Five Sessions held in January 2020

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January 1, 2020

Cracking the Whip and the Energy of the New Year
Guardians: Happy New Year to you (even though it reinforces the fallacy of time). The energy right now is…rockets, like choppy waters in the ocean at the beginning of this year. It doesn’t mean something negative. Choppy waters stir up sediment so you can choose.

Energetically, it’s a transformational time. You can ride the transitional wave or ride one of habit, fear, and the survival instinct. It’s only going to get more and more obvious that some folks are on the path of victimhood, and some are one the path of expansion and Awareness. There’s only going to be a greater and greater diversion between the two populations.

You are no longer a fact arguer. That’s the energetic we want to insert into the conversation tonight. Only Personality wants to debate facts. Is this real, is this not real? Is this the truth or not the truth? That’s all Personality-based evaluation of the now. And facts should be in quotes. You never get to the bigger picture because you’re too busy dancing on the head of a pin. This is how Personality gets more entrenched. Don’t be a fact arguer. Take a different stance.

This year is the year of opportunity, where character and integrity matters more and more and more. Step back and see the forest for the trees. Those argued “facts” are the sticks. Step back and see the forest. What is the big picture from Awareness? There are choppy seas out there because you’re being asked are you ready to set down Personality for good? Are you ready to surrender the nuance and nonsense of Personality? Are you ready to stop playing nonsense games? That’s the opportunity for this year. The energy is drastically different. You have to decide which side you want to be on. Then your consistent experience of Awareness is vital.

Visionaries: You know you’re starting the year off right when the Guardians give you a whip-cracking! Whenever you all take time to gather in a non-normal, schedule way, we always want to honor that additional commitment by showing up with a response to that additional commitment. You made extra effort to show up tonight and we would like to show up with you in a way that says you don’t take this lightly, and we don’t take this lightly either. So, the Guardians cracked the whip and we’re not going to let up either.

When you go into an encounter, Personality is going to try to tell you how it’s going to go, and you have to be the one who doesn’t listen. You need to push yourself, you need to say this matters to me, that I’m not going to try to slide through or say oh, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. This is the time to say this is utterly important.

Veronica is doing this thing in three different groups inviting everyone in to dialogue about something they need to put more attention to for 31 days. Not a small commitment. You should probably take five minutes to participate in one of those things she’s doing. You have five minutes a day to spend once a day for thirty days. If you don’t do it now when are you going to do it? If you don’t decide this is the time to grab hold of this and be serious about it in a witnessable way, and all of you here can be energetic leaders in that, when are you going to do it? It makes good sense to reinforce my experience of Awareness to participate in a venue set up for that very thing. Show up, please, because if you show up, it takes everything higher because you’re the core community. Why didn’t you show up?! Why is this important? You don’t have good role models for living in Awareness in your culture so you get to be them! It’s your turn to be the leaders! If not now, when? Help us push the envelope! Help us do that! Show up, please. Why didn’t you show up? We’re not interested in excuses. Eloheim said long ago, you are going to be the leaders. You want to push the envelope, help us do that! It’s you guys, 50 of you, who is doing this work. If you show up, that gives us more to give you. Don’t look to be dragged through 2020. Get out there. Stand shoulder to shoulder with Veronica. Show up and post something! You all know there’s a small change you could have made today and you could have put that on there, and you didn’t.

We’re gonna get Eloheim. It must be pass the whip night (laughs). This is all said from a place of response to your willingness to part of something great. We’re sitting here saying, look, the door is open, what is it going to take for you to step through it at least once? If it’s a valid reason that you’re not stepping through, then you need to tell Eloheim so we can explore what that means. If it’s a bullshit excuse, call yourself on it!

Eloheim: Nobody needs to hear excuses. What you need to hear is, does anyone have what they consider to be a legitimate reason they cannot participate in The 31 Days of Transformation?

So. We think enough has been said about that. You will or you won’t.
Of course, we have to talk about the energy of 2020. Character is going to become more and more important. Character is integrity. Character is having legitimate reasons for the way you behave, the choices you make, the things you care about, the things you stand for. Character doesn’t use b.s. excuses to justify acting in ways that are inconsistent, hypocritical, out of integrity. You can meet someone who has character but disagree vehemently with their position. But because they have character, you respect their presentation.

