Four Sessions held in April 2018


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April 1, 2018

54 minutes

Notice When You’re In Awareness

It’s the energy of rebirth, Easter, a new month, and Spring, all at the same time, and a good time for a chat.

The opportunity is to embrace Awareness-forward living and what it offers, a chance to have this new paradigm. It’s really hard to talk about Awareness, for any of us. Perhaps we don’t use language, instead paint or dance. Or the way we can engage with the idea of Awareness forward is to detach from the way we engage Personality forward.

If we want to engage with Personality, we talk about it, we come up with tools, constructs, or we do hands-on to change your perspective in the way you navigate life, or the next now. You navigate life through a new filter. Through it you have walked through the next now with a changed perspective. But we didn’t change paradigm.

On the Homo spiritus side of the line, thinking doesn’t help. So, what is actually the process, the mechanism for Awareness forward? Primarily, it begins with the singular choice that you are going to prioritize a paradigm shift. It doesn’t get made once, it gets made a lot. That is a key component in this. If you choose and then go back to Personality forward because it’s too hard, that’s rough on your energetic system. You don’t flop back and forth from A to P to A to P. If you fall back into old habits, it’s not the same as choosing P, that’s a habit. It’s the choice to live an Awareness-forward life that matters.

The word respect is coming through. It becomes a moment where you respect yourself enough, honor yourself enough, you honor your path, your journey, your desire, your choice. You let yourself be patient, be tender in the discovery of how to experience it. It’s not exactly languageable. We’re trying to give you more of a sense of where you stand in yourself, rather a tool or a guideline. Veronica said “just keep stancing, I gotta keep on stancing.” It’s a sense of “here I wait” in a space where I am making every bit of me sticky for more Awareness to be live, for all my surface area for Awareness being active within me. You hold in that as you go about your daily life.

For most of you, the Awareness experience has been in meditation, in a non-marketplace situation. In the marketplace is our goal. When you go into the marketplace, take that practice with you.

Noticing when you’re doing Awareness is the whole game. Just notice. Because you are having these experiences, your job is just to notice. Catch yourself when you’re in Awareness, but then don’t think about it. Don’t think your way into it, you can’t. Notice it and notice it again. And finally the Personality gets to do its real job, which we don’t want to go into right now. Your job right now is to notice when you’re in Awareness, and that’s it. You may say, I’m never in Awareness, but that’s not true, you’re just not noticing. You will find the indications, find what it looks like for yourself. What does it look like for you to put this into the physical? What are the challenges when you notice?
The more you can notice, the more likely it is you will have those experiences.

The group members then interacted with Eloheim and during the conversations, Darcy shared her own new tool, “That’s my opinion,” which she uses to stop her Personality from always wanting outcomes or expectations or having judgements. She uses “That’s my opinion” as her version of the “Set it down” tool.

“There’s nothing left for me to explore Personality forward that will benefit my evolution.” That’s a big statement and if you want to go double check that statement, you know who’s doing the checking.

That doesn’t mean Personality is out of a job, it means it will be able to take up the job it was meant to do.

Be aware that the Personality has a lot of different faces and a lot of practice in finding ways to get your attention, to be dominant: a teenager who’s acting out, a three-year-old who can’t get everything it gets, the UCE, the SI, saying you’re ungrateful, selfish, you’re abandoning me, and many more types of faces unique to you. Am I going to dabble with Personality or am I going to cut the ties to the way it’s been and live on the other side of the line?

Notice when you’re in Awareness and don’t beat yourself up when you’re not. Backtrack and use the tools that work for you to help you engage with the reality of whether you’re in Personality or Awareness. Simply notice when you are in Awareness and observe, experience, and explore.

April 11, 2018

71 minutes
Complacency and Russian Dolls

The reality is this, opportunity is the word. We know this movement into Homo spiritus is not a cup of tea and the opportunity is such an extraordinarily unique thing. We wish we had a way we could pull you out of Personality and plunk you down into Awareness so you could feel what is like and then maybe you could get back there easier. It’s nothing like what you’re used to. If you let your Personality tell you what to expect, what’s possible, what it’s like, to judge your progress, it won’t work.

So how do we get you guys to shake loose of what you have been using to evaluate your experience for every single incarnation you’ve had on this planet and use something else instead? It’s a ridiculous thing to be asking or talking about and yet it’s the greatest opportunity ever. What will shock you out of the complacency of Personality? We can see how doing something that takes you out of what you’ve been doing all along can jolt you into Awareness. We don’t want to do it that way anymore. The PhD was a very important step. It showed it’s not just words, it showed a distinct and considerable difference between the Personality and Awareness. That was a door that opened.

