Four Sessions held in August 2019

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August 4, 2019

Don’t Fall for Really Good Personality

We’re going to start with the shootings because we can’t start any other place. It’s distracting to Veronica and probably to you as well.
It’s a fun thing to do, going to Gilroy for the garlic festival, and Veronica has attended this event in the past. This time it got disturbing and deadly instead of fun. Your culture, your humanity is set up on a platform of duality. It’s an unfortunate part of the system. It’s limiting and brings challenges to it. When duality is inflamed, it looks like us vs. them, and you get the worst of the human. It’s me before them. Underneath all those arbitrary lines, it all comes down to duality. And is baked into Personality. Me-not me.

When you’re encountering the news about people deeply committed to duality-people fueled by the survival instinct-it can be easy to be disempowered and fearful. We invite you, as you process, to remember that in your compassion, empathy, worry about the future, and in your flailing about to remember it’s duality fueled by the survival instinct, and that’s why we’re doing the work we’re doing. We’re putting this in the context of the work we’re doing so that you can feel empowered in a situation that feels like there’s no power, a situation where you feel completely disempowered. When you feel trapped in the Homo sapiens perspective on all of this, the invitation is to find Awareness, even though this situation is going on and it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

You didn’t sign up for the army and get training to go into battle. But you did sign up to confront the limitations of Personality. And it’s important. If more people went to Level 5, the fierce Warrior level, you would see radical changes going on, but more people go to Level 2, to victimhood, so the work you’re doing is more important. Who’s holding down the fort in Level 7-10 if it’s not you? Thoughts and prayers is Level 3. Well, it’s here and I don’t know what to do about it you think. I feel stuck so here’s some thoughts and prayers. Do people actually do that or are those just words?

We don’t see the “no guns” thing happening anytime soon. There has to be a third way. If you go to Level 5, fight for the third way. You may choose to do this work internally and you have to be steady.

We have been progressing to where the focus has been on the difference between Personality and Awareness and how you can find and rely on your doorway to Awareness so that, no matter what is going on, you can still access that doorway. One of the things Veronica noticed in herself is what she calls being in “really good Personality.” There was a difference between when she was in really good Personality rather than Awareness. The way you can tell the difference is it’s a change of paradigm. How do you identify that? Through experience. You must experience it to know it. If you’re still navigating through the temptation to do things the way you’ve done it before, only better, that’s really good Personality. That’s not being in Awareness. Convincing yourself you’re in Awareness is not really being in Awareness. When you’re in Awareness, things unfold, you’re in the web of connections. If you’re experiencing “dominoes standing up,” it’s not Awareness. In really good Personality, there’s a sense of wow, things are working out. There’s that underlying sense of jeopardy avoided, of Personality trying to take credit for it or trying to make it happen again. It becomes dominated by thinking or feeling lucky or being surprised by it or like magic, things like that. That’s not Awareness, that’s really good Personality. In Awareness, you’re in the web of connections. It doesn’t start from, I need answers. It starts from being present in the only now that has ever existed. It feels like something is unfurling in front of you while you remain present. You’re watching and that’s all you care about. You’re not assigning meaning or using a frame of reference or seeking understanding. You’re staying present to what is unfolding. This just IS. You’re allowing yourself to experience and explore.

The difference between really good Personality and Awareness is how it starts, where did it start, and how you are experiencing it.

You might notice we’re using the word “feeling” a lot. This is how it happens for Veronica. It’s not about her emotions but the tactile, visceral sensations in her gingerbread shape that tell her when she’s in Awareness. It’s a distinct physical sensation that feels similar to having a level in her chest that tells her where the bubble is perceived in her gingerbread shape, whether it’s leaning forward or backward, to the side, or is centered inside her chest tells her whether she’s in Personality or Awareness. It’s a distinct, visceral sensation.

A while back, we were discussing the word “I,” and what happens if you take it out of your vocabulary. If you’re not careful, you are replacing the word but still using the same paradigm. For example: I am bored. The thing with bored is, you may not have thought about what it actually means in a decade or two. That word needs to be analyzed for what it actually means. But the most important word in the conversation is the word I. What is I? I = Gingerbread shape + re-living the past + speculating about the future. So, “my gingerbread shape plus re-living the past and speculating about the future is bored.” It sounds so silly and doesn’t describe the now. All those words are preconceived ways of attempting to grapple with, label, pigeonhole the now rather than be present. All of that is Personality. All you really have to do is be present.

