Four Sessions held in May 2018


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May 5, 2018

47 minutes
Are You Remembering to Ask?

The topic lately has been how to be in Awareness, how to know when you’re in Awareness, how to catch yourself when you’re in Personality, and how to navigate the whole dynamic. We’re being super fierce about it because we’re in a time when the real opportunity is to make it a normal, that’s-how-life-is basis.

The journey is to find the main place where Personality attempts to take over and then to go back into Awareness. One of the main things Veronica did was to say, “I want to be in Awareness,” and to ask “What does Awareness have to add?” The next thing that happens is the key for Veronica.

You feel Personality, you ask for Awareness. You feel Awareness happening, then Personality pops up and says “Okay, I got this now, things are on track, I can do this now.” And life goes back to the way it was before because you feel, in a Favorite Famililar Suffering kind of way, that living like a victim–but in a better way–is what you’re trying to do.

The idea is you catch Personality, you say, no, you don’t, and hold in Awareness consistently. You sort of pat Personality on the head and never lose that connection. Holding in Awareness is what we’re doing. Find what helps you, in the best way for you, that helps you recognize when Personality is trying to take over and when Awareness is being accessed. You have to know your own doorway.

Remember you’re not bad or wrong if you’re not getting this, but we have to know that. You have to speak up so we can help you navigate your course. Share it on FB or on the calls or via email to Veronica so we know. Otherwise we’re going to move on to the next step. If you’re finding yourself in shame because of it, that’s 10,000% Personality and you have tools for that. If you need help, ask.

Being in Awareness is not to answer questions or solve problems. The role of Awareness is BEING the Field of Infinite Possibilities. You can’t wade into that with your brain. Say, I’m being the FIP and don’t think about it, experience and explore what occurs. See what BEING the FIP is, see what happens when you do that. Not being-to-get, we are BEING the FIP to explore the physical world. Experiencing and exploring physicality in a Free Will Zone via a human body as the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

You might say “I don’t know how be the FIP.” Well, of course you don’t! No one here is expecting you to know how to be the FIP. That’s the experience and explore part, something that’s never been done before. You don’t know anything about this. But the Personality is going to have a million different ways to say don’t do it. It’s gonna look for limitation. It’s not gonna want to do the new thing that’s completely unknown that no one else is doing. It’s okay not to know. Understanding is overrated. That tool was prepping you for this now. It’s “I don’t know anything.” It’s “I don’t know.” Period.

A huge part of our job right now is to remind you of the tools you already have in your toolbelt in this new environment. We spent fifteen years getting the material prepared for you to draw upon when this now came. It’s here. You’re pulling on that to give yourself the opportunity to be very ready to move into this new way of being.

You have to be super careful that you don’t fall for any transactional crap about this. It’s not, I’m a good little Lightworker so I should have this. Level 9 is choiceless choice. It’s “I don’t even have an opinion about what I want anymore.”

For Veronica, it has become a visceral, physical feeling, and there’s a noticeable difference when Awareness is forward or when Personality is forward. She can tell and it’s an uncomfortable sensation when Personality wants to run the show.

It’s really happening now, folks. Catching it is 99% of the healing, because once you catch Personality and stop it, Awareness is right there. It’s always been there.

Are you asking for Awareness, are you catching Personality, are you able to be steady about that? Are you remembering to ask? You’re trying to break the pattern of Personality dominating and limiting you. You’re not dumping the Personality, you’re dumping the addiction to limitation that Personality is preaching and can’t leave. It’s going to be different.

Awareness is constantly available, like air, it’s constantly present. It is not in the hard-things-to-do category, it’s just subtle. We’re trying to take something subtle and make it louder. Don’t fall for the lie that this has to be hard. It has to be consistent. Noticing, am I in Awareness now? Which might be the hard part. Set a timer on your phone, and then ask yourself when it dings every half hour or hour, can I sense Awareness in this now, does Awareness have anything to say? Or some similar question. Remember to ask.

