Audio recordings of the six meetings held in September, 2010


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If you would rather read the transcripts of these sessions, COLLECTION TWO of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between September 1, 2010 and October 20, 2010.
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9-1-10 ~ 70 minutes

Visionaries: Discussed non-verbal communication between the Guardians and the group. Loving self and working with shadow. Asking for clarity instead of certainty.

Eloheim: Where do I love myself? After working with shadow for a while, it is important and necessary to find aspects of yourself that you love. How to work with your body to remind it of balance.

The Girls: Acknowledging your love of self, even in small things, builds a reservoir to draw on.

Warrior: Continued the story of Eric; this week, we discover Eric’s greatest fear and how he might be able to deal with it consciously.

Fred: Dealing with the physical body’s fear reactions to the open portal between you and your soul’s perspective.

9-8-10 ~ 92 minutes

Visionaries: When you release something energetically, lay it down and walk away from it. There is a tendency to release yet still hang onto things in our energetic fields at the same time. The soul does not know lack. The parts of you that are experiencing lack cannot operate from your soul’s perspective.

Eloheim: Your soul cannot access the places where you don’t love yourself. Take the time and make the effort to find things to love about yourself, no matter how mundane they may seem. When you see a place inside of yourself that you don’t love, you can say, “I can shift that.” See it to shift it. Also: discussion of the “who is answering the door?” tool.

The Girls: Loving yourself is not part of the survival instinct. Which means that loving yourself is a radical act, it creates radical change in you. It radically moves you out of Homo sapiens and pushes you toward Homo spiritus.

Warrior: Continues his story, some of the new men are shown to the door, others remain but the terrain is unfamiliar to them and they feel uncomfortable. The best you can do is to be in the now with an open and receptive position that allows you to evaluate and interact with the experience as it unfolds.

Fred: Holds open the portal, but physicality is confusing to him, so we need to meet him more than half-way. We do this by using our tools.

Matriarch: Advises us: When you find that thing about yourself that you don’t love, just embrace it like you would a baby. Hold it close to you and thank it for being there. This will allow you to transform it.

9-15-10 ~ 80 minutes

Visionaries: Discussed the changes that take place when you open to your soul’s perspective, using Veronica taking up the cello as an example.

Eloheim: Talked about their long-standing contract with Veronica. Answered questions about opening up to the soul’s perspective, the concept that we are all one, and menstruation.

The Girls: When given the choice between things you want to do, ask: “Which is the more loving act?”

Warrior: Don’t discontinue emanating the truth of you because it makes other people uncomfortable. You cannot say no to the truth of you because other people don’t get it. At some point, you put being the truth of you at the top of your list and then you fix things from there.

Fred: Do not constrict the flow of energy through the portal they hold open for us; instead, ask that the flow be slowed down.

Matriarch: Explained Fred’s energy.

9-19-10 ~ 80 minutes ~ Q&A with Eloheim.

9-22-10 ~ 90 minutes

Guardians: Came in to remind us verbally that it’s a good idea, especially at the beginning of the meeting, to let go of anything that’s not needed in our energy fields. To lay it down and walk away. And they will assist us in the process.

Visionaries: Used the equinox to discuss emanating the truth of you in the world. How your internal journey is reflected in your outer experience, that contemplation of our inner selves creates an emanation of our truth.

Eloheim: Explained the concept of slowing down, rather than re-shaping, the energy around the portal that Fred holds for us. At the request of the group, they then did individual energy readings on each person in the group. The readings took up the time normally allotted to the Girls, the Warrior, and Fred.

Matriarch: Closed the meeting by calling us to be present in our bodies, and asking for the truth of ourselves to be emanated.

9-29-10 ~ 88 minutes

Visionaries: When you compare you to you, finding the smallest measurable amount that feels like progress is all you really need. Wherever you experience a different relationship to your triggers than you had previously, that’s enough. It doesn’t have to be stupendous to be something wonderful.

Eloheim: Opened the meeting by explaining “the wink.” The wink is when you temper a trigger with a bit of levity, or some other element that helps you move through your reaction to it more easily.

The Girls: Discussed how “the wink” was a very loving way to deal with our triggers. They urged us to show ourselves the kindness of looking for the wink in our trigger situations.

Warrior: Continued the story of getting rid of Number 4, further explaining the concept of laying it down and walking away. When we decide to “lay it down and walk away,” we should do it from our most conscious place. Went on to discuss Number 3 being the underdog, and the underdog aspects of ourselves.

Fred: Looked at our portals and advised us again about slowing down the flow of energy rather than trying to reshape the actual portal.

Matriarch: Closed with appreciation of the Warrior’s story of the underdog, and how we can learn to better love the underdog aspects of ourselves.