Anytime you use the word I, you are unnecessarily defining yourself. Decide, do I want to define myself? The reality of things just IS. In Awareness of things, IS is present. Words are insufficient to describe this. More than any other word we’ve tried to rehabilitate or fire, the word I has baked into it the perspective from Personality. It looks like duality fueled by the survival instinct: I am not you, and that’s all I need to know. It’s all me is the evolution, transformation of I. If you find yourself saying or typing that word in a sentence, check with yourself, who am I referencing,? Who am I imagining when I say I? You don’t have to take the word out of your vocabulary. However, you need to know what you’re referencing. I, as Personality, am asserting that I exist. An Awareness state is experiencing and exploring and witnessing and chronicling an unfolding. It’s more fractal. It’s a shift in paradigm.

People in the group then shared their thoughts and experiences and the differences between Personality and Awareness.

August 14, 2019

Sensing Energetic Emanations: An Awareness Homecoming

Eloheim: It has been quite an experience since we last hung out with you. Veronica took a five-day sabbatical. It just was time for a jump and we have been advising you that this was coming. Veronica’s entire system has been revamped over the last few days and she has been adjusting to that, and all the while, Fred hasn’t understood the notion of waiting your turn. We have been partnering with Veronica in conversation with Fred while they downloaded the new information, the new teachings. This means eating chocolate again while channeling and having trouble moving the body. We’re coming into a new phase of the teachings and lots of downloads have come in. Veronica can’t hold all of that and she isn’t required to; that’s where we come in. Imagine a long hallway where we have “kicked” a bunch of doors open to a bunch of rooms. Each room represents another aspect of the teachings we plan to explore and unfold. Veronica’s nervous system has felt overfull, meaning she forgets how to eat in the middle off meal or put stuff away, has a need for chocolate, and has required extra help while she holds all the downloads. And tonight you here in person all stepped up. That’s because you’re in Awareness. You met the needs without worry or trying to make things better or making it weird. Being in Awareness doesn’t have to be hard. You stayed in Awareness, and that’s important.

Fred: The overall statement is this-you have been under the delusion that you are a gingerbread shape walking through the world, that your memories and your dreams make you someone specific. That delusion has sold you on the idea that those three things combine to make what you call I. Personality says that is all you are. You are the gingerbread shape connected to the past and dealing with the dreams of the future. That is all you have ever been and will ever be. You have labored under this delusion for lifetimes. Finally, you are at the pinnacle of that delusion, and that delusion is “really good Personality.” I am as good a person as I can get.

(Each member of the group has a small baggie of Legos for the next teaching.)

Everyone has blocks so using a red block, can you all see that the only thing telling you what color this is, red, is Personality? Only Personality has this shaping. A block means something specific, a shape means something specific, a color means something specific, it’s all Personality. Only Personality has strictly and solely the dominion of labels at this time. That’s all you got. Every single thing is all only Personality. Personality decided these things.

(Fred asked how this was resonating with the group.)

Okay, it seems to be a mind thing, an intellectual thing for everyone. For Veronica, it’s a body thing.

We can make a wall with the Legos. (Holds theirs up.) Personality defined this as a wall. And your relationship to walls, it holds up the roof? Your relationship to it is one of disregard. Disregard is Personality driven by the survival instinct. Do you want Team Personality driven by the survival instinct to decide for you?

Still an intellectual thing? (Yes)

So, we can build a castle with Legos. All personality. Personality is defining it, limiting it, saying what it should be, what it isn’t. Personality is telling me every single thing about every single thing.

Imagine if each of the things in the room had a word assigned to it, written on them. Trunk, trunk, trunk, wall, wall, wall. When you look at it, what do you think about it? Sentimentality, use (what it is being used for despite it’s original intended use), and function. It has its own Personality-assigned significance. All of that is based in Personality. Everything around you becomes a thing that Personality defines. It only means something to me because Personality has allowed it to mean something to me-its assigned significance-and the significance comes from Personality.

Up until now Personality has assigned significance to your physical objects. So Eloheim says, free the ottoman! You look at it and go, be free, ottoman, and nothing happens. “Do something,” you think, “so my experience of physical objects is actually being affected, and I’m moving into Awareness.” You know how Eloheim seeds ideas, plops things in, and then lets them sit? It’s harvest time now. They had to seed the field, and they did it years ago. Your energetic field is different in Awareness. Part of what has been going on for a long time is that Eloheim is giving you at least two, more like twenty, levels of information during the meetings. They’ve been talking to your energetic fields the whole time. And the Guardians and the Matriarch have been nurturing it (not sitting at the bar!). It’s time for harvest now.