Refuse to let Personality dominate the dialogue and if it doesn’t dominate, what must arise? Awareness.

May 9, 2018

82 minutes
I LOVED THIS SESSION!! Eloheim has begun speaking to our awareness primarily and I feel the difference.

A Steady Access to Awareness

We’ve been talking for a long time about the Body/Personality/Awareness. It’s been an extraordinarily good framework for our movement into Awareness. Our experience with that is that it’s working. The experience of accessing Awareness is becoming more familiar, if sporadic. We’d love to see it become steady, more than it is currently.

The key for Veronica has been noticing the way Personality tries to get in the way and blocks out Awareness. Victimhood, I-statements, UCE,Favorite Familiar Suffering, the whole list of tools and teachings, what we’ve been using over the years, helps you notice and catch Personality when it pops up to block Awareness.

Now we’re at the time when we’re helping you access Awareness with tips and tools.

How do you know it’s Personality? There’s nothing new, it feels awful, you keep feeling like crap. You have already built these muscles in you that helps you recognize when Personality is present, muscles we’ve encouraged with tools for the last fifteen years.

We’re going to proceed under the assumption that everyone is accessing Awareness with a bit of confidence, at least some of the time, or you’re asking for help.

So, what is it like for Awareness to be the steady state? What is it like to live Awareness forward? What new things are now available to you because you’re in Awareness? What are you not used to noticing because you haven’t had access to Awareness before? For one, you wake up in the morning and are not pulled into the future, out of the moment at hand. You’re really present to the now. You allow the day to rise up without a list or a plan or an outcome in mind.

We’re just at the beginning of your journey, the beginning of your experiences in Awareness following lifetime after lifetime of being Personality forward. It’s just the start of a whole lot of cool experiences for you.

We have communicated to Veronica the idea that, as your Awareness, we want to share your experiences with you and not have conversations about them with you. So, we quit talking with her, cold turkey. That was hard. And then we changed how she interacts with the group. It’s all different now, even with Veronica. We can’t be separate from you, we said, we have to blend. It gives us opportunities to have extended Awareness experiences with her. Everyone is figuring this out, this body included.

There are a lot of big changes in how we’re navigating this rocky road. And Personality doesn’t give up its place without kicking and screaming, and right now we have to shut down the whole Personality story until it realizes it can just stop. Then we can access all the cool stuff (the witness and the chronicler) it has to offer. Personality is simply on pause right now.

It’s not that what makes you unique just goes away. You’re still your unique self. Our definition of Personality right now is referring to the navigational system that navigates each now, seeks limitation, has preconceived notions and harnesses Survival Instinct to run you into outcome and keep you out of the now. It’s that part of you saying this now is scary, and uncertainty is dangerous, it’s that drive to pull you into Homo sapiens experience of fear and lack. We want to talk to the part of you that has always been there-your Awareness-and remove the film that has distorted the way you interact with the world. We’re not setting aside what makes you unique.

Realizing when Personality is dominant is 99% of the healing because you don’t have to go looking for Awareness, it’s automatic. You set Personality aside. It creeps back in, and you set it aside. The step we’re on now is not letting it creep back in again. You’re building that muscle, the Awareness muscle. You affirm, I am going to see this now without the overlay of limitation that distorts reality to Personality’s perspective only, to what is authentically available to me.

We want to start having Awareness to Awareness interactions with you.

After the group shared some experiences of Awareness, Eloheim said, this is a breakthrough that makes us, Eloheim, very emotional and very happy for you. It’s your birthright and what we’ve always wanted for you. You say, I am going to see this now without the overlay of limitation, to see the world with an expanded view. You are the FIP. If you’re not getting these new experiences, probably P has snuck back in.

If we’re going to have “unusual things occur,” like when we talked about “moving the Kleenex box” during one retreat at Westerbeke, you cannot have the interactions be with Personality. You guys have the muscle to do this, you are very poised to do it, we can feel it.

