Four Sessions held in November 2020

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November 1, 2020

Eloheim continues to explain more and more layers to Level 10 and how reunification interacts with the “Big B Body.” Eloheim also speaks at length about the upcoming US election:
We suppose we should probably address the election here in the US. As we said in the last election, no matter what happens, some people are going to be unhappy. That’s just the nature of your two-party system. It gets treated like a win-loss very, very viscerally. That means that going forward, millions and millions and millions of people, to varying degrees, are going to be unhappy about the result for at least a period of time, whatever that time is: for some people that might be five minutes, for some people that might be fifty years. So, your opportunity is to be really mindful of your emanation. Be mindful of your fear, of your habit of going and looking for the worst possible news you can possibly find and then marinating in it. Be really careful about that, because oftentimes, in your currently very connected media world, small groups of people get outsized amounts of attention because they’re doing something that inflames the survival instinct in a deep and very powerful way. Hence, clicks and ratings. That’s how your system is built and one of the intrinsic things that you don’t have to go along with. I’m not going to engage on that level. This doesn’t mean we think it’s just something to ignore, if a group of people is doing something that is illegal or immoral or both. It’s just to make sure that is counterbalanced within you because it won’t be counterbalanced within the larger narrative. It’s put into perspective within you.

So, if there’s 330 million people in America and you find out that this group of 100 or 20 are doing things that are really not okay, make sure you remember about the 330 million people who aren’t doing those things. Keep that balance within you. The percentage is very small. Does that mean you don’t do anything about it? No. It means that your internal experience should not be calibrated to the infinitesimal minority’s most outrageous behavior. There are more people doing good things for each other than there are people robbing and murdering. By the margin you can’t even conceive of. There are more people loving that hating, by a huge margin. This is not close like your politics. This is not 49-51. This is more like 99-1. But the one triggers your survival instinct. It triggers your othering. It triggers your tribal stuff. It triggers your fear for your children. All that stuff. So, it takes an outsized portion of your attention. And when it takes an outsized portion of your attention, you’re living in the energy of the miniscule percentage of people. That is not an energetic leader. So be careful about that. Because you can look at like 200 million people voted this way and 100 million voted that way (it’s not going to be that many but just, whatever) and then you paint with a broad brush and say, all the people that voted on that side are this kind of person, that’s a lie. What they are is: all people who voted a certain way. That does not mean they are all a “certain kind of person.” They probably have as many different reasons for why they chose that vote as they as they are individuals. Some are probably similar but not exact. Most likely, not exact. Be careful that you don’t paint with a broad brush an “other.”

It’s difficult when you see such division to imagine that there’s any bridge. To imagine that there’s a reconciliation that can happen. And sometimes it takes time for reconciliation to occur. Sometimes it takes lifetimes. We’ve been around a long time. We’ve seen lots of division. We’ve seen horrors that you can’t even imagine humans being capable of. So, it’s not unheard of to see such division. What’s unprecedented is that you have such awareness about it because you have such media presence and internet and you’re connected in a way you’ve never been connected before. So, you’re aware of so much more. So, small groups of people can have their messages amplified well beyond their actual impact on overall society. Both for the greater good and for the flaming of Personality. You get someone who makes a GoFundMe for example, and people all over the world contribute. You get someone who goes and shoots up a school and people all over the world gets upset about it and stressed about it and fearful about it because it’s very easy to do that as well. We’re saying that in the past when you had less interconnectivity, things like that did not get worldwide attention. Again, you’re put into a position to process so much more stimulus and if you only use your nervous system, the mental health challenges that are coming in the next six months or so for a lot of people who have never acknowledged the reality of mental health or psychological stress, it’s going to be a big wake up call. Your societies in general do not respect mental health the way they should. You break your leg and people say of course you should stay home. You have a mental health crisis and people say you’re weak. It’s been the tradition in your overall societies. You have way too many people who are under the pressure right now. Using the nervous system to process is over stimulating the nervous system. It’s like watching the scary news channel all day long. I can’t do it. I can’t handle it. Psychological health, psychological stress, people in general do not have good coping mechanisms. They don’t know how to be healthy psychologically: they either never cared, or they never believed it or never pushed into it. Veronica has a successful, intelligent friend who said, yeah, I never believed in depression until earlier this year when I found myself drinking a lot and I thought, maybe this is what people have been talking about all that time. I didn’t believe in depression. As if it’s something you believe in or not!