How does Awareness free the ottoman? Caution here, don’t have preconceived notions, like abracadabra. That’s Personality. That will not get you where you want to go. The relationship you currently have with the ottoman has up to this point has been a very intellectual, personality experience of the ottoman. Recently, Veronica has been teaching people how to sense the energetics of essential oils, something she has felt passionate about for two years. In her sabbatical with us, she realized her doing that was seeding the field. That energetic is an Awareness-based offering. Use, function, value, sentimentality is Personality. You’re not in Awareness unless there’s a paradigm shift. You haven’t been relating to the energetic emanation of the ottoman. How do you know unless you try? The transformation that occurs is that you allow yourself to become connected to the energetic the ottoman is offering. That doesn’t mean taking their function as their energetic. You can do this with anything and we suggest you do it with everything. You will have an energetic relationship. That is the sensory system.

The truth of the matter, you are all Awareness. You are all made of the same thing, you are all the same thing: the tapestry of Awareness that rises up to shape the various forms including your gingerbread shape. That is you. That is why there is only one now. You are emanation in Personality’s version of time.

We want to tell you about the energetic of the ottoman. This will be in Veronica’s wording, you will create your own. But now we need to go.

Eloheim: Veronica hasn’t felt like this in many years, not since the Council began coming in. Whew! (Drinks water and eats chocolate.)

So, about free the ottoman. We’re talking about the sensory system. You have an emanation, the ottoman has an emanation. You share Awareness, you are both made of Awareness. And because of that, when you relate to each other, you are relating in Awareness. When you start to become cognizant and everything is emanating Awareness as you walk through the house, you’re being reminded of Awareness constantly. If you only connect to the labels, you are only relating in Personality. If you connect to the emanation of the ottoman, you are being reminded of Awareness. They relate to you in Awareness, they keep you company in Awareness. It’s an Awareness relationship. You begin to share the same emanational field. In Awareness, we want to intersect with the ottoman to experience it. What does that experience feel like? For Veronica, it was an immediate sense of familiarity, it’s like, “oh, there you are.” You are family, you are tribe. We are of the same thing. It’s not an intellectual thing. It was a discovery of something forgotten. It was the same for her trunk, her bed, her sheets, the wall.

Just as she does when sensing the energetics of an oil, Veronica took the first word she got when she touched the wall behind her bed. Collectively, you say it’s a wall. There’s more. Immediately, the word she assigned for the energetic she sensed was protection. The wall was acknowledging it was protecting Veronica from the hot sun. All of a sudden, it’s not a wall, it’s an energetic relationship. She then connected with the emanation of the door and other things in her home. The result was that as she walked through the house, she no longer felt a gingerbread shape. The emanation of all the different things became her shape. She didn’t “end at her skin.” It’s a homecoming for Awareness.

As to the energetic of the ottoman, it likes being the center of attention, the center of the room. It came from a place where it was ignored so there’s an emanation of appreciation for being something beyond nothing. It is easier to sense energetics with the oils or crystals. However, this can be done with everything. The ottoman says, you have freed me from being nothing. Energetically, It offers deeper revelations of the fact it is made of Awareness. Occasionally, you have an Awareness experience of a tree. The tree, the river, the plant, the animals have always been in Awareness but you have related to them in Personality instead of letting the truth of that object, the fact that it is made of Awareness, be part of your reality.

We can begin to use the “it’s all me” truth. Remember you’re just putting your baby toe in and getting excited over that holding into Awareness and never leaving it. As you start to connect to physical objects, you have to be cautious that you don’t just connect to their function, the programming. There’s more. Believe there’s more. Be cautious you don’t spin a Personality story, and that you acknowledge the reality that it is Awareness and it has an emanation with which you wish to connect. Everything is Awareness. You are only Awareness. The physicality of this begins to be real when you start to acknowledge the truth of emanation. The Lego is a piece of the tapestry of Awareness shaped.

How does this feel? For Veronica, it feels like something she forgot. It makes more sense to her. She wondered, why are we not noticing that? Now we are ready.

