Three sessions held in May 2014

This package includes audio and video of three sessions held in May 2014.


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May 14, 2014 Session in Sonoma

Eloheim leads and in-depth conversation about the Levels of Creating. This session includes a handout which became the booklet in our Create Your Reality deck! An amazing night!

May 18, Q&A

After Eloheim answered questions, Eloheim, Mary and John had a 40 minute conversation about Ascension!!!!

Questions Answered Included:

In a recent heated conversation with someone I was left with the following words still in my system: ‘Every time we come to a place where we can go deeper you just put out a stop sign’ ‘you put up this wall’ I am very triggered by this as it is translated by me as ‘if you follow what I say / if you think like I want you to think – then we can go deeper and get more connected’. I am constantly feeling like I have to be someone else inorder to get this connection I am looking for with this person. I want to set boundaries which help me transform and increase awareness, not ones which keep me in fear and static. Can you share your perspective here?

My life has changed considerably upon learning that I have had Lyme for months. I’m learning a lot from this experience. I have been able to come from the place of “this is happening for me” more often than victimhood (which I’ll admit I fall into from time to time). I know I created this situation and I want to make the most of the variety of lessons I can learn from this, while also energetically rising to a higher level in order to release the bacteria from my system. Can you give me some direction and can you give me any insights into my energies at this time?

I have a boss who speaks to me disrespectfully and occasionally scolds me. It is the same dynamic with what used to be with my father albeit a much milder version. In the office there’s always a fear of missing something and being scolded. Getting another job doesn’t solve the problem as I get this dynamic everywhere I go. And generally people seem to take it as normal. This ties in with my core emotion: “where is my power?” What am I still trying to show myself and is there a way out?

I had an uncomfortable interaction with my brother this week. He sees a very negative version of me, a version that I know isn’t the truth of me, and I definitely went into victimhood about it for a while. I have been able to move into level 4 and sometimes 5 about it at times. He is not a part of my daily life, but it seems that these sort of interactions with him have happened over and over. I was surprised that this happened again after my energy has changed so much. Can you help me see this differently and have a better sense of what is in the energetics between my brother and me? Thanks so much!

May 28, 2014 Session in Sonoma

Each Council member discusses one Level of Creating. So many incredible insights! If you are interested in the levels, you DON’T want to miss this session!


ALL three sessions in one package!

Price: $24.99