Four sessions held in October, 2013

This package includes recordings of all four sessions held in October 2013.

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October 07, 2013 ~ Sebastopol

Eloheim did nine individual sessions covering many topics.

Connecting with those who have left the body,
How to let the energy of others into your body in a healthy way,
Authentically expressing your truth,
Changing relationships with family,
How to BE, control issues,
Relationship to money, and more.

October 09, 2013

Guardians: Potentials are sparkly in the room. You are ready.

Visionaries: You feel ready for the new. At the retreat, we held the energetic of the post big-thing open for you. It put you in uncertainty which gives you the opportunity to allow change. In uncertainty, you don’t use control, tension, old patterns. You just relax into it. You allow uncertainty deep within you, without any resistance. This puts you into level 6 and upwards.

What is your relationship to uncertainty? Most of what’s in your life is already uncertain. So when a survival instinct thought comes up, catch it, decide if it’s giving you anything new or useful – and, if it’s not, then dismiss it. And THEN, for transformation into the rich Homo spiritus experience, you embrace uncertainty. That’s the next step. You say “Oh, there’s uncertainty. And I’m uncertain by nature.” You own it. Use the word “uncertainty” in place of the old labels of fear, anger, confusion, sadness, etc. It’s all under the umbrella of uncertainty. “I am just uncertain” puts you in a state of vulnerability. Relax into uncertainty just as you relax into breathing. You are mining uncertainty for what it offers.

Eloheim explained that Veronica wanted to talk with Fred about this video.

Fred: Experiencing the Hubble Deep Field is something like fractals – there’s more there, more there…and you can keep zooming in deeper and deeper. In these billions of light years, billions of galaxies, there is nothing but uniqueness. What you all have in common is your utter uniqueness; that is the binding force of it all. You are built from the same stuff, but how it manifests is utterly unique. And you are giving something unique to ALL OF THAT. Feel the awe of that. In all those billions, there is only one you. You have a place in this vastness; you are contributing; you matter. And what you decided to do was to boldly jump into the earth experience: “I’m going to forget everything I know, and see what happens!” You are a badass for being on this planet. You are cool! And the forgetting doesn’t take anything away from you. You are still the truth of you.

You are built with uncertainty in mind, and the acceptance of uncertainty is the key to the gate, so let it be your friend. This is the moment. Don’t blow this by listening to the survival instinct. Your contribution is as valid as anything, anywhere. And what’s in your lap is the only place where anything is actually happening for you. Focus your attention right back here. “What am I offering?”

Eloheim part 2: You really do make a very important contribution. So when you fret, when you worry, etc. – choose to offer something else instead. Is it going to be fear or fascination? Even if all you say is: “Hi, uncertainty!” The survival instinct is not going away, but you can interact with it in a relaxed manner. Ask: “What am I uncertain about now? This is something I can’t control, can’t define, can’t dictate, and just don’t know what to do about. But that’s all it is.” Own what’s happening, and stay out of resistance. That’s the uncertainty place. That’s when you go into fascination.

This moment is the real-est moment. You get to decide what’s in your lap each day.

October 20, 2013 ~ Q&A

Questions answered:

As you know, I am planning a big move. Can you look at the energy and tell me what is going on with all the roadblocks and detours? My one friend/partner in this endeavor has gotten really ill and this week, choked, blacked out, fell, got a concussion and broke a rib. She has postponed the move date at least three times in the last few months for various reasons, mostly money. I (and our other partner) have been waiting on her to get her end going as she has the connections and was the initial reason we visited there, plus we want all three of us to be together to combine resources. It has been one hassle after another for me to get the right documents (nothing has been easy!!) and I’m still not done with trying to get that stuff completed. The house we have been negotiating about has had a lot of ups and downs with its owner, one day it’s good and we can have it, the next day, the owner changes her mind about details. So, our third friend /partner and I have decided that now we will just stay here for Christmas with the family instead of flying back within a month of leaving. We will begin our new lives in the new place the first of the year. I am determined to spend my next January birthday there. I really would appreciate some clarity on this. Thank you.

The words emerging and becoming have been with me this year and also the idea of breaking apart to break into or break through is in the background. I am also getting tingling down my left arm quite a few times I day when I think about ‘spiritual’ things. This tingling began from the beginning of this year too. I would love to do this breaking apart to break through with love and grace, can you look at my energy and give me some insights how I can do this.

Would love for you to look at my energy. Is there anything i am not seeing? many thanks and much love

So since my last post things have been really weird but very mundane with lots of changes. I have come into a phase where everything extra in my life, home, work, has to go and get orderly, which is freaking everyone who knows me right on out. My life defiantly can use improvement in many areas but all the areas of my life seem on track and heading towards green pastures. I have honestly gotten more actual, real work done in the last month, both at work and at home, than I have in the last two years. I am really in the moment more and more and feeling pretty good about life in general. One thing I have noticed is that I have like a zero tolerance policy all of a sudden about anything not my preference, I don’t mean I have suddenly become an asshole, just setting my boundaries Really early and Really often. However, as nice as things are in my life, the zero tolerance thing is constantly really bringing up into my face that I really do have no interest in living in any way remotely related to homo sapiens, mentally, physically, any-ally.