Fast forward preview: If we say a tree is in Awareness, you can agree. Our famous ottoman? Maybe not. People have an energetic emanation as well. People are complicated emanators. If you remember, Fred (or one of the Council) was saying you would have meetings where you wouldn’t speak. You would bring emanations to the meeting and share them and it would be an exchange, a nonverbal Awareness experience, something we will call intersection. If you practice on your oils, crystals, whatever, that place is where we’re heading. You’ll do the walk-a-mile-in-somebody-else’s-shoes idea. By the time intersection comes on board, you’re not going to feel Homo sapiens anymore, you’re going to feel like a new species. And Homo sapiens are going to need you because not all are ready for intersection. That’s where we’re headed and it might take years. Start with something easy: oils, plants, crystals. People and animals have a fluctuating emanation so start with the easiest thing possible. Don’t talk yourself out of what you get. Don’t tell yourself it’s silly. None of that nonsense. All that talk we’ve done finally settled into a visceral experience for Veronica when she said, alright, I’ll try to see what the wall emanates. Now when she walks through the space, there’s a sense of friendship and familiarity and companionship and collaboration with something that didn’t used to matter at all.

The thing with intersection with people and animals, when you have that Awareness-based exchange, you don’t have to use words. It comes in clarity and choiceless choice. It doesn’t need to be more than the first thing you feel when sensing an emanation. You don’t need a huge story.

Start small. Make an intention to connect with [blank] and say to us, I let myself hear what I heard, felt what I felt, had a memory, heard a song, tasted this taste, and that’s it. Period. Crack those doors open. Over and over. That’s how we’re going to get Awareness and Body in concert and then move on to intersection. There you wil have a healing impact on your species.

Homework: try sensing emanation with ONE thing. See what you get.

August 18, 2019

This special event was SPECIAL! Wow! We went to Jeff’s house where Eloheim and Jeff collaborated on healing sessions for everyone in Jeff’s amazing energy-filled house and healing chamber.

Eloheim talked with each person and also talked with the group while Jeff was doing his treatments.

John shares how he connected with his Vogle crystal and then Eloheim leads him in a discovery of how to use it for healing sessions which John then does!

So much in this LONG meeting!

August 28, 2019

Full Council
Guardians: Checking in on the energetics of the area. So, awhile back we talked about the earthquake potential. We don’t think you’re done with the earthquakes yet. Things feel rumbly, but we’ve never checked hundreds of miles out before so how would we know? It feels very steady around here. Interesting. We’re learning and developing guidelines for tuning into the region. Thank you for listening while we learn.

Visionaries: You have entered into this new phase where you’re letting Fred take the lead. You asked for it. You’re on a ride now! In the beginning, Fred comes into the Council and sounds like a robot. Eloheim believed in Fred but some of us wondered, is it going to work? Can Fred’s energetic be transmitted through a human body? Now when you take Fred’s contribution and you “up” it, it’s reminiscent of that time when Fred first joined the Council. It’s extraordinarily gigantic, galactic energy pushing the envelope of what’s ever been possible for a Homo sapien in a birthing time into Awareness, when the messages of duality that are present in the culture are very intense. And all that leads to to this stew of potential, yet challenge, at the same time, to letting that potential play out. The opportunity this presents is a 2.0 version of when Fred first came in. Sometimes Fred comes in and is jovial and fun but what you’re getting now is not the edges of Fred but something quite different as far as Veronica’s body reactions or your own. Don’t be surprised by that. Be kind to yourself because you’re asking for something quite remarkable to occur. It starts at the edge of where you are and goes up. Fred is reaching down and you’re reaching up, you’re stretching. It’s not a casual thing.

We’re going to get Eloheim now. There’s a crowd in there right now.
Eloheim: What they mean is that there’s an audience for the emergence of Fred’s starring role and we don’t know how that’s going to play out. There’s an audience that wants to see what’s going on. It feels a bit like when you invite 10 people to a party an 300 show up.

We want to have a check-in with you guys before Fred comes in. Have you been connecting to random physical objects?

The group talked about Personality trying to direct the exploration of emanation, paradigm shifts, not needing words, anthropomorphizing things, and not hurrying the process along.

Eloheim highly recommends we introduce ourselves to our surroundings first and wait to connect to animals and people later. Also, borrow Veronica’s confidence in your ability to sense energy. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Trust what you get. You’re allowing clarity and creating your own energy sensing language. Keep practicing. Practicing on one thing a day would be great.

Girls: You’re out there running around your house, touching stuff, and getting into new relationships with it. Remember it’s not you and the wall. That’s not the end of the story. It’s just the beginning. You and the wall are the same stuff. There’s not a line. It becomes something else. That’s another layer. The wall is a presence in your life that it didn’t used to be. Who is connecting, experiencing that presence? Not Personality. It’s Awareness acknowledging Awareness. Eventually when you wake up in the morning in that experience, you and the wall are the same thing, you are a tapestry. There’s an enmeshment. You’re a tapestry in that experience that offers an expanded emotional, mental connection. You don’t end at your skin. The visceral experience of that becomes an enmeshment. You’re no longer two, you are the same. Everything viscerally becomes the same. And you don’t want that division. You’re interacting with Awareness in the shape of a wall.