The calm at the center of the storm, energetic leadership, choosing your reactions to your experiences. Those are gifts you give others. You make it clear that’s on the table. You’re going to have to make some real clear choices in coming weeks about how much of this you’re going to let run through your nervous system and how much you’re going to use your sensory system to be aware, to witness, to see the unfolding, and to seek choiceless choice as far as any actions you need to take because we don’t imagine any of you is feeling super full of capacity for navigating big things right now. So you may as well just use what capacity you have to make sure you are not overtaxing your nervous system. Don’t make assumptions about what certain things mean. Look for the choiceless choice, not the habitual response to stimulus, but the choiceless choice of clarity for engagement.

November 11, 2020

Eloheim suggested that I invite Randy to update the community on her husband who is nearing the end of his life. Randy accepted the invitation and a very powerful conversation ensued. Randy described how powerful it has been to keep Personality out of the process, spoke about what she has found helpful as she engages with friends/family/social workers, and shared what HASN’T been helpful in those same engagements. A profound and powerful conversation.

The second part of the meeting includes more on Level 10 including further evolution of our relationship to various types of uncertainty. A new concept, lingering uncertainty, was introduced.

November 15, 2020

WOW! Incredible session! Eloheim does a deep, deep dive into the difference between the nervous system and the sensory system and outlines just why it is so vital to be using both systems correctly. A stunning, PLOP meeting that you won’t want to miss!

November 25, 2020

Full Council: A Global Fuel
Guardians: Feeling into the energy here. On some level, there’s this sense of disruption, the holiday, and also, a sense of lingering confusion and weariness across the board. Going into the holiday season, there’s always strange energy and we’re always fascinated to see what form the strange energy will take. At times, it’s energy around expectations, wanting to avoid going home, traditions, keeping up with the Joneses. This year, there’s a lot more added on to all that. The opportunity is to not dig in on how it should be. Catching yourself when you are in a relationship to the now that is being dictated by: this is how it should be, this is what’s right, I know best, I’ve got the answer. All of that is sneaky Personality and is boxing yourself into limitation and refusing to allow yourself to explore the fullness of possibilities accessed via choiceless choice. So, be really careful. It’s an aspect of arrogance. Watch yourself as you feel rigidity about your position, your customs, your traditions. Let yourself allow some light in there.

Eloheim likes to says “you don’t know anything.” If you back yourself into a corner, that does not leave room for the entry of choiceless choice, ahas, insights, Awareness. And it’s a way that sneaky Personality shows up that’s maybe not as obvious. I have confidence in my truth. Is your truth based on rigidity or expansiveness? You want your experience of the now to feel like your truth is bubbling up in a constantly refreshing way. If it feels like your truth is rigid, boxed in, leaning toward certainty, control, outcome, that’s Personality. One of the ways you can help yourself with this is: when you stand on “I know what’s going on here,” add in “and there’s more to discover.” And the Field of Infinite Possibilities infuses this, too” is a really great thing to add on. Don’t back yourself into a corner. Anything you have accomplished and learned can be added to via the FIP. Keep it open ended. Make sure you make room for the “and”.

Visionaries: That was good. That could be the whole meeting! Some really good support. Watch that you don’t proclaim your truth as a way to lodge yourself in Level 6. It’s not Awareness. It’s not good enough to get to I’m not triggered. It’s only the starting point from which to launch into Awareness.

