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October 7, 2018

October 7, 2018
Money and Awareness

The other day Veronica had the aha that the way Body and Awareness are showing up for her really comes down to relationships. Being present with others without feeling the need for protection. Being able to sink deeply into Presence in companionship and connection with another person feels completely different to her.

The insight was that you have been overlooking all that was your soul. This is the connection to your soul. Being present with your physical objects is a completely different relationship than taking them for granted. As you experience the relationship while honoring the fact that your soul is expressing as these things, you are in relationship to your soul in a new way. It’s a deepening of relationships.

The truth is, your relationship to a physical object should be as valuable to you as to your relationship to a gingerbread shape. The desk is your soul expressing. That’s a weird idea. Awareness knows that each relationship has something to offer. Honor the experience of interacting with your soul, and engage with that part of your soul in the way that you do. You can value your experience in new ways and honor the fact that you have this going on. This may feel like a notion and not like truth, and that’s okay. It’s true, and something to explore. That’s the step we’re on. That relationship.

How are you relating to the part of your soul that’s showing up as your desk? Most of the time, you’re not. How do you do it? The same way you did to get into Awareness. Being present is the best place to start. Acknowledge that this desk has my soul in it. I am willing to be present with that. Be willing to have an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Eloheim introduced special guest Darcy for this meeting. She shared her recent experience with a new business she is opening. She talked about how she is navigating the experience and that she is feeling Personality become louder as it becomes more physical. She wonders how to use new tools instead of the old tools in the process.

The difference between Personality and Awareness is in sharp relief. It’s now time for a look at the Survival Instinct in conjunction with the money piece, that voice of the Survival Instinct saying “you’ve gotta….” Money and the “you’ve gottas.” That you’ve got to earn, to pay, to save. That urge that is answered by Personality. Now that Awareness is on board, the you’ve-gotta’s voice is dislodged. It’s uncomfortable and weird, feels unhealthy and unsolveable, and it’s bouncing around like a pinball in a small pinball machine. The result of that tension is you’re left feeling stuck. We have to upgrade the “you’ve gottas” into the Awareness version.

How do we do that? Well, it’s not like accessing a vending machine. It’s the Field of Infinite Possibilities, the largest warehouse you’ve ever imagined. Everything is there. Part of the problem is that you think you know what you need, and only Personality has given you that shopping list. What we want you to feel into is that the times that Personality says the specific thing you have to have is sort of rare. Some food, rent, gas. But it’s not the extreme exchange Personality has always wanted it to be. That is an important difference and infrequently emphasized.

For example, you can say, “I gotta gotta pay the rent on the first [of the month] and I’m afraid I won’t have enough.” Reasonable. The power here is to recognize that’s the only expensive and loud variable I have right now. And it’s noisy and super easy to rile you up. If you’re honest with yourself, it’s not that much of your day in that gotta-gotta place. It’s not happening as often, it’s just happening from a place of extreme influence.

As Personality becomes less popular, how does Awareness navigate the things that feel immovable, like paying the rent?

Here Darcy expressed a great deal of emotion, saying she didn’t know how to move forward using Awareness around this topic and she feels pressured to do the business to make money.

Darcy doesn’t need the money right away, and that’s key. That’s Personality pushing her faster than is comfortable or necessary. Veronica had a similar situation going on and what she came up with and found extremely useful to answer P with is, there may be a month when that is true, but it is not this month.

Money is higher on the list to be looked at now, just like every other authority figure in your life. We’ve worked on many other things and now money is coming up for its turn to be healed. It’s an authority in your life and very tied to your Survival Instinct. It is in the way. It is time for this to be different, and you’re ready for it, to face it, for the relationship to be healed and transformed. At the end of the day, money doesn’t get to be in between you and your evolution. More things are percolating up as the Body piece gets to be activated! There’s a list, and this is the next thing.

What does Awareness and Body do with “gotta gotta gotta?” Pay attention to the relationships, the value you have with the gingerbread shape and the value you have with the Kleenex box. Money is just a place holder for exchange. It helps you even out exchanges. It helps relationships, it helps transform a physical form of one thing to another. Money supports transfiguration. Money is magic. It turns one thing into another thing. Ta da!