Warrior: In the time we tell you about, the time in which we lived, the interconnection of the ecosystem was much more obvious than what you experience. That tapestry of experience where you were much more in harmony with the flow of the seasons, the movement of the planets, the waxing and waning of plants and animals over a year. When you were in that connection, it was easier to access Awareness. That in-synch-with-nature connection has led you to feel that sense of tapestry, which is really close to the Awareness feeling. However, the difference is that tapestry feeling is not a paradigm shift. It’s great, it’s supportive, it’s helpful, but it’s not a paradigm shift. So, doorways, but not a paradigm shift. This is why this is such a big deal, there’s steps to this, why it doesn’t all happen at once so you might as well settle in on this one.

Fred: There’s this new phase that you’re in as you’re dipping your toes in on the paradigm shift. Tuning into the wall seems to be the path, so we’re doing that. It’s an important doorway. We need to have you more mentally plastic. Tuning into the wall generates a plasticity that we need in order to kind of mess with you a bit. It opens you up. We need to mess around in your energy system and in order to do that, there’s gotta be a little flexibility in your system. As we do all this talking, most of what we’re doing is not verbal, we’re emanating and shaking up your energetic system. It’s making more room, more space for an opportunity.

You made this invitation to us to say, someday we are going to be ready to have an Awareness to Awareness conversation that is not beholden to Earth rules. We are rogue agents and don’t have to follow the syllabus that Eloheim sticks to. We are not criticizing them, we are just different and you get both of us. You are learning two different things but pursuing a singular target. You have a multitude of professors to get one degree. Eloheim is rooted in the practical, step-by-step process. It’s a valuable and amazing path. We don’t do that, you’ve got that covered. What you need from us is to rattle your system to be more plastic so you can go into a deeper experience of Awareness.


Time says, I exist. There’s a past and a future. Personality grabs hold of time and says it’s dictating a whole bunch of things. Personality says time is going to be my weapon, is going to control the experience. You should probably do this because it’s such and such a time.
Personality can always prove to you that time is passing, and so it ends up being this real thing you cannot exist without. You are stuck with it. Billions live their lives enslaved by time. Breaking out of that paradigm is kind of weird because so many things are stuck in it. Personality says you gotta pay attention to it. If you think about it, it is shaping and limiting so much of your experience.

How does Awareness deal with the idea of time? The problem is-it is the definition of time that makes it real. Why does the rising and setting of the sun indicate time passing, other than you say it does? What if it just gives you the opportunity to explore different nows? There’s only one moment, the one you’re in. The tapestry of Awareness does not experience itself as a passage of time, it experiences itself as an unfolding. When you’re in the tapestry of Awareness, that unfolding that you experience separates from the dictates of clock time. You can literally have a visceral experience of a never ending now. Wherein the ideas of things, like biological processes that you previously regarded as aging, you don’t experience aging, you experience them as an unfolding always in one spot, here. It unfolds in a tapestry that does not experience time in a way that you previously experienced it.

Why is this is important? Because as you break out of the idea of I, as you break out of the idea of wall (i.e. labels), you start to experience the tapestry of Awareness as a real thing. Your navigation of this planet becomes a tapestry rather than shapes talking to other shapes.

What’s the practical, Eloheim-y way to do this? Recognize when you’re in a time construct. Who says it is time is for this specific experience, like lunch or bedtime? Personality. Instead connect to an object to break out of the habit. You’re keeping yourself in Personality by letting clocktime tell you who you are. Now, we understand there are times when you need to be in time. Fine, go. We’re talking about all the subtle ways time creeps in and tries to boss you around and keep you in Personality. It is a trap. Not evil, not wrong, and sometimes it’s useful. Most of the time, it is used to keep you in limitation. Find the places in your life when clocktime is telling you who you are.

Experience the moment-look at the stars, the sun, the fog-instead of letting the clock or the season or the day of the week tell you what it means. Bust out of the almost unseen straightjacket you have been wearing. You guys have a lot more freedom to break out of this straightjacket because it’s not connected to staying alive. The more liberated you become from time, the more plasticity happens inside, the more open space inside. Catch yourself, hold it lightly, and have fun with it.

Matriarch: We’re having the most expansive experience watching and participating with you all having this opening that you’re doing. It’s so fantastically juicy for us. Thank you for giving us this amazing experience we get to share and you’re unfolding at this time.

Four Sessions held in August 2019

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