There’s going to be this time when you cannot necessarily trust what you see on video or what you hear. What can you trust? The character, your own character, your own access to your clarity and your sense of who you are. Because even a live person can be bullshitting. As you get more and more deeply into Awareness, you will be able to see that Personality plays out as though that person is covered in a cloud. It will be as distinctive as if a gray mist surrounds a person. You can tell they’re in Personality because you will be able to sense the character of the person speaking. You will be able to use that as part of establishing your own character. We believe that you will find many, many people, regular people, who you previously believed were trustworthy and had integrity….and you start to recognize that they’re operating from Personality and how little you want to do with those people, from the government down to the lady at the bank. It will start to matter to you to only engage with someone with character. It will change some of your relationships.

You all showing up in these things allows the average character to rise. You’re bringing all that to the conversations. It will raise the level of the conversation when you invest your own integrity into it. It will raise the baseline.

2020 will be a year where it will be very easy to feel destabilized. As you go from Personality to Awareness, destabilization occurs. Becoming accustomed to the new normal and finding a sense of stability in that takes a minute, and it will happen in different places and paces and in different ways. In 2020 we will be cracking the whip, we won’t let up. We can’t let those places where ninja Personality gets a toe hold in places you’re not noticing slide. We suspect you will want us to point the places where you allow Personality to run the show, because wouldn’t you rather be in Awareness? There’s something very important going on here. It’s actually creating an environment where the potential for the evolution of the species is maximized. We’re not playing around when we say that. Our community of 50 people with differing levels of commitment say, this works in my life or I’m totally on the front line. We’re oozing forward.

As we ooze forward, it creates an energetic affect. It ripples out like an earthquake. We’re creating an epicenter. We’d rather you help us than make us drag you. The energies of 2020, don’t make us drag you. Fight for the right to step up and speak up. Fight for the microphone. Why do we say that? Right now our energetic effect is like a 1.0 in the earthquake analogy. It can be more than that, and in order to be more than that, you all have to behave differently. Show up. Be seen. No hiding in the back of the room, waiting. Part of the 2020 energetics is leadership. Character. Integrity. It does not have to look like what Veronica does. You don’t have to be a public figure. It has to be right for you, but it has to BE.
So does anyone have anything to say about why you didn’t participate today in the 31 Days of Transformation?

If you use excuses to avoid doing something or feel a sense of limitation around the subject, assume it’s Personality showing up. Personality is not winning here. If you’re in limitation, then Personality is playing the tune you’re dancing to. We can’t let the limitation of Personality dictate your evolution.

One attendee said she didn’t use Facebook. Look for a solution so you can participate. If you don’t use Facebook and want to participate in the 31 Days of Transformation, we suggest that every day you text or email Veronica one small change you’ve made that day or one way you’ve caught Personality.

We can cope, or we can coast and attempt to dodge your Personality comments, or not let you talk. Or you can bring us building blocks. Will you bring us building blocks so we can build something great? You don’t bring us blocks and we will coast. You want to coast? We don’t. You don’t want to coast.

What we know, to use John’s military training analogy, there’s urgency without fear. We’re looking at a situation that’s based in opportunity. If you’re surfing and a wave comes, you can let it go by and bob up and down, or you can paddle and ride the wave. We don’t want to bob up and down going forward. You’ve got the energy of the new year and the energy of the new decade. If not now, when? Plus, you have a queue of beings waiting to come in. Who wants to visit Personalities? Should an alien fleet arrive and land, and we’re not saying this is happening, why would they want to deal with Personalities??

There’s this challenge within us between how hard to push you out of your Personality and how hard not to overpush you out of Personality. Because if the Guardians are cracking the whip…! We’re supposed to be the ones with the moderating influence.

Fred: What we can say is this, it is worth it. Not that you guys ask us for proof. It’s worth it! And you’re just at the beginning. Look at how powerful it can be already. It’s worth even more now. The way you get to feel the juiciness of being worth it is when you catch Personality enough, you start to see Personality before it’s active. You see it coming. You see it standing outside of you, knocking, wanting to come in. You say, there you are and I am here without that unhealed influence affecting me. That’s when you really feel the value of it.