To be clear, I do vastly enjoy and appreciate the life that I am living now over what I was doing before and can continue living and improving the quality of my life in homo sapiens mode indefinitely and have some fun doing it, but if it is a matter of preference, then I would be choosing something a lot, Lot ,LOT more fun, like Fred fun, like when can I go blow up planets fun, that’s what I would choose. I guess I expected that my interest in living life this way would come and grow with my getting OK with living life this way, but it seems to have done the opposite.

So what do I do with that? And, of course, anything thing else you want to say to me is always welcome and appreciated.

Since late summer I have been experiencing some very intense physical symptoms such as a torn meniscus in my left knee and severe, intermittent pain in my stomach and abdomen….which appears to be related to dietary issues. .I am checking all out medically but of course I know there is lots of information here for me….your perspective would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ve been experiencing vibratory, effervescent type feeling in the sacrum at root chakra level for a few days and wonder about what might be going on. In general, I do not feel like my normal ebullient self…very tired. Any insight available that I might need or enjoy hearing? Thank you.

I have been setting strong boundaries with my family and in turn I have experienced some relief because of it. I also have had the tmj procedure I needed and later this month I will be receiving the device that will ease my pain within a couple of months. In the last week my neck has become more painful than ever and I was wondering what could be the energetic reasoning for it. I know neck usually regards control issues.

Can you tell me what you see in my energy right now?

Could you please tell me why my left arm is so itchy, is it gluten or knowing boyfriend was coming down to condo this weekend? Thank you.

October 23, 2013

Visionaries: We’ve been observing how a question gets answered, and how often our answer doesn’t give you what you are looking for. You all have some questions that haunt you, that plague you. They are different for each of you, and that difference is fascinating. But many of you don’t actually know what your true question is, so the answer is not satisfying. You don’t know how to put it into a clear, crystalized, question – for us, or for yourself. It’s in your nature to be curious. How do you create a question from a questioning state?

Eloheim: You seem to have an unsolvable issue. It is: “Why can’t I…?”… and then whatever it is for you. But you have to figure out what the real question is. Because, at this point in your process, the answers are becoming very individualized. You need to excavate; you need to get beyond the surface. Go underneath, and keep digging.

Don’t use the same words that you’ve long used for your question. Rephrase it. It’s not about “trying” again; it’s about having a complete change of perspective. You can use your big question, or your big thing, in an equal sign way, to stay small. You can say “I suck here” and then stop. You habitualized your reaction to it. But we’re on a whole new level now. Use a new language and you will see the issue better. Your baggage and static layers are currently very thin, and it would be easy to tear them off if you choose to have a new perspective, and use new words. Find out what the deeper issue is.

Some ideas of new words:

“I need a balance between vulnerability, allowing support, and having boundaries”

Money: “I don’t want my financial situation to be my master. I am the master.”

“I don’t want habits to tell me how to behave. I choose to do new things and keep doing them.”

“I can continue to be in the truth of me, even as I go out into various situations.”

“I don’t want preconceived notions tell me how it will be. I am doing something NEW, and I don’t have a clue what it will be like.” And then dance in the uncertainty of it all. You don’t know what home spiritus will feel like, so relax into the reality of uncertainty. Keep asking: “What is here?”

We really don’t give you answers. We’re here to reveal another layer of the questions that YOU are exploring. Answers are not certainty. And only you are accountable to you. Take 100% responsibility. Give yourself all you’ve got.

Girls: It would be super easy to beat yourself up because you still have your big thing. Don’t. Don’t go into “I suck about my big thing.” That’s not the new language! When you use new language for your big thing it can feel tender. “Oh, wow, so that’s what’s really been going on.” You feel vulnerable when you experience your truth about a difficult topic – and you don’t hide from it. Try writing it down; be factual. “I have a challenge in accepting support from others” or whatever it is. Feel the new words. Let them SIT in you. Be in the experience of them.

Fred: Your desire to hang out with us and blow up planets is missing the boat. YOU are the cool kids! We know you when you’re not in a body too. But it’s YOU that got the tickets to earth! And, to be here, you need amnesia, you need the blindfold. Enjoy physical life and the body. You all have the perfect amount of amnesia, challenge, sandpaper, etc. that you need. Seize the opportunity! Don‘t throw it away. You cannot imagine what had to occur to make all this possible.

This time of year, that you call autumn, we called the “get your shit together” time of year. There was much to be done before it got colder and darker; harvesting, getting firewood, mending fences, rechecking the animals. In order to be ready to go deep into the quiet time, you have to check and re-check everything. Ask, what is going on here? Look at it again. Check it from both sides. Take time to be careful with what you’re counting on; count on your truth and not on habit. You will always have questions, but be in clarity about them. Be ready for a new exploration.

Matriarch: It feels yummy. Full. New. Revealed, but without drama. “There it is. I see it now. Yes. OK.”

Four sessions held in October, 2013

This package includes recordings of all four sessions held in October 2013.


Price: $19.99