Three sessions held in January 2014

This package includes audio of one session and audio and video ON DEMAND of two sessions held in January 2014.


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2014 01 08 AUDIO ONLY

The three meetings in January 2014 were some of the most powerful we have ever held. The January 22nd session blew me away. It set the tone for each of The Council members to share their insights on seeing and experiencing 2014 in a brand new way. I loved how The Council passed the baton to each other and built on what was shared before.

I know I feel completely different and so many new opportunities are opening up for me. I find myself stunned by what I’m experiencing. I actually sat and wept with the magnitude of the shift. I didn’t cry from fear or sadness. I cried from awe.


Visionaries: You have the opportunity to see in a new way and to have a new stance – a 2014 stance. It’s facing fears; making a line in the sand. You can emanate an energetic not just for yourself, but for your location. You can have compassions: “Oh, that person is just afraid, and fixing their fears as best they know how.” The survival instinct will be a constant companion, but you can interact with it gracefully, without generating more fears. This is the conscious-based operating system.

Eloheim: There are three major points for this “incline year”. (A) You don’t have to understand other’s fears in order to have compassion that they have fears, just as you have fears. When you understand, “He’s just afraid,” then alchemy happens. (B) Put your focus on what you want. Notice where you are ready to have a big change happen, then choose some action. Garden in that area. Don’t bounce around among a lot of goals; just dig deeper in the two or three you really want. (C) As you face the world, if you’re going to show up, then SHOW UP. You know how to be conscious, so let it FILL you up, let it give you confidence. Let your consciousness emanate, and let others match energy with you.

In natural disasters and catastrophes, when everybody else is afraid, what will you emanate? In a crises, you can just be present with what IS. You can be afraid in the moment, but not add more fear. Take a stance.

Girls: “Stance” is a newer version of our old tools of “boundaries” and “preferences” but now it doesn’t involve anyone else. Stance is not interactive. It’s being within your internal compass and knowingness. Levels 6-8 are not about interaction and responding to stimulus. These levels are about emanating. Practice this with little things. A naturally occurring stance comes with a deeper sense of self – self love, self affection, self acceptance. Its being in peace with your “imperfections.”

Fred: Like fractals, every moment offers you an infinite set of perspectives. We’ve explored only two: the fear-based perspective and the conscious-based perspective. A third perspective is the soul’s perspective. Be aware of stretching into the new stance of this third perspective.

Warrior: Focus on the things you’re good at, not on the things you’re afraid of. (He told a story of fishing as a boy in a fast river, with only a stick and determined focus). You can be afraid and still think clearly at the same time, if you have a focus. Re-focus, re-focus.

2014-01-19 ~ Q&A with Eloheim

Questions answered:

“This last month, another veil has dropped from my 3rd eye. I have become aware of a mist essence coming from around my heart chakra area. I don’t feel it being pulled from me. I know I am not consciously evoking it. The 1st couple days I was aware of this, I felt the colors pink & white. I got an impression of “you will not go through life wearing rose colored glasses – you will walk through a rose colored mist.” The next day, I felt the color change. I am not into color therapy or attached to any of the colors I’ve felt. Making these comments – I am taking a baby step being witnessed & embracing the shadow energy of “am I crazy.” My question is whether this has anything to do with my emanation? I will be at work during this Q&A and thank you for any insights you’d like to share.”

Really great to connect with you again in the first Q&A this year. Can you look at my energy and give me a direction that would help me to feel a little more focused / purposeful. I have many issues all coming up at the same time. I am able to stay on the step I am on, I am able to deal with each event as a single event and at the same time feel into the bigger picture. There seems to be a need within me to know what my bigger purpose in life is – other then be in this moment and dealing with what is here NOW.

I feel that something is blocked/covered on my spiritual, changes are on my way but I can’t feel or see them clearly. I would be very grateful for anything you can see an tell me about my way.

In the past couple of years I’ve started a new career path. I can’t explain why I felt the need to do so, other than to say that the life of leisure that I was living as a skier and waitress didn’t feel like enough. The original plan was to combine my life of leisure, with a purpose of sharing what I’ve learned in life with others. However, I’m finding myself consumed by my new career, which isn’t exactly what I envisioned doing, and full of overwhelming anxiety because it’s new, and I want to do a good job. Along with that, I don’t have time for playing outdoors like I used to, which leaves me depressed. I feel like I’ve dug myself into a hole because of fears around having a dream that’s unconventional, that I don’t know how to climb out of. My husband, is doing a good job of script holding for me, as I watch him be overwhelmed with school, which he started around the same time I decided to change my own life. Can you sense anything in my energy that I need to overcome to live part of my life in leisure, and part of it with a purpose, which is by the way, less than the typical 40 hours that our nation seems to think is a reasonable amount of time to work in a week. Thanks very much!!!!

My question: I would appreciate if you could read my energy and tell me what are you seeing. Thank you so much and see you soon in Austria again.

I feel that I am waiting for something that I don’t know what it is. And it feels like there is a lack of energy and of not being in the middle of me. What do I need to change? What is the next step?

Can you do a read on me to see what’s going on energetically? Totally low energy. Feeling my heart energy/chakra is low, despite efforts to connect. Feeling the pull from the past as I push through to the new me. Although diminished, I am still feeling waves of panic and sporadic anxiety – related to stress and sometimes related not anything I can consciously figure out. Feels like my body is processing old stuff as it transforms and reinvents. It’s bringing up a lot of fear, survival instinct again and an opportunity to examine where I’ve been mean to myself. I’ve looked at diet, sleep, nervous system/adrenal fatigue/chronic stress, old habits and grief. Seems like this is part of the healing process, but it is still scary and uncomfortable at times. Is this hormonal, past trauma or something new to look at? Would like to experience this in a new way from my soul’s perspective without dragging the past into the present and going into fear?

Three sessions held in January 2014

This package includes audio of one session and audio and video ON DEMAND of two sessions held in January 2014.


Price: $19.99