It’s like that old lover who was not good to you comes sniffing around again, and you say, no way, not a chance. Because you have the clarity that that situation was limiting and unhealthy. It becomes obvious. You notice it before it has an effect. I’m tempted to-you already have this muscle-I’m tempted to let Personality back in, but it ain’t happening. Personality doesn’t have a chance in hell with you. Personality gets quieter. It withers on the vine with no water and no attention. Let it wither on the vine. It is only alive because you have fed it. Do something else but what Personality is attempting to tell you. Do anything else. Watch Personality attempt to encroach. Ask yourself, if not now, when? No reason for it not to be now. New year, no waiting. There’s no justifiable reason to wait.

Warrior: We’re going to tell you a story. This is a story from when we were a little bit younger and stupider and quite aimless. This story is about when we were 14 or so and on our own, looking to eat and sleep, and always dodging, especially bears and boars. Dealing with things like that on our own was not easy and very lonely. At one point, we ran into two men, slightly older and bigger than us, and the three of us dealt with a boar. The three of us made a not-quite-friendly-but-why-not truce to dress up the boar, cook it and eat. A moment came when I thought of hanging with those guys, of being vulnerable and ready for life to be different. So we stuck around together for awhile. Thus began a deep and profound knowing that community was as vital as breathing, and we were never alone again. In order for that to change, we had to be the one who changed.

In order for things to change, you have to be the one who changes.
Girls: New year, new you. Why not? If not now, when? So, new year, new you. You don’t have to do everything at once, so just do something. Change a little, a little here, a little there. Step by step. Anything that feels blocked or stuck or limited, change something. Sometimes you need a little help, ask for help. Let it be less hard. Who tells you it’s hard? Personality. It feels like a big huge convoluted problem. So what do you do when Personality starts to be out of phase with you slightly? Notice it. Let it be obvious. Use the “tempted to” muscle. Say, oh it’s you. And leave it over there.

Matriarch: What a roller coaster you’ve been on tonight! What a night. Chockful of notions to help you. Because the time is now. Which is funny because time is fake, but it’s still just time. You’re deeply loved even when they get all crazy on you. Happy New Decade, New Year. We’re so pleased you gathered here in this way on this day. Goodnight.

January 5, 2020

Powerful interaction with the online community about catching “sneaky Personality” and how that affects both living Awareness-forward and the next phase of the teachings.

January 8, 2020

31 Days of Transformation
Didn’t we tell you January is going to be a hell of a month? And hasn’t it already? It’s only been eight days. Politics, the royal family, the Middle East, fires in Australia, the Puerto Rican earthquakes. Veronica has been moderating this 31 Days of Transformation in three different groups, and it has been remarkable. There, people have been getting the opportunity to find places where Personality has been encroaching on their zen and slipping past their notice.

How long have we been talking about Personality? We started in Sedona, maybe 2015? It was the first time we kept Veronica up all night drawing diagrams in her head and working through places that were in need of transformation. That’s when Personality, Awareness, and Body were talked about. We were starting to get into Levels 5 and 6. We certainly weren’t talking about Levels 7-8-9. We’re talking about that because we want to show it’s taken a minute, it’s taken a few years for Awareness to stop being a notion and start being a visceral reality. You wake up in the morning and catching Personality becomes part of your day. It’s a steady process of, there’s Personality again attempting to push it.

We’ve had a bit of trouble because we weren’t sure where people were landing in this process. We don’t want to talk about Awareness and reunification if people were still being run around by unhealed Core Emotion (CE) and sneaky Personality. The 31 Days project has given us an indication that people are actually doing the whole thing. We’ve done quite a lot of these CE tune up sessions recently and that’s been super powerful at helping tie together the impulse to the Unhealed CE (UCE) with the recognition of the surrendering and transforming that becomes an Awareness experience. There’s been an extreme power in that. We super appreciate those who are participating in the 31 Days. And we want to talk to those who are here about your experience.

Donna texted Veronica every day instead of participating online. She texted her experience with Personality suggesting her husband went to bed to avoid her before she got home. She recognized it, relaxed, did some things downstairs, and went to bed. Another time, she asked a friend a question with a hidden agenda. She recognized the hidden agenda and that Personality was directing the hidden agenda.