We really want to look at when your energy. In general, when you launch into a new calendar year, there’s a sense of renewal, a sense of a new beginning. That energy we have to encourage you to grab a hold of and surrender habits and Personality. In this case, we want to encourage you to look to the new year with not only relief that it’s no longer 2020, but with a sense of a bit of warrior energy. The sense of no longer feeling the burdensome energy of 2020. As 2020 ground on, people started feeling, ugh this year, because eventually that adds up to a victim place. So, start surrendering 2020 as soon as you can, surrendering that inevitability of challenge that 2020 has represented in so many ways. And we really want to start fresh on January 1st. Grab it with a real commitment of fresh eyes. We’re not saying it’s instantaneously going to feel different. Finding a new relationship to whatever you’ve been feeling a slog about is essential. Surrender the slog energy and have a refreshed experience of the now.

Eloheim: We want to jump right into what we asked you about last time. We are talking about using the energy of Thanksgiving, using the energy of gratitude to examine the ways that you are grateful for your own compare you to you. We invite you to type.

For example, Veronica used choiceless choice to fix her landlady’s computer. Her gratitude was for the way she experienced choiceless choice in that she didn’t try to explain it to herself. She let the fact of it be. It’s allowed and an IS. That’s a big difference, a leaning into choiceless choice.

Randy: My obvious gratitude is to be present, especially with Tony as I take care of his needs.
E: If it was normal times and you had a lot of people stopping by, you might not have been able to dig as deep into this as deep as you have. The opportunity and the gift of not having people around has given you the monk in the cave as you navigate one of the biggest things that goes on. It’s a profound journey you two are going on together. It’s beautiful. We’re proud of you guys.

Darcy: I am grateful that I now experience no to little stress internally regardless of what is occurring in my life. and that feeling is stable even though nothing on the outside has changed.
Eloheim: As that state that you’re describing continues, it ends up having a physicality experience eventually. Physicality rarely goes the other way, where changes on the outside generate internal peace. It’s from the inside out. Changes on the inside ripple out into the physicality. Outside in very rarely works.

Eve: I am noticing what I am feeling about what is.
Eloheim: Yeah. And taking into consideration making sure what your feelings about what is also has that doorway to infinite possibilities baked in. The connection to the fact about what is, and there’s room for “and”. There’s room for a comma. It’s also, I’m letting myself feel it.

NancyW: I’m grateful for the tools of surrender Personality, drop into gratitude, open to ahas, step by step guidance that unfolds into the next now, every now is a powerful connection to all that is.
Eloheim: Exactly. Every now is now. That ability to honor that. Personality wants to say, every now is now, that’s weird, instead of allowing the unfolding of the truth of it to happen. The brain, the Personality, cannot give you information about that. You have to let that be your operating system.

Tiffanny: I am grateful for the increased space that has been fleshing out in me to have and hold the honesty with myself with all the Personality reactions rising up. I’m really feeling delighted by the aha that has bubbled up with the ability to allow myself to develop in that way.

Eloheim: The opportunity to say, okay, that’s a feeling or that’s a reaction, and it does not have to be a definition of you. It’s a fact but not a definition. I think I should be ashamed of that. I should hide that. They’re using that as a definition of themselves rather than just an aspect. The overall definition of self is not any one of these traits or bleedthroughs, it’s a collective of experiences of your connection to all that is. It’s one thing, not the definition of you. Then they feel like the scarlet letter and that’s all they get. That’s backing yourself into the corner.

If you have a reunification with an aspect who was an asshole, it doesn’t make you an asshole. It’s just an aspect, a part of you. We’re breaking out of that overall definition of you. Who are you in this now? I’m experiencing this clarity and I leave room for the “and”. And it can change. It’s like all the foods you eat, you’re not just one meal, one bite. They don’t define you, they’re just a piece.

NancyW: I’m also grateful for the clarity of the nervous system’s connection to Awareness and the sensory system. Only having to run everything through the nervous system is not functional anymore.

