Four Sessions held in August 2020

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August 2, 2020

Eloheim explains how the energies and experience of the pandemic are likely to unfold, supports multiple attendees with family challenges, and talks about the “bridge” time we are in. Plus much more!

August 12, 2020

2-4-6 or a Vastly Changed State: Community Check-In

For a little while now, we have been feeling a transition to where the recognition that living in Awareness is not foreign to you all, that you are having those experiences, that you are having vastly changed states about things in your life. We are transitioning to the time away from where we are constantly saying, hey, Personality can get out of your life into whatever is the next thing.

For Veronica, there are three specific Personality strongholds where she was having to do the 2-4-6 pattern around them. There were finances, body stuff, and how she related to the community/tribe connection. They were sticky. Over the last while, but significantly during this quarantine time, there has been quite a lot of movement around these things. She’s less likely to start with Level 4 around them. We have seen vastly changed states on these three topics. The distinct difference that results when that happens is not necessarily something you get recognized for on the outside. There are no medals, no pats on the back. But internally, it is distinct. There doesn’t have to be that 2-4-6 choosing pattern. When that mechanism is not activated, it becomes a default pattern and a vastly changed state. It is an inside job. Your relationship to those things is distinctly changed. It’s not a choosing state, it’s just an IS. That underlying change then ripples out and affects other things in your life. It shows up in all kinds of different ways, like the core emotion. When that healing happens, when that surrender happens and you don’t use Personality to process, then that’s a vastly changed state that ripples out to others and out into the universe.

Where’s the thing in you where you have been stuck or challenged and are still in a 2-4-6 pattern or a vastly changed state? We would like to talk about it with you tonight. If it’s in the 2-4-6 pattern, it’s a crutch, and we can help you get out of it.

Randy: My Personality used to be deeply tied to Tony, my husband. He has incurable cancer. He’s in a lot of pain and has no energy. We are just going through treatments to keep him as comfortable as possible. This is a great opportunity to be present. When you’re dealing with life and death, it’s very clear that being in the past or in the future doesn’t help, it’s not the place to be. That’s been a huge lesson for both of us. We’ve been having some very interesting conversations of late. The thing that makes me cry is the response from others, from people who care.
We’re being very present. All that is needed right now is food, water, and medications. Your teachings have been immensely helpful. They have kept me sane and balanced right now.

Eloheim: We have to say you are very centered and calm which shows you are not letting this thing run you. It’s not on top of you, you are on top of it. We’ve known you quite a long time, and ten, five years ago, you would have been very different. We want to acknowledge we see that in you. We recognize you haven’t felt like you had to ride the roller coaster about something that happens with Tony and that now you have get yourself back into shape. We applaud you for your creativity in letting people work out their shit with him by having a drive-through version of others visiting outdoors with him for short periods of time. And you’re not even giving them snacks! You’re not concerned with others’ opinions about it and have a vastly changed state around not controlling anyone else’s experience.

We have said many, many times you are in training and there is going to be a time when all this training matters. And you are doing it, Randy. There may be a time when you collapse in grief. And that’s okay. That’s not victimhood. Grief is a body thing and you can have grief for the missing thing without feeling victimized by it.

What an amazing example of a vastly changed state. Anybody else have something to offer about your vastly changed state?

Tiffanny: I have a vastly changed state around needing to be in charge, about being vulnerable in the heart with my husband. I catch myself judging his Personality and wanting to change him. Instead, I’ve been accessing a place of deeply appreciating him and his Personality, not needing it to change or stay the same. When he has a moment of frustration, I don’t need to pass his Personality through my filters in order to feel safe.

Eloheim: That gives him the freedom to be him instead of having to wear a mask in order for you to be comfortable. He gets to be him and you get to be you, and that surface connection gets to deepen. A lot of times, if you get people passing masks back and forth, you’re not ever getting down to who they really are.

Kate: I’m currently staring down Personality over what others think of me.

Eloheim: Yeah, what others think of me is very rooted in the survival instinct. We have this example of woman around the campfire waiting for the man to bring her food for her and the kids. If he takes his kill to the next campfire over to another woman and her kids, well, you have a problem. Yes, we know women can get their own food. Let’s just run with the analogy. So, what do you think about me? do you like me? can really be rooted in alternate expression bleedthrough from survival, as well as in this world where people are told if they are likeable through your magazines and movies.