You can see that having that ping (texting Veronica) helped her be on guard for Personality.

That feels good to us. We have more to work with with all of you.”If not now, when” is a really important statement for each and every one of you to make catching sneaky Personality a top priority every time you can.
John was next. He found himself holding himself to what he wrote. Having accountability, having made a witnessable statement made him more aware and shone a light on sneaky Personality.

We’re looking for the steadiness.

We want people in the place of “I’m catching this,” and not from an authority place. We jolted you into new brain patterns before, and this is the new jolting. Sneaky Personality is definitely in charge until catching it happens so much that Personality can’t possibly be in charge. You find a way to make it important enough to do something about it. You’ve had this dynamic over multiple lifetimes where you don’t catch it, it sneaks in, and you just put up with it.

The answer to any Personality problem or list is to “get present and see what arises.” Catch Personality trying to drag you out of presence, on any topic. It’s always the same answer, the application is easier or stronger in different areas. Each situation is weighted differently.
Catch Personality, notice, don’t judge yourself, and feel the compare you to you when you notice others in Personality.

What you’ve done in the past is to say, I don’t have an answer that I like, I don’t know what to do about this that feels good to me, and I’m done having answers that feel bad. So, I’m going to show up to listen to this energy that shows up and uses Veronica’s body and voice, and that is more important to me than any of the rest of it. And because you showed up and showed up and didn’t quit or talk yourself out of it, you found your way here today. And all the things you brought out of us are now available to people all over the world on Facebook, free, 24/7, with the 31 Days of Transformation. But we would have nothing to tell them if we hadn’t had you all asking us for help. Catching Personality is just the latest thing. You’re helping us sharpen the tools to get out of Personality. That’s the step we’re on. This leads to “it’s all me,” choiceless choice, watching it move, and experiencing reunification of other lifetimes. We need a certain saturation of Awareness to get there, a defaulting to it’s all me and choiceless choice.

Experiencing reunification is our next working level. “It’s all me,” choiceless choice, and watch it move becomes the default state. That default trifecta becomes the fuel for the experience and explore for the reunification of alternate expressions. What does that mean?

You’ve had a series of lifetimes which you imagine happened in the past. Because of the way time actually happens, it’s stacked, not linear. Stacked, not linear. That means at any point in any now when you’re utterly present, you actually can access any place on that stack. You don’t have to turn back the clock, you access any place on that stack. Don’t think about this, it won’t work, let it be. Any place on that stack is accessible to you at any time. Don’t let Personality tell you or imagine what that means or how it will show up. Time is more like a stack, and when I’m in “it’s all me,” choiceless choice, and watch it move, the perusal of that stack becomes something within my domain. When that becomes something within my domain, I can have an affect on those lifetimes and bring it’s all me, choiceless choice, and watch it move to lifetimes that never have a glimpse of Awareness. And when that happens, something happens. We cannot tell you what that is, we cannot put it into words. We never dreamed it was possible and we are on the brink of it.

If you participate in the 31 Days for a few minutes each day and share via text or Facebook how you are catching Personality, we suspect strongly that by the time February shows up, our conversations will be vastly different than they are tonight. (John-That’s a juicy carrot.) Special guests are another carrot coming down the line.

Make this important. If not now, when? Spend a few minutes each day saying, I caught Personality. You’re building a muscle.

January 19, 2020


This was a powerful call about the steps beyond “catching Personality” bringing clarity to how easy it is to get stuck in Level 6. During the call, Eloheim spoke with Ewa. Eloheim caught how personality had snuck in and tried to interrupt to point it out. I confirmed that EWA COULDN’T HEAR ELOHEIM. She didn’t realize they were trying to get her attention. The system was super glitchy yesterday and this is just one of things that happened.

I’m using the back up recorder and as the video is recorded separately from the webcast system it will also show Eloheim’s perspective and what they could hear. As I watch it back it all seems rather casual, Eloheim even figured out that she couldn’t hear. For me, it wasn’t casual. It was VERY hard on my body and I had to really draw on all my years as a channel to navigate it. I’m sure my Personality was trying to “speak up” and I will be examining how that was involved. Thankfully we were able to get on track and illuminate ways that Personality needs to be surrendered.