Darcy: My daughter lives with me and when COVID hit, her boyfriend moved in with us and it’s worked out really well. It’s been fun watching her work out that adulthood is not what she assumed it would be. And she likes to use this work to build her relationship and make it healthy. I’m grateful I can help her in that regard.
Eloheim: That’s really beautiful you and your daughter get to share in this Eloheim stuff.
Everybody else? Gratitude in compare you to you. The invitation here, it’s always powerful to say, hey, things ARE different. It’s really easy for primarily internal experiences that don’t physicalize and where people can’t actually see that you’ve changed and yet you’re remarkably different on the inside to acknowledge that because you’re not going to get acknowledgment from an external source, typically. The opportunity here is to say, I’m going to notice my evolution and I’m going to set it out here to be noticed by my community.

Jenaire: I’m grateful that I’m stronger and that I can now help Chet with his health.
Eloheim: Yes, that’s beautiful it worked out that way.

Dorothy: I am super grateful to not be mired in victimhood, to not expect outcomes or people to act in a certain way.
Eloheim: Yes. And then you get the opportunity to not react to them when they act in certain ways. So many layers to it. When you surrender the addiction to outcome and you start to recognize that the end point is not good enough for me, there becomes this great opportunity where everything can be bigger, can be more, can be different surface area. Personality can only come up with so much, and why would you only want what Personality can give you? We’re in that feeling of “and”. There’s an opportunity for there to be more. I had no expectations.

Dorothy: Yesterday I extended an invitation to share a meal with us [on Thanksgiving] and I had no feeling that I would be sad if he said no. I realized at the time how different that was compared to the past.
Eloheim: Yes. This is where I have choicelessness. But knowing that other people don’t have to align, don’t have to become what your Personality decided they need to be, what freedom that offers! What freedom that offers to other people. You set the stage for them to be able to fly. What a freaking gift to give to all the people you meet and care about. Wow. Then when you give that gift to yourself. Wowowowow. All across the board.

Ron: I’m grateful for all the love I have in my life and that I can give and reflect it back.
Eloheim: Yes, that gift of feeling the love first. It’s a multilayered experience. You have to let yourself feel that, be vulnerable to that, you have to be in that energy first before you can reflect it and give it other people. We want to celebrate the fact that not only do you know you have love in your life, but that you are allowing yourself to experience it and to also share it. That’s an act of vulnerability also.

Kate: I’m grateful for seeing Personality show and shift my focus.
Eloheim: Yes. Catching Personality and knowing what Personality’s up to and being able to say, look at that, that’s Personality. That’s totally something to celebrate. Wow, I caught Personality and know what to do with it. That’s a huge compare you to you.

Mindy: Super grateful to know that I don’t have to believe my thoughts. And what troubled me most when I first encountered you.

Eloheim: Yeah, that’s a good one. That’s huge. A thought, a feeling, they can be evaluated. Most times they’re just a habit anyway. And when that habit is no longer treated as a compulsion but instead is treated as an option, wow, does that give you the gift. And then you can give that gift to other people, too. Okay, yeah, that’s a thought, it’s not a mandate from God or an order from your general or instruction from your boss. It’s just a thought! And you treat it with less gravitas. And there’s freedom, freedom, freedom.

Eve: Lately I’ve been amazed watching my nontriggered state of being when others are trying to hook me into an argument or disagreement. It really is something I’m grateful for and there’s a clarity that I’m just fine. Yes, there’s a freedom for me and a little bit jarring for them.

Eloheim: Yeah, it’s really nice when you can be an energetic leader and emanate the fact that there’s a choice in a conversation. There’s a choice in how to react, in how to behave. Again, it’s not a mandate from God that we get pissed off or match energy with others. It’s a constant opportunity for how you choose to respond to the experience you’re having. And tonight, we’ve been really focused on this idea of making sure that the choices, your stance, your outlook, includes room. You’re not backing yourself into a corner that your perspective is right. That there’s room for “and”. It’s going to be absolutely vital going forward. Wonderful catch up. Thank you for sharing.