It’s a real easy place for Survival Instinct to fuel Personality, to fuel that conflict within yourself: I’m not good enough, you don’t like me so I’m not safe, and I’m going to die. So, I’m not good enough gets connected to I’m going to die instead of you don’t like me. So…. Okay. Skip. I don’t have to have you like me in order for my world to flourish. But when you have that big chained equal sign that starts with oh, you looked at me funny, I’m going to die, you’ve got a mess on your hands. So, breaking that equal sign is very important. When you have an outsized reaction to a situation, it’s a huge indication of alternate expression bleedthrough. Okay, stop the presses, what I think is going on is not what’s actually going on. It’s not the actual issue. It’s the equal sign going on.

If you offer a mask to be liked, who are they actually liking? They’re actually liking the costume and the mask, not who you really are, so you might as well offer the real you.

Jenaire: Role changing for me. My husband goes in for heart surgery next week and has to be in the hospital for five days. This requires me to manage all the things he does plus my own things. I’m in remission, it’s his turn to go through tests, and me being thankful it’s not me. I keep going through bleedthroughs where he did leave me and this seems hard.

Eloheim: We’re grateful to hear you’re in remission. Yeah, that’s a big role change for you. Giving him permission to navigate the medical system the way he navigates it is also a role for you. That’s a lot in there for you, a lot in that statement for you. Your opportunity is to stay present and supporting him in his choices in the way he wants to navigate his health. The “I don’t know anything” tool will be helpful for you. I’m going to let him make his own healthcare decisions. What a gift you can give to him if you can do that. Tricky, but important, we think.
We’re wanting to transition into a time where we don’t talk about Personality much, so if you’re still feeling the pull to Personality in certain places, speak up so we can get those out and clear the air so we can start doing other things.

Kate: We just got hit with a larger than expected tax bill after selling our business. Thanks to you, we decided to abide in Awareness and we did not go into fear or victimhood.

Eloheim: Here’s a great example. It does not help to go into victimhood there. It doesn’t make it any better or change the amount of the bill. Sure, it’s a surprise. What ends up happening is, the way you navigate that ripples out, and you end up not putting a bunch of extra static between you and the next unfolding. You don’t want to generate more static and more freak out. You want to at least be in Level 4 or 6 or Awareness. That’s great that you were able to abide in Awareness. What is, IS. That’s what is. Totally normal to have that initial gulp. What’s really fascinating is when you don’t even have the initial gulp. That’s when you’re really truly abiding in Awareness. You’re truly abiding in Awareness when there’s no story involved when something happens.

We invite you all to spend the next few days chewing on the vastly changed state you have, or don’t have, so you can share it at the next meeting. Get on the board about it so we know where you all are. Because no one comes in person anymore, we have to rely on you typing to get the temperature of where things are. We invite you all to participate so that we can get a sense of where you all are and see if we are ready to take steps forward. This is your homework and opportunity.

August 16, 2020

Eloheim begins this meeting by putting the different phases of their teachings into context. I found this review VERY powerful as it really shows the step-by-step nature of what the last 10+ years have all been about! They then share examples of the vastly changed states (Awareness) that community members are experiencing contrasting that to the experience of Level 6 (really good Personality).

August 26, 2020

Full Council: Introduction to Level 10

Guardians: We want to invite each and every one of you to be present to the call tonight with as little distraction as you can round up. We don’t mean just multitasking. Be attentive to the surrender of Personality, listen with your Awareness self to the best you can do. Be present without letting your thinking mind jump in. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the energetics of the meeting without the influence and interference of Personality. It’s never just the words you hear, there are many, many layers of energetic information that’s being offered. It can be tempting to engage with the information on the surface layer or try to hold the information on the thinking layer. We invite you to let it sink in and don’t process it with your mind. Listen beyond your ears without the filtration of the Personality, the thinking mind, letting your whole system incorporate the energetic insights that are coming through. That energetic then sets the stage for all of us to offer you even more than we’ve offered you before. Once you open the door, you make surface area for us to connect with. If your receptivity expands, then our offerings can expand. You make the choice about your willingness to surrender the various ways that Personality has batted away insights and clarity, I know better, that old pattern of thinking about things or figuring it out. Those are the last gasps of how Personality wants to navigate the Homo sapiens experience of Earth. The reality is that you can sink into it without thinking about it because the whole thing is not understandable by Personality at all, anyway.

