Audio downloads of the five meetings held in March, 2012


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2012 03 07 ~ 96 Meeting

The focus of this session stressed the importance of being in the emanation of our truth consistently. Eloheim created a very interesting exercise to generate situations to help us practice this.

The Guardians – Were rather intense as they reminded the group to stay in their individual energy fields. They explained that we are in a very important place in the ascension timeline right now. Maintaining your “centered in self” focus as you dig deeper into big patterns which reveal further layers to explore with each new level of expansion.

The Visionaries – Reminded that the opportunity of the energy of 2012 is very important and it requires strict spiritual discipline to take advantage of this opportunity. This lifetime, which is the culmination of many lifetimes of hard work and spiritual focus, aligns with a time when we are culturally and socially free to abide in deep self exploration and emanation of our truth.

Eloheim conducted an exercise with the group by calling each person to the microphone to answer four questions:

1) What does an AHA feel like?
2) What a trigger feels like?
3) How do you feel right now?
4) What was the thing that was distracting you from the exercise?

The exercise was conducted to highlight that “BEING CONSCIOUS and centered in our emanation” needs to be in every moment, in every situation, in every interaction, when we are alone and also in our dealings with the outside world. This is to facilitate living from level 5 and neutral observation.

2012-03-14 ~ 89 minutes

When Eloheim presented their idea for the March 14th meeting, I thought, “Oh boy, ok….this is going to be interesting.” I also had to shop. This may be the first meeting I have ever “had to shop for” I sure can’t remember any other!

Eloheim and the Council have been directing us towards a transformed way of living. We access this new way of living by being conscious in every moment of our lives; living consciously in our own energy aware of own nature in the midst of our everyday interaction with the physical world.

Recent meetings with the Council have been designed to help us with the step-by-step living of our truth in the physical reality.

For this meeting, Eloheim designed an exercise to determine if the group maintained their own energy in the midst of physical and energetic interaction with each other (this included the group from the internet).

Eloheim had Veronica prepare 20 paper bags by drawing various symbols on one side and including an object in each. The bags were stapled shut. Each group member selected a bag and Eloheim then questioned them about their moment by moment experience of the situation before, during, and after the bags were opened.

Eloheim’s inquires included:
How do you feel about the exercise?
What is it bringing up in you?
How well are you in your own energy as other group members share their experiences?

The reactions and responses of the group are fascinating as they show how the temptation to be in the past or future and the temptation to be involved in anothers’ “business” is so strong that we fall for it even when we are focused on not letting ourselves be distracted.

Eloheim illuminates the distractions and guides us in how to catch ourselves when we become unconscious and habitual so that our conscious emanation can be more consistent.

Comments about this meeting:
I just watched the march 14 webcast and thought it was really interesting. The range of reactions was surprising and it was an effective exercise.

I was totally triggered by the group’s reactions and really learned a lot about myself in the process!

This was such a fun-filled meeting and at the same time so very profound.

2012 03 18 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 93 minutes

Part A 0:00 → 4:23
Introductory remarks on staying in your own energy.

Part A 4:23 → 13:13
She has been having pain in the muscles of her legs. Can Eloheim help her understand the energetics to release it?
“The further you project into the future, the more SI you have to deal with.” This was a new and surprising discovery for E.

Part A 13:13 → Part B 10:30
Please say more on manifestation. He has mastered the technique of asking for something and then waiting for it to never show up.
Here is a new thing for you guys: Short Factual Observations Part B 9:45 → 10:30
The story will keep you from knowing your center, keep you from knowing your truth.

Part B 10:30 → Part C 2:44
Please tell her more about the energetics of her cancer. (continues from last month on breast cancer)

Part C 2:44 → 9:08
She has been practicing boundaries. It has been challenging. She feels great anger before, during, and after speaking her truth. Can Eloheim shed light on this?

Part C 9:08 → 10:54
He experienced big physiological changes back in 2004. Can Eloheim provide insight about this?
No. Hell no. Not a fucking chance in hell are we talking about 2004.
Part C 10:54 → Part D 6:16
Who am I, and what am I here to do? Can one really miss one’s calling in life?
Epic rant ensues

Part D 6:16 → 14:30
She just ended a relationship with someone she still loves. She needs closure. Insight please?

Part D 14:30 → Part E 6:02
She feels excitement around others. What does this excitement represent in her?

Part E 6:02 → 8:09
She doesn’t feel “whole.” How can she transform this?

Part E 8:09 → 11:33
She feels she has created her home at the beach. What stands between her and her manifestation?

Part E 11:33 → Part F 2:14
Her workplace recently closed due to an investigation of the owners. She wants to now open her own company. Can Eloheim provide perspective on this?

Part F 2:14 → 8:18
She is trying to be healthier and lose some weight. She has heard other channels give differing advice on diet. What are Eloheim’s thoughts on diet, and what would be the best diet for her energetically?

Part F 8:18 → 13:44
She is experiencing an intense feeling of “I’m done here.” She does not know whether this refers to general area, or done on Earth. She would like Eloheim’s perspective on this.
Part F 13:44 → End
He is using “this trigger is mine” daily. Why does he sometimes still feel anger about situations?

2012 03 21 ~ 80 minutes

“If you are outside of your energy, you are missing an opportunity to know something of you.”

“The places where you are unconscious you’re unconscious are your deepest exploration now.”

“If you are ignoring your small triggers they have to get ‘loud’ to get your attention.”

The meeting of March 21, 2012 continued the exploration of staying in “your own energy.” The video below is the Guardians opening the meeting. The Visionaries continued where the Guardians left off. Eloheim worked with the group in discussing “small triggers” they had discovered. Fred and the Girls contributed to the discussion. The Warrior continued his new story in such a powerful way it moved Veronica to tears. The Matriarch closed the meeting.

2012 03 28 ~ 80 minutes

We had a awesome meeting which really helped everyone learn about staying in their own energy as we dealt with various computer/camera/power cord issues. 🙂 See details about the webcast replay on the instruction sheet. It was a very interesting night! The audio quality may be a bit different as we had to strip the audio from the webcast replay rather than use the recording from the sound board. As I said, it was an interesting night.