Ewa sent this comment: “ was so good to re-listen to my own call!..So much clarity in this interaction. I could hear myself being in P and it felt very jarring. I felt my own confusion anguish, seeking validation and being mean to myself. It was only at the end I got the gate latch moment that a short factual statement would have sufficed to convey CURRENT energetic I was sharing.”

January 22, 2020

Can You Show Up Unarmed?
Eloheim: Where we’re at right now is, we asked you all to catch Personality and share it. Sneaky Personality is keeping you in Level 6 and conning you into believing that’s Awareness. You’re catching it over and over and nothing else happens. It’s not going to get you to Awareness any time soon. You’re always engaging Personality. We say, catch Personality and all those tendrils of whatever–the past or the future–Personality is caught up in, surrender it, set it down, drop it like a hot potato, starve it. Just drop it. Get present, be fascinated by what’s around you, engage with the now in a way that is vastly different. And notice the difference. Be engaged with the now that is vastly different than the way Personality was dealing with it. It’s noticing the difference and the difference becomes attractive. The reinforcement of the difference starts to be attractive. It’s the movement into witnessing the experience and explore and the chronicler of the now. How am I in THIS now, and how is this now different than when Personality was in charge? That contrast starts to help you cement yourself in to Awareness. You don’t have to dissect it. You’re catching Personality, and you surrender. You let go like it’s a hot coal in your hand without trying to figure out what’s going on. You don’t wonder anything about it, you drop it! It’s an undesireable factor to have Personality’s influence.

Veronica asks herself, am I in choiceless choice? If not, Personality is affecting me. The other thing she does is she notices the thoughts. Any thoughts are Personality and that means she is in Personality. Dropping thoughts led her to utter gratitude. It’s a path for refining the process. You catch Personality, you set it down, you get present and see how the now you’re in is contrasted to the other now. It’s not a thought process, it’s noticing the difference. That difference is Awareness. It’s very easy to get stuck in the stories Personality throws up. If you find yourself thinking a lot, you’re in Personality. If you find yourself disturbed, confused, uncertain, not feeling calm, you’re in Personality. If you find yourself justifying and defending limitations, trying to find explanations for how things could be, even talking too much, you’re in Personality.

Here’s the thing, if it feels familiar, it’s Personality. If you’re not having a vastly difference experience in this now, it’s still Personality. Pushing yourself into an uncertainty is not easy. What is the FIP? Uncertainty. You can’t have certainty and the FIP. That’s where living from aha to aha is. Uncertainty is not danger, it’s opportunity.

Consistency is more important than what Personality wants me to pay attention to. Steady practice will get you where you want to get.

We’re talking about the evolution of a species! You’re not just dealing with your own personal inertial change here, keeping you from prioritizing, blocking you from being consistent or giving up. We’re talking an inertial challenge that’s not only built into this entire lifetime, it’s built into your entire species, culture, incarnational history of the planet. You guys get this one. And that’s the kind of stuff that goes down in the history of the universe. We don’t know where this will sink in to you all, you are doing this on a universal scale. Here you are in Veronica’s living room.

Eighteen including online people are doing this. You’re making a change, a stand, a mark, a difference. We don’t know what the carrot is that’s going to excite you guys. We already told you we have a queue waiting to come in but not if Personality is in charge. They don’t want to talk to Personality. We don’t know what you need to get you to be consistent. We don’t what support you need to get you to be consistent. It’s not work as much as it’s revelation. Personality tries to tell you it’s work, but it’s revelation.

Eloheim proceeded to check in with each person in the group about the 31 Day project.

D: I could catch Personality and your responses were wonderful. I got lots of the little ones and none seemed big enough to send on to you.
E: Let’s stop here. It’s not about size, it’s consistency. That’s Level 6. Less Personality is not enough. It’s not not progress, it’s not what we’re looking for. It’s like being at the rest stop instead of the highway. The rest stop is nice, has what you could need at the moment, but it’s a rest stop. Get back on the highway so you can get where you’re going!