Look around, people, the world is in turmoil. That’s Personality in charge. It’s time for transformation. That begins with saying, the way I’ve been doing it is not the way I’m doing it going forward. Personality portrays change and surrender as loss, but what are you hanging on to, let’s be real. A hope that you can stay in Level 6, a hope that you won’t be triggered or triggered with a minimum of scarring? All change externally begins with internal shift. Am I contributing an internal shift to a world that could benefit from external change eventually? Am I doing my internal part? What am I bringing to the energetic table? What is the energetic contribution I am making? How consistent are you going to be? This is not something you do only on the days you’re not feeling well or on meeting days.

Visionaries: The Guardians are pretty serious tonight. When we look out energetically at the unfolding that you’re in, what we see happening is like when you decide to deep clean your house. You dump out all the stuff you’ve accumulated, you look at it and think, what am I doing with all this crap, does any of this matter? You’re doing that as a society. Especially in America but across the planet. You’re, in essence, unearthing, digging up, finding the dirt in the cracks. Veronica’s neighbor moved her washing machine and discovered all kinds of mouse poop under there. Homo sapiens, your washing machine has been moved, and oh my, is there a lot of crap underneath it! Are you going to move it back and pretend it didn’t happen or are you going to clear that stuff up? It starts with your internal change, and that internal change propagates. For you, it starts with surrendering Personality. As you look across Homo sapiens, that change can look like an infinite number of ways. Ways that can look like fear, anger, frustration, anguish, confusion, anxiety. It’s not as easy as getting the dustpan and sweeping up mouse crap. It’s not just societal, it’s species going through seismic transformation. And it’s playing out in fits and starts, messy and scary and beautiful. Some are being pushed out of their comfort zones: their homes, their financial situation, natural disasters, racial disparity. All of that is making the seismic change so loud, it’s unmistakable, and most people don’t have good coping mechanisms to handle that. Mental health is going to be a huge thing, probably for the rest of your generation. It’s something people are going to talk about more and more. How mental health fits into the whole ecosystem.

Everything Eloheim has been teaching you has been to support your healthy navigation of uncertainty. What they’ve done is to say, good enough is not good enough. You’re going to want more than that. Every single, teeny, tiny step you take outside of good enough and the status quo is going to put you into uncertainty. Uncertainty is an inside job. You can’t lash out, but you can get help.

Eloheim: We asked all of you to send us your feedback about your vastly changed state. Thank you to those who did. It was very helpful.

We are going to talk about something new. In general, what we have been doing is looking at a change in perspective. You live your life in habit, fear, thinking, and we point out ways to change your perspective. Once we get past Level 6, it’s a whole new ballgame.

We want to start talking about Level 10. Level 10 is reunification. Don’t let Personality try to define that word. Level 10, like Level 6, is a demarcation point. No Personality involved here. It’s not a place you can be in Personality with. It’s a place where, from the beginning, Personality is not involved.

One of things that Reunification reflects is the fact that you have had multiple lifetimes here on Planet Earth. Probably most of you have had hundreds of lifetimes on Planet Earth. It doesn’t matter how many, you’ve had lots. It means you have the opportunity to experience Personality with lots of different faces. Rich, poor, male, female, gay, straight, bad guy, good guy, the one with 20 kids the one with no kids: you’ve played all those roles. You’ve done all those things. In this lifetime, you’re surrendering one version of that. Reunification offers you the opportunity to experience those other lifetimes as the person you identify yourself as today. Each time you experience other lifetimes, you’re further blurring the notion of I, which is good. The tricky, wonderful doorway about this is when you have experienced alternate expression (AE) bleedthroughs, you typically experience something very intense or scary because Homo sapiens are incredibly good at sharing their fears with each other. As you experience AE bleedthroughs, you tend to share the difficult parts. The thing that is possible or probable is that when you have alternate expression bleedthroughs up until now, you have been using your nervous system because you have been in Personality. You feel it with your current body’s nervous system as though it is happening to you. That’s why most are very, very difficult. You feel it with your nervous system. You process it with Personality and come up with all kinds of crap about it like, it’s never going to stop or I’m going crazy, Personality, Personality, Personality, and you end up not have a great experience with it. Reunification allows you to revisit as an observer using the sensory system of your other lifetimes. You’re observing, not reexperiencing. Which is good because other lifetimes were hard compared to this one for most of you.