What we’re feeling now is a need for a constant and steady reminder that the world will continue to show up to your Personality, unless you make a choice of stance, of paradigm. What part of you are you going to navigate a situation? You use the muscle you built with this tool, “Is this happening TO me or is this happening FOR me?” You have to be taking that trip off into Awareness each time something occurs. It’s not staying back and not engaging, as in Level 6 where you’re not triggered, it’s responding to the world from Awareness. We need a tool that works across situations like all our other tools do.

You’ve done the bookwork, you have the foundational information, now you have to walk in the world with it consistently. It’s not like the “winks” we used to watch for. Winks are fun, but now it’s in a more sustained way. What is going to make it so that you engage with this consistently? It’s a now to now to now to now, top-of-the-list kind of thing. Without a reward for doing it or a clear do-to-get thing. None of you, except for small glimmers, none of you know what the reward is. You just have to take our word for it that it’s worth doing the work. If we could put it into words without your brain getting in the way! You just have to take our word that it’s a good idea, it’s “cool.”

The more we describe it, the more we realize how unusual you people are that are willing to do this! You listen to a disembodied voice telling you, “this is going to be cool,” and you’re going, “but it’s hard,” and we say “but it’s cool,” and you’re like, “okay.”

We’re looking for the moveable piece to help you remember to look at and respond to things with your Awareness self. Energetically, it feels like you’re not as connected to this notion, to your PhDs, as you were. The group was then invited into the discussion and they talked with Eloheim about how their PhDs are on a “slow burn.” The PhD is always present in the back of their minds, but it is no longer an intense focus. It has not segued into every day living. Something else needs to be added in because it feels like it needs to be upgraded, rebooted.

You’re losing sight that Awareness is always present. It’s like those nested Russian dolls. You take off the outer doll and reveal the inner one. Awareness is in there already, it has always been there. Remember, the Matriarch has always seen you as your Awareness self that has always been there, she sees you as truly you are under your Personality. Using another analogy of you as a banana in a peel, we don’t want to talk to your peel, we’re interested in the inner part. How can we peel away the Personality like you peel a banana, the Personality interface, and talk to the Awareness? Use any of those images and see if you can see the difference in the Personality experience and the Awareness experience in your everyday life.

Don’t think about what Awareness might think-that’s Personality talking. It’s experience and explore WITHOUT thinking. It is a brain teaser, for sure. You don’t want to think, you just want to be present to it and then see what you experience. Be present to the fact. Be present to the IS. It doesn’t just shut you up to Personality, it’s a doorway, it opens you up to the more that is Awareness.

Awareness isn’t necessarily an answer to a problem, it broadens your experience of that present moment. Personality is a tight, narrow experience. You cannot imagine or think about what Awareness is going to give you. If you try to use your Personality to imagine Awareness, you’re only going to get Personality tricking you or limiting you. If you’re thinking about Awareness, you’re not doing it the way we think you should do. Be present to the now and see what’s there.

Personality might be shutting up more often, the PhD study feels stale, so what’s the next step? Allowing what IS is the next step. Choose to allow Awareness to reveal the experience in order to discover what has been covered up by Personality. It’s not to drive an outcome or get an answer, it’s not transactional. It’s experience and explore what Awareness reveals. Stop, be present, and see what’s there. If Personality is talking, stop, pick something and be present to it without distraction, without thinking. If Personality keeps thinking, divide that present into something even smaller, narrow your focus fractally in an effort to be more concentrated in your presence. Nature is a great place to practice this stuff. We gotta get that door open.

Every little bit counts and builds on itself so don’t let Personality judge you about how often you do it.

At this point, Eloheim treated us to an unexpected Fred visit.

Fred: Let’s have a moment. All the time you’ve been working with Eloheim and the Council, you’ve been working with them from your Personality. Do you have any, and don’t think about this, concept of what might be possible if we actually had meetings where we were interacting with your Awareness instead? All these years and all this progress we’ve made has always been slogging through the fact that you were engaging with the world through a Personality perspective. You’ve been amazing at navigating life with your Personality and not being triggered and habits etc., but look at what you’re doing! You’re now at a time when we are going to be able to engage with your Awareness while you’re in physical form on planet Earth in a free will zone. Holy shit!! We are getting very close to saying that “we are engaging with Personality” is no longer true. This is your hourglass moment. There will be a time when we will say, yes, we are talking to your Awareness.

We’re not allowed to engage your thinking mind, per Eloheim’s admonishments, and the only way we know how to get around it is to go into your energetic systems. (And so, Fred did energy work on the group!) We believe we just made it easier on you with a shortcut. We want this for you very much. Or we wouldn’t hang around. We experience and see you as the prodigies that you are with all your potential and ability. But you have to walk that road. There’s no reason why it won’t be explored in a magnificent way.