E: Regarding your big breakthrough with your husband. Is that Level 6 or Awareness?
R: Something shifted afterwards and it felt noticeably different.
E: You didn’t necessarily do anything super different as much as you were present in a different way, and that led to a different experience of the same now.
R: It was after we finished the conversation that everything felt different. It was wonderful. I tried to think about what we were discussing and I couldn’t even retrieve the feelings I was upset about. It’s so uninviting. I would rather sit here in this peaceful state. Everything’s okay.
E: And if any of you do care to make a difference in the world, the biggest difference you can ever make is to live in Awareness. You can’t know the effect it will have on others around you. Next.

S: It was easy to catch Personality at the start of this process, then it went underground. It was a bunch of tiny little things, nothing noteworthy to record. But our discussion today about not just dropping something away…
E: It was the thinking thing, right? It was the thinking process, you weren’t catching the fact that thinking was taking over.
S: I spend a lot of time thinking. My mind jumps in with all kinds of things to strategize. What happens when I’m trying to do this work. It goes underground until something big comes up. I’m trying to not let it get to that point.
E: It sounds like sneaky Personality is saying, oh we can survive if we don’t make too much noise, he won’t notice. That’s Level 6. It’s not different, it’s just not as rough. It’s not something different. I’m not having ahas and explosions of explorations. Ask yourself, am I present? You need something to jolt you. Am I present? How is my relationship to the now?

E: What do you do when you catch Personality, J?
J: Oh, there you are.
E: And set it down. Veronica will say to Personality, that’s not important right now. Because it’s not! Set it down so that you can actually connect with this now in Awareness.
You don’t lose who you are, you find out who you really always have been. Do you worry that being in Awareness might cause too much of a ruckus in your family?
J: No, I don’t worry about it. I’m in such a P-driven environment all the time, and I don’t always notice. I know I don’t get it as much as others and sometimes more than others are getting it. I’m on a loop where I’ll get it eventually. It’s not presenting itself in ways that other [teachings] have presented themselves.
E: If you’re not noticing, you’re in Personality because you would notice if you were in Awareness. “I know this is Personality because it’s not different enough to be Awareness. Therefore, what can I do? I can be more present.” Set down whatever is happening and feel what it’s like to separate, just a little gap. What makes a little gap from the churning in your brain? It’s like counting to five before getting angry. What can you do to make a gap? Maybe you take three mindful breaths where you only think about your big toe. That’s Awareness. You’re making micro Awareness moments.

Next person. You have been messaging Veronica about your CE that you have just found out about. As you work with that, what we would like to see you doing when you speak up for yourself, it can’t be a leaning forward or backward movement. It needs to be a statement from your center. It will help you get to Awareness sooner.

We’re sharing an idea here that might be a little triggery. Every one Veronica has shared it with has liked it. Veronica noticed that if she carries Personality into a conversation, she can energetically feel it distorting the experience. It’s like if you go over to your partner’s place and you are angry. Chances are, if you show up with a gun in your pocket, somebody’s gonna get shot. If you leave it home, you’ll probably just yell at each other.

Personality and all that goes with it, is the gun. What if you leave the gun behind? Can you show up unarmed? It makes room for the conversation to be something else. If you bring a gun to an argument, someone is likely to get shot. If you don’t bring the gun, that won’t happen. Catching Personality that way is the same thing. If you don’t bring Personality with you to a situation, it changes the dynamic.

We push you guys. Sometimes we purposely trigger you guys. But you trust us. You know we’re holding you in a place where you know, like, and trust us, so you let us push you. So, when you say I can’t, I can’t, we say you can! When online people (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) disagree, they have no relationship so there’s no reason to trust, there’s no connection, no investment. That makes it hard to find common ground. It takes something in common to find a third way instead of a seeing a chasm of disagreement. The bigger relationship matters more than a disagreement. It’s easier for Personality to go toe to toe. That investment in the larger relationship is the thing. The invitation is when you’re in Awareness, the surface area for that larger relationship becomes a whole different kettle of fish. Because it’s all me starts to be real. That larger relationship of it’s all me is a lot of surface area for finding common ground. Let that cook your noodle. And, that’s another reason why you show up in Awareness and people don’t bring their gun. We told you January was going to be a heck of a month and we were right. And there’s more to come.

We’re very pleased. Because all of you did not make us drag it out of you. 31 Days made you show up differently tonight. We’re not saying you figured it out, you showed up differently. It gives the opportunity for us to build from here. Excellent work. We’re really, really proud of you.

Five Sessions held in January 2020

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