Let’s say you were allowed to visit a lifetime during the Civil War. You’re in the camp, waiting for the shooting to happen. You’re very dirty, hungry, freezing cold, thirsty, lonely, scared. It’s not even close to the experience you’re having right this very second. If you visit that lifetime and you try to process it via your Personality and nervous system, it’s just going to be overwhelm. If, instead, you’re able to maintain your Awareness perspective as you observe your other lifetimes, you learn from them and you experience and explore them as though they were occurring almost to a tv character, but it’s more immersive we imagine. You’re going to feel into them as an aspect of you. The opportunity this affords you is to collect and extract and build on everything you’ve learned in all your lifetimes on Earth without overwhelming your current gingerbread shape’s nervous system.

We didn’t talk about this before because it probably would been navigated with Level 2.5! We are not able tell you what it’s going to be like for you to be in Awareness, but we can point out what it’s like when you stay in Personality. Or when you try to use Personality to process what you experience in Awareness. Listen to these words: Do not allow yourself to use Personality to evaluate Awareness experiences. Stop doing that. That will hold you back more than anything else at this point.

Many, many times we have told you, you had to have amnesia about your other lifetimes because if you ran into someone at the grocery store who killed you five lifetimes ago, peas and carrots will be spilled because you’re going to have a battle in the frozen food aisle. If Personality is in charge of reunification of visiting other lifetimes, you’re going to end up with a whole bunch of b.s. When you’re in Awareness as you visit other lifetimes and you run into someone at work who was your lover five lifetimes ago, it expands the relationship. If the person who sits next to you at work was the one who killed you six times ago, you realize, no wonder we beef with each other right now. It expands the opportunity for clarification of relationships, of deeply engrained patterns, and an understanding of your core emotion. It won’t be a constructive part if you let Personality process it.

We suspect that one of the things that will happen is your ability to feel compassion is going to go exponentially off the charts. Just like when you observe a child being deeply frustrated while learning something new, you will have that kind of compassion for everyone. You can see the backstory of how they got to where they got, how that person got to where they got. The overflowing compassion for how easy it is to misunderstand, be confused or to let fear take over the Homo sapiens and drive the situation in a way that’s not beneficial to everyone. Compassion. You can imagine having that much compassion for yourself and those you have incarnated with, how much easier it is to have compassion currently for others you see who have no skills to cope with the uncertainty they are fighting or the legacy of generations of homophobia, sexism, racism. You’ll be able to see the weight of that. Awareness is like a field, a tapestry. Imagine being at the point where you can see all your incarnations and how they fit into that tapestry, the themes you have been exploring, and watch yourself evolve those things in this lifetime.

Personality feels like it needs to get involved in the AE in some way. No. You’re an observer, just like watching a movie. It can be difficult, and if you’re using your nervous system to process, no good. Let’s practice before we get to reunification. For example, the fires. If Veronica processes the fact that there’s a fire nearby as though that fire is happening to her, it doesn’t help. It doesn’t help people evacuate or the firefighters, and it doesn’t make the fire go out. All it does is make her suffer. Personality will tell you it’s being compassionate. We don’t agree. Blasting your nervous system as though you are under mortal peril doesn’t help. And allowing memories of past fire experiences to be used to process this now is not a good idea. When we get to reunification and you’re observing other lifetimes, you absolutely are not doing yourselves any favor to run other lifetimes through your current nervous system. So, you may as well start practicing now. There’s a gigantic hurricane barreling down on the southern U.S. Process that as information, as an opportunity to be present, to surrender your own fears and survival instinct drives, not as, I have to freak out because those people are in trouble. You stay calm because you’re not actually the one running for your life. You can contribute calmness rather than add on unrealistic anxiety. We get it, sometimes it’s hard. There’s your work then. Reunification is not that far off where you start to have the opportunity to observe AE and you cannot process that with your nervous system and cannot let Personality pop up and tell you how to deal with it. That does not help or make anything better and doesn’t allow for you to start experiencing and exploring the tapestry of your lifetimes on Earth.