Matriarch: We do see you as your ascended self, your Awareness self. We don’t engage with your Personality. We hold that reminder energetic for you. We talk to you from that place, we are like an anchor, unmoving and well-tethered. We hold that unmoving clarity that your Awareness can be engaged with, gets connected with, gets fed. That’s what we’ve been doing all this time. Now we’re trying to connect you more within yourselves so your Awareness is being experienced by you more and more. That opportunity is here for you now, grab it!

April 15, 2018

65 minutes
It’s Not a Vending Machine

Yesterday we had a long conversation with Veronica about the Free Will Zone. The reality of what’s going on here on Earth is that you are aligning your free will with the idea of moving into Homo Spiritus. Most of what happens, 99% of the time, is being human in a free will zone has just generated a ton of confusion navigated through fear, survival instinct, unhealed core emotion, lack, and more. That pattern of confusion was navigated by fear and generated limitation. Limitation, in turn, created fewer things in which to navigate your confusion or to fear. On and on and on. Thus, you were left stuck with no alternatives.

Fear led to confusion, led to fear, led to confusion, and you became wrapped up in a very contained sort of life. People who branched out from that were considered mavericks, and the rest were who you commonly interacted with. The opportunity to toe the line was very loud.

If you use free will in a different way, aligning your free will with the Awareness side of the equation, you allow expansion and fascination to grant you access to Awareness. It changes the way your mind works and facilitates you engaging with Awareness. As you align your free will in this way, you allow expansion to occur.

Awareness is the Field of Infinite Possibilities. When you access Awareness, you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t go into Awareness treating it like a vending machine. You don’t know what’s going to come out. If it was a vending machine, who would have stocked it? Personality, with its limited perspective and driven by fear and lack.

You’ve gotten to the point, using your PhD and your other tools, where you’ve caught yourself in Personality. Now you’re not being critical or judgmental to evaluate the progress of the movement into Awareness-forward living. We suspect you don’t actually have a way of determining that you are in Awareness until you create one–using Awareness not Personality. Awareness evaluates Awareness.

When Awareness is active, you get things your Personality never thought of. That’s very, very much like channeling. That’s pretty much channeling. It’s trippy. That’s another way to think about this Personality thing. If Veronica said, “What would Personality tell me today?” she’d only get what she already knew. Instead it’s, I’m going to align my free will into the FIP and expand into what is being offered. This is a model you can use to help you with this Personality-Awareness difference as well.

(Eloheim pointed to a spot on Veronica’s head)…an idea we had for Veronica that seemed to help her if she seemed to have difficulty getting out of the Personality mindset was to have her pick a spot on her brain where the Personality seems to be thinking, thinking, thinking, and decide to think about it from another spot on her brain. Asking herself, so what if I think about it from here instead?

Catching Personality and knowing what to do when you catch it, that’s the step we’re on. Whatever helps break that incessant Personality drive, to allow Awareness evaluate Awareness. There’s so much freedom in that. When we can get to that point, we can loop Body back in. It’s like one instrument in the band being the loudest: we need to quiet the loud one to hear the others so we know what they sound like and know where they all fit in.

Eloheim invited the group to speak and discussed evaluation and being neutral with the first caller. You can get to the neutral place of not being triggered (Level 6), and then the next step is to let Awareness lead the way into the FIP. It’s going to feel different, be different than you ever thought before. You can’t imagine what that is.

The second caller inspired a further talk about fascination and being present with an openness, of engaging with the idea of “what else is more here?”

Don’t start with the hardest parts to move in your life first. And don’t judge yourself as failing because that part is hard. Do the easiest parts first. As you navigate those, you’re more likely to have and build the muscle that opens the door to Awareness. Then as you navigate the harder parts, finding the tender spot can help you find the door to Awareness. What do you imagine the tender spot is in that person or in yourself? Take that tender spot into Awareness.

Remember, being in Awareness presents something new and different. It will smell, feel, look different. And, sometimes being present to something and having that feeling happen, there’s a delay between those two. And that’s okay, too. You weren’t present wrong. It’s not a vending machine. Be fascinated and present, fascinated and present, and allow the FIP to rise up and offer you clarity about the experience and clarity about your actions.

April 25, 2018

79 minutes
Full Council Meeting

Guardians: There once was time when you would incarnate into the human form without any expectation other than surviving, procreating, dying and nothing else. No sense of improving yourself, evolving, transforming. It was getting ahead and keeping ahead to benefit yourself and your offspring. That was it. Then we come to this lifetime where the opportunity has presented itself for evolutionary jumps, and here we are on the brink of the largest evolutionary jump into Homo spiritus as a constant state. Not consistently. Constantly. That’s our purpose to instill in you, to offer the doorway to constant state of Awareness.

What keeps you on this side of the door?