Money is at least part of the physicalization of the Field of Infinite Possibilities. So if money is magic, and money is the physicalization of the FIP, money stops being the problem and starts being the conduit. When you don’t have hangups about it, money stops being a problem and starts acting differently in your life. Typically, you guys default to Personality around money and probably not so often or solely in many other ways. We have to come up with a change in neural pathways so that when you’re thinking about money, you’re not using Personality to do it. Then the FIP, the clarity, will be the way you navigate it. We want you to discover how that will work for you when you get Personality out of the way.

So Darcy, you are catching it, you just haven’t had a way to consider it in a way that gives you the opportunity to see it from Awareness instead. We hear you saying having and making money is really about freedom. Freedom equated with money is a block between you and ascension. They don’t have to go together. If you have an equal sign between what more money would give you, we have to take that apart. That urge that you feel money would answer-take that urge and require yourself to find a way the urge is expressed that is not equal to money. If you make that equal sign thick and deep, it makes it harder to get out of it. You have to figure out how to get that thing without having more money, even if in a smaller dose. It gives you a baby version of it. You just need to feel it. Once you feel it, the FIP activates.

Freedom and money do not have to go together. It is not an equal sign you have to build. Identify the equal signs that have been generated by the financial situations you have found yourself in, rather than letting them dance with Personality and control you. Let yourself see how you can be in Awareness around what you are really dealing with. It’s finding the doorway into Awareness and deepening the relationship to the magic of money. And you don’t let Personality tell you how to do that. Get into Awareness and see what you discover.

Money is such a big energetic topic but it’s really a small thing in scope. Money is inherently small and narrow, generic, because it’s meant to be exchangeable for anything. Money is paper, an idea. You all agree on the value of that piece of paper, it’s a decision. So make a new decision. Money is magic. Money is transfiguration. Imagine if anytime you spent money you thought, “money is magic, this is me turning blank into blank.” We’re using words to straighten out the energetics. It’s time for money to do what it’s supposed to do. It’s a magical conduit inside the FIP allowing for transfiguration.

In response to Darcy’s next comments, Eloheim said you have to navigate that not everyone is going to be on your team. When you’re expressing yourself we know that affects your Personality, but what does your Awareness have to say on this topic? Awareness will tweak or shift things in those moments instead of saying you suck, give up. Ask, how am I allowing myself to evolve, to express myself? Hear and don’t believe what P says. Personality says mean things as you try out new things. Personality doesn’t encourage you, it’s a detractor not a teammate, which is unfortunate. Thank goodness we’re getting Awareness on board. You’re setting boundaries on that inner voice. You know there’s another way to do this, so push through.

It’s time. Now it’s time to look at money. Money is just a weird piece of paper in between you and another experience. It is a magical conduit of transfiguration, not a sign of evil or control. The Awareness version is a magical conduit of transformation inside the FIP. It’s not a notion or just a word game. We’re using words to straighten out the energetics so that money can do what it’s supposed to do. Money is a magical conduit of transformation in the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Use this to create new neural pathways around money.

October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018
Sneaky Blocks and Using The Awareness Evaluator

The subtlety of the way Body and Awareness interact is getting really loud now. One of the ways this is happening for Veronica is that one day she felt very unsettled and she couldn’t find an external reason. Because your bodies have “tasted” Awareness, your Body is uncomfortable with slipping out of Awareness. It’s an internal experience. The Body is not having as much of an Awareness experience as it wants and has experienced and it’s uncomfortable. This is something to become aware of, and the remedy is to be as present as possible. Watch if you drift into Personality when you don’t notice. Remember, don’t think, recommit to falling back on Presence.

Body and Awareness are showing up together in the world in subtle and unusual ways so keep your eye for what those might look like. Don’t forget the Big B-Body includes the gingerbread shape as well so you might have unexpected ways your body experiences things.

