials, and Eloheim yelling and cussing a lot more in the early days as a tool to shake us and wake us up from our Personality.

We appreciate all of you on this journey and it’s just starting to get juicy. We’re going into something radically new.
A little homework here: How does the Core Emotion fit in with the Body/Personality/Awareness dynamic? Your unhealed CE is constantly seeking something in ways that are not healthy and are very limited. When you’re in your healed CE you’re actually getting what your UCE is seeking. When the healed CE is activated, it feels like connecting to Awareness. How does your healed CE engage with Awareness? See how they go together. See if when you’re in Awareness, can you feel your healed CE is active? Ask yourself, when I’m in Awareness, how does my healed CE feel in this Awareness place? Maybe feel into a new description, a re-languaging of your healed CE. See what are your least favorite memories and most favorite memories when you’re in Awareness, see if they’re different than when in your UCE and where they overlap.

Warrior: (The Warrior had a very long, intricate discussion with the group during their part of the meeting which precluded the rest of the Council.)

Keep on walking your journey. It’s not over and not time to diverge. You are doing something precious. The value may not always be visible at the beginning of the journey but the value and opportunity is there even though you can’t see it. Don’t apply Personality stuff to this. Perseverance is the key. We want you to be encouraged, but we’re going to trust you no longer need the whip cracked on you these days.

The entirety of you, as an incarnated being in all the forms, is present as this planet. It is the reality of you, the big version of YOU. You are all of those things simultaneously experiencing each aspect of your soul presenting.

You encounter yourself presenting as that tree or whatever, and it is not the exact same one as others experience. Because it’s YOU you are experiencing. It’s going to become more viscerally true for you. That’s going to wake up in you more and more as you start to own “my experience of that tree is my soul presenting.” My soul interacting with my physical body. It’s a unique experience the that no one else is involved in or experiences the same. It’s a reunion with your soul. It’s time to let go of the belief that the gingerbread shape is all you have, and you have so little dominion over it and that’s all you get. (Yes, Eloheim, we know that’s how you had to do it!) You don’t even have a glimmer of the magnificence of your soul! You have no clue!

Referring back to the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey analogy we shared years ago ….Personality says you’re not playing the game like you’ve always done it, like you’re supposed to play it. Awareness says no, I’m not wearing that blindfold and not spinning around until I’m dizzy anymore or hopping over all these hazards, I’m doing it differently now.

Eventually you won’t see things as a third party anymore. And we can tell this doesn’t sink in yet. We get it. Your gingerbread man shape is your comfortable form yet the carpet is an opportunity to engage with another form, an alien form of you.

The Warrior and John explored the idea that you are ensouled by perhaps 180 “widgets” of soul out of a million and moved into discussing how the spark of your soul is existing in those subatomic particles and that you’re reuniting and engaging with it.

The spark of your soul is in the carpet, you’re engaging with it. Let it be what it is, it’s a notion until it’s not. Underneath it are the subatomic particles. The spark of your soul is underneath the subatomic particles, which means it’s in all things. The literal foundation of reality is the same for all things. Which means “it’s all you” is not just in your gingerbread shape.

At the core of the entire universe, it is all One. Underneath it all IS, animated by the IS. All That IS is not a hard concept for you guys. It has to be all the same at the bottom line.

You’re all having a collaborative, simultaneous experience but your experience is unique, like the facets on a diamond.

You do not know what happens when you engage the spark of your soul that is the carpet. And neither do we. That’s why you’re here. When you do have that “boing!” of connecting the spark of your soul that exists as a carpet right now, it will happen like dominoes for the rest of it. You will no longer be the humans that have occupied this planet for millennia. That will be absolute unequivocal evidence of an evolutionary step. So, you don’t push or force or engage with Homo sapiens, just be present and grateful with that spark you are engaging with. Let it be what it is. Let the truth of it be. Let it be your reality. Make a sentence with a period. Just let it be your reality without judging or letting your Personality take over. Any thinking is Personality. Any not thinking is Awareness.

*Note: The Warrior section was deep, expansive, and full of important information. It was too much and too deep for me to put it all in writing here (unless I transcribed the entire thing!). For a better understanding of what they spoke about, you need to listen to this meeting, likely more than once.

Four Sessions held in September 2018


Price: $24.99