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2012-07-11 ~ 89 minutes

This was further, and fascinating, exploration of the notebook tool.

The Guardians: In spite of technical mishaps that just happened, the group stayed very centered and held the energy of “we’ll just have it unfold.” This offers a presence and allows an opportunity for a peaceful exploration of discovery.

The Visionaries: Noted that, with the missed meeting last Wednesday (due to a holiday), a pattern was broken. You are used to having patterns in your life but it is time to re-evaluate them. “This is a new moment here. Do my old patterns still serve me?” Look at your patterns, make a list, and pick one a day to question that you haven’t questioned before. Give yourself the opportunity to know yourself anew.

Eloheim: A very helpful discussion with three attendees that brought up all kinds of lessons from the tools and how it impacts our lives.

For creating a business, you can’t think of how the outcome is going to be. You need to be in the moment. “I will offer up my emanation and my truth – and whatever happens is none of my business.” To describe what you do to others, be concrete and find shared terminology (not woo woo) . Truth, truth, truth, with periods at the end. Write down what you think you want to do. Then put the vague descriptions on one side of the page and the solid descriptions on the other side. Notice the difference in energy, and see if there is more fear in the vague parts.

Randy: When using the notebook tool, at first it was all about the trigger (money). After some time of doing that, I cleared enough space for insight, which lead to an encounter with a homeless woman who reminded me of my daughter and affected me deeply. She represented my worse fears, and yet I saw that she was not dead. The following days, my obsession with money was replaced by the effort it took to be very conscious with this woman in order to genuinely help her.

There was a discussion about setting boundaries, and staying out of stories; using short, factual statements. After the initial efforts were made to the women, it’s then becomes about Free will. She must ask and open the doors – like we do with you. We wait for you to tell us to ‘please take it further’. There was also discussion of treasures lurking in closets, and money flowing in after the space is opened up.

When you use the notebook tool with whatever your obsessive thing is, you may find there are two that timeshare. Every time the thoughts come up, write it down. Then ask ‘what is true now?’ And let that be body-based. Body-based truths are high vibrational. “My back hurts. I see trees out the window.” That awareness cracks open the moment, which is what we’re really trying to do.

I am willing – you can’t lie with this tool. If you don’t feel willing, then use the ‘what is true now’ tool instead.

The religious idea of “I just let it go” or “I’ll just turn it over to God or the angels” is not always helpful. Instead, ask ‘what is true now?’ Because you are a co-creator, you are asking for insight, and you are ensouling the body. This means that both of you are involved. It’s up to you to contribute to the conversation, as you are in charge of the personality. Have the experiences that you can have here as a human. That is the gift that you bring back to your soul.

2012-07-14 ~ Sebastopol Q&A with Eloheim

2012-07-15 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 68 minutes

2012-07-18 ~ 86 minutes

Visionaries: The notebook tool can empower you to see what’s there. It give you an opportunity to see the moment in a new way, and to make other choices. Every thought must be examined. And, when obsessive thinking clears up, what fills that quiet spot? We’d like it to be filled with insight from your soul, or awareness through your body. Quiet means that you’re not in static, nosiness and storytelling, and it gives you the opportunity to emanate a high vibration. It is a great gift and you give it by breathing. But you can only give it if you have it, and have given it to yourself.

Eloheim: Continued discussion of the notebook tool and how it has affected people. Besides making you more conscious about your thoughts, writing it down also uses a different part of your brain. It gets you out of that habitual thing where you have one little mobius strip that you live in. The tool very, very quickly and profoundly reveals the underlying energetic that are going on within you, and the other truths going on in your life.

Eloheim noted our tendency, when we don’t get what we want, to go into resilience (“It doesn’t matter; I’ll figure it out; I’ll soldier on…”) rather than the authenticity of our real feelings. You don’t have to navigate your life from a place of resilience. Instead, go into ‘what is true now’. If something sucks, it sucks! Acknowledge what you experience and then see what that acknowledgment brings up. “What is it showing me?” This isn’t about wallowing in discomfort, but about learning what it reveals in you. “This just might crack me open.” You can also put your experience on the musing shelf for awhile, if that feels right.

Fred: Talked about the joys of tunneling – he as a bus-sized creature on another planet – and us as we tunnel into our minds to create new neural pathways. “I get to decide which way my thoughts go.” When you go about creating these new neural pathways, create some fun ones, some good ones, and some that bring you back to neutral observation. Create that neural pathway that gives you the opportunity to connect to insight from your soul.

The Girls:
Liked the idea of how we’ve leaned on resilience instead of authenticity. There is indeed an authentic part of your experiences that you want to cover up and deny. But to acknowledge, and be willing to learn from it – to tell yourself that truth – is the loving thing to do. It wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t your creation, so explore the truth. Use short, factual statements to divide up what you normally would just throw into resilience, denial or upset.

The Warrior: Took the group on a walk together, starting off in the forest, being hyperaware of the body and the surroundings. Took us to a creek, then to a small waterfall and eddy, where we sit down and look into the water. We see a fish and then roll on our backs to see the tips of the trees bending and swaying. Live in the moment. Be in fascination and give it time to unfold, until it’s stops being the fascinating thing. “Am I going to pay attention to my creation, or am I going to habituate it away?” Even though it requires attention, you will build this new neural pathway, and you will find yourself in a more natural state.

Matriarch: We are the still center. You can call on our energy for that support – for you to be in your still center right there in the middle of you – to be in that awareness of you, that truth, that authenticity. It’s such a gift to give yourself, to be aware of that place.

2012-07-25 ~ 80 minutes

This session had examples of big breakthroughs, noted energetically immediately by the Guardians, and continued in the discussions.

Guardians: You are showing a different picture to us, and it’s a beautiful and glorious thing. It has to do with the way you know your truth. The truth of you IS known by you. The life you’ve always dreamed of isn’t bunnies and rainbows, and you also know that. You are willing to abide in the discomfort that comes from engaging in the opportunities for growth. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Visionaries: We see this as a tenacity in you that isn’t willing to tolerate being thrashed by your habits anymore. You are using the tools and really looking at your issues. And when you bring that high vibration of awareness and attention to the low vibrational fears and habits, they must shift. You are going after what is difficult: step by step, tool by tool, and getting insight after insight.

Eloheim: When you deal with your triggers, as you attend to the moment of discomfort, the amount of growth there is incredible. So the discomfort can be celebrated because it is the signal that you are opening.

Notebook tool:
Use this for all that’s beating you up, dragging you down, making you worry. If there’s anything like that, notebook it immediately. If a thought comes up once or twice, you can let it go. But if it comes up a third time, it goes in the notebook. Catch yourself when you are habitual and then ask, “What is true now?” because this puts you in new neural pathways. “What is true now?” makes your brain stop. Then you use a different part of your brain, and that difference will bring in different experiences and, potentially, a different life. So: thought, stop, “what is true now,” then a different direction.

Use short, factual statement. No stories. We don’t like you to use “but” because after “but” comes the stories, or the limitations, or the familiar suffering. “But” modifies what you know is true. And ‘what is true now’ is also about listening to your soul. You can ask: “What more do you have for me?”

Miraculous healing occurred by not keeping the injuries in place by words, assumptions, and 30-year old stories. “What new story do I want?”

A group member noted her fear of her husband leaving her, and how that played out when he was out of town. Eloheim pointed out that we can receive the love that’s available to us without it having to come in a certain package. Everyone loves, and shows their love, differently. Also, there was an incident of Randy being in fascination while watching someone steal her product before her eyes in a store, an instance of witnessing script-holding and staying in the calm experience of her truth.