Girls: We really enjoyed listening in and hearing the various ways you’re appreciating yourself. We’ve often focused in on love and self-love and we’re so happy to delight in you saying, hey you know, this part of me, I actually like this part of me. What we like the most about the whole thing is where you didn’t say, I really like this about myself and then explain something you don’t like. People used to do that and you’re not doing that anymore. Good job on that. That’s telling us how much less influence Personality has on each of you. And that’s something to celebrate, the continuing surrender of Personality, to not do what you’ve always done, and instead, to operate in the place where you’re in uncertainty. I don’t know anything, and. And I’m leaving room for opportunities to experience myself in a new way. It doesn’t tell me who I am, it tells me I am having an experience. Wow, that’s cool! We think this is super powerful and we’re super happy to be a part of it.

It’s an inside job. It’s a very internal time. And when you’re having internal challenges, you can eat yourself up. Eloheim has said that mental health challenges are going to exacerbate in the coming months because a lot of people are going to be chewing on their insides, emotionally. Because they don’t have a lot of clarity about how to handle it. Well, you all have this opportunity to be working on the inside job. An inside job doesn’t need an external validation to be real. Wow. Personality wants proof, praise, evidence. However, I know, internally, I’m having a different experience.

You were not the people you are today when we first met you. Self-love was a fanciful idea. You were mean to yourselves. A lot. We nipped that in the bud and beat on it until it went away. It’s not my default to beat myself up anymore. It’s not an option anymore. Such a gift. And you offer that gift to others as they see another way to do it. Talk about a virus. Let that go viral. There’s an alternative to casting yourself as the villain in your story. What a gift to give the world. It’s been a while now since we first connected, and the difference we see in you is amazing. We’re just sitting here celebrating you, delighting in you, and appreciating how far you’ve come. Gold stars. Tiaras. We see the internal job you have done and we acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate it.

Warrior: So it’s compare-you-to-you-celebrate night. Is that what we’re doing? When we first got a hold of you people, you were raw recruits. Now look at you. You’re fierce internally. You’re catching Personality sneaking up on you. You have that head-on-the-swivel thing going on. I’m going to catch every damn piece of Personality that tries to mess with me. No way, man, not happening. We love it when you use your warrior energy. Nuh-uh. We’re not having it. Fierce boundary setting. Clearing the field. We don’t need to fence here with Personality, none of that nonsense. Instead, we can have a picnic here. This is where we play now. The enemies are no longer allowed to approach. In your case, it’s Personality. That’s what it looks like on the external. You experience it on the internal. Subtler and subtler experiences of Personality try to engage and you. don’t. let. them. You catch them. That muscle gets stronger and stronger. It was hard in the beginning. Now it’s uh-uh, nope. Nope. Nope. Notice and set it down. Stop it. Nuh-uh. Faster and faster. That lets you go in a space that’s grander, the “and” thing they talk about. Now I can go into a completely different way of being in the world. Because all of the baggage that was holding me back is gone. Now the opportunity, the space, the belief in myself, offers me the opportunity to see myself in a different way. Freedom from Personality, expanding in the Field of Infinite Possibilities, accessing reunification, and embodying evolution, for reals.

Feast well. Don’t forget to celebrate yourselves and your progress. It’s very easy to go unnoticed. It’s not, I’m so cool. It’s more, wow, look how far I’ve come. Happy whatever it’s called.

Fred: You guys are. in. it. Your Earth, your planet, is undergoing seismic transformation on an energetic level. All over your planet you’re feeling it. And it shows up in all kinds of ways. You have a role in this, you have an opportunity. Your societies, in general, all across the planet are all looking inward now and when they don’t like what they see, they’re going to have to navigate that. And a whole bunch of people are going to say give me the blinders, and others are saying how does someone deal with something like this? Racism, sexism, homophobia. How do they deal with all the ways people “other” each other? To go forward as an entire species, you can no longer rely on “othering” to get the job done. It is no longer working, and it is being called out in so many different ways. You don’t necessarily see it but It’s everywhere all across your planet. The evolutionary pressure that is being put on your species right now is to say othering, as a stance, as an operating system, can no longer work. And we are ashamed that we ever tried it. That feeling is so much pressure. And the solution to that requires this “and” thing they have been talking about all night long. Because you cannot allow Personality to attempt to solve this evolutionary problem. Personality is tapped out. Personality driven by the survival instinct gives you othering. That’s all you have ever had.