May 20, 2018

63 minutes

Moving the Teachings Forward

As far as staying in Awareness goes, unless you tell us how it’s going for you, we only have Veronica to go by. It is extremely helpful for us to hear about everyone else’s experiences.

Once you know what BPA is, once you start feeling into the difference that living Awareness forward is, you start to say, this matters to me. You make the commitment. And you find your own doorway.

We want to reiterate this point, Awareness isn’t someplace else. Awareness is here. Be cautious you don’t train yourself that you can only be in Awareness when you’re somewhere like nature, quiet, or alone. Where is Awareness? Here. Not over there or there or there. Don’t fall for that. It’s always been present, in every breath, in every incarnation, always. It will feel normal and natural, it’s just been buried under the distortion Personality has used.

So you start to say, I believe in it, it’s always here, and you start to put in the extra effort. Then Personality goes bonkers! It rears up and starts to generate false justifications for not changing. Personality is relentless in this. It will find a way to say, this is a perfect reason to stay in Personality. A lot of time, the Body has a message-it hurts- and Personality grabs it to justify not being in Awareness. Remember, no matter what is happening, Awareness is always present! There’s no choosing involved, unless if you allow Personality to distort the view.

Sometimes it may seem like Awareness is forward, but often you’re getting Personality wearing a mask. Personality will look into the world and say X. Then you will say, “but I want Awareness.” and Personality will say, okay here’s X plus Y. Personality has pulled the wool over your eyes. Awareness is a RADICAL shift of perspective. It’s a big difference. The trouble is that Awareness doesn’t offer an answer. Awareness offers an exploration of this now. I want to experience this now from Awareness, not with an outcome or overthinking. No predictions, no projections, it’s being present to this now. I open myself up to experiencing myself as the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Infinite being the point.

It’s been asked, how do I make money, have a job, how do I take care of my family in Awareness? Where has it ever been said, “You’re on your own for that stuff,” that Awareness can’t do that? Where in the FIP did it become distorted that Awareness can’t do that stuff? That’s just Personality. Awareness has been involved in every breath you take. You have no idea how many times you have accessed Awareness as you navigated your life!

Personality is like a wildfire, out of control, consuming anything it can get a hold of. Your role is to make the choice to say I am not going to value the Personality more than I value the Field of Infinite Possibilities. It is not nearly as hard as Level 4.

Awareness isn’t always an ecstatic state. Be careful you don’t have jugement about what is Awareness. Have judgment for what Personality IS and for when Personality is OFF. You’re either in Personality or you’re not. Personality is either dominating or not. Awareness is always present. You don’t have to go looking for it or asking for it. You have to stop letting Personality dominate the conversation. Awareness generates clarity, a clarity which often doesn’t make sense to Personality.

Personality is not bad, it’s just distorted. For now, it needs boundaries. Catch Personality trying to distract you from experiencing and moving through that doorway of Awareness. From now on, we will be calling you out when you are speaking from Personality, so be on notice. We want to move onto the next level, Phase 2, and to do that, we have to be speaking to your Awareness, not Personality. We want to talk Awareness to Awareness.

Group input then followed and a few of the topics discussed were hamster wheel thinking, using “I’m tempted to” to pinpoint when Personality has arisen, how breaking a habit is often not pretty, going “all-in,” and taking a warrior stance.

We’re doing something fantastically different, using all the tools we learned in the last fifteen years, albeit in slightly different way.

Don’t have worry, hamsterwheeling or thinking be present. Say “no” to that. And leave off the temptation for Awareness to be a vending machine. Value what Awareness presents and go back into now again, over and over. Don’t disregard what Awareness presents that doesn’t solve problems.

We’re coming to a place where the now, without a filter, is all that you live, for the first time ever, in any incarnation. It’s choiceless choice. It just IS.