This journey of evolution that you are on is one where there is nothing between you and your evolution for the first time ever. Because this is new for you, you are not aware when a block shows up. The obvious archetypes between you and your evolution are not your issues. However, there is still stuff there. In Veronica, we found one. There is a sense of wishing for proof that her path is valid, wishing people would recognise that this is good stuff, as evidenced by the size of the community or the number of books sold, a sense that the crowd tells me my value. Though much of that is healed, there’s still a lingering chunk that needs to be looked at. The external indicates, comforts, or values the internal. The subtlety of it is very similar to her Core Emotion.

What your version of that is, we don’t know, but we suspect you may have something tucked in that is also showing up to be this wedge between you and honoring or recognizing your evolved state.

We aren’t saying do it alone, community is important. What we are feeling is that you all have one thing that signifies to you that you are evolving. It’s a marker, the evidence, the medals that show others your evolution. Someone might have that thought that the evidence is the medal or the marker of your progress, your journey. It’s subtle. Remember, you’re still the same person without those awards, the medal does not make the person. That’s not what we need. It’s living in Awareness without blocks between you and your evolution, with Personality stripped away.

We have to focus on the ways Personality sneaks back in that are less obvious. It’s so ingrained that you don’t notice when it sneaks back in. Personality has unreasonable expectations and cracks the whip on you guys with its desire for outcomes and chasing answers within the limitations it sets. So go down and in, in the present. It’s all now. It’s all fractal. Go down and in, it’s not the obvious direction! It is not “over there.” It was never over there, it’s just this now. Hang in Awareness and catch Personality. Sometimes it helps to say, “this is what IS, and my Personality wants to do X.” Go down and in, then see what comes up. We’re still talking about Personality here and it’s showing up differently than it used to.

Relationships seem to be the overarching idea of connecting Awareness and Body. Prioritizing gingerbread to gingerbread has been the norm, however, you can value the relationship with your carpet, for example, differently. And that’s a step. Pay attention.

Money is the common thing with which most people on the planet interact. It’s a relationship and a method of transfiguration. Feel the fact that you turn your efforts (a job, an artistic endeavor) into money, which turn into food or electricity, for example. What you’re doing is transfiguring subatomic particles. Awareness experiences it as transfiguration. So, shut up Personality!

We’re building a muscle. We’ve done it before. It’s all within your purview when Body and Awareness are in alignment.

We’re breaking down the ways in which you are rigid. Preconceived notions, triggers, authority figures, limitations, Personality. Subatomic particles, i.e., the Field of Infinite Possibilities is not abracadabra, though from the outside, it might look “harry potter-ish.” You’re totally present, and something changes, an opportunity arises. That’s abracadabra because it happens right away. It’s a response, it’s you allowing what is present to rise up, to be uncovered.

The steps: Presence, presence, presence, shut up Personality! Presence, presence, presence, notice. Experience and explore. Presence, presence, presence, notice. And don’t think!

As long as you notice when Personality is present, you don’t have to notice Awareness, but sometimes it helps some people to notice Awareness. As long as you have clarity when you’re in the two states.

The group had a lively and humorous discussion about the connections between driving cars, the CE, using Personality, and being in Awareness. Personality says it should be different than it is! Awareness is being present, nonresistant, nonlimiting, and actually experiencing and exploring what is occurring. It’s a relationship you have to the now. The resistance to what-is is Personality. Driving seems to bring out the Personality in you! Driving is moving through the marketplace. Ask yourself, how much Awareness can I be on my next car trip?