This isn’t something you need to force or push or pressure yourself about, we’re not asking that of you at all. What we’re offering to you is just the next step on the journey so you can feel into that. Just making sure if you’re on the edge of that, you have some guidance about it and that you don’t let Personality have any say about it in way, shape, or form.

Girls: Eloheim laying out the foundational information about Level 10 and how it will potentially unfold. In that, you might start to feel some discomfort or confusion. Am I ready for that or what’s going to happen or is it true or what’s it going to feel or be like? What you have to recognize is, that’s all Personality. You do yourself no favors by dwelling on any of that. Just let it settle in, float down like it’s coming down and coating over your body. Let it feel as if it is just a new shirt to wear. It doesn’t have to be thought about or contemplated. Just let it feel like an opportunity rather than an instruction. Just, oh, okay. Let it land lightly on you. There’s likely to be months, if not years, of conversation on that. You don’t have to know what it’s going to look like in order for the potential of it to be real in you. Awareness doesn’t need it to be explained, it’s experience and explore and evolve. It’s not express nor examine. It won’t happen if you grind on this.

Sensory system, let’s have a little review. Your nervous system is pretty obvious. One of the ways your nervous system is functional is in what you call stress. Feeling overloaded, stressed out. Typically, stress comes from imagining the future or revisiting the past. The now is less likely to be stressful than it is to be affected by past and future thinking which makes it stressful. The sensory system is your perception of your surroundings, your experience, your reality, that doesn’t require burdening the nervous system. If you try to think about that, it’s going to lead you down a confusing hole real fast. It’s just a reality, you have a sensory system. The key is you allow yourself to navigate with the sensory system active but not feeding that activity into the nervous system. Like being aware of the hurricane elsewhere but not feeling like it’s happening to you right now. Later, being aware of Alternate Expressions but not feeling as though they’re happening to you right now is another good example. We’ve worked on your sensory system in things like the free the ottoman and the walls not being walls as we started to work on the idea that you have more ways of sensing your world than you have been using. Smell, taste, sound, touch, and vision are directly fed into the nervous system. The sensory system allows you to have outside-the-gingerbread sensitivities. A lot of people who have honed this are called psychic or intuitive or empaths so it’s not something that’s foreign to your society. Still, psychics, intuitives, and empaths tend to take what they pick up and cram it through the nervous system to try to understand it or to feel safe. So, it’s a real interesting skill to pick up on information but then not have that generate nervous system tension. It’s a skill. We talked about this quite a lot over the years. Awareness interrupts that external stimulus directly affecting the nervous system. The sensory system does not directly dump into the nervous system. You stay in that observation place, that witnessing place. Witness and chronicle. So, you witness your alternate expressions and the things happening in this lifetime. Personality will tell you it’s numb, but rather, it’s not overburdening your nervous system. It’s kindness, not numbness. Practice observing and then allowing for clarities, insights, and ahas to arise out of being present to your observations without assumption and without nervous system overwhelm. Practice with the news so that when it starts to be reunification in Level 10, you will have that muscle starting to be built up. Plus, your society is messily evolving and there are plenty of things to practice with.

Warrior: We don’t think you need to hear what it’s like to be in the Civil War. When you do have reunification occur, you will have plenty of lifetimes where you were at war, in fights, battling, shooting, killing, stabbing for you to deal with and figure out how to not use your nervous system to process. And you will be very glad to be friends with us when that time comes. For every lifetime you have where there’s stabbing and bleeding, you will have lifetimes where you loved.

We’re more concerned with what’s going on with you right this very now as you really have to take on quite a load, and we feel that load is going to increase in months to come. So, we invite you to really dig deeply within yourselves. You will be tempted to process the news as Level 2. You will be tempted to feel like uncertainty means you’re lost. You will be tempted to feel like I don’t know what to do and that means I’m a bad person or a failure. All those ingrained favorite familiar sufferings will have a chance to get lit up.

We’ve always talked about how Level 5 is our level; this trigger is mine. I get to have the relationship to this trigger that I deem I have. You take such ownership of the fact that you have a trigger, that you’re not looking to blame anyone else. Level 5. This is my responsibility. I refuse to pass off my trigger to somebody else. There are very few doing it that way so you may as well be the few that do. Leadership is a tricky thing because most of the time people who are leaders don’t know it until they notice a bunch of people around them. Most of the time people don’t be like, I’m going to be a leader! Most of the time it’s, I’m going to do this thing and that attracts like-minded people because your clarity for you emanates and affects other people. Your internal experience is your business. That’s your work, people. As you attend to your internal landscape, it requires consistency. Those dudes who do Kung Fu don’t get super good at it if they only do it five minutes a day. They make it a life practice. You gotta be consistent, folks. You want to make a difference in this crazy, evolutionary time, consistently attending to how Personality needs to be surrendered. There’s no room for loosey-goosey right now. Consistency.