May 23, 2018

85 minutes

Council Meeting

Guardians: The nice thing about having a focused group of individuals attending the meeting is you’re being called to be committed or not. When you’re here, we’re refining how you’re already navigating the world and not letting a bunch of BS take over. We come in and half our work is done because you show up focused. What it looks like energetically is a grid, a spiderweb very much in place that we’re tending to in this space, and we get to add more lines, connections, oomph to it. We’ll get into what this grid/web is for eventually, we just wanted to introduce you to it.

Visionaries: We want to follow up on the Phase 2 comment that Eloheim brought up in a previous meeting. Communicating from Awareness to Awareness is when Phase 2 begins. As we move into Phase 2, the things we care about are going to be radically different than in Phase 1 when we were engaging your Personality. We begin again when we talk to Awareness from Awareness. We’re ready to engage on that level. We only want to speak to your Awareness.

You are being present to this now, open to your Awareness. You want to be using your Awareness as much as possible when you’re in the presence of Awareness. You want to maximize that Awareness to Awareness contact when you’re with us or with another also in Awareness. Do your best so you get to feel what that is like.

Here’s a challenge for you: Start a post on FB saying I am present and this is what I am experiencing and exploring as I’m present.

Eloheim: If you are doubting your capacity to speak from your Awareness, that is your Personality speaking.
You don’t have to “get” yourself into Awareness or have any extra work involved. It’s always present. You get present and say, my experience of this now is…

It may be sensations you have not felt before, insights you have not considered, clarity you have not thought about. The point is to be present to the experience and see what the experience reveals and not what thinking brings up or contorts. Something occurs and you come back to being present, over and over. Even though Personality is there, attempting to re-engage, it’s like being in a crowded room but you are choosing to engage with one person and the rest of the conversations are just background noise. And it’s not a one-choice deal.

We really want to get to the point where we’re talking Awareness to Awareness, to where it’s a steady state. Where you’re so liberated from the limitation of Personality that you’re able to navigate the now with this sense of “It’s as obvious as breathing that I am part of the Field of Infinite Possibilities.” Living from aha to aha no longer becomes a notion. This sense of discovery and newness and sensations in the body. If your Awareness is not accompanied by a body sensation, we suggest you pay attention. Look for it.

When that is as natural as breathing, then other stuff gets to be a priority. You’ll have the opportunity to navigate this world from a very new place, the opportunity to engage with this world in a way you’ve always had the birthright to do and not had the capacity to do.

Eloheim and the group volunteered lots of examples and analogies of what using Awareness is like and how Personality tries to derail the process, as well as discussed how to tell the difference.

Personality is really sneaky right now and will find all kinds of ways to pull you back. It’s going to ask you to value it. The bottom line is you saying, I don’t want to use that old tool anymore. It’s time to move onto the next one, a different, better, new, more useful tool for this now. It’s important to catch yourself when you’re in Personality.

Fred: When your Personality is switched off and Awareness arises, your light gets brighter. When your light gets brighter, your body starts to respond. Your body has to go with what it’s being given. It’s like when you turn on the light switch in your house, the light has to come out because the switch has been turned on. When the faucet is opened, the water comes out. It has to. You connect to Awareness, your light has to come out of your physical form. When you use your Personality, it doesn’t come out. This is a by-product to the body’s reaction to Awareness being accessed, of being incarnate. When Personality is in charge, the light is restricted, limited. Your body expresses the light, the FIP when the Awareness is accessed. It will happen naturally. The light comes out. It has to!

Warrior: Fred is prepping the lesson plans! Fred has been biding his time to speak to your Awareness. There’s a hell of lot to talk to you about when you are consistently experiencing Awareness and you know you’re in Awareness. Until recently, every conscious conversation you’ve ever had has been dominated by Personality. And that’s what we’re doing now, saying, I will no longer do this from Personality. I will set this down, even if only for a second. We know it’s not always obvious, and it’s challenging, but that’s not an excuse to stay in Personality, it needs to be a priority.

Have a check- in, either here or on FB, say, I experienced and explored and this is the experience and exploration that I had.