Cars transport you through the landscape. Your body is being propelled through the space. It’s teleportation of your body-that’s an Awareness evaluator of driving. How does Awareness evaluate your carpet? It’s a reunion with your soul. With money? Transfiguration. If you start letting your Awareness evaluate everyday things with this new perspective, it’s going to be more “kid on Christmas morning” and feel more magical. Personality is jaded and grumpy. What if, instead, we use the “I don’t know” tool? If you notice that you really don’t know how things work and realize you should not be jaded and instead are delighted, your life is going to feel richer, textured, like you are actually living it, and not like it’s ordinary but like Disneyland, like wow! You only don’t feel that way because Personality has taken it all for granted and put it in a box of “understood” things. You are constantly surrounded by things you don’t understand. Instead, be delighted with these things and never have them taken for granted. Water comes out of the faucet, how does it get there? It’s cold or hot! It keeps coming out! Fantastic! Be delighted, not jaded. That box that I-don’t-have-to-be-delighted-by is huge, and all the things in it are put there by Personality. “I don’t know anything” is freedom. My Personality doesn’t know, therefore I’m in Awareness. How fun is that?! You’re not in limitation, now you’re in the Field of Infinite Possibilities with an everyday thing. Wouldn’t it be more fun to live like that??

So, here we’ve identified a block between you and your evolutionary state. It is the fact that “I don’t know” has been used to keep you in Personality rather than freeing you to be in Awareness.

October 21, 2018

Fight Feel Focus

We have notes today.

You gotta fight. What that means is that you’ve got to fight for Awareness. Some of you might not like that word fight. Use something else if you need to. Fight for Awareness. This phrase got Veronica’s attention for many reasons. She had been feeling like she was continually getting hit and feeling retraumatized by things over the past little while, things that she felt she had already dealt with. That hold on accessing Awareness got dislodged, and she got lost in that swamp. That word “fight” empowered her.

Fight. What does that look like? That looks like a zero tolerance policy for Personality-based responses. The fight makes it consistent. It’s not just setting down obsessive thinking, it’s fighting back. Find your strength.

The second word is feel. When Personality-based thoughts pop up that want attention, say no. Then feel. Interact with the physical with a lot of attention. Actually notice the texture of what you are doing. Feel what the body is experiencing in every tactile sensation that you experience. Whenever a step feels too big, break it down by paying attention to every single bit of touch. Savor it, slow down.

Focus. Once in that place of actually experiencing the physicality, stay in that place. Focus on each step of the way. You notice each step and it feels very real to you. It keeps you in Awareness and deepens your experience of Awareness. If you find yourself slipping, fight, then feel and focus.

One of the things that came out of this conversation about fight, feel, focus is that you imagine you bend or shape the external world according to your needs or desires. Instantaneous manifestion. Well, Veronica has always wondered who is it bending to, and how does that work? How do I know if it’s my unhealed Personality saying shape the world or it’s some more healed part of me? Reasonable conundrum.

Right now, the entirety of any experience, knowledge, or relationship with any physical object has been, and is still restricted to, what the unhealed aspect of your Personality has allowed you to experience. It’s extremely limited. That’s all you know. Period. We agree that your physical world is ready for a change. The question is how? You’ve never actually physically explored any object in its entirety for it to show you all it has to offer. You alter your internal journey which liberates your physical world to show you more of what it always has been showing but you have never noticed. You get into Awareness first, then engage with the physicality of your world. Get into Awareness first, then let the Awareness state reveal physical objects and relationships so that you can have the Awareness relationship to that object. You’re trying to allow All That IS to show you its full potential by engaging with Awareness first, then exploring and experiencing your physical world. Any ideas about physicality that you have have only been what Personality has allowed you to have for millennia. Your history affects, shapes you, but it doesn’t dictate who you are.

We’ve been training you to want this transformation, this evolution of the species from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus. You’ve got to WANT that. You’ve got to refuse to engage with this now from a Personality stance. My desire for evolution is going to push me to say NO. Now is the time for all those muscles we’ve been building up for 16 years to be used to say NO.

You’re leading the charge for the evolution of the species and no one knows you’re doing it. You’ve been like the green leaves. Do you want to be the flower? You get to the point where you’re confronting the SI in a serious way, saying, you don’t get to tell me how things are. You say, I’m gonna do something else. We’re not capitulating to it. We’re not feeding the beast in an attempt to quiet it down. We acknowledge it. And there’s more. That. is. not. all. that. there. is. That’s not all there is. Fight. Feel. Focus.