You’re fitting it in, even when you’re busy in your every day life, saying Awareness is what I am focusing on every moment of my day. It becomes a yearning, a wanting, like you want your next breath. You’re not willing to live as a Homo sapiens anymore. It’s a commitment.

Are you asking for your Awareness perspective? That’s our question for you to ponder.

Visionaries: It’s an excellent question. It has to be a priority now. You already have this muscle to choose. Are you asking your Awareness for its perspective, its insight to navigate this now? Here’s your opportunity. You have to keep choosing to ask for Awareness. We have to break the habit of what a hundred lifetimes has offered, which says Homo sapiens is the solution.

When something happens, ask, “What does Awareness have for me?”

Eloheim: Awareness makes you go, “I never thought of it that way!” It gives you something you haven’t had before. Has Awareness been consulted? What does Awareness have to say? Be careful you don’t ask and then let Personality use Awareness’ voice–you gotta know when you’re talking to Awareness and to know inside when something is being filtered through Personality. Put a little bit of effort into it. Look into what it feels like when Awareness is talking and when Personality is talking.

It’s very similar to channeling. It’s the same muscle as channeling. Find that voice, what does it sound like, feel like, is it even a voice? Notice when you’re actually present, more in the now, that you’re in your body more, differently.

When you go into the interaction with Awareness, you don’t go into it with an agenda. Awareness says there’s more here and gives you access to something else. Remember, it’s an opportunity, not a vending machine. If you’re getting the same stuff you already know, ask for more. Be the one to pull it out of your own Awareness.

Once you access Awareness consistently, at some point we’re going to loop back to Awareness and Body. We have not forgotten that the whole thing was Awareness/Body/Personality.

Align your free will behind the idea that you want to be asking Awareness to contribute, you want to know what A knows. You have it in you to hear your Awareness, in whatever way it decides to communicate with you. You want Awareness to be your operating system.

Girls: It’s one of those times when you really are on the brink of something fantastic. It’s also a time to be aware when you’re being mean to yourself about how you’re doing it, if you’re doing it or if you’re comparing yourself to others. Stay centered as you move through this big change. Watch yourself and be consistent, like the others said. You’re doing a not-hard thing, a lot, like water over a rock. You’re wearing it down. Don’t fall for the FFS that this is hard, or that you’re falling behind or not doing it good enough. Just do it, a lot. Until you have a response to the question. Just remember to do it even when you don’t get an immediate response. Keep doing it, it’s worth it.

Warrior: We’re going to talk about Body/Awareness, which is supposed to be down the road but we’re doing it now. When your Awareness is on board consistently and you’re experiencing the FIP as a reality like you experience the air you breath–when you don’t live in a world where lack is your dominant structure–you have all of the things that you need, you have the raw materials for things that you wish to create, you’re assisting the people you could assist, and you are empowered by the intangible things that support that happening. Imagine that those things are as accessible to you as the air you just brought into your body. That’s the reality we are talking about and part of the curriculum we have coming up. The FIP is your playground and you, as your Awareness, have the capacity and the maturity to navigate that field in new ways.

A little exercise for you all to do would be breathe and just feel into the fact of so much air as the abundance that you have. Feel how much abundance there is, don’t think about it. Ask your Awareness how does that feel to have the entirety of the FIP available like the never ending abundance of air that I never take responsibility for? That is a perfect model for using the body to access the FIP. It gives your body an opportunity to show you what that access can feel like.

Fred: When we talk about the Field of Infinite Possibilities, you cannot grasp it with your Homo sapiens’ mind. You can’t even count all the stars in the sky or all the grains of sand on all the beaches on this world. When you talk about accessing the FIP, access is not an option, you will BE the FIP. You will be the embodiment of the FIP, walking and emanating on this earth. You guys have no idea. You are going to BE the Field of Infinite Possibilities, navigate this world as the emanational force of the FIP. If that doesn’t make you ask your Awareness all day long, “Hey Awareness, what do you think?” If that doesn’t motivate you, we don’t know what will! Do you want to do something that has never been done before in the history of the Universe??

So what are you going do? You’re going to ask your Awareness what it has to say, right? And type it on Facebook so we know what’s going on with you guys! This happened and I accessed my Awareness, this happened and I didn’t access my A, or I don’t know what happened!

Matriarch: (laughing) We sort of like when they break the rules. They’re not really rules. There’s a delicate balance that Eloheim tries to achieve between encouraging and activating your Awareness, without fueling your Personality’s navigation of that process. Because you’re gonna think and the next thing we know Eloheim’s going, we’re not going to let you guys talk to them anymore if you don’t stop messing around! Of course it’s the boys we’re talking about, not us. We’re walking a balance beam encouraging activation of Awareness while minimizing the Personality. Each Council member has a different way of doing that. It’s up to you to keep that Personality in check and let that Awareness blossom.

Four Sessions held in April 2018


Price: $24.99