Fred: How did we go last, that’s funny haha. (In a sing song voice>) Eloheim’s talking about Level 10… Level 10… You know the stuff they brought up is only a smidgen of it, are you clear on that? Just a teeny little bit of it. They’ve even started talking to Veronica about Level 11: it’s going to be an action level. What do you think that means? Level 10, reunification. Such a great word for such a big thing. The opportunity to place yourself, whatever you call yourself, within the context of the entirety of the evolutionary process of this entire planet solar system combo to recognize not just the “you are here” dot you see when you go to the mall thing, but that the tapestry line that you have woven through your choices, your willingness, the entirety of the creation of this entire planet solar system combo and how your impact has played through that. Now, typically you all have experienced this sort of thing when you get your genealogy. It’s a similar muscle. A chain of you, your soul expressed, how your individual unique soul expressed through the millennia, through the different environments, with different faces, in different situations, and how those actually chain together. This is something Eloheim hasn’t really talked about. You don’t just sort of roll the dice and get a brand new, fresh scrubbed incarnation each time. Your incarnations chain together and decisions made in one incarnation affect how you wish to express in the next incarnation in ways that Eloheim never bothers to talk about because it hasn’t been important at the time. The tapestry is woven strand by strand. That chain that you have woven will start to become obvious to you. So, having compassion for yourself in all of your expressions is going to be one of your most important tasks. Because you have been an asshole, you have been the murder, the rapist, the guy who steals, you have been the woman who is jealous. You have been every combination, really, you have. If you process all that through your nervous system, you’re going to have a really hard time not only processing how difficult life used to be compared to this lifetime, but you’re going to have a really hard time processing the moral choices that you made because life was very different back then, and moral choices were very different. Like now, if someone crashes into your car, you don’t get out and kill the guy, you exchange insurance information. Back then, if someone knocked into your wife and hurt her, you’d probably kill him or beat the shit out of him. And no one would complain if you did. Moral or immoral choices that you have made are likely to challenge your current situation if you process it with your nervous system. You’re going to be a wreck because it’s going to be too much. If you process it with a sense of seeing how it fits into the whole tapestry, seeing how it slots in to the way you have evolved, to what was going on in society at that time. Any of you who love history are going to love this even more because it’s history come to life. It’s actually you and you will recognize yourself. Some of your lifetimes are amazing, pretty spiritual, evolved, and some are the exact opposite. A lot of times, you like to bounce back and forth, play with it, see the other side of the coin, flip flop the relationships. There’s a visceral knowing to the truth to the evolving that you’re doing.

Super cool. We can’t believe you guys got this far. Hang in there. You’re in for a rough ride we think for about the next six months, it’s going to be wild. You say, it’s already been wild. Well, you’re used to it a little bit, and there’s going to be more. And because you’re used to it, stop processing all of it with your nervous system. Begin that being your primary interface. And stop letting Personality assess your Awareness experiences. Those are our two top tips for you tonight.

Matriarch: Oh, now you’ve just all gone and made Fred’s universe by getting to the point where talking about Level 10 is a legitimate option. Fred’s like, yeeehaaaw! They’re very, very keen to support you as you go along with this. It’s interesting because you have the Warrior wanting to support you with the nitty gritty of it and hold your hand and give you a hug through it, and Fred’s like, let’s connect all the lifetimes!! You’ve got a very interesting combo of masculine energy ready to jump in with you with both feet. The rest of us will offer what we can offer, and we love to support you in this way.

We hold you in Awareness, we’ve always held you in Awareness, we’ve always seen your evolved-Level 10-and-beyond self. We’ve always seen you as that so don’t get confused or doubt yourself. This is a reality that you can embrace. It’s always been our place to hold in the Council for you. You’ve done it. You’ve checked the box. Now let’s do something new, together. Goodnight from all of us.

Four Sessions held in August 2020

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