All That Is, the Field of Infinite Possibilities is your playground. That’s you. Yes, you’ve had trauma, drama, fear and pain, loss, disappointment, discouragement. Yes. And the SI will use all of that and more to weave a net that holds you to the ground. That’s when you have metamorphisis rather than capitulation, and you squeeze between the ropes of the net and you fly. Not because you didn’t have those problems, but because it is your birthright. Each of you have those muscles you’ve built up, use them. Fight, feel, focus.

We can’t tell you what your personal metamorphosis looks like. You don’t want anything between you and your evolution. It’s an inside job all the way. No one does it for you. You decide to fight. You decide to feel. You decide to focus. You move into HS with nothing between you and the fact that you did it.

The rest of the meeting was a discussion between Eloheim and the group. Topics included feeling untethered in a place between Personality and Awareness, feelings, Personality’s torpedoes, and the unhealed Personality template and having boundaries for it.

Pick Awareness and fight for it. Go do that and let us know how it feels.

Thanks to Anja who made the graphic summarizing Eloheim’s teachings from this call. It was SUCH a powerful session!

October 24, 2018

Full Council

Guardians: Let’s see what the energy is like now that you have had your catch-up talk. There’s evidence of the deeper hurt, there’s a bruise, but it’s not where you need to be. You never know where evolution is going to take anybody. That’s part of the joy of this community. You can start with someone who is traumatized and as that person is healed, freed, – the liberated version of that person, well, you can’t guess what that’s going to look like. The fun of this work is that we are not here to shape you, we are here to free you. We’re hear to say here’s another strap that has been holding you down, here’s another strap that you didn’t notice. The Council’s job is to free you, inspire you, to cajole you into knowing there’s more. We offer you freedom from previous limitations, where you are restrained, and tips and tools and tricks to smooth the way to you stepping into the greater version of you.

And because we attempting together to facilitate the evolution of the human species, we are dedicated to showing you every strap, every place where you have not noticed you are limited. Because of your dedication, the Personality is fired up to try and hold that line. We’re working diligently together to not let P take over.

Visionaries: Vision. Gotta have the vision. What do we mean by that? When you approach your day, your life, hold the vision of that potential for that to be an Awareness experience. Don’t let your vision slip away from you. It’s here, it’s yours. Don’t let it go. Don’t let it be taken over by Personality, the unhealed aspect of the Personality. Be vigilant for the unhealed aspects of the Personality. That’s the one we will not surrender to, that you do not want to let have dominion over you. Because Personality is very wily, it must fight with you on this. It must come up with more and more ways to throw up in your face. P knows the buttons to push to keep you engaged. You have to be stronger, you have these muscles already. Choose and choose and choose. Use the tools. Be tenacious. You know Awareness is in there, don’t convince yourself it’s not there. You know when you’re in Awareness, and you know when you’re not. You’re not lying to yourself when you’re not. Don’t pretend. Our next milestone is Awareness as the default.

Eloheim: So we’ve had the G’s and the V’s telling it like it is.

Veronica was practicing noticing the tiniest slips into Personality and pulling herself back and how the brightness changed in each state. In Personality, things were dimmer and then much brighter in Awareness. It’s just one way she’s noticed the difference between P and A.

The Survival Instinct knows every single thing it can use, that Personality can use. Where do we end up as we climb this tall mountain of evolution? Why are we here? To recognize that the navigation of 3D plus time is just an echo of the potential. What happens when that echo is not the limitation that you live in? When we really dig deep, we can’t convince you, we don’t have any brass ring to point you toward. All we can do is light a fire in you. I want something I can tell exists, but it’s not tangible. It’s an internal transformation that facilitates you transforming this planet in a way that hasn’t been transformed before. It used to much more obvious in the past, and now we’re in this time and the motivation is something else.

For Veronica, it’s very clear that she can feel inside her as she navigates her day that she’s bumping up into falsehoods and limitations, a force field of sorts. It doesn’t matter what it is, what it’s seen as, it’s more how can I shift inside so this situation isn’t the limitation it feels like? It feels like a challenge to solve rather than a force field to bump off of. That’s Veronica’s motivation.