And now, oh my god, you are faced with a worldwide pressure of COVID saying something big is up, people. And that something is pushing, pushing, pushing in so many different ways. Just think about this. The solution has to be a global solution. Now you’re not treating it as a global solution. No one is. Doesn’t matter. Because Personality will NOT win if there are enough of you holding the energy of surrendering Personality. And guess what? There ARE enough. But the ones that are doing it can’t slip because you can’t lose anybody. And you gather some more each time you try.
The pressure of COVID is a worldwide issue. It’s a species issue. You know what the other species issue is? Climate. You all need to get on the climate thing next. If you get on the COVID thing, you might be inspired to get on the climate thing. And the planet will cooperate. COVID came in and said, every single human needs to have a relationship to this reality and if you ignore the reality of it, it doesn’t care. It doesn’t care. This is a Homo sapiens, a humanity problem. Everybody is looking at it. You have pressure on your system because you can no longer “other”. So, now you have something that everybody is dealing with. You all breathe and you all are interacting with COVID. Scientists around your world are all working diligently on it that will benefit everyone. Our job is to help you recognize the potential you are involved in. The evolutionary act of being forced to break the othering pattern. There is a crapton of resistance to that in certain parts of your society. They refuse. You can’t make me. Okay, great. That was always going to be a fact. Okay, we don’t have to match energy with a subset of population that is refusing evolution. Evolution waits for no one. It happens.

Your world has been set up to use the survival instinct and use othering and to make the folks who aren’t the same as you wrong. The amount of wrong that you find in other people determines how you live in their proximity. That will not last. Is it going to a while? Probably. But that is crumbling. Remember, this is an inside job first. People are changing on the inside. The world, the body gets it last.

The evolutionary forces are extreme. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, it’s probably going to be rough. You’re under an incredible amount of evolutionary pressure as a society, as a planet, as a member of all that is. Your planet is growing up finally because the toddlers have been running the fun house for a long time and it’s an absolute disaster zone. But they have not been responsible for the internal experience of individuals and when that becomes a collective, that evolves the species. Yes, you can go on the internet and find millions of assholes. Don’t forget you never hear about the people who aren’t being assholes!! You rarely get to interact with the non-assholes in a collective way. But that’s the vast, vast majority people out there who are doing good for each other, people trying to make their lives better, people having an internal shift around things like racism and homophobia and people who worship differently than you do. There’s shifting inside so many people. Tick, tick, tick. Little shifts over time add up exponentially.

That’s viral in a positive way. And the global pressure of COVID says to every human being, right now I’m not just a Californian or an American, for example. I’m a human being right now on a planet that is being inundated by something new. Right now at this cusp-y time, COVID is a fuel. It’s also a challenge to the human body to endure, so we’re not saying go get COVID and see how it turns out. No. It’s collective global fuel for evolution. What we’re talking about is the energetics of the collective consciousness of humanity being pressured at a time when you are so interconnected due to the internet and the tv and cell phones in a way that allows for profound evolution when individuals that are evolving are allowed to have a collective voice in the conversation–not just the assholes that get on the news! That’s not the ratio of your experience. Honor the evolution inside yourself. Honor the evolution you see in other people.

Notice it. Respect it. Appreciate it. Eight billion people making that kind of change simultaneously is like the Big Bang of impact. You make that kind of impact with your contribution. Hold the course. Surrender Personality. Make room for the “and”. Listen to this meeting and pay attention to what they are saying. Don’t box yourself into a corner. Make sure you’re always leaving room for “I don’t know”. Continue to surrender the compulsion to control. You want to be a light? Be a beacon? These are the things that make the best difference at this time.

Matriarch: We love going last when we get to follow something like that. All of them are great but when Fred decides to throw the rules out the window, it’s a powerful experience for us, too. If you could stand back and see your planet the way we see it, there’s such a powerful thing happening. Keep going. You’re doing so well. Your achievement is unbelievably unexpected and delightful. Carry on. We love you. And good night.


Four Sessions held in November 2020

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