You have to push the envelope of what you experience as you engage with what-is, instead of bouncing hard back into Personality. You have to check the facts and find the key that opens the door to Awareness.

What is going on right now with you, what are you paying attention to? Are you fighting for this now?

Girls: it feels like it’s been a little while. Yeah, you guys are in something so cool right now, and you don’t really know. You go along with Eloheim, but you don’t know. For us, it’s so exciting because we get to watch you.

Back in the day, you guys came into the meetings with an agenda – I need help with blank – and now there’s a sense of being agenda-less, and we want to celebrate this. That’s huge! There’s this fun feeling for us. It’s being with the grown ups! You are pushing the frontier but you aren’t asking for any promises or wanting anything like a guru in front of you. You went from being in a relationship with Eloheim for years, and you slid into this relationship of collaboration in such a smooth way. It shows us how ready you were to step out in front. You’re not being led, you’re being companioned. It’s really, really different, and we want you to celebrate that even if you didn’t notice. And you did it without fanfare. It’s an important step on the journey. You’re in community yet you’re doing it independently.

When you rub against the sense of limitation, that edge, you agree that that is not your limitation. Say, no thank you, you are not the edge of me anymore. When you rub against something that feels scary, hard, challenging, say you are not my edge, I don’t end here. This is not the edge of me. And then don’t bounce off it. Have the guts to stand there energetically and see if you can find Awareness while you hold there. See what happens.

Fred: Bodies. So you have a body. It looks like a gingerbread man cookie. Why do we say this? Just to mess with you a bit. You take it all so seriously. Why don’t you have a tail?? Or more ears or eyes? You guys got robbed! (laughter) So glad Eloheim is in charge of all that. We’re like that crazy uncle that buys inappropriate gifts.

Subatomic particles. One of these days you guys are going to have an experience with subatomic particles (SAP). When you start having that experience, the SAP are re-configuring live, that’s the Magic Eye puzzle on steroids. It’s going to be another extreme version with what you’re doing with Awareness. Practice not bouncing too far into P, you’re less likely to bounce far like you’re super tempted to if you practice. Go, wow! oh, and hold. I knew this was going to happen someday. It has and my only job is to be present in response. Personality is strong and wants to run off with you. Awareness feels comfortable and a relief. When you get into the SAP journey, we suspect it’s going to be “holy shit” and then the claws of the Personality sinking in. You’re in training now. SAP, then holy moly, claws of the Personality, return to Awareness, then hold as your nervous system processes what occurred. You’re in practice mode right now so you can get into the SAP aspect. It’s a natural result of being in Awareness. You’re in Awareness, you’re in Awareness, and flop, you’re in SAP. You have the foundation and the tools. We’ve taken those tools and kept upgrading them for this new experience.

Warrior: You can be fierce about this. That’s not my edge! You are not the edge of me! Engage with a sense of empowerment. Use that Warrior energy. Fight for each now. Fight each time you find an edge, for your birthright. That’s not where I end. That’s not all I am. You will feel a discomfort when you push yourself over an edge. But you know that’s not it, that’s not the edge of you. It doesn’t dictate who you are. You are not the edge of me and I refuse to bounce off of that perceived edge into the pit. I will stand close and ooze over it even if it feels hard. If it feels stretchy and like an edge, that is where the growing happens. Like a tree, on the edge is where the growing happens.

We bet you do this edge thing enough, you’ll run out of edges. It takes Personality’s ammunition away. You strip and strip and strip the edges away, and pretty soon, all Personality has is nothing. The Field of Infinite Possibilities is unadulterated, and that IS subatomic particles. You have all the ammunition. This is how you take away its power.

Do that. It’s time. And you’re on your way to letting Fred have his day.

Matriarch: We feel fortunate to witness that combination of teachings. We strongly suggest that you replay this idea, this meeting. They’ve given you the steps. We embrace you heart to heart as you become what we’ve always known what you were. Much love to you.

Four Sessions held in October 2018


Price: $24.99